Senior Discounts For Cable Tv

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Senior Tv And Internet Packages From Dish

Does Comcast offer senior discount?

Pair your DISH Network TV package with a high-speed, low-cost internet package for the ultimate bundled savings! Perks of bundling your internet with DISH TV include:

  • Internet prices are as low as $19.99/month*
  • Lock in your price to keep your monthly bills low and consistent
  • No hassle shopping experience – we find the best internet deals in your area for you!
  • Eligible customers can earn up to a $200 Visa Gift Card when you bundle your DISH TV and home internet!

Here Are Some Tips For Getting The Best Senior Cable Tv Deals

1. Make a list of what channels you want

2. Call your local cable company

3. Ask the name of the representative you’re speaking to

4. Ask if your cable or satellite company offers elderly or senior discounts

5. Start with the Smallest Plans

6. Ask if auto-bill-pay can save you money

7. Limit service to 1 or 2 TV’s

8. Ask about warranties

9. Ask if prices are guaranteed

10. Simply ask for a better rate

  • What is the best cable deal for seniors?

    There are a few companies that offer cheap senior cable and internet packages. We’ve listd the top 5 providers offering the best prices on TV plans for seniors.

Mediacom Affordable Cable Tv Plans For Low Income

Mediacom Affordable is another best Cable TV Plan for low-income and senior citizens. Mediacom cable TV provider offers some other affordable cable TV plans with a variety of options such as movies, TV shows, news, and many more. Even this cable operator has integration to TiVo that offers over 1000 TiVo DVR recording hours.

There are Mediacom affordable cable TV plans, but there are not many and although there are no standalone cable TV plans offered by Mediacom, then you can always customize any internet bundle using the below DVR choices.

Mediacom Cable TV DVR options


  • This plan offers High Definition Channels through HD Box to low-income families.
  • This plan has a TV Everywhere app and through this app, you can watch Live TV anywhere.


  • But his plan is Slightly expensive as compared to other Cable TV Providers.

Can seniors get a discount on cable?

Yes, senior citizens can get discounts on Cable TV Packages because many cable TV providers have various packages and programs for seniors. For example, Comcasts affordable cable TV plan has a low-income program for seniors who are more than 62year age. And they have also provided an internet essential program that offers high-speed internet and as well as local cable news at the rate of $9.95 per month.

How can I get basic cable for free?

What is the cheapest cable TV package?

What is the best alternative for cable TV?

What channels do you get on basic cable?

Final Words

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What Is The Tech Concierge Service

A Sentrics Tech Concierge, is a technology expert who works onsite in your facility to answer any resident or staff technology question. This person is trained to work with your technology, and works regular hours that you define, so you can count on them to be there when you need them. They are also trained to work with seniors and often provide gentle guidance when helping them do anything from hanging a TV to sign on to Facebook .

The Fine Print And Additional Fees

DirecTV for Healthcare Facilities

If you’re considering switching to Cox, keep the following in mind.

  • They require a one-year contract. Similar to other popular providers weve reviewed like Spectrum, Cox requires customers to enter a one-year contract. If you cancel early, you could face a hefty $240 cancellation fee. However, if you cancel within your first 30 days, you won’t be charged a fee. Alternatively, you can opt for a month-to-month package but be aware that this will increase your monthly price.
  • Your monthly price will increase after one year. Cox offers new customers a pretty great discount, which is nice until you’re no longer a new customer. After one year, your monthly cost will increase by up to 30 percent. It’s a bummer, but these price hikes are pretty typical with cable TV providers.
  • They charge installation fees. When purchasing your TV package, don’t be surprised if you’re charged up to $100 for professional installation. Some packages waive the installation fee, or you can choose self-installation, so be on the lookout for those options.
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    Comcast Cable Tv Discounts

    Comcast also offers a 10 percent discount on its cable services to older customers. However, this discount is not nationwide. It only applies in some geographic regions. Therefore, it is important to call and ask questions. This is advice that you should follow for any cable or Internet provider that you are considering.

    Can Seniors Get Free Internet

    Unfortunately, free internet for older adults is not usually offered by internet companies. That being said, there are options for older adults to get discounts through internet service providers depending on their financial status. There is also one federal program that offers financial help when it comes to the internet.

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    Tv Select + Internet + Voice: Best For Landline Users

    The Spectrum voice, internet, and TV Select plan costs $124.97 monthly for the first 12 months. With this bundle, youll get over 125 channels, 300/10 Mbps internet speeds, and a landline phone service.

    After your promotional price expires , youll pay $174.97 a month.

    Only get this bundle if your home uses a landline. And if you want to condense your billing.

    Spectrum Cable Senior Plans

    Seniors get their own cable channel

    Although seniors can receive discounts on select Spectrum Internet plans, there are no senior-specific discounts for cable TV. If youre looking for an affordable cable TV plan, then wed recommend Spectrum TV Select, which starts at $49.99 per month for 12 months and has the option of adding more channels to suit your entertainment preferences.

    Although Spectrum doesnt have paperless billing discount incentives like Xfinity and other providers, we still think the price point is great for the number of channels youre getting . Plus, there are no contracts, and Spectrum will even reimburse you up to $500 if you switch providers and show proof that you were charged an early termination fee.

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    How To Get Directv Senior Discount

    It is very unfortunate that the company does not offer any discounts to its senior subscribers, but they do have something to help senior consumers lower the bills of DIRECTV.

    The company is all for providing business discounts and good subsidies on the equipment that you take from them. Going through their website, you will find their services and packages in detail.

    Discounts for seniors subscribing to television network services are all the more required because of the increase in its demand all of a sudden. The pandemic is the reason behind the increase. Everyone, especially seniors, has been prohibited from moving out of their house and that has contributed to more TV time for entertainment.

    To cut your costs for internet and TV services, you can get DIRECTV bundle options. You can choose from a number of bundles on what the most suitable bundle is for you. The cheapest package for TV and AT& T Internet for elderly citizens begins from $109 that has 160 channels. There is no limit to your internet usage and streaming of videos. The bundles that you can choose from are:

    • Entertainment Package + Internet
    • Choice Package + Internet
    • Ultimate Package + Internet

    But the icing on the cake would go to the Choice package that comes very affordably at $60.99 with over 185 channels. Here, you can record your favorite shows using their Genie HD DVR for no additional cost. But here you must pay a Regional Sports Fee of just $9.99 every month.

    At & T Uverse Discounts

    For seniors who are already using AT & T for Internet and mobile phone services, it may make sense to bundle and use AT & Ts UVerse for television viewing needs. At the moment, there are no senior specific discounts available on this television option. However, there is a 10 percent discount for all users if they bundle this television service with AT & Ts Internet options.

    However, there one other option that may be appealing to many seniors

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    Comparing Spectrum To The Competition

    Xfinity’s cable TV packages are also worth looking into. Xfinity, a part of Comcast, has similar bundled TV, internet, and voice options. Unlike Spectrum, you’ll need to sign a contract to get its best deals, and it has data caps. Xfinity excels in speed and value, however.

    Quick Tip: Check out our cable TV buyer’s guide for tips on how to save on your package, a comparison of top providers, and more.

    With similar packages and even better pricing, CenturyLink is another provider we’ve reviewed. Unless CenturyLink Fiber is available in your area, you’ll be dealing with slower speeds and data caps. Similarly, AT& T has highly competitive rates for bundles, and with its addition of DIRECTV, it offers more TV bundle options than Spectrum. But to beat Spectrum for internet speed, you’ll need to be within reach of AT& T’s fiber lines.

    Cable Deals For Seniors: How To Sign Up

    Guide To Cable Providers And Streaming Services For People With ...
    • Select your Channel Packages- When shopping for cable discounts for seniors, be sure you get the channels you’ll enjoy most. Be sure to have these ready when you call.
    • Get Approved for Services– Getting qualified for a great senior cable TV deal is quick and easy. Our product specialist will ask questions to verify your identity, then we will run a brief credit check to see if any startup costs are required. Most people with good, or average credit can get approved for $0 down, Free Installation and additional bonus incentives.
    • Select your Installation Date– We can install around your schedule. We typically require 2-to-4 hours for professional installation.

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    The Bottom Line On Spectrum Tv

    Spectrum TV offers flexibility for its packages, bundle perks, and pricing, making it a top choice for older adults. While it’s important to remember that equipment and service add-ons can increase your bill, eliminating contracts is a significant improvement in this industry and encourages better customer relations. Overall, the service feels like it hits a sweet spot for seniors looking for fair pricing and robust channel add-ons, particularly if you want to throw in an internet plan. With a variety of premium, sports, and international channels, Spectrum TV offers customizable packages that are great for seniors and families of any size.

    Does At& t Offer A Senior Discount On Cable Tv

    AT& T is now one of the nations largest internet and cable TV providers but does not currently offer a senior-specific discount for cable TV. Like Comcast and Spectrum, AT& T offers low-cost internet and cable TV options for seniors on SSI or other fixed income. AT& Ts affordable internet cost $10/month and includes high speed broadband service, no annual contract, and no deposit. Through 6/30/21 AT& T is also offering additional discounts for those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

    How to Sign Up for AT& T Affordable Internet

    Qualifying seniors should visit AT& Ts affordable internet page to learn more about plans, if you can get additional COVID-19 discounts, and to get signed up. Seniors can bundle their affordable internet with a low-cost cable TV package or use their low-cost internet for streaming services.

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    Spectrum Internet Assist: Low

    Spectrum Internet Assist is an internet plan you must meet qualifications to use. It costs $17.99 monthly and gives you 30/4.0 Mbps internet speeds.

    This price wont increase after X months and doesnt require a contract.

    You must meet certain qualifications to use this plan. I covered those earlier and dont feel like its necessary to repeat myself.

    Lets cover what you can do with 30/4.0 Mbps internet speeds. You could have a couple instances of Zoom in 720 high definition resolution. Or a single instance using 1080p full HD .

    Youll only need the latter resolution if you want to see a bit clearer call . But its not necessary for most cases.

    You could also have a single 4K-capable device streaming 4K resolution video from a streaming platform like Netflix. Or you could have 10 devices simultaneously running 720p HD content on various streaming services.

    Each device streaming this resolution would require 3.0 Mbps download speeds .

    Ive already explained other details. So lets talk about bundles.

    How Can Seniors Bundle Tv Service With Internet

    Comcast Announces Upgrade to Cheap Internet Service for Seniors

    TV and internet bundling can save you money every month on services you would be paying for anyway. We provide a listing of the best TV and internet bundles from Optimum, Spectrum, Suddenlink, and many more so you can find the best deal.

    Another way to watch TV shows is to sign up for a streaming service. You can subscribe to streaming services like Hulu and Disney+ to access movies and TV shows over the internet, without paying for a separate TV plan. These services also stream on demand, so youre free to binge-watch your favorite shows whenever you want.

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    Get A Free Voice Remote With Purchase

    Get the ultimate voice control experience with the new DISH voice remote, included free with purchase! Change the way you watch TV by speaking into the remote and do things like search for live and recorded shows, skip forward and rewind, launch apps like Netflix, and tell your DVR to record a show!

    The new Voice Remote also has backlighting for when you need it most and a locate remote function so you never have to flip every cushion on your couch again!

    *Voice Remote with Google Assistant requires Internet-connected Hopper and Google Account.

    Spectrum Low Income Cable Tv

    Now Spectrum is another best one of a well-known cable service provider. And Spectrum cable TV plans that extend their services to low-income families, senior citizens, and also needy people. There are if you dont want to get into any contact with a cable provider, then you can also give it a try to Spectrum. Spectrum affordable cable TV plans are the best for low-income families and also senior citizens.

    There is the best thing you have dont need to sign a multi-year contract to join the network. It means you will be able to switch to any other cable TV service anytime when you want to do it. When you have do contract for a year, then you cannot switch the service anytime. Spectrum Affordable Cable TV Plans provide you with a DVR when you subscribe to their service. And this superior DVR offers you 75 hours of HD storage and also provides features for recording two shows simultaneously.

    Spectrum Cable TV Plans

    • TV Select: In Spectrums affordable cable TV plans, TV Select starts from just $49.99 per month and you get over 125 channels in this plan.
    • TV Silver: In Spectrums affordable cable TV plans, TV Silver starts from just $69.99 per month and you get over 175 channels in this plan.
    • TV Gold: In Spectrums affordable cable TV plans, TV Gold starts from just $89.99 per month and you get over 200 channels in this plan.



    • Spectrum cable TV plans might charge hidden costs.
    • This plan provided you with a DVR that is not up to the mark.

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    Aim For Modest Internet Speeds

    Having a fast internet connection is certainly nice, but the fastest service isnt necessarily the best. Depending on what you do online, you might use only a fraction of your total bandwidth, which means all that speed youre paying for is simply going to waste.

    A good first step is to find out how much speed you need from your internet provider. Once you know how fast your internet connection should be, you can compare internet plans that give you at least that much speed. Occasionally faster plans will beat out some of the slower alternatives, but theres no sense in paying more for speed youre not going to use.

    Want to make sure youre not paying for speed youre not using? Find out how much speed you need.

    Mi Plan Latino + Internet: Best For Spanish

    Number For Charter Spectrum Internet

    Mi Plan Latino and Spectrum Internet costs $89.98 during a 12-month term agreement. It gives you 300/10 downstream and upstream network speeds. And youll get over 145 English and Spanish channels.

    Once youre in year 13 of your plan, youll need to pay $129.98 monthly.

    The only difference between this bundle and the previous one lies in the access to Spanish-language channels. Youll get 75+ Spanish-language and 70+ English channels.

    A couple of examples of Spanish channels youll get include Univision and Telemundo.

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    What Is Expanded 911 Services And Why Do I Need It

    The Sentrics voice solution includes expanded 911 capabilities to direct emergency services right to a residents apartment. Most voice services include basic 911 capabilities, which are fine for single-family homes that have a distinct address. In buildings with multiple residents though, basic 911 only knows captures the street address of the building. Emergency services lose valuable time trying to figure out where a resident in need is. With expanded 911, the service associates an apartment number to the phone number, directing emergency services to the right location in no time.

    Directv Senior Discount Requirements And Details

    DIRECTVs Mission statement is To provide affordable high-speed Internet access to all of America, including the most rural areas of the country.

    DIRECTV commenced in June 1994. It is a popular American company that offers multichannel video programming services. However, the company originally established digital satellite services and had viewership throughout the United States of America. The company is also the provider of the conventional linear television services that are mainly given through IP using the U-verse brand and Virtual MVPD service in its own brand name. In 2015, AT& T acquired DIRECTV.

    DIRECTV has no specific discount for their senior subscribers, but they do offer a lot of packages with live streaming of sports, news, and movies that are in demand. Along with it, they offer services that are very consistent, and you can avail of more channels at a minimum price with their attractive packages.

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