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How To Pick Your Perfect Cellphone Plan

Is T Mobile $15 Month Plan Any Good?
  • Summary: · There are many different types of cell phone plans which can be confusing. T-Mobile also has comparable plans for those 55 and older,
  • Matching search results: Tim Bajarin, a veteran technology analyst and president of the San Jose, California-based market research firm Creative Strategies, agreed that for most seniors, the monthly cost of a phone plan is the number 1. I usually direct people to the

At& t Senior Cell Phone Plans

AARP members who are AT& T Wireless customers can save up to 10% on their talk and data plan monthly charges, as well as save 15% on eligible phone accessories. AARP members get:

  • 10% off voice and data plan monthly charges.
  • Up to $45 waived for activation or upgrade fees.
  • Up to 15% off eligible phone accessories.

How Much Are The Best T

For T-Mobiles best plans , youll usually pay around $70-85/month. Taking advantage of multi-line discounts, you can drop Magenta down to $35/line or Magenta MAX to $43/line with a four-line bundle. For a more affordable option, opt for T-Mobile’s best prepaid plan, Unlimited Plusit’ll set you back merely $60/month for a single line.

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Mint Mobile Plans For Seniors

For people 55 and older, Mint Mobile offers their Mint 55+ plan. This service includes unlimited talk, text, and 4GB of data, and it requires no long-term contracts. Additionally, with this plan you can keep your current cell phone number.

One of our favorite features of the Mint 55+ plan is that it gives you access to MinTech advisors. These service professionals can help you activate your phone and troubleshoot any issues you have related to your cellular service or devices. Think of it like free priority customer service.

Senior Cell Phones: Do You Need One

The Best Consumer Cellular Cell Phone Plans in 2021

A senior cell phone plan will give you extra discounts and savings from major wireless carriers if youre over the age of 55. And with an AARP membership, you can also save on phone plans if youre over 50 years old.

If youre unsure whether a senior cell phone plan is right for you or are too young to qualify, there are plenty of other affordable cell phone plans that can still give you the features you need at the price you wanteven if they arent designed specifically for seniors.

Understanding whats important to you and how you use your cell phone will get you one step closer to choosing the best phone plan for you.

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Magenta Max 55+ For Heavy Mobile Users

The Magenta MAX 55+ plan is the gold standard of T-Mobile’s Unlimited 55+ plans. It’s true, though, that this top-tier package isn’t cheap. The Magenta MAX will run you $65 per month for one line or $90 per month when you sign up for two lines . You’ll pay $45 per line if you want three or four lines on your plan. However, it’s loaded with features that will make sense if part of your routine is staying connected while away from home.

The Magenta MAX 55+ includes:

  • 40 GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot data
  • 5 GB of 4G data in Canada and Mexico
  • Gogo In-Flight: Unlimited texting and in-flight Wi-Fi
  • 4K UHD streaming
  • 2x data speed and texting while abroad
  • Free Netflix Basic for one-line plans
  • Free Netflix Standard with two or more lines
  • Name ID and voicemail to text feature

FYI: 5G is the next generation in mobile data. It allows signals to reach farther than ever before, offering better speeds and network coverage than 4G.

The Magenta MAX 55+ is the best T-Mobile option for older adults who need to get the most out of their phones while they’re on the go. Faster data speeds means no waiting to send large files when you’re traveling. Unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi means you’re connected virtually wherever you are. And with a Magenta MAX 55+ plan, you’ll never see slower data speeds at peak times. Your data is truly unlimited.

Magenta Max 55+ For Power Users


The Magenta MAX 55+ plan is the crème de la crème of T-Mobile’s 55+ plans. This plan costs $65 per month for one line, or $45 per line for two to four lines. It’s nearly double the price of T-Mobile’s entry-level Essentials 55+ plan. So T-Mobile would have to be making you an offer you couldn’t refuse to justify that extra expense. Does it? You be the judge.

FYI: Want to add a tablet or smartwatch to your T-Mobile plan? You can! Prices start at just $10 per month for high-speed data, talk, and text.

Plan Features

Frequent flyers will love the Magenta MAX’s unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi. Videophiles will appreciate the HD streaming and free Netflix Basic with one line or Netflix Standard with two or more lines. And remote workers will be over the moon with unlimited data on the go . Your speeds won’t slow down after you hit a certain number of GB in a month like it does with the other two plans.

Did You Know: Are you looking your age these days? Even if you are, don’t forget your ID when you sign up for your T-Mobile account in store. You’ll need to provide proof of age when signing up for a 55+ plan.

In short, the Magenta Max is a power plan with a very nice cherry on top: 40 GB of mobile hotspot data that can turn your café table into your office away from home. Similar to the basic Magenta 55+ plan, you’ll also have free data and texting in hundreds of countries. However, the Magenta MAX 55+ plan offers twice the data speeds abroad. Talk about perks!

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The Shopping Experience With T

Another thing we really liked about T-Mobile is its lack of additional products and services. This seems counterintuitive, but when shopping with Verizon or AT& Tcompanies with home-based services like internet, cable, and landlinenavigating the different products can be complicated. Furthermore, with so many product offerings, companies try to sell new customers on bundled services, and it can be confusing to know if we were getting a competitive price or if we were being upsold on services we didnt need.

Luckily, T-Mobiles offerings are limited to wireless, which, while still somewhat complicated, take additional guesswork out of the proceedings. One area in which T-Mobile especially excels is their customer service, which also helps in the buying process. In our interactions with the company, their customer support team is always friendly and conversational, and they have a firm understanding of their plans which helps them answer any questions. The company features both prominent phone numbers as well as a live online chat to get in touch with a representative.

Note: T-Mobile has more than 8,000 retail locations nationwide, so if youre more comfortable making purchases in person, the store locator on their website could be a great place to start.

Love The Power Love The Price Iphone Se Only $30

T-Mobile Connect vs AT& T Prepaid $15 2GB Plan Comparison!

The most affordable iPhone now with 5G. On the network with more 5G bars in more places. With 24 monthly bill credits when you trade in a qualifying device.

During congestion, the small fraction of customers using > 50GB/mo. may notice reduced speeds until next bill cycle due to data prioritization. Video typically streams on tablet at DVD quality . Unlimited data on our network.

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What Is The Best Cell Phone Plan For Seniors

In some cases, seniors have different needs and priorities when it comes to their cell phones. For those on a fixed income, finding a low-cost cell phone plan is usually essential. Additionally, many prefer simpler devices, particularly if they dont have a need for many smartphone apps.

Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent options available. Heres a look at the best cell phone plans for seniors, as well as other helpful information about devices and more.

What Is The Cheapest Cell Phone Plan For Seniors

When youre looking for a cheap cell phone plan for seniors, some options that arent necessarily geared toward older adults can actually outperform some competitors when it comes to price. That includes many plans that focus on seniors specifically.

One stellar option is Mint Mobile, which offers prepaid cell phone plans. You can get unlimited calls and texts along with 4GB of data per month for as little as $15 per month. However, to keep the best deal after the 3-month introductory period, you have to cover one years worth of service all at once. For some, that may be challenging, but it does mean you can avoid a cell phone bill until that year ends.

If you already use Xfinity internet, then Xfinity Mobile has a similar deal. The By-the-Gig plan costs just $15 per gig, and that can be shared across multiple devices. That means senior couples could spend just $15 per month if they mainly rely on WiFi or dont generally use data. Even unlimited data is just $30 per line, which is incredibly competitive.

For non-Xfinity users, T-Mobile Essentials 55 Plus gives you access to two lines with unlimited data for $55, making the cost per user just $27.50. While youre limited to SD when streaming over the network, thats still a solid deal.

Ultra Mobile also has competitive rates. You can get 2GB of data per month along with unlimited talk and text for just $19 per month, and if youre willing to pay for a year upfront, you can whittle that down to $14 per month.

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Talk And Text Phone Plans For Seniors

Talk and text phone plans are for people who use their phones only for talking and texting. Theyre good for seniors who dont have smartphones or dont use their phones to download apps, watch videos or browse the internet. Many cell phone service providers offer customizable or unlimited talk and text plans. They are often less expensive than those that include data

Mint Mobile Network Coverage

$19.08/Mo Red Pocket Prepaid Wireless Phone Plan+Kit: UnImtd Everything ...

Mint Mobile uses T-Mobiles network, which means it offers nationwide coverage to a majority of the United States. It also offers a wide range of 5G coverage for ultra-fast download speeds. The downside, however, is that T-Mobile users are prioritized in times of heavy usage, so your Mint Mobile speeds are subject to fluctuation.

If youre at a football game where hundreds of other people are using their T-Mobile service, for example, your Mint Mobile service may take a backseat. In our experience, though, there was little in the way of slowed speeds if we stayed within our monthly data allowance.

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Save Up To 40/mo When You Switch

  • Summary: Save big with a special offer for men and women age 55 and older. Unlimited Talk & Text DVD-Quality Streaming Unlimited Mobile Hotspot
  • Matching search results: T-Mobiles 55+ plans start at $27.50 per month per line and offer unlimited text, talk and data plans. These 55+ plans have become the most affordable unlimited Plan available from a well-known service provider. These 55+ plans are also some of the

Mint Mobile Pros And Cons

Mint Mobile Pros
  • Highly affordable plans. With prices starting as low as $15 per month, Mint Mobile offers the most affordable cellular plans with unlimited talk, text, and data.
  • No overage charges. Mint will slow your data speeds if you exceed your monthly allowance, but it will never hit you with overage charges.
  • 5G access. All Mint Mobile plans offer access to 5G when available, giving users ultra-fast download speeds.
  • 30-day trials. You can purchase a device through Mint Mobile, but youll also have the option to bring your own device to Mints service if your phone is unlocked.
  • Easy activation: It takes just minutes to activate your plan with the Mint Mobile app and one of their SIM cards.
Mint Mobile Cons
  • Deprioritization. Mint Mobile piggybacks on the T-Mobile network, so Mint may throttle your data speeds if a lot of nearby T-Mobile users are also using their cellular service.
  • Up-front payments. To get the lowest prices from Mint, youll have to sign up for a 12-month plan, which requires up-front payments for the full year of service. For example, the 12-month 4GB plan although it technically costs $15 per month is actually a one-time $180 payment paid in full up front.

Pro Tip: If youre looking to save on your phone and plans, check out our list of senior cell phone discounts.

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Amazing Retirement Value Flawless Service

I just retired and switched my company phone , from 20+ years with Sprint, over to Mints $15/mo yearly plan. Thanks to Mint, my hungry retired eyes can drift from the dollar burger menu over to the Deluxe Column of Quality Sandwiches without getting that look from my wife or imperiling my childrens inheritance. I could not be happier with my decision.

Ross C.

What Is Data On A Cell Phone Plan

Consumer Cellular: More Data, Same Price (AT& T Smartphone Plans, Senior Discounts)

Data on a cell phone plan is a cellular service that allows you to access the internet without using WiFi. Essentially, it supports activities like web browsing, streaming, and certain app functions that require an internet connection.

Cell phone plans may come with different amounts of data. Some are unlimited, allowing you to use internet-connected services as much as youd like without incurring additional costs. Others have data limits, such as only including 2GB in a plan.

With those, you may get charged extra if you use more data than the allotted amount during your billing period or might lose internet connectivity until the next service month begins. Generally, which approach is used is outlined in the plan details and service contract.

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Will Your Area Get Good Cell Coverage

As I noted when covering the best unlimited plans, to get the most out of your deal you need to make sure you have the coverage you need. This makes it hard to give a blanket recommendation of any one carrier: T-Mobile’s service in New York may be excellent, but if you’re in, say, rural Iowa, Verizon is more reliable.

Prepaid providers almost always use someone else’s service. Before you sign up for one, it’s worth checking what the underlying network is. Each offers some version of 5G and I’ve broken this all down here, but to recap:

  • Boost Mobile uses AT& T and T-Mobile for now
  • Mint uses T-Mobile
  • Google Fi uses T-Mobile and US Cellular
  • Metro uses T-Mobile
  • Verizon Prepaid is on Verizon
  • AT& T Prepaid is on AT& T

If you have any friends or family in your area who already use the prepaid carrier you’re considering, ask about their experience. You could also go to a major carrier’s store and see if it offers any free ways to try out the service before switching over, such as T-Mobile’s Test Drive.

Boost Mobile will use a combination of AT& T, T-Mobile and its own network.

How Do I Switch Cell Phone Providers

The ease of switching providers will depend on your current provider, your current plans details and whether your contract includes early termination fees.

Some decisions need to be worked out with your current provider and new carriermainly whether to keep your existing phone and phone number. Its also important to find out if youre locked into a plan.

Regardless, here are a few key steps to preparing to make the switch:

Do your research. Know which plan youd like to switch to and contact your current provider to get the details of your current contract, particularly if youre locked in.

If you do have a contract, check with your current provider to find out if there are early termination fees. If youd like to keep your current phone, make sure your phone isnt lockedwhich means you can only use the phone with your existing providers phone plans. Finally, ask your new provider whether you can use your existing phone.

Prepare your details for your new provider. Be ready to provide the following to your new wireless carrier:

  • Your name and address
  • Your phones ESN/IMEI number if youre keeping the phone
  • Your phone number

To make the switch, contact your new cell phone carrier online, by phone or in person at a store. Theyll take your information and switch your service to your selected plan. Once you activate your new plan with your new carrier, your old service should automatically terminate. If you experience any issues, contact your old carrier.

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What $15 A Month Really Costs

As one may expect, the $15 a month plan isnt exactly $15. Its a bit more because it also carries with it additional taxes and fees. Furthermore, it does not cover any activation fees. And perhaps most crucially, a minimum three-month commitment is required but the best pricing is only available for those who pay for a full year.

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Cell Phone Plans For Seniors: How Old Do You Have To Be

Consumer cellular plans

Getting older can have its perkslike saving money on your cell phone plan. Recently, many of the larger service providers released plans specifically designed for seniors, aiming to keep things simple and affordable with discounts.

Sprint and T-Mobile offer discounts to anyone at least 55 years old. Both provide two phone lines with unlimited talk, text and data for around $80 a monthan average savings of $40 a month. Verizon also has a 55+ plan limited to seniors living in Florida, and AT& T has the Senior Nation Plan available for anyone over the age of 65.

If you expand your search beyond the big-name wireless carriers, you find additional providers and plans that are great choices for seniors.

Lively, for example, doesnt have a specific age requirement, but offers a number of services and features seniors may find helpful, such as access to virtual urgent care, fall detection technologies and operators who can help call ride services, make phone calls or look up phone numbers.

Meanwhile, AARPs membership benefits include discounts on cellular services. Anyone over age 50 can join AARP.

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