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American Standard 2461002020 Affordable

Walk In Tubs For Seniors, Who’s the Best?

The American Standard tub has both luxury and style to make it one of the most coveted brands. It uses modern technology that makes it stand out.

The bathtub has a porcelain finish that enhances the general outlook and beauty.

You can easily clean this bathtub since it has a smooth surface and a simple design.

Furthermore, its installation process is more straightforward. Typically, the product will retain the heat for a longer duration.

It has a comfortable depth that provides excellent traction to enhance the bathroom experience. As you use this brand, you will experience better relaxation. Beyond that, it has a right-hand outlet.

The versatility of this bathtub will promote the usage of all kinds of people. Meanwhile, if you are in the disabled category, you can make this bathtub your option too.

The American Standard company that produces this bathtub has a reputation for manufacturing quality products. Concerning that, many customers have positive reviews about their products in general.

As you use this product, you are sure of safety. The bathtub has a slip-resistant floor that will take care of any accidental fallout while soaked. The design minimizes accidents hence suitable for the elderly who have delicate bodies.

The sturdy design of this bathtub makes it resist any possible breakages. The simple design and lustrous finish give it an edge over its competitors.


Ology: How We Found The Best Walk

To choose our top picks, we started with a list of 14 walk-in tub companies. Companies with an overall satisfaction rating below 3.5 stars were eliminated first, including those without any reviews on our site.

With 10 brands remaining, we dug a little deeper. The ConsumerAffairs research team analyzed more than 1,000 recent verified reviews from the last year . To make the final cut, we required our picks to have at least twice as many 5-star reviews as 1-star reviews during the last year.

To rank them, we scored each on what we consider the most important features:

  • Value: Companies scored higher for offering discounts and financing options, providing a lifetime warranty and including installation services.
  • Comfort upgrades: Companies scored higher for offering hydro and air jets, chromotherapy, heated seat, remote control and showerhead options.
  • Installation: Companies scored higher for offering installation services like door sizing, old tub removal, electrical wiring and floor touch-up.
  • Safety features: Companies scored higher for low step-in height, grab bars and advanced draining/filling technology.
  • Selection: Companies scored higher for having multiple types of tubs.
  • Price transparency: Companies scored higher for having clearly available pricing information.

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American Standard Exclusive Series 60 X 30 Right Hand Walk

Best Value in a Whirlpool Walk-In Tub

For more than 140 years, American Standard has been a household name in plumbing fixtures. Three out of every five homes in the United States has at least one American Standard product, and the company now makes a full line of walk-in tubs and whirlpool tubs.

The American Standard Exclusive Series 60 x 30 Right Hand Walk-In Whirlpool Tub is an affordable option for consumers who want a combination walk-in/whirlpool tub. It holds an impressive 75 gallons of water and has a soaking depth of 29 inches, and there are 21 integrated air jets that can be activated to deliver an invigorating, relaxing water massage.

This walk-in tub costs $3,790 and is available nationwide through Home Depot.


  • Textured antislip floor and durable, hi-gloss finish
  • Integrated comfort-height seat

The Takeaway

Consumers looking to level up their bathing experience without purchasing a high-end whirlpool tub can appreciate the value offered in this entry-level unit. Its available nationwide through Home Depot, and American Standard backs the tub with a 10-year limited warranty, while the door seal has a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

What Customers Like

What Customers Dont Like

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Seniors Whove Experienced A Fall In Their Home Or Bathroom

If youve already experienced a fall in your home or bathroom, chances are youve become very aware of how your environment can affect your balance. Because the bathroom is considered the most dangerous room in the home, you may consider performing a Home Safety Assessment that focuses on the bathroom to identify issues that could cause a fall and then make adjustments or modifications to reduce the risk. You may find during your Home Safety Assessment that its time for you to remove a traditional bathtub or shower that you used to enjoy and replace it with a safer option

Studies show that seniors who experience a fall tend to limit their activities out of fear. Having a tub thats built with your needs in mind can give you the confidence to actively and consistently care for your personal needs, even if youve experienced a painful bathroom or home fall in the past.

Below are some features to look for in a walk-in tub if its a challenge to stay on your feet.

Government Assistance For Walk

Best Walk in Tub Reviews of 2020: TOP 12 Walk

While Medicare doesnt typically cover walk-in tubs, exemptions may be made in some circumstances. State Medicaid programs and waivers are much more likely to provide financial assistance for walk-in tub purchases. Additionally, home modification grants are available to veterans through the VA and both loans and grants are options for low-income seniors living in rural areas. Seniors or their caregivers may also be able to deduct walk-in tub costs as a medical expense when filing taxes.

Medicare Coverage of Walk-in Tubs

Medicare policy excludes coverage for walk-in tubs, as they do not meet the requirements to be considered durable medical equipment. However, companies such as American Tubs and Kohler claim that Medicare might reimburse seniors after purchasing one if its medically necessary and a doctor writes a prescription for it. Such claims may be inaccurate, and if seniors purchase a walk-in tub Medicare may never pay for any of it. Thus, its extremely important to work closely with your walk-in tub dealer, get clear on the reimbursement claims, and confirm Medicare participation if you need Medicare to pay for your new tub.

Medicaid Coverage of Walk-in Tubs


*This chart focuses on programs and waivers intended for the elderly and excludes those without potential walk-in tub coverage.

Veterans Benefits for Walk-In Tubs

Some walk-in tub companies claim that their tubs are covered by veterans benefits. This is sometimes true, but restrictions apply.

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Safe Bathtubs For Seniors Buyer Guide On How To Choose Them

The bathtubs are useful bathing aids that will facilitate comfortable showering.

For that matter, you need to consider several elements before you arrive at the correct pick. Lets look at various points that can affect your decision.

It would be best if you resisted the urge to buy a particular bathtub in a hurry.

Since the market is getting flooded with multiple models, choosing the best for the elderly can be confusing. As a result, you must arm yourself with the correct details to avoid any frustration.

The precise details about particular bathtubs will simplify your decision-making process.

There are certain things that you must know for you to make the shopping valuable and buy a safe bathtub. Let us take a closer look at each element in full detail.

Factors to Consider when choosing safe Bathtub for the Elderly

We have written in comprehensive detail about the factors to consider when buying bathtubs for the elderly. Read them below for more.

Person Whirlpool Massage Best Walk

The Whirlpool Massage tub is usually suitable for two people. As an older adult, you may decide to use it at the same time with your partner. You can try out this product to bring a new bathing experience to your love life.

It is a high-quality product that features an acrylic finish.

It is a luxurious product having waterproof pillows.

However, you can use those headrests together with another person, maybe a partner to the elderly.

You can spice up the romantic environment if you put on the chromotherapy lights.

One can still entertain himself during the bathing exercise. The bathtub has a full set of sound stems where you can play your tracks.

Furthermore, the user can take advantage of Bluetooth connectivity to conveniently perform the music.

The water jets will deliver a hydro massage to enhance total relaxation. The unit has proper controls that will let you tune in to music as you encounter another level of relaxation. The cool thing is that most of its settings are subject to a remote control.

The bathtub can operate on a single horse pipe motor featuring 110 volts. Surprisingly, the bathtub can comfortably accommodate 100 gallons of water. Such a large amount of water is convenient for more than one person at ago.

The acrylic materials are sturdy enough to resist chippings and cracking. The surface is smooth enough to facilitate more natural cleaning.

Furthermore, the bathtub is both dirt and stain-resistant hence it will remain clean throughout the usage.


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Accessories To Make Bathtubs Accessible For The Elderly

While grab bars, transfer benches, and other products can make tubs safer for senior citizens, they are not enough to meet all elderly needs. After all, theres more to taking a bath in tubs than just staying safe.

Seniors often have mobility issues that make it harder to take care of ones self. As such, they need easy bathtub solutions when bathing or cleaning themselves.

Fortunately, there are specialized bathtub accessories that offer not only safety but also accessibility for seniors. It helps make it easier for the elderly to maintain their hygiene so that they can enjoy a more engaging bathing experience.

With that said, these accessible bathtub features are often more expensive than the bathing products we mentioned earlier. They would also require a handyman or professional contractor to install tubs. Still, you might find them worth the cost, especially given the benefits they provide for seniors.

Best Tub & Shower Solutions

Best Walk In Bathtub 2022 – Ella’s Bubbles: Elderly, Disabled, Wheelchair Transfer, Two Seat

Tubcut is the best tub and shower solution for seniors and those with mobility issues. The height of a traditional tub can be difficult to climb over and may even cause unwanted accidents its time to modify your tub to a walk-in shower with our Tubcut service. Just give us a day to work our magic, and youll be able to enjoy bathing in no time. With the addition of grab bars as well as a handheld shower, you can be sure of a safe experience. Check out our other tubshandicap-accessible tubs.

Why walk over your tub when you can walk through it? This is safety you can trust without having to break the bank.

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Enjoy A Relaxing Bath With No Worries

Bathroom Safety and Peace of Mind

Thanks to your new walk-in tub, you can say goodbye to worries about slipping or falling, instead relaxing in a calm bath.

Soothing Hydrotherapy for Pain Relief

Relax and soak in the soothing feeling of hydrotherapy, ideal for relieving aches & pains in the comfort of a warm bath.

Continued Independence in Your Home

Stay independent longer in your own home no need for assistance with the help of a walk-in tub.

Fills Quickly, Drains Quickly

You wont have to wait long to take a bath, nor will you need to sit long while it drains before you get out of the tub.

What Questions You Should Ask To Your Contractor

Reviewing and analyzing all the factors for your walk-in tub before finalizing your purchase will ensure that you are indeed buying the perfect walk-in bathtub, which will be ideal for your family and loved ones.

Apart from the factors, features, and types, it is also crucial to know some of the critical questions that you must ask your contractor.

  • How long have you been in business?

  • Are you a licensed contractor?

  • Are you fully insured?

  • Do you have experience in installing walk-in bathtubs? If yes, which brands?

  • How long does it take to install a tub?

  • Will there be any requirements for permits?

  • What will be your plumbing requirements?

Besides all this, you can ask them about their companys warranty and service policies. When there is an in-home visit for the installation, you will eventually get to know the additional charges that may add to your costs.

At PensionsWeek, we will be more than glad if we helped you get the perfect walk-in bathtub for your loved ones through our article. If you still feel confused, refer to our reviews and much more informative articles to gain a good understanding of retirement plans and gears.

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Security Pole And Curve Grab Bar

If you are looking for an alternative to safety grab bars, consider a security pole and curve grab bar. Also known as a tension pole, it gives the elderly something to hold onto while bathing. It is a temporary bathroom aid that prevents senior citizens from falling.

But unlike a standard grab bar, this accessory can be attached anywhere in the bathroom. It is also easy to install since it doesnt require any tools.

Freedom Bathtubs By Accessibility Professionals

5 Best Walk

With reasonable base prices on its tubs and a clear pricing structure, Freedom Bathtubs by Accessibility Professionals ranks as our fifth most affordable brand. The companys simple website and clearly listed base and add-on prices make it easy to make an informed walk-in tub choice. While there are only two basic models offered, one with an inward swinging door and one with an outward swinging door, the models are offered at favorable costs, with the brand tying for third most affordable in the tub cost category.

Freedom Bathtubs itself does not install tubs, and its prices do not reflect the cost of installation. If you do not want to go to the trouble of looking for your own walk-in tub installer, you can call the companys customer service line. Freedom Bathtubs keeps a list of experienced installers whom its employees can refer you to at your request. This brand does not have a financing option for its customers. But seniors with financial needs should consider looking into options such as Medicaid grants that may be available to them.

Aurora Walk-In Tub: 4.9/10
Heated Tub Shell : $300
Warranty 10 years on the tub, lifetime on the door seal, 5 years on pumps and motors, no labor included

Therapy Features and Upgrades

Other Models to Consider

Freedom Bathtubs also offers other tub lines that are not walk-in but are designed to be more accessible than traditional bathtubs.

Freedom Bathtubs Cost Report

Tub Shell: 7.5/10Hydrotherapy System: 0/10Add-Ons: 4.3/10

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Wheelchair Accessible Tub Dimensions

Wheelchair accessible walk-in tubs are not necessarily larger than standard walk-in tubs they typically have the same standard dimensions. However, wheelchair accessible tubs do require extra clearance space for their outward-swinging door. When planning your walk-in tub installation, be sure there is sufficient clearance near the door to open and close comfortably.

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How To Save Money On Walk

Purchasing a walk-in tub and paying for its installation represents a significant investment. Although the cost of walk-in tubs can be steep, its a necessary expense in some cases to ensure your safety or that of a loved one while bathing.

The good news is, with a little research and creativity, you can save money when buying a walk-in tub. Read on to see your options.

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Woodbridge Whirlpool Tub B

For those who are looking for comfort and luxury, they may find refuge in the Woodbridge Whirlpool bathtub. You can use it a completely transform your bathroom into a little a delightful place without further costs.

The manufacturer designed this product using acrylic materials that will enhance the décor of your bathroom.

The wall is firm since that designer reinforced it with Ashland resin and fiberglass materials for longevity.

Or even better, the designer used double walls design with enhanced insulation to retain the heat temperatures of the water.

Interestingly, the bathtub has ten jets mounted on the surface, which are useful in massaging.

This is a good feature for people with disabilities or the elderly who may need a regular massage.

The product has a button that will regulate the pace of the ripple. You can also use the underwater lamp to bring light to the bathroom.

Also, a senior citizen of this bathtub will enjoy the longevity and comfort that comes with it.

The buyer will enjoy a five-year warranty. Furthermore, there is a one-year warranty on specific plumbing parts.

The friendly return policies and extended warranty will cushion the buyer from any making extra costs on maintenance.


Financing Options For Walk

Top 10 Best Walk In Tubs 2022 Reviews

There are multiple financing options available to aid with the purchase of a walk-in tub. All of the financing options weve listed below require the ability to make monthly payments, and they do involve financial risks.

Financing Option

A FHA Title 1 Loan doesnt have a minimum credit score or income requirement.

Learn what is required from NerdWallet.

FHA Title 1 loans are a kind of personal loan designed exclusively for home improvement projects. These loans may benefit some seniors who are trying to pay for bathroom modifications.

Often considered lower risk than HELOC and reverse mortgages, they may involve fewer fees for the borrower.

Home Equity Line of Credit

Tapping into a Home Equity Line of Credit requires home equity, a low debt-to-income ratio, and a favorable credit score. HELOC interest rates are variable but tend to be low.

HELOCs are a line of credit that allow you to borrow funds, use and repay them, and then repeat this process over again. The risk of this option is that the home becomes collateral and the renewable nature of the available funds may tempt you to overuse them. Its possible to be foreclosed on when you have a HELOC.

Using a HELOC to pay for a walk-in tub installation makes the most sense if you already need to use a HELOC for a comprehensive aging-in-place remodel or an unavoidable necessity like reroofing. HELOCs are considered best for relatively short term financial needs. Sometimes a portion of your HELOC can be tax deductible.

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