Best Shoes For Seniors With Swollen Feet

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Propet Wash And Wear Shoes

Swollen Painful Ankles, Fix them At Home!

The Propet Wash and Wear Sneakers have no laces or straps to deal with and also feature a nice, stretchy opening that accommodates swelling and edema. Youll also love that they can be machine washed!

Propet is known for making shoes that especially meet the needs of seniors. This shoe is a great choice for senior women and men looking for easy-to-wear footwear. They are also very light and soft, offering great comfort for outdoor walks or indoor activities.

The 100% leather uppers mean the shoe is long-lasting and high quality. So, its not going to wear out quickly.

Youll also like that the shoe is easy to maintain. This is because you can throw it in the machine when it needs cleaning up. This makes it low-maintenance for both seniors and their caregivers.

Shoes For Senior Women

Since you are searching for adaptive, healthy shoes for senior ladies doesnt mean you are restricted to wearing a limited choice of shoes and have to abandon your fashion completely. MediComf has a variety of high heels for senior women that offers a variety of comfortable shoes with acceptable height. The recommended maximum heel by orthotic medical experts is 2 inches. Whether you have some sort of bunions, supination, pronation, bones issues or foot swelling, MediComf has so much to offer.

We have wide width adjustable sandals for senior women that are best for ladies with Edema or diabetes and are great for indoor and outdoor usage. Our shoes for senior women include open-toe sandals, and heels feature adjustable closures that open up completely. The beauty of these sandals for senior women is how easily ladies can wear them and how painless they are to put on and take off regardless of the condition of the foot.

The Best Pregnancy Shoes For Work

These Supportive Slip-Ons With A Sleek Faux Leather Finish

Dr. Scholls is a company known for its supportive and comfortable inserts, insoles, and orthotics, so its not surprising that the brand also makes extremely comfortable shoes. These Dr. Scholls Luna Sneakers are made of faux leather and microfiber made from recycled plastics. So, not only will you be providing relief to your feet, youll be providing a tiny bit of relief to our planet.

Helpful Review: I bought a similar Dr. Scholls shoe when I first found out I was pregnant and they soon became the only shoe I could fit in and easily put on. Once I hit the third trimester, they no longer fit because of my expanding feet, so I bought this similar style and have loved them so far.

Available Sizes: 511 | Available Colors: 8

A Pair Of Chic, Comfy Ballet Flats That Resemble Rothys

Cute? Check. Comfy? Check. The Shapua Ballet Flats are soft and flexible thanks to a mesh upper and insole with a PVC outsole, and many reviewers say they feel more like a slipper than a work shoe. And theyre super easy to slip out of at the end of the day. Choose from cute prints or reliable go-with-everything solids, either way youll enjoy thisaffordable Rothys alternative at a fraction of the price.

Available Sizes: 5 11| Available Colors: 22

Not Your Grandmas Loafer

Available Sizes: 512 | Available Colors: 44

These Dreamy Flats With Memory Foam

Available Sizes: 5 11 | Available Colors: 5

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Why Do The Elderly Need Special Shoes

As weve already mentioned, the feet are one of the body parts that take the most of a beating. Think about it you use them every single day.

Sure, there are many things we use every day. Our hands, arms, shoulders, hips, and so on. But while all of those muscles get some exercise on a daily basis, our feet have to bear our entire weight whenever we stand, walk, jog, or jump, as well as helping us balance when we lean.

The elderly, especially, need extra foot care because their feet have many years worth of wear and tear on them. This can lead to chronic pain and discomfort in the feet.

Those who worked in jobs that required them to be on their feet a lot will most likely have more pain, discomfort, or possibly arthritis.

It goes without saying, then, that elderly feet need special shoes!

Cloud Nine Sheepskin Flip Flop Womens Sandal

Best Shoes For Elderly With Swollen Feet


Cloud Nine Sheepskin is where flip flops meet therapeutic comfort. These super comfortable slippers feature an incredibly soft sheepskin lining and cowhide suede exterior. The footbed is cushioned and offers support preventing sore feet.

The cozy top cover ensures your feet are comfortable regardless of the temperature. The naturally thermostatic fabric wicks moisture away keeping your feet dry and comfy. The outsole has excellent traction to prevent trips and falls especially for older adults with balance problems. Plus, it increases durability for outdoor wear.

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Orthofeet Proven Shoes For Bunions And Foot Pain Relief

These shoes are not only going to accommodate your swollen feet, but they are also made for people who have bunions, diabetes, arthritis, neuropathy and other conditions. The reason why we included it in this list is because it helps with sensitive feet.

Simple design easy to wear and remove

These are shoes for swollen feet womens, so men cannot wear them. They have a simplistic, schoolgirl design. However, their simplicity also means they are very simple to get on and off.

They have a strap that is attached on one side by a metal buckle while on the other side, it has Velcro tape to secure the shoes on your feet so that they do not slip off. Therefore, they also have a factor of adjustability for sizing.

Very comfortable interior

When your feet swell, they become sensitive to touch and feel. Therefore, a pair of shoes with hard interior surface is not going to help. These shoes have been designed with super cushioning and a few layers of lining. In fact, the footbed lining is so comfortable. It has a pillow-like feel, something that helps in the alleviation of heel pain.

Good for flat feet

Orthoshoes Womens Diabetic Walking Shoes

If you want to get yourself a pair of specialized shoes for your swollen feet without breaking a bank, the Orthoshoes Womens Diabetic Walking Shoes are worth considering. These shoes are specially designed for elderly women who struggle with edema but can be worn by ladies of all ages. They come with forefoot straps with Velcro closures for easy adjustment. The range of adjustment is quite suitable for variation in the degree of your swelling.

The Orthoshoes Womens Diabetic Walking Shoes are constructed with lightweight materials so their weight wont bring you down. The uppers are made from a breathable and stretchable material that should allow you to wear the shoes in all seasons. Since uppers are stretchy, they should be able to expand to accommodate your swollen foot, reducing irritation. The insoles of the Orthoshoes Womens Diabetic Walking Shoes are cushioned for maximum comfort. Fortunately, these are removable so you can replace them if you want to use specialized orthotics for your swollen feet and ankles.

Pros of the Orthoshoes Womens Diabetic Walking Shoes

  • Very inexpensive

Cons of the Orthoshoes Womens Diabetic Walking Shoes

  • Outsole may wear out fast

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Hush Puppies Mens Gil Slip

Being comfortable and soft, the Hush Puppies Mens Gil Slip-on Shoe has features thatll allow you to customize the fit to meet the requirements of your swollen feet. They are a good option for people with limited mobility as they feature a hook-and-loop closure which makes them easy to put on and off. The collar on these shoes is padded, so your ankles would be comfortable. The closure is adjustable so you can tighten or loosen the shoes as you deem fit.

The footbed of the Hush Puppies Mens Gil Slip-On Shoe is made of contoured EVA foam, which will hug your feet, providing you with the necessary support. You can also use your custom insoles as the footbeds of these shoes are removable. The outsole of the Hush Puppies Mens Gil Slip-On Shoe is made of lightweight Zero-G rubber which provides solid traction and makes walking easier on all types of surfaces. The uppers of these shoes are made of leather, which means that with proper care, they should last a long time.

Pros of the Hush Puppies Mens Gil Slip-On Shoe

  • Hook-and-loop closure

Cons of the Hush Puppies Mens Gil Slip-On Shoe

Be Smart About Gifting

Edema: Swollen Feet, Swollen Ankles & Swollen Legs [FIX Them FAST!]

For many of the reasons listed above, buying shoes for grandpa or grandma should be a process that involves them as much as possible, to ensure the right shoe choice and fit. It’s wise to choose footwear that is returnable or exchangeable and, if possible, take the gift recipient shopping with you so they can try on and compare different styles.

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Ladies Shoes For Swollen Feet

Friendly Shoes makes great quality shoes for swollen feet. Theyre wider, deeper and roomier than anything youll find on the high street and can also accommodate bunions, problem toes and bandaging.

The Force slip on shoe is what you need for everyday shoe ease. The thick fly knit is stretchy but gives good coverage and a secure fit. Theres a lace free closure, instead using a zip which is great for wide feet as the shoe opens up down the side to just slip your foot in. With an E toe box, it can even accommodate a foot brace, or if your parent wears an orthotic they can remove the memory foam insole.

Its available in a range of everyday and brighter colours, depending on what your parents in the mood for!

If more of a trainer is on the wishlist, then look no further than Friendly ShoesVoyage. Like all their shoes, they have a zip access but they also feature laces. Set the lace tension the first time you wear them, then leave them tied and just use the zip for easy on and off. Not only do they look great , the wide toe box, anti slip sole and cushioned removable insole makes for a comfortable shoe experience. Also available in other more muted colours!

If youre looking more for a shoe than a trainer, then the classic Darcy shoe from Cosy Feet works. Wide enough to accommodate swollen feet, its roomy toe box is suitable for bunions and arthritic toes. The insole can be swapped out for an orthotic and it comes in a few colours .

Best Winter Shoes For Swollen Feet: Orthoshoes Womens Diabetic Walking Sneakers


  • Mesh lining is not waterproof

If you need a pair of shoes for swollen feet to support and keep warm for your feet in the wintery days, go for these Orthoshoes Womens Diabetic Winter shoes. These shoes feature the exclusive extra-wide design with adjustable velcro straps to adapt well to the types of foot issues. They are appropriate for edema, swollen feet, diabetes, bunions, and so more. They come with super depth and widths to help alleviate the stress on your already swelling feet.

The comfy and flexible uppers are very easy to stretch along your feet when moving. It also comes with high breathability and does not cause skin irritation. The plush sheepskin lining is what keeps your feet cozy and warm in the winter days, and contributes to the reduction of the swelling conditions.

Due to the stretchable materials, these Diabetic Winter Shoes can accommodate your feet very well, even with the severe foot issues. There are also many rooms inside so that it reduces the pressure on your swollen feet. Get these shoes for the best support for your feet on the cold days.

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What To Look For In Orthopedic Shoes For Seniors

Whether you need orthopedic sneakers or are simply looking for the best shoes for older adults, be flexible and understand your choices. Strength, flexibility, disease and their environment are all factors to be considered, says Ware.

Consider these factors when choosing orthopedic footwear:

Comfort and adjustability. Hooks, loops and Velcro can help make shoes more comfortable and easier to get on and off.

Seniors, especially men, do not bend well, so they often compromise support for ease of putting on the shoe, says Ware. A good trick is to purchase some expandable laces and pre-tie the shoe, converting them into a more accommodating option for support and swelling. The lacing system allows the person to slip the shoe on, much like a loafer.

Cushioning and shock absorption. The insole is inside the shoe, where the footrests. Shoes with removable insoles give you more flexibilityyou can replace them with insoles that provide more cushioning or stronger support.

Traction and grip. The outsole, or the hard bottom of the shoe, should conform to your foot. Non-skid soles can help prevent falls.

Toe box. This is the area in the front of the shoe, where the toes go, and it can be round, pointed or square. Anyone who has worn pointed-toe shoes knows all too well that the toe box can cause discomfort. The deeper the toe box, the more room there will be for your toes.

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Orthofeet Glacier Gorge Boots For Men

The Orthofeet Glacier Gorge mens diabetic boot is biomechanically engineered with advance therapeutic qualities which provides comfort and protection for diabetic and arthritic feet. It comes with unique features to offer a great walking experience to seniors and other diabetic patients.

If you are looking for unsurpassed comfort in footwear and at the same time want to protect your feet, there isnt a better choice than the Orthofeet Glacier Gorge diabetic boots. This article provides a comprehensive review of the Orthofeet Glacier Gorge Depth mens diabetic boots.

This product is ideal for seniors and other patients who are suffering from a variety of foot conditions including diabetic feet, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, ankle pain, Mortons neuroma, corns, bunions, flat feet, hammer toes, and back pain. The boots are lightweight and provide a host of other features to guarantee the optimal comfort and safety of your feet at all times. Here are some of the salient features and the pros of the product.

The Pros

The Cons

  • A few customers have complained the tongue does not fit properly.
  • Sometimes, the metal ring holding the Velcro strap doesnt handle the load well when tightening the shoe.

The Orthofeet Glacier Gorge mens boots are ideal for seniors who are suffering from foot conditions and want to protect their feet.

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Skechers Performance Womens Go Walk Slip

Made from 100 percent synthetic and fabric material, the Skechers Performance Go Walk Slip-On Walking Shoe is a lightweight pair that can prove to be a good option for people with swollen feet. It comes with a soft OrthoLite insole that helps to inhibit odor to maximize inner comfort. A shock-absorbing midsole is also there that should reduce the impact on your feet in every step.

Since these shoes feature Resalyte lightweight cushioning, they should offer you a high level of flexibility, ensuring that you can walk without any limitations. The breathable mesh uppers of these shoes allow vapors to escape, preventing the buildup of moisture and sweat inside the footwear.

Customers who have used the Skechers Performance Womens Go Walk Slip-On Walking Shoe have praised it for its comfort. This means that if your swollen feet make you feel uncomfortable, the Skechers Go Walk Slip-On Walking Shoe might be worth a shot.

Pros of the Skechers Performance Womens Go Walk Slip-On Walking Shoe

  • Extremely comfortable

New Balance Fresh Foam 860v11

Runners will find that the New Balance Fresh Foam 860v11 offers all the support and comfort necessary for swollen feet.

The breathable mesh upper not only allows enough airflow to keep the feet cool, but it moves with the foot and stretches as the foot needs it to.

A flared heel collar is a unique feature that angles away from the Achilles. A built-in Ultraheel heel cup holds the foot sturdily in place, which prevents the foot from moving inside the shoe.

Fresh Foam in the midsole offers a good combination of soft, shock-absorbing cushioning and responsive energy return. For added stability, theres a medial post made of firmer foam. This prevents overpronation, which can make swelling worse.

New Balance shoes are also known to be slightly wider than others, which means theres a good amount of space inside to accommodate the feet when swollen.


  • These shoes may take some time to break in

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Best For Painful Feet: Dr Comfort Carter Mens Casual Shoe

  • The insteps are quite high
  • Shoes have no or little arch support

For people with edema and swollen feet, its hard to find footwear that adapts their feet well while delivering a comfortable wearing. But with these Dr. Comfort Carter Casual shoes for swollen feet, the wrong fitment will no longer matter, as these shoes come with super large width and added depth to reduce the friction as much as possible and allow the flexible movements inside.

These Dr. Comfort shoes feature excellent customizability and adjustability. Therefore, they are capable of accommodating types of severe foot conditions such as hard edema, diabetes, and ankle-foot orthosis. The adjustable closures can allow you to customize it freely until it fits your feet best and offers the right comfort.

Besides, the seam-free lining design helps to reduce the usual skin irritation, which is very helpful for the swelling feet conditions. You will also feel very comfy and breathable when wearing thanks to the premium Lycra upper materials. Its also easy to clean and safe for machine wash so that it does not take you much time and effort.

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