Cruises For Seniors Over 60

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The Best Romantic Cruise Lines For Couples

Senior Cruises: 6 Amazing Cruises for Women After 60

Onboard any given cruise, the majority of the passengers are usually couples. Why is cruising so popular for couples? First of all, its a stress-free vacation every detail from accommodations, meals and entertainment, to activities and sightseeing are looked after and prepaid. Once onboard, theres no need to lift a finger or make a decision, except to order a beverage or choose which dinner entrée to have.

Cruising also brings couples to their destinations safely and conveniently. No unpacking and packing, changing hotels or deciding on where to eat and how to get there. The ship is a floating resort that whisks them to interesting places, and after a day of sightseeing, it welcomes them home with a delightful dinner, fantastic entertainment, and a comfortable bed guaranteed. All the details being taken care of means more time for couples to spend with each other.

Last but not least, cruises for couples offer so many activities to do together from romantic dinners, spa treatments to ballroom dancing, and star-gazing. And at every port, couples can discover exciting destinations and build lifetime memories.

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Australia And New Zealand Cruises

Explore the Land Down Under via cruise ship. Australia and New Zealand are known for their one-of-a-kind geography, the stunning vistas portrayed in movies such as Lord of the Rings, their unique wildlife, their friendly and welcoming cultures, and their active outdoor lifestyles. All of this makes Australia and New Zealand an ideal destination for a cruise, with activities such as whale watching, scuba diving, and cultural excursions during port calls at world-class cities such as Sydney.

Many cruise lines have been expanding their presence in Australia and New Zealand during the past few years, making it easier than ever before to find exciting options for an Australia/New Zealand cruise.

Have you ever been on a cruise? What advice would you offer to someone who is thinking of cruising for the first time? What makes a cruise an ideal vacation for women over 60?

Best Cruise Lines For Seniors And Baby Boomers

Some baby boomers planning cruise vacations are looking for big ships with whiz-bang attractions such as waterslides, lively pool decks and activities for all ages especially if they’re traveling with their kids or grandkids. But a lot of the rest of us want to hang out with other adults, see bucket-list and UNESCO World Heritage-designated destinations, learn a thing or two about local cultures and otherwise have an adult vacation experience.

Choices range from affordable ships where you can make your vacation dollar stretch far to ultra-luxury ships that come with extreme pampering and fares to match.

Here are the seven best cruise lines for seniors and baby boomers.

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You Must Book Far In Advance

Senior singles cruises are popular and sell out quickly. Youll need to plan far ahead, sometimes as much as a year or more before your departure date.

Since life circumstances can change drastically in a year, consider purchasing travel insurance that includes trip cancellation, trip delay, pre-existing condition medical coverage and cancel for any reason coverage.

Things You Need To Consider:

Senior Cruises: 6 Amazing Cruises for Women After 60

Before you even start scouting for the best cruise packages, here are a few questions you need to ask yourself first to help you narrow down your choices:

How many days do you intend travel? Are you traveling solo, with a partner, family, or with a group? What are you looking forward to achieve from this trip? Do you have any mobility issues? Any health conditions that need to special assistance? How much is your budget?

You see, different ships offer different amenities, different services, and different facilities. Some cruise lines dont offer the utmost convenience to passengers with disabilities, even though they have complied with ADA . Yet, some cruise lines go as far as featuring hydraulic pool chairs in their pools as well as providing wheelchair accessibility. Some ships cater to multi-generation families while others are designed to exclusively accommodate adults.

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Excursions For Wheelchair Users

The beauty of European river cruising is that most ports are very close to town and city centres, so you wont usually need to travel far to reach the attractions. However, its worth noting that many of Europes historic destinations have cobbled streets, which are not ideal to push a wheelchair along. The on-board cruise director will be able to advise of the best routes to take, or suggest alternative attractions with wheelchair access.

For longer trips involving coach travel, passengers need to be able to climb the steps to the vehicle, which may be as many as four. Of course, youre welcome to stay on-board the ship as it docks. But as the tours are included in the price of most river cruises, its worth thinking about how many of the tours youll be able to manage and whether its worth it overall.

What Makes A Cruise Ship Great For Singles Cruising

The type of ship that you are going on makes a big difference to your cruise experience. The biggest ships are going to be able to offer a huge amount of different restaurants, shows, activities and will naturally have a lot of people onboard.

All of those may be seen as advantages, and to many people they, are but for others being on a huge ship might not be their idea of a perfect cruise. Being on a huge ship not only requires a lot more walking but also more acclimatization and it can be confusing having that much choice.

This is going to be a personal choice depending on your own personal needs and desires. If youve never been on a cruise before then you could be surprised at just how much there is to do and see on a large ship. They are like cities on the water but while some people want to be on the biggest ships possible, others may want a more intimate experience.

There are also other aspects to take into account as well such as the size of the ship. The signage needs to be clear and easy, the lifts and stairs need to be easy to use and even aspects such as the font on the menus need to be easy to read.

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Best Cruise Lines For Seniors Over 60

  • Princess Cruises. With its fleet of accessible ships, Princess Cruises is well-versed in catering to an over 60s crowd. Rooms are fully equipped and you can enjoy plenty of senior-friendly activities on board.
  • Holland America Line. This cruise line offers accessible rooms for guests with mobility issues and is very popular with seniors over 60, so youre bound to meet like-minded passengers on board.
  • Celebrity Cruises. Celebrity Cruises offers wheelchair-accessible accommodation as well as special services for seniors with limited mobility. You can also take part in plenty of low-intensity pursuits on board like lawn games, art classes, destination lectures and photo editing courses.
  • Royal Caribbean. Royal Caribbean offers accessible rooms for seniors with mobility issues along with wheelchair-friendly excursions. It also offers a variety of tours and classes perfect for passengers with mobility constraints.

Medium Ship Line #: Oceania Cruises

What is the Best Cruise Line for Seniors

Its all about the food on Oceania Cruises. Its 1,250-passenger MS Marina and MS Riviera offer restaurants by Jaques Pepin, a six-course Dom Perignon dinner with a pairing of three vintages, a cooking center where passengers of all cooking skill levels can take classes, and culinary-themed excursions, like a visit to the market in Nice with a chef. Its four smaller Regatta-class ships, each accommodating 684 passengers, also have excellent dining options, like the Polo Grill and the Italian eatery Toscana. Two new 1,200-passenger ships are on the way for Oceania, set for delivery in 2023 and 2025.

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Best Cruises For Singles Over 60


Cruises are optimal for solo travelers as they provide the benefit of seeing a handful of destinations all in one trip. You wont need to book accommodations, or arrange transportation, as the cruise ship itself serves as both! Unpack your bags only once, as the cruise is a cozy resting spot during your travels.

While onboard, enjoy the vast variety of dining options, fitness classes, spa services, theatre performances, live music, and much more. Many of these activities are fantastic choices for those traveling alone, and also provide an outlet to meet new people!

Single travelers have an abundance of choices to consider when selecting the ideal cruise for them. Enjoy the flexibility to decide on the length of trip, the region you want to visit, and which onboard amenities to try. Read below to see the best cruises for singles over 60!

Best Cruise Lines For Solo Seniors

  • Cunard. This cruise line offers single-occupancy cabins and oceanview suites for solo travellers. Its popular among seniors and puts on plenty of singles meet-ups along with engaging activities like guest speakers, musical productions and Shakespearean plays.
  • Holland America Line. Seniors travelling solo can be matched to other single partners of the same gender to share double-occupancy rooms. You can also participate in solo traveller meet-and-greets at the beginning of each sailing.
  • Royal Caribbean. Youll find dedicated studio cabins for singles on board and there are opportunities to meet plenty of new friends by participating in the wide host of activities and excursions on offer.
  • Carnival Cruises. Carnival offers special deals for seniors and exclusive offers for solo travellers on select sailings. It also offers an adults-only retreat room and library bar, along with plenty of relaxing activities like mini golf, bingo, cooking classes and more.

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What Are Singles Cruises For Seniors

Singles cruises for seniors are organized travel opportunities for unmarried mature travelers. Typically, a travel agency organizes a singles cruise for seniors, obtaining a block of staterooms from a cruise line and working with the ships cruise director to plan activities for the group. Some travel agencies hire an onboard tour manager/singles host who looks after the needs of the senior singles group.

Prices for singles cruises for seniors vary by cruise line, length of cruise, stateroom choice, itinerary and activities offered. If your senior singles cruise includes special activities, meals or excursions for the group, you may pay more for your ticket than you would if you simply booked your cruise and sailed solo.

You will also pay more, as you would on any cruise, if you reserve a stateroom for a solo traveler, like those onboard the Norwegian Epic, or choose to occupy a double occupancy stateroom alone. To avoid paying a single supplement, consider asking a friend to go on the cruise with you or look for cruises that offer roommate matching.

Cruises For Singles Over 50 Destinations

Singles Cruises for Seniors? Too Much Fun, or Too Much Hassle?

In finishing off here, one of the other great things about taking a cruise vacation, is that you can pretty much enjoy a cruise most anywhere in the world.

Theres literally hundreds of departure ports to choose from!

If youve been dreaming about that Mediterranean Cruise or perhaps an exotic South Pacific Cruise like my wife and I experienced a few years ago, then stop dreaming and start planning today!

Start packing your bag, as theres never been a better or more affordable time to take a cruise then now! The fleet of ships just keep on growing and getting bigger and more extravagant as each year passes.

Check out this recent post on the 10 Best Cruise Lines for Solo Travelers from one of my favorite cruise related websites.

This site offers everything you want or need to know about cruising!

Update August 2022:

I received an email newsletter from my Professional Cruise Consultant that I normally book with. I thought I would pass it on for those who may be wondering what is happening in the cruise industry.

I was recently looking at some cruises in 2022 & 2023 for some clients. I was surprised to see some sailings were already filling up or even sold out! The cruise lines are expecting pent up demand for travel as cruises are slowly resuming once again.

Ive included a link to one of their recent articles about Oceania Cruise Lines Adding Cabins For .

Some great news for Solo Travelers!

Safe and Healthy Travels!

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What Are The Pros & Cons For Mature Singles Cruisers

As we have already seen here, there are plenty of pros and cons when it comes to traveling on a cruise if you are a more mature traveler. There are a lot more advantages though in general, especially if you are going to be choosing a vacation that is going to be able to match your needs.

A solo cruise can be a wonderful adventure where you will be able to spend your time meeting new people, potentially partners and friends for life. Youll also be able to explore some incredible ports and destinations, with shore excursions that are going to be able to give you some of your greatest memories.

Not only that, there is also the advantage of having everything in one place, which will give you very few worries about what you have to do. Almost everything will be taken care of for you which will give you the ultimate amount of relaxation with plenty of free time. There is a reason tours and cruises for singles are incredibly popular as you get the comfort of staying in a wonderful hotel and the adventure of being somewhere different every day.

As far as the cons go, this will often be down to your own personality and what you like. Some ships will have a lot more singles than others and some will have activities that might not be to your taste. As we discussed earlier, it may be that the ships your on is too big or too small for your needs. This is why it is important to look for an experience that is going to be a perfect match for you.

More Ways Than Ever To Discover The Authentic Beauty Of The World

This season sees us push the boundaries of ultra-luxury travel, with longer seasons and greater choice than ever before. Choose voyages from 6 to 24 days in a variety of seasons, and enjoy new perspectives long before or after the crowds have gone. Discover the authentic beauty of Canada and New England in summer and the Mediterranean in autumn on sailings that embrace both secluded ports and iconic destinations. Or perhaps you want to explore Antarctica on our Antarctica Bridge or classic itineraries? Whats more, our ashore experiences are better than ever including extraordinary land programmes and, of course, the superb S.A.L.T programme onboard Silver Moon, Silver Dawn, Silver Nova and Silver Ray.

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Everything From Short Breaks To Epic Tours

Just You is all about choice, which is why we try to offer as much geographic variety as possible. Were also aware that everyones ideal adventure is different, so our collection encompasses both short breaks and epic adventures. And everything in between.

Fancy a 5-day European getaway? How about a trip to Verona, complete with a night at the opera and wine tasting in the vineyards of Valpolicella? Ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime? Our Classic Tours include epic multi-destination journeys across far-flung landscapes, including unforgettable tours of India and Australia.

Wherever your travels take you, you can be sure that all our holidays for single travellers over 60 have been meticulously planned to make the most of your time.

Senior Cruises: 6 Amazing Cruises For Women After 60

6 Surprising Senior Cruise Tips That the Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

Many women over 60 are looking for new adventures and exciting new vacation destinations. If you want fun in the sun, a spirit of discovery, and the romance of the high seas, going on a cruise might be the ideal dream vacation.

Going on a cruise is a great way to see some amazing sights, meet some interesting new people, and enjoy a sense of relaxation with nothing on your to do list but enjoying the views, activities and entertainment on board the ship. Here are a few ideas for great senior cruises for women.

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Benefits Of A Singles Cruise

There are a variety of reasons why you might want to take a cruise as a single person or solo traveler. Maybe youre coming out of a relationship and want to meet new and interesting people in an all-inclusive environment. Maybe you thrive on self-discovery and individual experiences. Or maybe you just want to go on lots of cruises, with or without the people you love. No matter your specific situation, theres a cruise ship, sailing itinerary, slew of onboard activities, and variety of shore excursions tailored to the solo cruiser. Here are the best singles cruises to check out.

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Ocean Cruises For Seniors

Ships are usually larger and trips are longer, although it depends on the destination. Megaships have capacities of around 2,000 to 6,000 passengers mid-size ships carry about 1,000-2,500 small ships can hold around 1,200 or less. Naturally, more dining options, entertainment, pools, and public areas are available on larger vessels. For seniors who are more comfortable remaining on the ship, there are many opportunities to keep busy, and the ship is a destination in itself. Travelers with limited mobility may choose shore visits carefully or decide to enjoy the view from afar as they take advantage of the ships amenities and social scene.

Many oceangoing ships have accessible cabins and elevators, wheelchair-width doorways, and even special equipment to aid in boarding a smaller boat for shore excursions. Several have medical care and physicians aboardâa benefit for all passengers, not just seniorsâfor emergencies or illness. Most cruise companies request that they be advised of their passengers special needs at least 45 days before departure to ensure that proper accommodations are arranged.

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