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Jobs for 50 Years and Older | Work From Home

About 40% of people aged 55 and above were working or actively looking for work in 2014. And that number is expected to increase fastest for people aged 65 and older through 2024, while theres not expected to be much change in the other age groups, older people are seeking work, and even in these strangely changing times, there are ample jobs out there.

So where do you start?

Lets answer a few questions first. What experience do you have? This could include volunteer work or maybe youve been a caretaker and you learned invaluable information on certain health issues to write about.

Whats your educational background?

Do you have a degree?

This may be required for professional work, though if youre completing tasks or your personality is really what matters, a high school diploma and good English may be fine.

What have you always wanted to do but never had time for?

Do you have a talent for art, singing, making people laugh?

Fiverr lets you post all kinds of gigs, such as voiceover, drawing, or recording a video message. Be creative and be willing to try some silly things.

The site used to charge $5 for everything , but now you set a price. Start low, get some reviews, and slowly raise your rates as you get faster and better. Is there a hobby you have that you could teach others or that you could use from wherever in the world you are?

Get Paid To Lose Weight

Self care is all the rage right now, and now that you finally have time to focus on yourself and can get away from a desk you can get fit and maybe even shed some pounds.

If you need extra motivation, check out HealthyWage. Basically, youll place a bet on how much weight you can lose in a certain amount of time, and youll get paid if you meet your goal.

Take, for example, Teresa Suarez, who lost 68 pounds and pocketed $2,415.28.

Nothings more motivating than money, right?

Website Tester And User Testing

Consider being an online website tester if youre looking for a new way to work from home to earn extra money.

Website testing is one of the best online jobs with no experience required. If youre a detailed oriented, dont mind repetitive work, and like to use computers, you might enjoy being a website tester.

Website testers determine whether or not websites are easy to use, intuitive and search engine optimized, and free of bugs.

They use software programs that monitor site performance, such as loading times, while navigating through a site to find errors and report their findings to the website owner.

To learn more, log in to UTest academy. They have a lot of free courses and articles to teach you all you need to know about software testing.

Companies will pay you to test their websites, giving you feedback on your findings. You can find website testing jobs from sites such as UserTesting, WhatUsersdo, UserTest, Enroll, UTest, UserFeel, Start-Up Lift, Analysis, Amazon Mechanical Turk, and Userlytics.

  • Pay rate: $5 $15 per task that lasts up to 20 minutes
  • Tools required: Computer, Internet connection, smartphone, webcam

NOTE: Canadians can find jobs on these sites, but they are mostly geared toward USA residents.

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Work From Home Jobs For Seniors Over 60


Work From Home Jobs For Seniors Over 60


  • Multiple shifts are readily available from morning to night and no experience is required.
  • You will have sufficient opportunity for growth
  • Part-time available – choose the days you wish to work
  • A dedication to promote from within


  • Must have the ability to carry out tasks with or without reasonable accommodation
  • Perform all other responsibilities as appointed
  • Assist in creating a positive, professional and safe workplace


  • No experience, Willing to train
  • Ability to work within recognized turnaround times
  • Must have exceptional interpersonal skills and the ability to organize simultaneous tasks
  • Ability to interpret and apply company policies and procedures
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to work both separately and within a team environment
  • Ability to remain organized, give attention to detail, follow guidelines and multi-task in a professional and effective way

You Want To Get Out And About In Your Community


Do you have a good driving record? Driving-related positions often make sense for healthy seniors who want to stay on the go.

4. On-demand driver

Services such as Uber and Lyft need independent drivers to take passengers from place to place. Because you set your own hours, on-demand driving is one of the most flexible part-time jobs for seniors. In fact, according to a survey by Benenson Strategy Group, about 23 percent of Uber’s drivers are over 50. Plus, two-thirds of Uber contractors have no previous job history as drivers. So these services offer suitable jobs for older people with no experience but clean driving records.

5. Courier

Deliver food, packages, or other goods from restaurants, stores, or warehouses to the local people who ordered them. You need to be efficient in these jobs, since workers are often held to time-frame standards for delivery.

Medical courier work is also becoming more common. A medical courier transports and delivers test results, lab specimens, images , medications, and other medically necessary items.

  • Median hourly wage: $15.89

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Start A Dog Grooming Business

Try offering dog grooming services if you have space in your home to set up a grooming station or purchase a special van for it. Its an in-demand service with a market size of over $10 billion that busy pet owners will always need.

Businesses like Furry Land offer an array of spa services worth looking into.

The beauty of a dog grooming business is that you dont have to start big. And you can leverage your network to find your first handful of customers. Chances are you know a pet owner or two who could benefit from the services you offer.

To onboard your first few customers, consider offering your services at a lower rate in exchange for testimonials and word-of-mouth marketing.

More Consumers Prefer Online Shopping

This is an established fact. Its a time/energy/gas/ savings that everyone is used to now. This is your EDGE as an affiliate marketer!

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest, all social media, can be used to broadcast your websites. It for sure is easier than setting up a table at a swap meet taking the chance that shoppers will stop by and spend.

Once you get going, email marketing can be added to stay in touch with online customers.

O.K., I may be getting way ahead now, so Ill stop! Anything I have alluded to in this article is covered in Wealthy Affiliates website training. Promise!

Things change periodically online and its crucial to stay current. That is another reason why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate for training. It is updated constantly both by the owners and seasoned professional members.

Internet marketing is a method to increase your retirement income. It is a great opportunity with which to create careers for seniors over 60.

Yet, for a senior it is more than that. Learning new skills and activating your mind is a whole different and very valuable investment in yourself!

I know youll be surprised at what you can learn in a few days!

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments! I will get back to you!

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Finding Jobs To Apply For

  • Do your due diligence. When searching for potential jobs, be skeptical of companies that claim to offer work-at-home-jobs for retirees, especially if they sound too good to be true. Sometimes, these job postings are fraudulent, so approach vague ads with caution. You don’t want to be a target for elder fraud.
  • Network. Using your personal connections is a great way to find the best jobs for seniors. Make sure the people in your life are aware that you’re looking for a job. They may not realize you’re in the market for work, especially if you’re already retired.

My Top Jobs For Seniors

NEW Jobs For 50 Years And Older Work From Home In 2021

This first set of jobs are my preference, you will be creating your own business and working when you like. But you need to possess and be able to use a computer. Also, you will need an internet connection.

You will need certain skills, but not to worry if you dont have the necessary competence yet there are online courses that can help.

  • Create your own affiliate marketing business

This is my first choice. If you have a hobby or pastime that you like writing about, knowledge or a skill that you could teach others, then building your own affiliate marketing website could be just what you are looking for. Building a website these days is quite easy, and there are site builders that make the whole process very rapid.

Your work will mainly be writing articles for your website that people will find useful and entertaining. The website will be monetized by adding affiliate links, then when people click on these links and carry through to make a purchase, you will earn a commission.

If you need money fast, then this probably isnt for you. It takes a while and a lot of work before you start earning a regular income.

One of the great advantages of affiliate marketing is that you dont have to handle, stock, or ship the products youre promoting. The merchant takes care of all of these as well as customer service.

If you dont have all the necessary knowledge, I recommend the step-by-step training at the same platform I used. I know this training works!

Other legitimate jobs

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Jobs For Seniors With Disabilities

As a senior with a disability, you may be hesitant to look for work. In todays job market, however, a disability doesnt have to stand in the way of getting the job of your dreams.

Heres a list of the best careers to choose from, as a senior with a disability:

1. Human Resources Assistant

A human resource assistant recruits, hires, and trains both new and existing employees. To become one, you need a Bachelor’s degree in human resources, business, or a related field. Because its an office job, the position is great for seniors with a physical disability which limits mobility.

Salary: HR assistants make an average of $40,609 a year.

If youre updating your resume and need some inspiration, check out our office assistant resume guide for 2022.

2. Data entry

Data entry jobs are great if youre a senior with a physical impairment because youre able to work remotely and still make good money. The job includes the use of computers and data processing programs to enter information into a database.

Salary: The national average salary for data entry is $32,287 a year.

3. Telemarketer

Being a telemarketer, or a telesales representative means calling customers to promote and/or sell a product. This job position is great if you have good phone etiquette, are skilled at selling and can work in a high-stress environment. And since the work is done behind a computer screen, its suitable for you if youre a retiree with a physical disability.

4. Food preparation/Chef

5. Proofreader

Stand Out From Competitors

Next, its important that you stand out from the competition. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Emphasize your work experience. As a senior, your biggest advantage is the decades of work experience youve gathered. Highlight the most relevant experiences for the job youre applying to, both in your resume and during the job interview.
  • Highlight your skills. The first thing you have to do is list all of the soft and hard skills youve developed/acquired throughout the years . Then, circle the ones that best fit the requirements of the job position and list them out on your resumes skills section.

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Finding The Perfect Work From Home Jobs For Seniors

The best kind of job for anyone, whether young or old, is one they enjoy, can do well and produce the desired income. Finding the right employees is a highly individual process.

  • What do You Want?
  • First, ask yourself the following questions:
  • How many hours a week do I want to work?
  • Why do I want a job? For social interactions, self-fulfillment, extra money, etc.
  • How much money do I want or need to make?
  • How much money do I want to put into start-up costs? Do I have any money to put into a business?
  • What are me best skills or strongest interests?
  • What supplies do I already have?

That last question is especially important. Obviously, it will be easier to sell antiques if you have some to sell. It will be easier to work on website design if you dont have to buy a computer.


The best ways to assess your skills:

After you have made a list of the skills you have crossed off the skills you have but dont like.

What you will be left with is a list of skills you both have and enjoy, which gives you a nice starting point when looking for work from home.

Legitimate Online Work From Home Jobs For Seniors In 2022

Working Over Time: Older Adults Seek Later

Are you looking for different ways to make money working from home in your retirement?

As we age the idea of working from home part-time or full time becomes more alluring and sometimes a necessity.

The advantage of the internet is that there is a job for everyone. Deciding whether you should work from home or not starts with knowing which online jobs are legitimate and paying money. For instance, there are jobs for seniors and retirees discussed in this post.

Whether you have to work, want to supplement your income, or just hope to stay active in retirement, part-time work can be the best answer. But not all part-time work from home jobs is created equal. Some are better for older workers than others.

Lets face it

No matter how fit you are, youd probably prefer to leave the physically challenging stuff to younger workers who arent as worried about getting a chronic injury.

With an internet connection and a computer, you can now make money from home during your spare hours.

According to Statistics Canada, Canada now has over 2.9 million self-employed people, including freelancers making money while working from home.

Read on to

Learn about some of the best work from home jobs for seniors that require no previous experience, degree, or significant investment.


  • Naturally, there are pros and cons to consider when deciding whether work from home is right for you.

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    How To Make Money Selling Products From Home

    Earning income to have cash in your wallet for some fun items beyond the bare necessities will make retirement a lot more interesting than struggling on a shoestring budget.

    Affiliate marketing in a nutshell: you, a writer with a website, can become an affiliate of Amazon, Target, Walmart, to name just three of many large retailers, or of individual products .

    You review these products and learn how to attract visitors to your website.

    If you dont know how to build an attractive and competitive site, or blog, you join Wealthy AffiliateUniversity and learn every single step it takes to build a successful site.

    Here is my full review of Wealthy Affiliateexplaining why its the number one training and support community online.

    Car Rental Sales Representative

    If you can sell a customer on a rental car over the phone, you could land a job with Enterprise as a reservation sales representative. The car rental company does provide some work-from-home opportunities where you could expect to earn $16.50 per hour on average.

    You must typically live in the general area of the store that youre serving and have at least six months of customer service experience and a year of performance or commission-based jobs. If youre hired, youll be expected to handle 80 to 100 calls per day and work full time.

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    Looking For Jobs As An Older Person: Practical Tips

    Older workers often wonder how up front they should be about their age when applying for jobs. After all, “jobs for old people” isn’t usually a specific category on job boards, so you’re most likely competing with workers of all ages.

    Can you compete with younger job seekers? Of course you can.

    To succeed, you need to prove that you will be a good investment if hired. So focus on the ways you can add value to an organization instead of focusing on your years of work history. Also, don’t underestimate yourself or make jokes about your age in an interview.

    Although every job is different, employment experts agree on the following steps for finding a job as an older person.

    What Are Some Of The Best Jobs For Seniors

    Retirement jobs / jobs for seniors / fun and easy!

    There are some great options for work at home jobs for retirees. You can opt to do contract work for an existing company or start your own virtual business. Not everyone wants to work independently and some prefer the structure of a job or career.

    That is why there are so many options for those who want to work from home as a traditional employee. These online positions can provide great flexibility with hours and location. The most important thing is having a strong internet connection and a computer. Examples include:

    • Data entry operator

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