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One Touch Memory And Speed Dialing Options

Snapfon ez ONE Big Button Cell Phone Review

Another important feature for older adults is memory and easy-to-use speed dialing features. With this option, you can program a seniors favorite contacts into the phone so they can easily call them without having to remember the number.

For seniors with dementia or Alzheimers, get a cordless phone that has picture speed dials so they can call a persons phone number automatically just by touching their photo.

Main Features Of The Bt 4000 Big Button Cordless Phone:

  • Hearing aid compatible. It has a built-in inductive coupler which enables you to listen to phone conversations from your hearing aid.
  • Do not disturb. Switching on do not disturb mode means your phone wont ring or light up when someone calls.
  • Hands-free. This feature allows you to carry on with tasks while you talk on the phone as the callers voice is projected through a speaker.

Fewer Buttons Make Cordless Phones Easier To Use

Many seniors and elderly people want an easy to use cordless phone without too many buttons. Fewer buttons make the phone easier to use and less confusing. The only button that should be necessary is the phones on/off button and the phone number keys of course. A few speed dialing buttons are helpful too.

Also look for a cordless phone that doesnt have elaborate menus that require multiple screens to set functions and change options.

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What Is The Best Cordless Phone For The Visually Impaired

Many cordless phones on the market are perfect for seniors with visual impairments. Some of the features of cordless phones that help visually impaired people include large buttons with contrasting bold print and large displays with clear text.

The Panasonic KX-TGD530M Expandable Cordless Phone System is the best phone for seniors with vision impairments because it has all of these features and so much more.

If you or your loved one are concerned about using a cordless phone, here are some alternatives to consider:

Fast & Free Shipping On Big Button Amplified Cordless Phones

Amplified Cordless Big Button Phone for Seniors
Product # WP2638$119.74 | FREE Shipping! | This corded base telephone with cordless expansion handset includes an amplified answering machine, Caller ID, 40dB amplification, large dialing buttons, and 5 one-touch memory dial buttons.

  • Expandable up to four handsets
  • Product # WP3134$84.74 | FREE Shipping! | This easy to use expandable cordless phone is great for seniors. Features include a large, backlit keypad, high contrast numbers, 35dB amplification , bright visual ringer, and an easy to see Caller ID display.

  • Expandable up to five handsets
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    How Do I Choose A Cordless Phone For An Older Adult

    When it comes to choosing the best cordless phone for seniors, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, it is important to find a phone that is easy for seniors to use. Many of the newer models have features like large buttons and an extra-large display, making them easier to use than traditional cordless phones.

    Additionally, it is important to consider what features are important to your senior loved one. Finally, it is important to consider the budget when choosing a cordless phone for seniors.

    Check out the return policy, too, in case your loved one is unable or unwilling to use the cordless phone you picked out.

    Sound Volume Amplification And Boost

    One of the most common issues that seniors face is hearing loss. This can be caused by age, genetics, and other factors.

    A sound amplification and boost feature on a cordless phone can help to improve the volume of sounds that a senior can hear. Most are rated in decibels and the higher the number, the better.

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    Why Its One Of Our Top Picks

    The Alcatel GO FLIP 4 from T-Mobile is designed with the essential internet features seniors look for without the added fuss of a smartphone. Its a solid choice for older adults who want internet access and enjoy smartphone features but prefer physical keys over a touchscreen. The device has large tactile keys that make navigating the phone easy for older hands. We also like the bright and clear internal and external display screens that make it easy to read texts and emails. With 4G, one of the fastest data speeds, seniors can browse the web, watch videos, listen to music, and connect with friends and family through video call apps. The phone also doubles as a WiFi hotspot so you can provide data to up to eight other devices. This is great for seniors who may work from home or use their tablet or laptop on the go.

    The Alcatel GO FLIP 4 is an excellent device for beginner and intermediate internet users alike. Its highly accessible and provides many of the essential internet features of other smartphones in an easy-to-use flip phone design. The design adds durability as well, so no need to worry about cracked or broken screens if it slips out of your hands weve all been there!

    Alcatel GO FLIP 4 from T-Mobile

    Alcatel GO FLIP 4 Features We Love

  • Hearing aid compatibility: The phone boasts an M4/T4 rating, which is the highest rating for cell phones.
  • Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity: Connect to wireless hearing aids, headphones, and other Bluetooth or WiFi-enabled devices.
  • The Aesthetics Of Doro Landline Phones For Seniors

    The BT 4600 Big Button Cordless Phone with Advanced Call Blocker

    Most Doro senior landline phones are black or white to blend in beautifully with today’s decor. All of our landline telephones, with specific focus on features and aesthetics for seniors or those with hearing impairments have the same thoughtful design, enhanced by clean, slightly rounded lines, concave and convex high contrast buttons and where included are equipped with large, back lit screens which display large characters and digits on a white or coloured backgrounds. Allowing people with visual impairments to still be able to read the handsets and phone numbers or contacts calling them easily. Equally contemporary, the Doro cordless telephones have the advantage of being ergonomic to hold and handle. It fits easily in the users hand and is particularly pleasant to hold whilst on longer calls as well as its large keys and its screen offering a convenient contrast

    Corporate information

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    Bt 4000 Big Button Cordless Phone

    The BT 4000 Big Button Cordless Phone has a variety of features that make using a home phone much easier. It has large buttons which ensures you can dial numbers accurately and an impressive 1.8 display so its easy to see and use. With a range of 300m you can walk around your house or take a walk in the garden while on the phone.

    BT 4000 Big Button Cordless phone

    Clarity Xlc8 Cordless Phone


  • Expandable with up to four handsets: This big button cordless phone for seniors can be expanded with up to four handsets, making it an excellent option for those who live in larger homes. Community Phoneâs landline service has a setup to support multiple handsets.
  • Direct connection to assistive listening devices or headsets: You can use your phone without removing your hearing aid. It is an excellent feature for seniors who have difficulty hearing on the phone.
  • High contrast Caller ID screen in either English, Spanish or French: The large display is easy to read, and the language options make it accessible for seniors who speak different languages.
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    Telephone Location For The Elderly

    Its also important to think about where the phone will be located. If it will be near a bedside, will a bright backlit display be a benefit for dialing in the dark, or will it be a detriment to sleep? Ask yourself these questions and consider you or your loved ones specific situation. Then you will be much more informed about finding the right home phone for you or an elderly member of the family who needs a phone for emergencies.

    What Is The Easiest Home Phone For Seniors To Use

    VTech CareLine SN5147 Amplified Corded/Cordless Senior Phone System ...

    The easiest home phone for seniors to use is a corded landline phone with push buttons if you look strictly at ease of use.

    But if you look at the overall package, cordless phones are often a better choice as they offer more features, portability, and are easier to use for people who have hearing and vision difficulties.

    If you or the senior you love would be better off with a standard corded phone, you can see the best home phones for seniors and the elderly here.

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    Ultimate Review Of The Best Cordless Phones For Seniors In 2022

    For many seniors, the rapid development of technology is bewildering. With every year passing, we see an increasing number of new smart devices flood the market.

    And admittedly, technology can make life easier-but at the same time, it can make you feel lost, and this is the case with seniors.

    See, as we get older, some of our senses dull, and we have more trouble learning new things.

    When it comes to phones, different options offer a wide range of functionalities, and it can be challenging to know how to use them.

    The good news is, the manufacturers understand theres a large market for easy-to-use technology. Today, its easy to find the best cordless phones for seniors.

    These phones are simple and easy to operate, meaning seniors won’t have a hard time picking or making a call.

    They’re also developed to accommodate common disabilities. For instance, some have a volume customization option and will greatly benefit seniors with hearing impairment. Others have large fonts and illuminated buttons to help seniors with vision impairment.

    But with so many options in the market, choosing the best cordless phone for your senior is challenging.

    Fortunately, you dont need to beat about it because in the text below, we shall review the top 6 cordless phone for seniors.

    Cd4012 Cordless Motorola Phones

    The CD4012 features two cordless handsets with Switchable Answering Machine. It can record up to 12 minutes of incoming messages and also has a memo record function. The phone set provides up to 10 call blocking slots, can accommodate conference calls and intercom, and can be paired up to 4 handsets.

    Other features include call waiting for caller ID and support for an AC power adapter for the base. Additionally, the package includes a 5-pack of Blucoil reusable velcro cable ties and a 10-foot Cat5e UTP cable.

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    What Is The Lifespan Of A Cordless Phone

    Cordless phones are a popular choice for seniors because they offer mobility and independence. However, the lifespan of a cordless phone can vary depending on the model and usage. Some cordless phones can last up to 10 years while others may only last for a few months.

    Most seem to last 3 to 4 years on average. It is important to keep your cordless phone in good condition by regularly charging it and cleaning it if necessary.

    Memory Issues Caused Dementia Or Alzheimer’s

    VTech® SN6197 CareLineâ¢: How To Use

    Issues like these are common medical problems for older adults, and the memory deficits caused by them make it harder for seniors to recall phone numbers in emergencies.

    You should look for a cordless phone system that comes with the largest possible memory dial buttons to help them. It should have a button set up chiefly for emergency calls. If you find phones with such a programmable button, set it up to call a relative or loved one immediately.

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    The Features Of Doro Landline Telephones For Seniors

    The landline phones have been designed by Doro to meet seniors various needs as well as providing additional comfort for communication in everyday life. These advanced and practical telephones are also a means of reassuring oneself with large, well-spaced buttons, visual ring indicators and photo memories. Our fixed line telephones are easy to use, and some even allow personalised settings: you decide the volume of the handset and you can even boost the sound further whilst on a call to ensure you hear every word.

    We have a range of corded and cordless phones for seniors. If you select to use the comparison tool to show the features for each handset alongside each other, you can compare the ease of use and listening comfort for each of the Doro models side by side. The cordless handset is available as a solo unit or as a duo. The handsets are recharged on their bases and if using a duo only the main handset requires the telephone lead plugged in. We even have a new cordless handset, which appears to be a landline device, but works solely from a sim card. Meaning you do not need a landline connection at all. Both the corded and cordless fixed line phones for seniors, provide a clear and loud ringtone as well as call volumes, large, high contrast and well-spaced buttons and programmable direct dials for quick and confident calls and dialing.

    Home Intuition Amplified Single Line Corded Desk Telephone

    The first thing that catches your eye when you look at the Home Intuition Amplified Telephone is the keypad with extra-large buttons. This is certainly a blessing for people who have big fingers or poor vision.

    The simple classic design is neutral enough to complement almost any room. There is a volume control button found on the inside of the handset which complies with FCC requirements mandated by the Hearing Aid Compatibility Act of 1988. The ringer volume can also be switched between high and low using a switch on the bottom of the phone. If convenience is your priority, this phone is just right for you. The combination of functional design and amplified sound ensures that you can connect with your loved ones easily.

    One-Touch Dial is another handy feature of this phone. There are 3 keys on the top line of the keypad, M1, M2 and 911. Two phone numbers can be programmed to M1 and M2 for easy speed dialing. 911 is pre-programmed in case of emergencies. You can, however, customize the 911 button to dial another phone number instead of 911. All the other numbers of the keypad can be assigned contact numbers as well.

    The curly cord is 9 inches long allowing for a greater range of movement. But we have seen that many users have reported that they had to get a longer cord since the length was not enough. You should also note that there is no speakerphone which is a deal-breaker for many people.


    • 9-inch long cord for mobility during calls.


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    What Is Quiet Mode On A Cordless Phone

    Many people are not aware that some cordless phone models come with a quiet mode. This mode allows people to turn the ringer off automatically based on a certain schedule. This is especially helpful for people who are trying to sleep or who want a quiet environment.

    However, for elderly people this may not be a good idea if they are unable to turn the volume back on. If that happens, no one will be able to reach them by phone until they turn the ringer back on.

    The Benefits Of Corded And Cordless Care Phones For The Elderly

    VTech Amplified Big Button Phone System for Seniors or the Hearing ...

    Being a senior citizen is a wonderful time of life because you have valuable wisdom. Youre a good listener and youre ready to keep up with lifelong friends as well as family that are near and far. You may spend more time at home and want to use a landline instead of using your cellphone. That is why Get About Mobility recommends never dropping your landline service. Smartphones may still be a part of your life, but you want the flexibility of a landline for many personal, safety and practical reasons. Or maybe you have other physical or visual limitations, and a corded or cordless care phone is the only phone you need right now.

    That is why ultimately, we recommend the top features in corded and cordless care phones for senior citizens:

    • Large buttons and dials
    • High storage capacity for messages
    • Simple answering machine feature
    • Intuitive user interface
    • Trusted and reliable brand

    Check out our range of Care phones today.

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    Take A Look At Compatibility And Battery Requirements

    With some devices such as the VTech model, there are occasionally special requirements. For example, if you have DSL, you may need a DSL filter. Most of these phones also have batteries that either need charging before use or require batteries that are not included. Dont forget to check the set-up requirements when you glance over the features.

    Main Features Of The Bt4600 Nuisance Call Blocker Phone:

    • Answer machine and visual voice-mail. Allows you to save up to 60 minutes of messages, record your own greeting message, play messages through the speaker. It also displays a list of messages so you can choose which one you listen to first.
    • One touch call blocking. Simply press the one touch button if you don’t want to take the call, and the caller will be transferred to the answer machine. Or if you have answered the call, pressing the call blocking button will end the call and add the number to the list of blocked numbers when the Caller ID is displayed.
    • Easy to use. The big buttons and large 1.8″ clear screen make it easy to dial quickly and accurately getting away from the frustration of miss-typing numbers on smaller keypads. This phone is ideal for anyone wanting a good looking easy to use phone, and its big buttons and easy to see backlit display makes a practical tool for more elderly customers and those with sight, hearing and dexterity challenges.

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