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Where Can Senior Citizens Get Free Rides

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With more and more senior citizens staying active far into their golden years, the question of where senior citizens can get free rides is one that comes up often.

Where can senior citizens get free rides? Senior citizens can get free rides from a number of sources. Local transportation authorities in jurisdictions around the nation, app platforms like Lyft, Dial-A-Ride, and many other programs and volunteer services offer free rides for senior citizens.

Many families who work or have busy lives often wonder where senior citizens can get free rides, so the seniors in their homes who no longer drive arent forced to sit at home all day. Heres the information you need to track down where free rides are available.

How Do Seniors Get Around Without A Car

Seniors without a car can utilize local transportation options, including:

  • Public Transportation

of buses and trains. Generally, larger cities have sophisticated public transportation systems transporting travelers almost anywhere.

Pros and Cons of Public Services for Senior Transportation

Pros: Public transportation may be the quickest, most convenient option for getting around your area depending on where you live.

Cons: Most people must walk to and from bus stops or train stations, adhere to strict schedules, and wait outside for pickup to use public transportation. As a result, its not always best for older adults especially those with limited mobility and/or difficulty following a schedule.

Remember every public bus should have a wheelchair lift, and every train should have a wheelchair-accessible car. It is advisable to inquire about the safety of the stops and stations and ensure they have an elevator and a working telephone if assistance is needed.

#2: Para-transit Services

Many older citizens are entitled to transportation services under the Americans with Disabilities Act .

Among the more widely known private ride transportation services are SilverRide and Gogograndparent.

#4: Ride-Hailing Services

Seniors can also benefit from ride-hailing services.

As well as being convenient, companies like Uber and Lyft are providing a range of accessible vehicles and services to meet the needs of seniors and people with disabilities.

#5: Taxis

#6: Volunteer Programs

Us Department Of Veteran Affairs

Program Description:

VAs Highly Rural Transportation Grants program provides money for free rides for Vets living in highly rural areas. Thousands of Veterans who live in highly rural and remote areas will now have free

transportation to their VA medical appointments to receive the health care they need and have earned through service to our country.

The program enables State Veterans Service Agencies and Veteran Service Organizations to use innovative approaches to provide transportation services that help to expand access to VA health care for Veterans.

A highly rural area is a county or counties with a population of less than seven persons per square mile. Twenty-five states have counties that are highly rural. Those states are found in the northern, western and southwestern parts of the United States.

  • Service Area: United States.

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Questions To Ask When Considering Your Options For Senior Transportation Services

#1: Do They Offer Convenient Pick-Up Times and Locations?

You should not assume a transportation service will be convenient for you or a loved one. Make sure they offer convenient pick-up times and locations.

Additionally, it would be best to clarify where pick-up will occur. For example, a service coming to your door is more convenient than going across town before being picked up.

#2: What Is the Cost?

Since transportation companies set their prices, they have different costs and fees. So make sure youre aware of the prices of services youre considering before securing a ride.

#3: How Long Has the Company Been In Business?

Is it better to work with a long-established transportation company or a relatively new one? Its a personal decision.

Nevertheless, if this is extremely important to you, dont be afraid to ask before scheduling an appointment.

#4: Is the Vehicle Clean and Comfortable?

Cleanliness and comfort are personal preferences however, if you feel it is important to you, make sure to ask.

#5: Do Drivers Undergo Background Checks and Drug Testing?

Although most transportation services conduct background checks on their drivers, drug testing is not as standard.

Please be sure to ask the transportation company you are considering if this is important to you.

#6: What Do Online Reviews Say?

Do You Need A Ride To Your Vaccination Appointment

Senior rides to doctor

We are offering rides to seniors who need assistance getting to and from their vaccination appointments.

If you would like to book a ride to a vaccine clinic, please fill out our Vaccination Appointment Transportation Request form or call 416-481-5250.

  • Toronto Ride has limited capacity. Rides are only for those who have absolutely no other way of getting to their appointment.
  • Due to high demand, we require 48 hours notice for booking. If you request a ride with less than 48 hours notice, we will be unable to respond to your inquiry.
  • Trips can only be booked up to 30 days in advance. Please do not request trips for your second vaccination appointment at this time.
  • Prioritization will be for seniors, adults with disabilities, and people who are immunocompromised.
  • We can only take clients to locations within the boundaries of the City of Toronto.
  • Trips will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Clients can bring their walker but need to be able to enter and exit the vehicle with minimal assistance.
  • Return trips will be scheduled for one hour after the appointment time.
  • Phones are only answered Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Click here to see a map of our partners catchment areas.

  • iRide or call 1-844-474-3301

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Travel Training For Seniors

Public transportation systems and aging organizations have developed travel instruction programs that work with seniors to make them feel more comfortable using public transportation. These free and low-cost programs provide coaches who help older adults practice getting on and off public transit, calculate costs, find discounts and work out appropriate routes and schedules to use. They also can supply an elderly person with a mentor to travel with until they feel secure enough to go it alone.

Our Volunteer Transportation Program

We are here to help seniors, aged 60 or better, to access transportation services. This programs volunteers provide free transportation for seniors who live in Kane, Kendall or McHenry County. Many of our clients depend on our generous and caring volunteers to take them to their doctor to the hospital for chemo treatments or dialysis to a pharmacy or grocery store, to nutrition sites, to attend activities at senior centers, and much more. If you would like volunteer or if you need to request help from a volunteer, please contact one of the Volunteer Coordinators below. If you live in:

  • Elgin and Northern Kane CountyPeggy Gomez

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Is It Time To Stop Driving

For some seniors the answer is obvious. They may be too visually impaired to continue driving.Just consider these vision and driving facts:

  • Vision provides about 85% of information we need to make safe decisions when driving.
  • A 60-year-old requires 10 times as much light to drive as a 19-year-old.
  • A 55-year-old takes eight times longer to recover from glare than a 16-year-old.
  • Older drivers can take twice as long to distinguish the flash of brake lights as younger drivers.

A study of the problems seniors face with transportation was conducted by the Beverly Foundation in partnership with the U.S. Department of Transportation and the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. summarized their findings with the following themes:

  • Seniors continue driving as long as possible because they are unaware of, or do not believe they have, alternative means of transportation.
  • Seniors limit their driving or stop driving altogether because of functional difficulties.
  • By the time they stop driving, many older adults are so disabled that they are unable to use most public and para-transit systems.
  • Next to health, transportation is the most important issue for seniors.

What Are Transportation Services

Valley YMCA, Uber partner to give seniors free rides to COVID-19 vaccine appointments

Transportation services provide travel to and/or from community resources providing needed services or carrying out activities of daily living. There are two categories of transportation services: general and medical. An agency may provide general or medical or both.

  • General Transportation: destinations may include, but are not limited to, nutrition sites, senior centers, shopping centers, pharmacies and recreational facilities.
  • Medical Transportation: destinations may include, but are not limited to, doctor’s offices, hospitals, and health clinics.
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    Medicare Covers Transportation Services For Older Adults:

    Medicare, a federal government insurance program, covers the health expenses of a person. Original Medicare consists of parts that include free medical emergency transportation via ambulance. Non-emergency medical transportation is out of coverage in this insurance. Nonetheless, it applies in a few cases.

    Medicare has contracts with private health insurance companies that offer extra benefits. These plans provide Medicare-like benefits. Mostly this convenience is for the time of emergency medical need. They provide transportation to the doctors appointment and back to your place. You can have this insurance to not worry about seniors transportation to a medical appointment near me.

    Public Transportation Options For Seniors

    Public transportation is the most obvious choice for seniors in good health who decide they no longer want to risk driving. It is one of the most affordable options and can provide non-drivers with a relative sense of independence. Public transportation includes bus and rail systems with fixed routes, stops and schedules. Bigger cities usually have sophisticated public transit systems that can take travelers to almost any location.

    Public transportation, however, does have limitations for seniors. To use public transit, most people must walk to and from bus or train stops, adhere to strict schedules, wait outside for pickup and be able to navigate stairs. Therefore, this is not always appropriate for older people, especially those who have limited mobility and/or have difficulty planning and following a schedule.

    Senior citizens relying on walking aids or wheelchairs for assistance can use most public transit systems. Every public bus is required by law to have a wheelchair lift on it, and every train must have one wheelchair accessible railcar. However, it is advisable to inquire about the safety of the stops and stations to be used and ensure that they have good lighting, an elevator if necessary, and working telephones if help is needed. Seniors relying on public transportation may also want to adjust their schedules to avoid daily rush hours when large, jostling crowds may make it more difficult to get around.

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    Meals On Wheels Of Ramsey County

    Program Description:

    Meals on Wheels of Ramsey County is a service provided by the the Senior Services Consortium of Ramsey County .

    The Consortium is a nonprofit organization composed of eight member agencies that provide Meals on Wheels and other senior services in Ramsey County. The members include four private social service agencies serving residents within the City of St. Paul and four suburban school districts that serve residents in the suburban Ramsey County area.

    The member agencies of the Senior Services Consortium have been collaborating through an informal partnership for more than 40 years. Through this durable partnership, each agency has worked diligently to provide Meals on Wheels and other services within its own geographic area, while also collaborating for the overall good of the people of Ramsey County.Each year, through the Consortium, more than 165,000 meals are delivered to older adults in Ramsey County. This is possible with the help of over 2,000 community volunteers. Thousands more seniors are assisted through other in-home and center-based services provided by the member agencies. The kinds of services vary from agency to agency depending on the needs of each neighborhood or community.

    • Service Area:Ramsey County

    National Aging And Disability Transportation Center


    Program Description:

    A program of the Federal Transit Administration administered by Easterseals and USAging with guidance from the Administration for Community Living.

    The National Aging and Disability Transportation Center can help people with disabilities and older adults find out about their communitys available transportation services and connect individuals with transportation operators and mobility managers who can assist in finding transportation when they need it.

    • Service Area: All 50 states
    • Transportation Services Provided: All types.
    • Eligibility Criteria: NADTC helps with connecting seniors to organisations. Each organisation has a different policy, however, NADTC will work with you in finding what works for you.

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    Community Transportation Association Of America

    Program Description:

    The Community Transportation Association of America and its members believe that mobility is a basic human right. From work and education to life-sustaining

    health care and human services programs to shopping and visiting with family and friends, mobility directly impacts quality of life. National Volunteer Transportation Center is a program by CTAA who’s purpose is to promote and support the concept and practice of volunteer transportation, which includes volunteer driver programs, shared vehicle utilization, and ride sharing initiatives. The National Volunteer Transportation Center is pleased to present this map that provides a listing of volunteer transportation providers in each state.

    • Service Area: All 50 states
    • Transportation Services Provided: Each organisation has a different policy.
    • Eligibility Criteria: Each organisation has a different policy.
    • Application Details:
    • Each organisation has a different policy. Find your place in the map and contact the organisation to see what kind of application they require.

    Interested In Supporting This Program

    The Transportation Program is funded by private contributions, the United Way, Lewis-Mason-Thurston Area Agency on Aging and by private grants. No senior is ever turned away if unable to contribute for services. Private contributions are essential to be able to serve so many.

    If you would like to contribute and join our community of supporters, you can easily make your gift online.

    • If you have received a ride and wish to make a ride donation for that service, make your gift here.

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    Assessing A Transportation Provider

    As you begin to research transportation providers, consider these questions:

    • Are there any requirements to qualify for the service?
    • Are the rides for wheelchair users and the disabled?
    • Are family members able to serve as an escort? Is there an additional charge?
    • Is the service door-to-door or curb-to-curb?
    • What is the service area?
    • Will the driver assist with bags, wheelchairs, etc.?
    • Are rides provided on the weekends, evenings and holidays?
    • If others are riding at the same time, what is the maximum time for pick up and drop off?
    • What is the cost?
    • Are there any discounts? E.g., Is my income a factor?
    • Is there a membership fee?
    • Is a reservation needed? How far in advance?
    • Will my insurance pay for rides?

    Safe Reliable Medical Transportation For Seniors In Metro Atlanta Ga

    Kaiser Permanente helping seniors get rides to vaccine appointments

    At Health Force of Georgia, we understand that having access to safe, reliable transportation for medical appointments, going shopping or running errands is a must for maintaining independence and quality-of-life. Weve partnered with Uber Health, the most advanced, ride-hailing service in the nation, to provide affordable, convenient transportation for seniors and clients in the metro Atlanta region. Now your loved one can get to the places they need to be quickly and comfortably simply by calling Health Force of Georgia at 458-8500. Clients may travel with their Health Force of Georgia caregiver who is there to provide assistance and guidance.

    At the time the ride is booked, the Uber Health driver sends a text to your caregiver with trip details. Information includes car arrival time, car description, license plate number, driver information and phone number.

    No. Health Force of Georgia has a master account that provides Uber Health ride service for our clients. Simply call Health Force of Georgia at 458-8500 with destination information and pick up time. We do the rest including payment for the ride.

    Simply call the Health Force of Georgia office at 458-8500, provide the pickup location and where youd like to go next.

    Yes. Your Health Force of Georgia caregiver can accompany you providing all the help needed getting to the destination and returning home safely.

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    Finding And Paying For Senior Transportation Services

    When helping a senior select alternative modes of transportation, you must consider a variety of factors. Does the elder live in a rural or urban community? Do they have medical needs that require special accommodation? How will they pay for these services? Transportation does not have to be expensive, and health insurance will sometimes cover the cost, especially if the trip is for medical purposes. Nonetheless, like many things in America, the best and most convenient alternatives to driving are likely to be the costliest.

    As required by law, Medicaid covers emergency transportation and non-emergency medical transportation, such as trips to the doctor for a scheduled appointment. Medicare, however, will only cover emergency medical trips, like those that require ambulance service. In certain chronic and debilitating cases, Medicare may pay for non-emergency trips, but these must be arranged on a case by case basis. Other health insurance companies have only recently begun to consider transportation as an insurable cost. The options are so varied among insurance carriers that its best to consult with a seniors individual company to see what their policy covers.

    Take Your Caregiver With You

    Clients may travel with their Health Force of Georgia caregiver if they need assistance. For example, if someone has balance or mobility issues, a caregiver can help them get in and out of the car safely. Or, if you cant go to a medical appointment with your loved one, a compassionate caregiver can help them check in, check out and schedule follow up appointments.

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    Center For Independent Living

    Program Description:

    Center for Independent Living play an important role in advocating for and developing transportation options for seniors and persons with disabilities.

    Find your local CIL and see if they offer a free transportation program in your area.

    • Service Area: All 50 states
    • Transportation Services Provided: All types.
    • Eligibility Criteria: Contact organisation in your area to find out the eligibility criteria.

    Program Description:

    Many Easterseals chapter provide free transportation to seniors as well as the eligible members of the community.

    For example, Easterseals Alabama, through a partnership with The Alabama Department of Transportation, The United Way, and the Department of Human Resources provides rides to and from work for eligible individuals in Tuscaloosa County ADRS. Check your local Easterseals to see if they provide such program.

    • Service Area: All 50 states
    • Transportation Services Provided: All types.
    • Eligibility Criteria: Contact your local Easterseals to find out the eligibility criteria.

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