How Much Is Kaiser Senior Advantage

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How Do I Switch From Kaiser To Medicare


How to switch

  • To switch to a new Medicare Advantage Plan, simply join the plan you choose during one of the enrollment periods. You’ll be disenrolled automatically from your old plan when your new plan’s coverage begins.
  • To switch to Original Medicare, contact your current plan, or call us at 1-800-MEDICARE.
  • What Is Medicare Advantage

    Medicare Advantage, or Medicare Part C, is an alternative to original Medicare where Medicare contracts with a private insurance company to provide services to Medicare members.

    Medicare Advantage plans will provide Medicare Part A and Part B coverage as well as some additional services. These may include prescription drug coverage and vision, hearing, dental, or health and wellness programs.

    HMOs and PPOs are two examples of common Medicare Advantage plans. Insurance companies like Kaiser contract with doctors and medical facilities to receive discounts in return for their members choosing their services.

    Fitch Ratings Insurer Financial Strength: Aa

    Fitch Ratings is a credit rating agency that assigns ratings based on its opinion of a companys ability to meet financial commitments. In May 2022, Fitch Ratings affirmed an Insurer Financial Strength rating of AA- for Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, or KFHP, and its insurance company subsidiaries. Among other factors, Fitch Ratings called out KFHPs double-digit market share in seven out of eight states and Washington, D.C., favorable financial leverage numbers and its sizable revenue and earnings base

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    Data Collection And Verification

    Our data was collected from third-party rating agencies, official government websites and databases, and directly from companies via websites, media contacts, and existing partnerships. Our sources include: AM Best, the National Committee for Quality Assurance , J.D. Power, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services .

    Data was verified to ensure data integrity and accuracy by cross-referencing the records and citation corresponding to each data point with our primary sources.

    Is Silver& fit The Same As Silver Sneakers


    There are a lot of senior fitness programs out there, and it can be hard to keep them all straight. Two of the most popular programs are Silver& Fit and Silver Sneakers. Both are great exercise programs for seniors, but they have some key differences.

    Silver& Fit is a fitness program offered through select insurance plans. It gives members access to a wide range of fitness facilities and classes, as well as home-based workout programs.

    Silver Sneakers is a membership program offered through certain Medicare Advantage plans. It gives members access to a nationwide network of gyms and fitness centers, as well as online workouts and other resources.

    So, whats the difference between Silver& Fit and Silver Sneakers? Heres a quick rundown:

    • Silver& Fit is offered through insurance plans, while Silver Sneakers is offered through Medicare Advantage plans.
    • Silver& Fit gives members access to a wide range of fitness facilities and classes, as well as home-based workout programs. Silver Sneakers gives members access to a nationwide network of gyms and fitness centers, as well as online workouts and other resources.
    • Kaisers plan offers additional benefits like discounts on health-related products and services. Silver Sneakers does not offer these extra perks.
    • Both plans have a mobile app to help members track their progress and find nearby participating locations.

    Do you have any other questions about Silver& Fit vs. Silver Sneakers? Let us know in the comments below!

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    What Are The Pros And Cons Of Medicare Advantage Vs Original Medicare

    Original Medicare doesn’t cover all your medical expenses, while Advantage plans have cost-sharing requirements but then cap your out-of-pocket costs. Plus, you have low premiums and the simplicity of all-in-one coverage. But there can be hidden risks to Advantage plans, especially for those with major health issues.

    Who Qualifies For Free Medicare Part A

    You are eligible for premium-free Part A if you are age 65 or older and you or your spouse worked and paid Medicare taxes for at least 10 years. You can get Part A at age 65 without having to pay premiums if: You are receiving retirement benefits from Social Security or the Railroad Retirement Board.

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    What Is Included In The Kaiser Senior Advantage Membership

    The Kaiser Senior Advantage membership includes a wide range of benefits and services. In addition to comprehensive medical coverage, members also have access to dental and vision care, as well as prescription drug coverage.

    Kaiser also offers many other perks for seniors, such as discounts on gym memberships, travel insurance, and more. As a result, seniors can feel confident that they are getting the most out of their health insurance.

    Is United Healthcare Or Kaiser Better

    The Benefit of Being a Kaiser Permanente Medicare Advantage Member

    Choosing a carrier for your Medicare insurance coverage is highly personal and depends largely on the available selection in your area and the specific benefits you value most. In our comparison, we found UnitedHealthcare to have the advantage over Kaiser Permanente in terms of plan availability, selection and cost.

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    Extra Perks And Benefits

    Advantage Plus is one of the best ways to get extra benefits with your Kaiser Medicare Advantage plan. It provides varying degrees of dental, hearing, and vision coverage in one insurance plan. Kaiser offers a few other extra perks and benefits worth noting:

    • OTC benefit: With some Kaiser plans, you can get common over-the-counter products like vitamins and cold medicine at no extra cost. You simply need to place an order through Kaiser’s online catalog of products. Kaiser offers a quarterly allowance on OTC products that varies by plan.
    • Fitness benefit: The Kaiser Silver& Fit Healthy Aging and Exercise Program includes access to free or discounted services at local gyms and some types of home exercise equipment.
    • Home meal delivery: Certain plans allow seniors to get meals delivered directly to their homes after a hospital visit involving serious medical conditions like heart failure. Though this applies in limited situations only, it is a great feature that is included at no extra cost.

    Did You Know? Almost all Kaiser plans come with prescription drug coverage, which means that you won’t have to spend more on a stand-alone Part D plan.

    Like most Medicare Advantage providers, Kaiser offers these benefits only with certain plans. You will need to review the plans available in your area to see which benefits they offer. You can either apply online through Kaiser’s website or reach out to a Kaiser agent by phone.

    Kaiser Special Needs Plans

    Kaiser also offers plans for those with extra healthcare needs. These are called Special Needs Plans , and there are a few different types available, including:

    • Chronic Condition Special Needs plans : for people with chronic health conditions
    • Institutional Special Needs plans : for people who live in nursing homes or long-term care facilities
    • Dual Eligible SNPs : for patients who are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid coverage

    These plans each offer comprehensive hospitalization, medical service, and prescription coverage, but have been separated based on the kinds of patients they serve.

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    Is Kaiser Senior Advantage Worth It

    Kaiser health plans are highly rated. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services rated Kaiser Medicare Advantage plans 5 out of 5 stars in 2020. … Kaiser plan members particularly love the convenience of an all-in-one healthcare solution. Many positive online reviews mention excellent coordination of care.

    How Do I Become A Kaiser Medical Member

    Medicare Office Lexington Ky: Wound Care Supplies Covered By Medicare

    Complete an application. You can go to for an application, or contact your county Health and Human Services. Check the status of your application by contacting the county where you applied. Once you are approved by the county, select your health care plan and/or provider through the State.

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    What We Like About Kaiser Medicare Advantage

    • No copays for preventive care: Regardless of the plan you choose, you will not pay copays for qualifying preventive care. That means if you need to go to the doctor for vaccines, blood tests, checkups, or similar care, you will not have to pay anything. This could end up saving you hundreds of dollars per year in out-of-pocket medical expenses.
    • Emergency coverage abroad: One of Kaiser’s biggest advantages over other providers is its coverage for seniors who travel abroad. With Kaiser, you can travel anywhere in the world with the peace of mind that you have emergency health coverage if you need it.
    • Comprehensive telehealth care: Many seniors struggle with mobility issues, which can make even routine doctor’s visits a challenge. Kaiser offers various telehealth services so Part C enrollees can call or video chat with providers from the comfort of their own homes.
    • Multifaceted Kaiser Permanente app: Kaiser has a mobile app to make communication and scheduling even easier. You can ask non-routine medical questions and schedule appointments with your doctor. This way, you do not need to wait on hold to speak to a medical professional or representative at your local clinic. If you forget when you have an appointment or need to review medical information, you can open the app to view or change appointments, read test results, and look over notes from your doctor.

    How The Plan Works

    • You choose a primary care physician from Kaisers network, who coordinates your care and refers you to specialists. Your costs will only be covered for services authorized by your primary care physician.
    • The plan provides coverage for services outside of the Kaiser network only in cases of emergency.
    • Kaiser provides behavioral health services.
    • The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services must approve the service area for each Medicare plan. If your home zip code is outside of the Kaiser Senior Advantage service area, you will not be eligible to enroll. Eligible zip codes can change throughout the year. Please contact the Retirement Administration Service Center, Kaiser or if you have a question about the eligibility of a particular zip code.
    • You’re covered for urgent and emergency care and for certain routine services in all the areas Kaiser Permanente operates. When you’re traveling internationally or in states outside Kaiser Permanente areas, you’re covered for urgent and emergency care. See Kaiser’s guide to Away from Home Travel for details.

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    Things To Keep In Mind About Kaiser Medicare Advantage

    • Some services limited to Kaiser facilities: Kaiser limits some of its Medicare Advantage services to treatments received at Kaiser Permanente medical facilities. For example, if you want to schedule appointments through the Kaiser app, the appointment will have to be at a Kaiser-affiliated clinic or hospital.
    • Telehealth available at Kaiser’s discretion: Telehealth may not be available depending on your location or other factors. In fact, it is difficult to know exactly how often patients can access them. Kaiser states that telehealth care can be used when appropriate and available.1 This means that you may or may not be able to use telehealth regularly, even if you have a plan that offers it as a standard benefit.
    • Mostly HMO plans: The majority of Medicare Advantage providers offer a wide range of plan types, including HMO, PPO, and PFFS. Kaiser offers only HMO plans . Patients will have to get care within their local network to have their treatment covered .
    • Limited availability: While many Medicare Advantage providers boast widespread availability across the country, Kaiser Part C plans are only available in eight states and the District of Columbia.

    What Is Kaiser Senior Advantage

    Medicare Advantage Enrollment | Kaiser Permanente

    Kaiser Senior Advantage is a health insurance plan designed specifically for seniors. It offers comprehensive coverage for medical, hospital, and prescription drug expenses. Its also known as Kaiser Medicare Advantage Plans.

    In addition, it provides many extras, such as dental and vision coverage, that are not typically included in other health insurance plans.

    Seniors can also take advantage of Kaisers extensive network of doctors and hospitals. With over 12.6 million members in 8 states and District of Columbia, Kaiser is one of the largest health insurance providers in the country.

    As a result, seniors can rest assured that they will have access to quality care when they need it.

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    Available Medicare Advantage Plans

    Kaiser Permanente offers HMO Medicare Advantage plans. Many plans offer dental, vision and hearing benefits, and worldwide emergency care. Kaiser doesn’t offer any stand-alone Medicare prescription drug plans.

    Plan availability may vary by county. Plan offerings may include the following types:

    A health maintenance organization, or HMO, generally requires that you use a specific network of doctors and hospitals. You may need a referral from your primary doctor in order to see a specialist, and out-of-network benefits are usually very limited.

    Special needs plans, or SNPs, restrict membership to people with certain diseases or characteristics. Hence, the benefits, network and drug formularies are tailored to the needs of those members. Kaiser Permanente offers one type of SNP:

    • Dual-Eligible SNP: For people who are entitled to Medicare and who also qualify for assistance from a state Medicaid program.

    How Much Does Cataract Surgery Cost With Kaiser Senior Advantage

    The Kaiser Senior Advantage plan requires no annual deductible. Plan members will owe a copayment or coinsurance for the cataract surgery, which generally includes the removal of the cataract and insertion of an artificial lens. Exams to diagnose cataracts are also covered by the plan.

    Kaiser Senior Advantage then covers eyeglasses or contact lenses following the procedure with a 20% coinsurance requirement.

    If any prescription drugs are needed following the procedure, the Kaiser Senior Advantage plan provides prescription drug coverage and may cover the needed medication.

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    Kaiser Advantage Plan Options

    Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage Plans

    Our Medicare Senior Advantage plans work much like an HMO plan, where members have set copays for services.

    • Medical, mental health, prescription, and vision coverage are all through Kaiser Permanente.
    • Enrollment into this plan requires enrollment into Medicare Parts A and B.
    • This plan is a local plan. Retired employees must live in the Fresno coverage area to enroll.

    Provider Information:

    This plan uses a provider network. You may only access services at a Kaiser facility, unless otherwise approved by Kaiser.

    • You will have an assigned primary care physician.
  • You may need a referral to see certain specialists.
  • Behavioral Health Providers:
  • You may self-refer to a behavioral health provider, as long as the provider is within the Kaiser network .
  • 24/7 Care By Phone

    454 – 8855

    Kaiser Permanente members also have access to Kaiser’s website and smartphone application. Both allow users to keep in contact with their doctors with ease, and the smartphone application allows for both phone and video conference appointments so members can see their doctor without the hassle of going to the doctor’s office.

    Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage – High Option

    The High Option: This plan is called the “High Option,” because it has higher monthly premiums, but lower copays for services. Enrollment into this plan requires enrollment into Medicare Parts A and B.

    Deductibles & Copays :

    Detailed Benefits & Coverage Information :

    How Can I Enroll In Kaiser Senior Advantage

    Eligibility and Enrollment

    Kaiser only sells Medicare Advantage plans in select areas. Contact a licensed insurance agent to learn about plan options available where you live. Because all Medicare Advantage plans are required to cover cataract surgery, you may obtain coverage for the procedure through any plan from any carrier.

    An agent will be able to help you review the costs and coverage of each plan available in your area including cataract surgery benefits and other vision coverage.

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    Available Kaiser Medicare Advantage Plans

    Kaiser is mostly limited to health maintenance organization plans. While you will have to get treatment within a network and choose a primary care physician, you can change your PCP at any time. You can also add riders to your plan via the Advantage Plus add-on. For a small monthly fee, Advantage Plus provides dental coverage and discounts on eyewear and hearing aids. Below, we’ll take a closer look at the two primary Part C plan types Kaiser Permanente offers.

    Benefits Of Gym Membership Programs For Seniors

    The New England Journal of Medicine conducted a study to determine if perks like gym memberships made a difference.

    The study used national figures from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to see what kind of changes occurred when 11 Medicare Advantage plans incorporated a gym membership as a part of their covered benefits. Persons enrolling in plans after the addition of a fitness-membership benefit reported significantly better general health, fewer limitations in moderate activities, less difficulty walking, according to the study.

    When it comes to finding the right gym membership program, seniors on Medicare have a lot of factors to consider. But one important thing to keep in mind is that not all providers are created equal.

    Some may offer more comprehensive coverage than others, so its important to compare your options before making a decision.

    Thankfully, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services offers a helpful resource called the Medicare Plan Finder that can help you compare your options. Simply enter your zip code and some basic information, and the Plan Finder will show you a list of providers in your area.

    Once youve found a few potential providers, be sure to read reviews from other seniors to get an idea of their experiences. And if you have any questions, dont hesitate to contact the provider directly.

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    Medical Benefits Under Kaiser Medicare Advantage Plans

    Before we begin, itâs important to know that Kaiser Permanente is not available in all states. Even in the states where Kaiser operates, Medicare Advantage plans may not be available in your zip code, so investigate this upfront. Plan benefits may also vary by your location. Here are the states in which Kaiser offers Medicare Advantage plans:

    • Washington D.C.

    There are several different types of Medicare Advantage plans, and the model of care offered by Kaiser is a Health Maintenance Organization style plan. With HMO plans, you will typically need to choose a primary care provider withiin the organization. You will need authorizations from your primary care provider in order to see specialists or to get certain tests, according to the official U.S. government website for Medicare.

    One of the benefits of Kaiserâs HMO-style Medicare Advantage plans is that they bring all the medical services you might need into one simple plan. With Original Medicare, there is separate coverage for hospital care , medical services , and drug coverage . With Kaiser Medicare Advantage, youâll get comprehensive healthcare coverage bundled into one unified plan.

    Another benefit of Kaiser Medicare Advantage is the cost savings. An annual deductible is the amount of money you must pay out-of-pocket before insurance starts to pay your medical bills. With Kaiser Medicare Advantage plans, the annual deductible for outpatient services is zero for most plans.

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