Bed Rails For Seniors To Prevent Falls

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How To Keep Elderly From Falling Out Of Bed

How to use Stander EZ Adjust Bedrail for Fall Prevention

When a senior falls, their quality of life can be dramatically affected. The impact of a fall in an older person can include serious injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, and even fatal injuries.

Falling is a common problem for elderly people in fact, the CDC estimates that more than one in four seniors in the United States will fall in any given year.

The good news is that you can reduce the risk of a fall by taking preventive measures throughout the home.

Today, Im going to tell you about the 7 types of products we recommend to family caregivers to help prevent older adults from suffering bed falls.

In this article well go over each one of these solutions, their pros and cons to help you decide which one may be helpful for you and/or your senior loved one.

A great way to monitor if your senior loved one gets off the bed Does not prevent falls only alerts the caregiver of movement off the bed

As an Occupational Therapist, I used to work with Physical Therapists on a fall risk assessment of our patients to determine the level of cognitive and physical abilities the patient was able to perform.

I also assessed the environment to see what would be needed to make falling out of bed as preventable as possible.

What you may end up using will depend on the physical deficit and cognitive impairment they are dealing with.

Search Strategy And Selection Criteria

A search was made for articles published between 1 January 1980 and 30 June 2007 using the MeSH terms: restraint, restraint-physical, bedrail, side rail, cot -side, safety rail and protective device. An additional search was made on the websites of patient safety agencies. Full search strategies, including the databases, websites and the full list of studies rejected are available in appendix 1 .

This review aimed to locate in adult healthcare settings studies of the following:

  • The effect of bedrails on falls and injury, including studies of bedrail reduction

  • Direct injury apparently from bedrails

  • Any other effect of bedrail use

We included combined studies of bedrail and non-bedrail restraints only where bedrail data could be separated. Studies were included if, as a minimum, the numbers of falls or injuries were provided. Multi-faceted falls reduction studies including a bedrail component were included only if changes in bedrail use were described.

What Are The Best Bed Rails For Adults And Seniors

The LumaRail-FS Bed Assist Rail is an affordable and feature rich bed rail option thatâs only $57. It is very simple to install and requires only minimal set up. It has a clever metal design that features padded grips for comfort. One particularly unique feature of this bed rail is its motion sensing LED night light, which lights up when it senses movement so that itâs easy to get into and out of bed. Plus, an anchor strap adds to the stability of the unit.

This Able Life unit is only $44, and has some decent features for that comparatively low price. The mesh accessory bag on the outside of the bed rail adds to the convenience by offering the patient a place to store essentials like books, medicines, water bottles, and more! It supports up to 300lbs and is lightweight and easy to put together.

This is one of the most affordable, simplest bed rail models on this list. It is well suited to helping seniors who need a handle for helping them get into and out of bed safely and easily by themselves. This Essential Medical Supply unit has an adjustable height, as well as padded grips and a lightweight construction for easy set up and transport . This unit is only $41.

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Benefits Of Bed Rails For Seniors

There are several safety and convenience factors that make bed rails appealing to people aging in place, including:

  • Assistance with turning and repositioning in bed
  • Additional support and something to hold onto when getting in or out of bed
  • A sense of security and comfort
  • Reduced fall risk, especially during transport or when getting in and out of bed
  • Easy access to bed controls and personal items when necessary

What This Review Adds

Greensen Bed Rail,Secure Bed Rail Bedroom Safety Fall Prevention Aid ...

This article describes the most comprehensive systematic review and synthesis of published evidence of the effect of bedrails on falls and injury to date and examines the quality and limitations of existing research. By extending its focus beyond RCTs and the few studies where standardised outcomes can be calculated to include observational or quasi-experimental studies, it provides an inclusive analysis which allows users to see the range and the limitations of evidence often used by those advocating strongly against bedrail use. It also offers direction for future research.

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What Are The Best Bed Rails For Seniors

Durable and sleek

if you want a bed rail that is smart, flexible, and strong, then Bed Rail by Medical King is for you. Made with stainless steel and coated with black paint, the design of this bed rail is elegantly simple. The whole structure is balanced in-between two bars of 2 3.

The padded hand support is welded on these bars in a semi-circle shape. Below the handle, 5 6, are another set of bars opposite the vertical bars. These bars go inside the mattress to form a stand. This structure supports up to 350LBS of weight.

This bed rail comes with an adjustable height feature. The bar in its original form is 33 high. The height is the extendable maximum up to 42. This feature makes this bed rail available for different lengths of beds. It can be adjusted in any thickness of the mattress, like, king, queen, twin, etc.

The bottom of the two bars is covered with rubber boots to avoid unnecessary corrosion to the floor. These rubber covers are also anti-slip. In addition to its height adjustment, this bar also comes with a pocket on the side. A book and a tablet can easily fit in the bag.

These bed rails are suitable for older adults, people in the post-surgery stage, people with back pain , pregnant ladies, and people in rehabilitation. A separate security strap is also included in the package.

Does Medicare Cover Bed Rails

Medicare covers durable medical equipment through Part B, the outpatient benefit. While detachable rails for conventional beds are not covered, the program does provide benefits for hospital beds when these products are medically necessary. Because many in-home hospital beds include bed rails, Medicare does provide coverage if the bed itself is covered.

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Decide Which Features Are Most Important To You

With so many impressive features built into todays bed rails, it can be difficult to decide what you really need. Before making your selection, it is helpful to identify the features that are most important to you. Below, weve outlined the top bed rail feature categories to help you narrow down your preferences.

Safety Features

  • Rail length extends to prevent falls while sleeping
  • Rail length retracts to maneuver in and out of bed
  • Hand grip height adjusts to match users height
  • Rail lowers out of sight when not in use

Handle Padding

  • Slip-resistant foam material on handle prevents falls
  • Comfort padding is preferred for those with arthritis

Built-in Storage

  • Convenient bed rail pouch holds favorite bedside items like reading glasses, medications, books, and more.

When To Not Use Bed Rails

Bed Rail for Adults to Prevent Falls

Bed rails are designed to provide safety and security for the person using them, but they can come with risks for people with certain health conditions. For example, people who are cognitively impaired from taking certain medications or have Alzheimers disease or another form of dementia are at greater risk of entrapment and falling when using bed rails. Other conditions that may put users at higher risk include confusion, lack of muscle control and restlessness.

When bed rails arent appropriate, consider alternative measures for a safer and more secure environment, such as roll guards, foam bumpers or lowering the bed and placing a foam mat on the floor in case of falls. A concave mattress can also reduce the risk of rolling off the bed. If youre a caregiver, know that bed rails shouldnt be used as a substitute for proper monitoring.

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Stander Ez Adjust Bed Rail

No matter what size of bed you use, the Stander EZ Adjust provides a solution. Its alloy steel construction and adjustable length mean that the Stander EZ Adjust can deliver support for beds from twin up to California king. On top of that, this bed rail solution can support up to 300 lbs.


Recent Medical Event Or Hospitalization

A recent hospitalization or medical procedure could be the cause of why an older adult would fall out of bed. Safety measures, such as bed rails, are commonly taken in hospitals to keep patients safe, but the danger of falling from bed re-emerges when the patient returns home. Many hospitals do not incorporate fall risk as part of their discharge practices for elderly patients, so provider support may be lacking when they go home after a hospitalization. Its important for family members and caretakers to be aware of the danger of falling from bed and take preventative measures.

A Brazilian study notes that surgical post-op recovery is a major risk fall factor, most indicators of good surgical recovery, such as those related to comfort, physical independence and emotional support, when affected, become important risk factors for falls. Patients who are in recovery may still be under the influence of anesthesia, using catheters and drains, or have skin issues that will impair their balance.

Some common high-risk medical events that could lead to a fall is a stroke, heart attack or cardiovascular disease. There are 43.7 million adults over 60 that suffer from cardiovascular disease . Studies show that 60% of patients hospitalized for CVD are at an elevated risk for falling within 180 days of diagnosis.

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Evaluate The Companys Customer Service

Before committing to a bed rail, it is wise to familiarize yourself with the companys customer service standards. Return and warranty policies, phone and email support, and the presence of discounts and promotions are all indicators of whether or not a company is invested in its customers. Review the questions below to aid in your evaluation:

Returns and Warranties

  • If you are dissatisfied with your bed rail for any reason, can you return it for a prompt refund or exchange within 30 days of the purchase date?
  • Is there a product warranty policy in place? Do you need to register your bed rail for a warranty, or are all purchased products automatically registered?
  • How long is the bed rail protected under the warranty policy? For example: 90 days, 2 years, 5 years, or lifetime.
  • If the company offers a lifetime warranty, does it cover the bed rail for the lifetime of the purchaser, or for the length of time that they continue to manufacture the product?
  • Is the bed rail under a limited warranty? Keep in mind that limited warranties typically put limits on what the manufacturer is responsible to replace. For example, the company may provide a replacement for a faulty product, but not if the purchaser damages the item through their own actions.

Phone and Email Support

Discounts and Promotions

  • Does the company offer any discounts or special promotions? For example: free shipping and returns, veterans discount, bundle offers and holiday promotions.

Can You Add Rails To A Regular Bed

EBTOOLS Bed Rail,Secure Bed Rail Bedroom Safety Fall Prevention Aid ...

Most bed rails are usually designed for any type of bed and mattress size. Usually, the bed rails come with an extendable feature that covers the whole side of the bed, no matter the size.

However, few bed rail manufacturers dont recommend adjustable beds and extra soft mattresses. Apart from that, bed rails can be fixed on any bed.

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Bedrail By Oasis Space Store

Effortless to use bed rails for seniors

Oasis space bed rails use suction cups to support your aching back and neck.

They are easy to use, require minimal maintenance, and positioning them between beds is effortless. It dispenses equal support and satisfying results.

Allow anyone with physical restrictions or injuries, including seniors, to get out of bed without assistance. In addition to a stabilizing bar, rubber-tipped legs hold the bed rail in its correct position. It avoids unrequired slipping, especially on floors that are smooth or wet.

Try their oasis space heavy-duty rotatory walker for more secure and balanced movement. Highly dynamic and adjustable, the Oasis Space bed rail is suitable for most bed frames and mattresses .

The handlebar and leg frame height are both alterable to provide the perfect fit. Even the width of the support bar is manageable to fit deeply in the bed, so it remains fastened. It will be a good purchase for the enhanced benefits of the product.

If your bed has a height of 5 inches, then oasis space bed rails can save you from all falls. It will cut troublesome movements. Couples can enjoy their nights with Oasis bed rails. One of the two can sleep in the middle of the bed without disturbing their partners movements.

For extra softness and comfort, oasis bed rails come with padded foam handrails. It will bear the weight of your hands when making movements from the bed.

Retrospective Surveys Case Series And Case Reports

Sixteen such studies were included. Five described injury rates in falls from bed with and without bedrails but only the multi-hospital study found significant differences, with falls from bed with bedrails raised significantly less likely to result in injuries, particularly head injuries . One retrospective survey of legal claims after falls from bed found that bedrails were raised in only 2.6% of cases. Twelve studies described direct injury from bedrails or injury in falls after bedrail failure, ranging from fatal entrapment to minor injuries . Four of these drew from the same dataset and found that half-rails were significantly more likely to be associated with death, full rails with non-fatal injury, and spilt rails with near misses .

How bedrails can cause death and injury

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Does The Patient Suffer From Dementia

Individuals with dementia may need bed rails, but itâs important to be careful when installing bed rails for people with dementia, since they may get confused and try to climb over the bed rail instead of lowering it. This can result in more danger and risk of injury than if there were no bed rail installed at all. Regardless, itâs still good to consider this potential issue. If you think that bed rails might be a problem for your loved one, ask a doctor for advice on what to do.

Top 20 Bed Rails For Seniors

Alzheimer’s Store Step2Bed Bed Rail for Seniors and Elderly Recovering from Injury

There are different kinds of bed rails available on the market. They not only prevent patients from falling out of bed, but also provide support when getting in and out of bed. When choosing a model, you should research the different options available since this will provide a higher level of comfort. Some bed rails can be adjusted for size, and can accommodate more body weight. While others come equipped with an accessory pouch and padded handle grips. The newer models come equipped with a motion-sensing LED nightlight for added safety. Once you have an idea of what you want, the bed rail you select comes down to two very important factors: features and price.

To help you with your research process, weve put together a list of the top 20 bed rails for seniors. Ill start at number one, working my way down to twenty, based on the average rating given by customers. Youll find the model number, a breakdown of the important features, and the price. Lets get started.

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How Do You Install An Elderly Bed Rail

It is important to note that bed rails for the elderly should be fixed by someone strong to prevent elders from being injured. Normally every bed rail comes with the installation manual as a part of the package. But most are quite simple to install. They are packed and delivered in disassembled form. All the nuts and bolts are part of the package.

The support rails are usually in the form of two or three horizontal bars which are interconnected. This is fixed with the rail with the help of screws. The long part of the trail is screwed in the form of an L underneath the mattress.

The structure is gripped with the help of an adjustable strap that connects the bed rail with the bed.

Why Is There A Mismatch Between The Evidence And Orthodoxy

Despite the weak methodological quality of many of the studies, the evidence presented in this review does not support the prevailing orthodoxy that bedrails increase the likelihood of falls and injury, or that bedrails result in an inherent risk of fatal entrapment. So why the current negative view of bedrail use? There appear to be a number of interlocking issues that influence practitioners and policy makers.

Evidence-based practice requires critical appraisal, rather than partial citation. Despite the old dictum that absence of evidence is not the same as evidence of absence of effect commentators have stated that bedrails should not be used to prevent falls from bed on the basis of no significant findings in inadequately powered arms of studies or because no RCTs have been carried out .

Further, there can be little doubt that, in the past, routine and inappropriate bedrail use did occur . It may be that challenging the traditional, and often harmful, use of bedrails has resulted in the adoption of an opposing view if routine bedrail use is institutional and bad practice then not using bedrails at all represents up-to-date and enlightened practice.

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