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5 Websites for Free Printable Word Search Puzzles Large Print

The older someone gets, the more forgetful they become. These fun brain games for seniors are sure to prevent them from getting rusty.

  • Office Mad Libs: This specific mad lib can take seniors back to memory lane. Some of them might reminisce about their office shenanigans while filling in the blanks!
  • Matchstick Puzzles: Think outside the matchbox! Choose from easy and intermediate difficulty. This is one of my favorites that I recommend for older people to try.
  • Jigsaw Puzzles: Jigsaw puzzles are easy to prepare and can be beneficial in improving memory retention. Cut the jigsaw pieces in unusual shapes to make the puzzle more challenging.
  • Start to Finish: One clue is provided in this game. The word being looked for starts and ends with the same letter.
  • Birthday Interview: Try to test seniors if they can still remember small details about themselves. This is also your chance to ask some questions you have been wanting to ask.
  • English Puzzles: Answer what is being described in the picture as fast as you can.
  • Spelling Brain Teaser: Using clues, seniors need to spell a word correctly. This is a fun memory game for seniors.
  • Word Game Apps For Seniors

    Older folks can enjoy mobile games just as much as their younger counterparts! In addition to offline word games for everyone, senior citizens can also benefit from brain training apps too. These apps are easy to figure out, and playing them can do wonders for your goal of keeping your mind sharp.

    Make Some Beautiful Music

    Have you always been told that youve got a great ear for music? Join a choir or take up a new musical instrument as a brain exercise for seniors.

    Learning something thats new as well as complex engages your brain, which is good for it. Heres an added benefit: if you join a choir or take lessons with more than one person, you make new friends.

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    What Games Can You Play On A Bus

    A bus ride can get really boring especially if you go for a long ride to travel across the city for any reason. Playing with your mobile phone, listening to music, or chatting with the person beside you can only last for so long before you get bored and dont know anymore what to do.

    Thats why trying to prepare several fun and engaging games could be the best way to keep the long journey exciting. Hence, we try to gather several games and activities ideas you can do during your long bus ride. The best part is, you dont need to bring many items and it can be played by everyone! Hence, you can also use this as a reference for travel games for seniors.

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    Word And Number Games

    Brain Games Seniors Printable Worksheets

    A lot of seniors enjoy keeping their math or language skills sharp by playing fun games or solving satisfying puzzles related to words or numbers. Great options are available for playing solo or as part of a group. Consider these examples:

    53. Crossword Puzzles: Solve clues to fill out a grid of squares with interconnected words and phrases.

    54. Word Search: Discover and circle all of the hidden words in a grid of letters.

    55. Sudoku: Fill out a partially completed grid of numbers so that each row, column, and sub-grid contains all of the numbers from one to nine.

    56. Kakuro: Fill out each white square of the puzzle with a number from one to nine so that the sums of the entries in each row or column match the clues associated with them.

    57. Scrabble: Outscore your opponents by strategically forming new words or adding to existing ones on a crossword-style board.

    58. Boggle: Shake a tray of 16 letter dice and spot more words in the randomized grid of letters than your opponent does before the time runs out.

    59. Scattergories: Partner up and defeat the other teams by coming up with creative answers that all match a specific category, contain the same first letter, and won’t be thought of by your opponents.

    60. Balderdash: Fool the other players by trying to make them believe that your fake answers or definitions represent the truth about things like obscure words, people, and movies.

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    Usa Today Daily Word Search

    For decades, two of the most common pastimes have been the daily crossword puzzle and word search in the newspaper. You might sit down with your morning coffee, or perhaps over your lunch break, to work on these time-honored traditions. That ritual has since extended to the online realm too.

    USA Today offers its daily word search for free via its website. Each daily puzzle, which consists of finding about 15 words, follows a unifying theme. You also have access to three hints in case you get stuck.

    Bunco The Portable Game You Can Really Play Anywhere

    Sometimes, all you need to have fun are a few dice, a pencil and a pad of paper. Win Bunco by earning as many points as possible by rolling numbers that match each numbered round of play. There is nothing more satisfying than rolling the dice and watching them land exactly how you had hoped! A wide range of sets are available.

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    Combine Mental And Physical Training

    Combining mental and physical training through activities such as dancing is a great way to keep the elderly fit and active, while also encouraging social interaction. Through dancing your elderly loved ones brain will be stimulated by learning new steps and routines, helping to decrease blood pressure levels and increase general wellbeing.

    Check for nearby dance classes, especially ones tailored for the elderly, these types of classes usually include chair dancing to ensure all abilities are included.

    Print Puzzles For Free Anytime

    Word Wipe | Free to Play Word Game | Gameplay

    As part of their business, Q.E.T.S. offers free large print crossword and word search puzzles. They also have sets of 20 or 80 puzzle PDFs available for purchase.

    We love their huge selection of free large print puzzles. Theyre in PDF format so theyre easy to print.

    All you need to do is open the PDF document and print it out. You could also save the PDF to your computer so you can print it again and again.

    These free crossword puzzles will keep your older adult entertained and exercise their brain. You might even want to print a few for yourself to enjoy!

    Tip: If the puzzle still isnt large enough for your older adult to easily see, you can make it bigger by changing the print settings. Use print preview to make sure the puzzle still fits on the paper.

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    Word Games For Seniorsonline

    A number of popular word games for seniors found on line are in the form of apps.OK. What are apps?Good question.Apps is computer language. It is an abbreviation for Applications.Applications simply means a little bit of software .So, when you find a game you want to play on line, it may tell you to download an app. That means it will put the necessary software to play that game into your phone, computer, etc.Caution: Most apps are free and can be downloaded just by clicking the download icon. If they should ask for any personal information, dont give it. Its nobodys business. Stay safe. Go to another website where the download does not require it.

    #11 Wheel of Fortune

    Wheel of Fortune is one of the best word game of all time. And, its perfect for seniors! Have you ever wanted to play?Well, now you can. Have some fun playing the game with a virtual Pat and Vanna. Right in your own home!The Wheel of Fortune Game is based on the popular TV show with Pat Sajak. Its fun: Spin the wheel, choose letters, buy vowels, solve the word puzzle.Its FREE here on Google Play: Wheel of Fortune.

    #12 4 Pics 1 Word

    #14 Duolingo

    #15 Memrise

    Memrise is another app where you can learn a new language through playing games and having fun.The app is available for FREE in app form or on the web.Memrise is FREE to start, then $4.92 a month billed annually .Heres where you can find it: Memrise.

    Best Brain Games For Seniors That Really Worth It

    We keep noticing that our posts about memory loss are usually extremely popular so that made us being more and more curious about brain exercises for seniors. And we say seniors, we mean everyone who is getting older. That means, everyone including me and my 38 years old. The think is that its always good to exercise the brain, its actually as important as physical exercise, but unfortunately, most people dont know that.

    We made a list of simple games, including amazing activity books, that cost nothing and could make a huge impact on your memory. So why not to give them a try?! To set an example, I never pass by a crosswords or a sudoku in a random newspaper without giving it a serious try. I am making my part, are you doing yours?

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    Special Tasks To Boost Memory And Attention

    Memory loss is one of the most common complaints among elderly adults, which is why its important to engage in some simple games to help with improving memory and retention.

    Consider the following games:

    • Stating the months of the year in alphabetical order
    • Using the letter S name six or more things you can wear on your feet
    • Observe the objects around you for two minutes, then try to find five red items that will fit in your pockets and five blue objects that are too big to fit
    • Say two objects for every letter in your first or last name, stating different objects each time

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    What Games Can I Play With Older Seniors

    Easy Word Games For Seniors Printable : Men

    Visiting your grandma or grandpa’s house must be nice. They will welcome you with a warm smile and give you a long hug because theyve been missing you so much. Then, how do we have fun with them rather than only having conversations with warm tea or hot chocolate? Playing games with your senior loved one gives a great impact as it is gonna keep them engaged, focused, and maintaining their social ability.

    Do games like Chess and Checkers. It is an easy game to play for decades and most elder people enjoy playing Chess and Checkers. It is a game that noticeably keeps seniors engaged and mentally active while also having fun. You go together by playing games can be an effective way to keep them healthy for longer. They might decrease chronic health conditions and quality of life overall as you bring laughter and fun later on.

    More printable images tagged with:

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    Keep Your Brain Alive A Unique Brain Exercise Program

    Keep Your Brain Alive: 83 Neurobic Exercises to Help Prevent Memory Loss and Increase Mental Fitness is a book written by Manning Rubin and Dr. Lawrence C. Katz, professor of neurobiology at Duke University. A unique brain exercise program, its based on the latest neuroscience with the deceptively simple exercises stimulating brain nutrients to help new brain cells grow. Available on as paperback, audiobook or E-book.

    What Kind Of Games Help Seniors Stimulate The Brain

    Throughout our lives, our brain plays a responsible part in keeping us happy, and as we get older, mental health becomes a major issue. Then, what games help seniors keep their brains stimulated? Giving brain games for seniors like a worksheet of crosswords or scrabbles written on the list. Working on word games in the worksheets it can be a tool to sharpen their minds.

    It can promote critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, and memory. Doing more massive word games like a word search in a worksheet is a great way to stimulate seniors’ brains as they improve their recall. Using a jigsaw puzzle may be the training game that is effective to stimulate the brain. It can reduce blood pressure and slow breathing rate, some also took it as a form of meditation.

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    Uno Get Rid Of Those Cards As Quickly As You Can

    The classic card game of matching colors and numbers, players take it in turns to get rid of all their cards by matching a card in their hand with the current card shown on top of the deck either by color or number. Special Action cards deliver game-changing moments but require strategy and tactics to decide exactly when to use them. Dont forget to shout UNO when you only have one card remaining available for under $10 on !

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    Boost Your Brain Power With 31 Fun Brain Games For Seniors And Adults

    Scrambled Word Game – Guess the Word (6 Letter Words)

    In todays post, Im going to share with you the Best Free And Paid Brain Boosting Games to help you stay sharp .

    Whether youre into brain training or good ol fashioned memory games, this ultimate list of fun brain games is for you!

    You can start with free brain training games right of the bat or you can get more technical with free to paid brain training apps

    This is not another Sudoku list far from it. You have in your hands a complete list of brain training apps, websites, games and daily exercises .

    Its a platform friendly list. .

    The primary goal here is for you to have happy neurons for life. It neednt be painful or tiresome so lets make it fun.

    In fact, I share with you the same information I give my clients so they can:

    • Improve their brain performance
    • Live fiercely and independently

    Commonly it takes just a few extra tweaks to boost their brain health [ Make sure you grab the free bonus The 9 Must Dos For Your Brain To Thrive For Life: THIS IS the secret sauce to stay sharp)

    These fun brain games for seniors have been selected based on research principles. Importantly, its not just one thing that improves our brain performance but many.

    Findings from studies like the FINGER STUDY shows us you can improve your brain performance.

    The missing ingredient in most brain games for seniors is the lack of fun- the emotional charged good stuff.

    AND fun really matters.

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    What Do Seniors Do All Day

    Seniors are people who have advanced age. As a person who has accumulated a lot of ages, his level of productivity has declined. Therefore there is an age limit in the recruitment criteria. Seniors usually no longer have a job. They spend more time at home to rest. What they usually do is a compulsory routine as a person. Eat and drink, take a shower, and rest. There are several seniors who are still able to carry out their hobbies when they are young even though they are no longer as agile as before.

    How Do I Find Words In A Word Search

    If you cant seem to find a word while doing a word search, try these tips:

    • Look for unique lettersLetters like Q, Z, and J are some of the least common letters in the alphabet. If your word has one of these letters in it, scan the puzzle for it and then look up, down, left, right, and diagonal to see if your words there.
    • Scan the rowsPick a word, see which letter it starts with, and find that first letter to get a good start. Who knows, by scanning the rows you may even find the word horizontally.
    • Look for letter pairingsIf your word has two unique letters back-to-back, try looking for those letters next to one another. For example, the word aunt has a and u next to one another. Scan the word search and see where you can find a and u next to one anotherit could be your word!

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    Indoor Games For Large Groups

    Many nursing homes and assisted living communities regularly organize fun games that large groups of residents can participate in. The best activities directors try to keep things fresh by changing things up on a frequent basis. In fact, most games in this category are homemade and just require an investment of time and creativity to pull together. You can put your own spin on any of them. Plus, many of them can be used as fun party games for seniors or elderly residents who are celebrating birthdays or other milestones. Use the following examples as inspiration:

    61. Bingo: Be the first player to match five numbers in a row in this popular game of chance.

    62. Smile Toss: Prepare to laugh when playing this great balloon game for seniors. Draw a smiley face on a balloon. Sit in a circle with the other players. Have someone be in charge of playing some recorded music and stopping it at random times. As the music plays, pass the balloon around the circle to each other. If you’re left holding the balloon when the music stops, you must try not to smile for at least 10 seconds. If you do smile, you’ll have to leave the circle. The last person remaining wins the game.

    66. Photo Puzzle Race: Get large color prints on heavy stock of various photos, preferably of the people who will be playing the game. Cut each of the photo prints into relatively small puzzle pieces. Split players up into different teams and have them compete to see which team can solve its puzzle the fastest.

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