What To Wear For Senior Pics

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Wear The Right Undergarments

Senior Pictures: What to Wear

Alright, lets chat about underwear. Whether youre wearing a casual or dressy outfit, make sure you have the right undergarments to go with your clothing. For example, if you know your pants will fit tightly against your body and you feel uncomfortable with panty lines, find a no-show option. If your dress or top might show bra straps, choose an alternative like a strapless bra or chicken cutlets. Tighter dress? Consider shapewear if it helps you feel more confident.

Should I Dress Differently For Daytime And Nighttime Looks

The really great thing about selecting the Ultimate Portrait Session, or a longer day-to-night session, is that you can really show off your style with some great transitional pieces. Transitional pieces are those things you can wear during the daytime and then, later, when the sun goes down, add a little extra something to glam them up for evening time.

Things that work great as transitional pieces are jumpers, skirts, and dressy blouses. These pieces are easy to pair with daytime pieces like flats, hats, and trendy accessories. When nightfall arrives, its just as easy to swap the more casual accessories for dressier options like heels, drop earrings, and wraps.

Alternatively, save your glammed up dresses for an evening under twinkling lights, and show off your trendy daytime wear while the sun is shining. Brens senior portrait wardrobe was a perfect mix of pretty tops, nice dresses, cozy sweaters, and trendy jeans, so all we did was add in a jacket and hat from the Style Closet and she had a huge gallery with lots of different looks!

Tips For Senior Picture Outfits

Senior pictures outfits should reflect your personal style and the kind of images you want to create. If you’re not sure what to wear, start by thinking about the look you want to achieve.

Do you want something classic and timeless or something trendier for your senior photoshoot? Once you’ve decided on the overall aesthetic, you can start narrowing down your choices. If you’re still stuck, consider these outfit tips

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What Pieces Can I Borrow

Hey, thats a great question! I already mentioned your best friends closetwhich youve probably been shopping and swapping in for years, but did you know theres another freebie closet thats available to you?

Welcome to the Style Closet! All of my clients have access to my exclusive Style Closet, which I personally shop for and stock every season with the trendiest and most stylish looks. You dont need to worry about size, shape, or what works best for you because my Style Closet is jam packed with a wide variety of styles for every client I work with. From jackets to jumpers to just the right accessory, you might just discover the perfect piece to top off your outfit in the Style Closet. All of these outfits and so many more are available for you to borrow!

The Vibe Of The Shoot

Need ideas on what to wear for your senior photos? Check out this full ...

When we talk about the vibe of the photoshoot, were really talking about your personality and persona. Are you looking to have fun? Be more serious? Somewhat artsy? Maybe a classy shoot? Call back to your high school days? The ball is in your court, and how you want to look for your photos is entirely up to you.

You want to showcase who you are as a person and what you enjoy wearing. There are so many different ways you can achieve this and look exceptional at the same time. This goes back to having multiple outfits for one photoshoot: it means you get to play around with your style and maybe do things you wouldnt normally do. By having a formal look, a look thats more casual and normal for your day-to-day, and a riskier or bolder outfit, youve got a lineup of senior picture outfit ideas that really encapsulate your style.

Lets get into some more practicals here:

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What Should I Buy And Where Should I Shop

You likely have your very own shopping hot spots, but if youre looking for some inspiration, you may want to check out some of these options to get you started.

For casual outfits, check out:

  • American Eagle This is a great shopping hot spot if youre looking for cute blouses, tops, and denim! The great thing about American Eagle is that they offer a wide range of sizes, and their quality is good. And if youre looking for a cozy vibe, their sister store, Aerie, offers the very best in soft and comfy basics like thermal tops and tanks that look adorable under overalls and cardigans.
  • Forever 21 Be sure to add this store to your list! Full of affordable and trendy tops and blouses, youll find plenty of options to pair with your favorite jeans and skirts. Always on trend, they offer dresses, sweaters, and accessories to fit any budget.
  • Target Who doesnt LOVE Target, amiright? Alongside great basics like layering tanks and cardigans, Target offers adorable and trendy jackets and sweaters that will help you rock your standout style. If you havent seen their Wild Fable line yet, youll definitely want to check it out!

For dressy outfits, check out:

For formal dresses, check out:

  • Oh La La by Posh With an elegant one-on-one buying experience and all your favorite designers in one place, youre sure to find the dress of your dreams!

For trendy outfits, check out:

For thrifting, check out:

A Cautionary Tale

Watch out for too-good-to-be-true deals like:

Search For The Ideal Outfit Colors

When it comes to dressing for your senior photo shoot, choosing a color is the most crucial choice. Seniors should always wear colors they feel comfortable with, despite the fundamental guidelines for which hues appear best on certain skin tones.

Consider neutral, muted, or particularly strong hues when coming up with senior costume ideas. For photographs, we typically favor senior attire in solid colors since it makes the wearer appear more sophisticated and unobtrusive.

You shouldnt, however, completely ignore patterns. They can nevertheless contribute to a fantastic senior portrait session.

Neutralized-Color Outfits

For your photo shoot, choose neutral clothing and a stunning backdrop to create shots that are both classy and timeless. Black, grey, white, and cream colors like tan or light brown are a few examples of neutral color choices.

Every senior female enjoys the color black. Particularly when it comes to novel experiences like a professional photo shoot, it is effortless and reassuring.

White has a refined and elegant appearance. What we love about it is how nicely it stands out and bounces light onto your skin. Your senior pictures taken on the beach would look fantastic.

When it comes to your senior portrait, cream colors ensure a polished appearance and make your attire stand out without drawing undue attention to yourself.

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A Photoshoot With Muted Colors

Bright Outfits For Senior Photos

Dress Codes For Senior Photos

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Keep The Location Season And Weather In Mind

As youre preparing for your senior session, be sure to keep the weather and the season in mind. Summer dresses in the middle of winter might not be the best call unless youre going for a specific creative look.

The rule of thumb is to dress for the season and weather in mind. If its warm out, grab your favorite spring/summer dresses or outfits. If its cold outside, pull out those sweaters and layering pieces.

General Clothing Tips For Graduates

What Not To Wear For Senior Pictures

The senior should pick the outfits they like for their portraits. As a photographer, your role is to provide some advice and dos and donts.

1. Neon Colors Dont Work

Neon colors, red, and other bright colors are trendy, but these clothes will steal the show! Its best to choose neutral, pastel, or jewel tones for your senior portraits.

2. How to Photograph Glasses Without Issues

If a senior wears glasses, they should keep them on for at least a few of their portraits. Sunglasses are a fun accessory to play with. Its important to know how to photograph glasses:

  • Make sure the lenses are clean.
  • Dont place a light source directly in front of the glasses.
  • Dont use sharp light sources.
  • Dont place a light source too close to the senior.

Image by Emz993

3. What Makes Them Feel Good

The purpose of senior pics is to capture a persons personality. The go-to outfit for school would be an excellent option for your more relaxed pics. Dont shop for a new outfit or wear clothes that are out of character for you. You can pick some dressy clothes but should also bring at least one item that is fun and reflects your personality well.

4. Go With a Fun Graphic Tees

A graphic T-shirt with a logo or cultural reference will look outdated a few years from now. Keep in mind that not all the pics will capture the logo or image in its entirety. A band shirt can be a perfect outfit choice if youre into music, but you should think twice before picking a graphic tee.

6. Make Sure it Fits

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We All Know Choosing Outfits For Your Session Is The #1 Thing That Everyone Struggles With So Lets Solve That With A Little Blog Post

Start by choosing a dressy outfit & a casual outfit!

I recommend AT LEAST 1 of each. When you start thinking about your session goal and what you want it to look like – picking outfits will be a lot easier! I always recommend to start with jeans and a cute top! Whether it be jean shorts with a tee, jeans with a blouse or tee! You can wear your favorite jeans with a casual top like a high school tee, and then move onto a more dressy item like a peplum top! We can then move onto a tank with a chunky cardigan!

Now for your dressy choice – FLOWY! I cannot stress this enough! It looks amazing on EVERYONE! It is flattering for every body type and give you that twirl factor everyone loves! One of my FAVE places is Altr’d State & Free People! They always have great options for everyone!

Complimentary Colors
Stick to your own style

I cannot stress enough to stick to your own style. You do not want to be caught in the middle of your shoot having a breakdown because you are so uncomfortable in your clothes. It will 100% show in your photos. If I sense you are not comfortable – I will say something. You need to be able to trust that I am there to help you and make you fell comfortable in front of my camera. There is so much pressure for your photos to be picture perfect. I just want you to have fun and be comfy. If you hate dresses – Don’t wear one! If you love grungy, vintage clothing – SHOW IT OFF!! Show who you are! You won’t regret it!

Options, Options, & More options

Play With Colors And Patterns

Mixing and matching colors can be fun, especially if you know what you are doing. A general rule of thumb is to choose colors that complement your hair and skin. You can never go wrong with mixing solids or neutral colors such as black, grey, navy, and brown with brighter shades. A navy trouser with a teal blouse or shirt is a classic combo. It doesnt have to end at just pairing colors try a hand at pairing patterns, too, such as floral, plaid, or stripe, with solid colors. An example is the timeless floral gown with a denim jacket.

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Outfits Are Just The Beginning

Dont worry. Youve totally got this, and Im here to walk you through it step by step. After the outfits come the accessories.

A woman makes an outfit her own with accessories.

Oscar de la Renta

Even though he was talking about the ladies, the whole accessories rule goes for you, too, guys! But dont panic, if you need help choosing clothes for guys senior pictures, I got you!

Include Accessories In The Senior Photos

What to Wear for Senior Pictures in the Woodlands and Spring  Cowboy ...

Is there a piece of jewelry that you always wear as an accent, or do you have a piece that finishes off your look? Consider pairing it with one of your senior portrait outfits.

For Senior Photos, Wear A Hat

We adore it when our senior citizens inquire, Can I bring a hat? There is never a doubt in my mind: YES!

Pictures In Your Sunglasses

Sunglasses could be a further addition to your senior portrait session! Lets say you want your senior images to have an Instagram blogger style vibe as an inspiration.

Why not complete your look for the senior year of high school with your favorite pair of sunglasses? Although we prefer to see your face in all of your photos, wearing sunglasses is an option you should take into account for your senior picture wardrobe ideas.

Do you cherish any particular vintage accessories? If so, we want you to take things into account while coming up with your senior dress ideas.

Including that special accessory makes your senior pictures more distinctive, but more importantly, even more special. It might be a necklace from an elderly relative or a stylish pair of sunglasses your mom used to wear but are currently back in style.

Shoes For Your Senior Photoshoot

Everybody has their own fashion tastes and preferences. Every outfit has a specific pair of shoes that go best with it, keeping this in mind. As previously stated, it is great if you email your senior photographer your clothing suggestions.

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What Should I Wear For My College Senior Portrait

Wearing the complete outfit with dress slacks and shoes allows us to capture full length portraits of you as well as your head and shoulders yearbook portrait. A white shirt under your suit or sport coat is a classic, timeless look. If you are going to wear something other than white, make it a pastel color.

What Is A Drape For Senior Pictures

Asked by: Mr. Kieran Pfeffer PhD

One of the most important assets to a senior photoshoot is a black senior drape for your graduate to wear. They come fully lined and with velcro to close sewn into the back. They create a simple, elegant, and classic look in your senior portraits. Material: Smooth Velvet for that classic photo look.

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Plan And Practice Your Senior Makeup

Makeup is a part of your entire senior outfit look, so don’t leave it till the day of the senior photoshoot to decide how to wear your makeup. It is best if you plan and practice different makeup ideas for your senior photoshoot, days before your portrait session.

We know that not everyone wears makeup, and that is okay! If you would like to try DIY makeup for your senior pictures, we have some senior photoshoot makeup tips that will help you look your best in senior pictures. When to comes to makeup, remember, less is more, and your natural beauty is already there the makeup is just enhancing that.

What Is The Best Time Of Day To Take Senior Pictures

What colors to wear for senior pictures

The Best Time of Day is in the Evening In the evening, the lighting is soft and flattering. And in most situations, the lighting is very vibrant and colorful. Often times, depending on the location of the session, you can get the bright colors of the sun setting coming through trees because the sun is low in the sky.

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Your Senior Pictures Should Look Like You

Your senior photos are an opportunity to express yourself. Youve made it through your last year of high school! This is a chance to celebrate who you are and showcase all that youve accomplished. Your senior photos should look like younot like everyone else in your class. Remember, these pictures will be seen and shared for the rest of your life, or at least until all print copies have disintegrated into dust. If you dont want to look back when youre thirty and say What was I thinking? then make sure to put some thought into what you wear for your senior portraits!

Stick To Your Own Style

I feel like theres sort of some pressure to wear clothes that arent truly who you are. You see what your friends are wearing or you may think that your style is a little out there but trust me, what your friends wear doesnt apply to you and your style is perfect because it makes you who you are! If you loooove vintage clothing, please wear that!! If you hate dresses, dont wear one! For some reason choosing outfits seems to be overcomplicated but really, you could wear what you already have in your own closet! Sticking to your style and what you love will ensure that you feel comfortable, that you love your photos, and that your photos will represent exactly who you are!

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Do Parents Attend Senior Pictures

There is a fine line in wanting to please the senior graduate but also needing to please mom and dad. This is especially true when Mom and Dad are typically the legal clients on the contracted session. But, as many senior photographers well know, seniors have a busy schedule, as well as the parents.

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