What Is The Simplest Flip Phone For Seniors

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How Do I Know If A Phone Has A Good Camera

Jitterbug Flip – Simple, Affordable Cell Phones for Seniors

Without diving into a photography lesson, most smartphones with cameras have up to 13 MP to take clear pictures. Many flip phones out there have cameras with 2 to 8 MP, which may produce blurry or grainy images. Poor quality images from cameras like these arent as easy to share or print off without sacrificing quality.

Also Consider A Launcher

The beauty of Android is that youre not only limited to the devices above. You can always pick up a smartphone that fits your budget and download a third-party launcher that fits your needs. Some launchers offer convenient features for seniors.


We would suggest that you check out Simple Launcher. Its free and offers a super-simple interface, as the name entails. Theres a quick dial option for calling friends and family right from the home screen, and you even get an SOS button to call your emergency contact and send a text when in danger. Of course, there are plenty of other customizations you can apply.

We also like Big Launchers fast and simple Android interface for seniors and people with vision problems. It makes smartphones suitable for seniors, children, and people with eye diseases, motor problems, or the legally blind. Visually impaired and technically challenged users can use the simple and easy-to-read interface. There is no fear of making a mistake and losing everything with stress-free navigation, and it also features an SOS button. Large texts and color-coded icons make everything easy to use and leave no room for errors, and the app comes with multiple language support.

Activate Emergency Alert Systems

This is really a sound decision for anyone shopping for a smartphonenot just seniors! And these Emergency Alert features can be activated on just about any phone.

On a Samsung, for instance, you can send SOS messages to four contacts. All you have to do is press the power button three times in a row, which is great in an emergency situation.

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Motorola Moto G Stylus

Features: The Moto G Stylus has a 48-megapixel camera far greater than the 16-megapixel smartphone average to capture sharp family photos and videos. Its also water-resistant and includes features like facial recognition, fingerprint unlock, and high-quality audio when streaming. The phones battery can last up to two days and comes unlocked, meaning you can use it with any service provider or pay in advance for minutes and texts.

Why its good for seniors: This is one of the loudest phones on our list. With sound quality that peaks around 88 decibels, the phone is ideal for seniors with hearing impairment. The screen is 6.4 inches tall and allows for text enlargement. It also comes with a built-in stylus for those who like writing notes or memos by hand.

Physical Description And Battery

Jitterbug Flip Easy

The Link II is very similar in size and appearance to the Jitterbug Flip II. It has a plastic exterior and is sold in either a black or red. It is 4.28 inches high, 2.21 inches wide, and 0.78 inched thick. Like the Jitterbug Flip2, it feels solid, and generates a nice sounding thud when closed.

On the front panel of the exterior of the phone is a camera. Unlike the Jitterbug Flip2, the Link II does not have an LED flash or a notification LED to notify users of a voicemail or emergency alert, although you will hear a notification sound, as well as see the notification on the outside screen. The outside screen also displays the time, day, date and status information, including the battery and signal strength.

The volume rocker and 3.5 mm jack for headphones are on the right edge. On the bottom edge is the microphone and the charging port. Unfortunately, the phone has a Micro-USB charging port, which means that the senior will need to insert the cable in the proper direction. The Jitterbug Flip2 and RAZ Memory Cell Phone, on the other hand, uses a USB type C, and is therefore directionless, which is definitely preferable for seniors. The speaker is on the back of the phone. There is no charging station.

If you flip open the phone, the top half includes a 2.8-inch display and the earpiece speaker. The bottom half includes the keypad.

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How To Lower Your Cell Phone Costs

Some wireless carriers offer plans that include a free or discounted mobile device in exchange for signing a longer service contract. Also, most carriers have special promotions throughout the year that offer significant savings if you sign up for a particular plan.

In addition, some low-income Americans are eligible for discounts through a government program called Lifeline. It’s designed to ensure that financially challenged individuals are able to stay in touch with family members, employers, and emergency services.

You may qualify for the Lifeline program if your income is less than 135 percent of the federal poverty level or if you receive benefits from any of the following programs:

How To Choose The Best Phones For Seniors

There are a few things you have to think about when purchasing a mobile phone that is designed to be used by seniors. Lets take a look at some of those issues so that you can make an informed decision when searching for the right mobile phone.

Size of the screen: The first thing you want to consider is how large the screen is going to be on your new mobile phone. The normal size of screens in most mobile phones ranges from 2.6 inches and 3 inches . There are, however, mobile phones with screens as large as five inches. The larger the screen, the easier it is going to be for seniors to see and use their mobile phones.

Durability: Since seniors will probably drop their mobile phones more than most people, which means that your screen may get damaged or broken. Thats why you want to look for a mobile phone that has a durable case or housing around it. It is going to be a lot easier for you to replace your damaged mobile phone than it will be for someone who doesnt have the same needs.

Battery capacity: Most of the time, seniors are looking for mobile phones that have a battery that is going to last them at least a whole days usage. If you are planning on using your mobile phone throughout the entire day and want to make sure there is a battery that can keep up with your needs, then you want to look for one with a larger capacity .

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What Is The Easiest Phone For A Senior To Use

The phones we’ve listed here actually come in a little bit of a hierarchy.

The easiest phone for a senior to use will be a ‘feature phone’ as they have simple software, a long-lasting battery life and limited features.

Flip phones are the next step up, as they run very similarly, but there are also a few modern ones with 4G and various apps like WhatsApp and Facebook. They also might be a bit fiddly for certain users to unflip.

The hardest mobiles to use will be smartphones, as they can sometimes be complicated for technophobes to get their head arounds. Only pick one of these if you think the user can manage it – or has a young kid on hand to set it up for them!

Benefits Of Cell Phones For Seniors

Cell Phone for Seniors Review: Watch This Before Buying

One Call Away

We spoke with Ava Griffiths, a licensed clinical social worker and therapist based in Georgia, who said she encourages cell phones for senior citizens, especially those without family assistance, enhanced medical alerts, in-home nursing, or home care service. Griffiths, who offers over-the-phone therapy for individuals with anxiety and depression, has provided services to over 200 elderly clients, those in whom, with cell phones, could contact her while away from home or on the go.

Youre More Social than You Think

Senior citizens that have limited mobility or health complications may not be able to leave their homes as often as the average person, limiting their social interactions. While house phones enable them to have conversations, theyre still confined at home and unable to see and engage with others.

Dr. Ariel Cruz, a geriatrician based in Puerto Rico, shared with us the necessity of maintaining some form of social interaction:

The human being is social. We enjoy and need to share with other people. That interaction is very important so that we dont feel alone, but instead feel important and needed within our families and communities. This helps us to manage stress, which is a factor of great importance to maintain our health.

Unlike house phones, cell phones enable us to see our family and loved ones through photos and video chats. We can also interact with and learn from other people through social media, text messages, games, and other apps.

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Jitterbug Flip Phone Plans

Elderly adults generally spend $14.99 to $39.99 per month for Jitterbug Flip services, but costs vary widely based on the number of calls and texts that seniors receive. A basic plan starts at $14.99 per month before including the price of voice or text services. You can add a plan with unlimited calls and texts to your subscription for $20 per month.

The Jitterbug Flip costs about half as much as the Jitterbug Smart2, unless you talk and text often. Consider this basic flip phone if you need it mainly to share important information instead of socializing with friends or keeping in touch with family members. The phone is great for occasional use, but seniors who chat often or enjoy browsing the internet may prefer a smartphone, such as the Jitterbug Smart2.

Tracfone Flip Phones Walmart

If you cant wait to get a phone on your hand, Walmart is the answer. Not every phone on our list is sold by Walmart. Among the few that are available at their store are Alcatel MyFlip 2, LG Classic Flip, and Nokia 2760 Flip. You can order these two phones online.

Afterwards, you can pick the product yourself at nearby Walmart if available. The store also accepts order through delivery. You can get free shipping too. Another perk of buying through a Walmart store is, its easy to immediately return the product. Should you happen to get a faulty one.

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Features Of Free Cell Phones For The Senior

Free cell phones for the senior and disabled are different from the normal free cell phone. I mean, phone providers always ensure that the elderly cell phone is designed with special features that are easy to use. These features are :

  • Long term batteries : Cell Phones have long term batteries due to seniors easily forget to charge their phone regularly.
  • Phone tracking : These phones are also designed with phone tracking system to help friends and family keep tracking the location of their senior. This is because they easily wander or get lost
  • Health tracking : Most of senior cellphones also have health monitoring features to monitor and track their health conditions.
  • Display features : The phones are also designed with special display features like large keypad numbers, icons and onscreen text for clear and easy vision.
  • Is Straight Talk home phone service any good?

    What Phone Features Are Most Important For Seniors

    Jitterbug Flip Easy

    Icons and touch targets on large, affordable devices with lower-resolution screens are easier to hit. On that front, we like the Moto G Power, which is available in various forms on all the major carriers. It has a big screen, a good price, and solid battery life. A flagship phone can also be a good choice for a big screen, especially if you want to use it to look at photos and videos.

    If the default abundance of options on a smartphone feels too cluttered or confusing, try Samsung’s Easy mode. It’s available on handsets from the low-cost A32 up to the high-end Galaxy S22 series.

    Fans of pen and paper should enjoy using Samsung’s S Pen stylus on the S22 Ultra or the stylus on Motorola’s Moto G Stylus. You can also use a third-party stylus with many iPhones.

    Finally, if you’re depending on a tech-savvy person in your life for smartphone tech support, you may want to get the same type of phone they have . The two main phone operating systems are very different, and someone who is used to one might not be able to answer questions about the other. There are a lot of iPhones out there here’s how to choose the best iPhone. We also have a roundup of the top Android phones.

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    Best Cell Phones For Seniors: Options That Are Easy To Use

    This article contains affiliate links. We are compensated with a small commission for sales made through the links at no extra cost to you.

    The best cell phone for seniors depends on their particular needs and budget. Some people just want a basic device to make occasional voice calls. Others prefer having easy access to more advanced features like a camera and GPS.

    According to Pew Research Center, more than half of American adults over age 65 own a smartphone. So that’s where we’ll begin.

    Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5g Cell Phone Factory Unlocked Android Smartphone 128gb Flex Mode Super Steady Camera Ultra Compact Us Version Phantom Black

    • FLEX YOUR BEST ANGLE: With Flex Mode, just unfold your mobile phones screen to your best angle for hands-free pics and video calls Choose what you want to capture, set it down, stand back and shoot your best shot
    • ALL YOUR NOTIFICATIONS, FRONT AND CENTER: Control your cellphone, even when it’s folded shut Galaxy Z Flip3 notifies you on the external cover screen, so you can view notifications and check the weather
    • ULTRA COMPACT, ULTRA COOL: Show off your style game without the tradeoffs With a compact design that unfolds, you dont have to compromise screen size for your favorite outfit
    • A CAMERA THAT GOES STEADY: Thanks to Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3s Super Steady feature, you can just set it down and strike a pose for picture perfect selfies
    • ONE SCREEN, TWO APPS: Launch two apps simultaneously, so you can take selfies while browsing Gallery, watch movies while texting friends, and shop multiple stores at once, on the go

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    Tracfone Flip Phones Dollar General

    Aside from Amazon and Walmart, you can find Tracfone flip phones at Dollar General. One of them is Alcatel MyFlip 2. Options are generally fewer than Amazon and Walmart. But regardless, it can be an alternative. You can buy Tracfone flip phones here either online or offline.

    If you live nearby their store, it means you can get a phone faster than through delivery. So Dollar General can be a good option for buyers who are in a hurry. Dollar General other perk includes 30 days return policy. You can return the product if youre not satisfied with it.

    How To Qualify As A Senior For Lifeline And Acp

    Jitterbug Flip Phone

    There are several ways a senior may qualify for Lifeline and ACP.

    As a senior, you may qualify for Lifeline if your income is 135% or less than the Federal Poverty Guidelines. To view a chart of this income table, .

    You can also qualify if you are receiving benefits from one of the following programs:

    • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
    • Federal Public Housing Assistance
    • Veterans Pensions or Survivors Pension

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    Uleway Flip Cell Phone For Seniors


    WHY WE LIKE IT: If youre worried about getting into an emergency situation and not being able to fully operate your phone, then this is the best option for you. With an SOS button, dedicated speed dial buttons, and a very user-friendly interface, this cell phone helps you respond quickly in dangerous situations.


    • Silence button prone to accidental pressing
    • Loudspeaker not as loud as others

    The Uleway Flip is the best cell phone for seniors with dementia and for use in emergency health situations because of its overly simple and user-friendly design. It features a large and easy-to-press SOS button on the back of the phone that will contact up to five different phone numbers through both text messages and phone calls. Plus, the phone features three dedicated speed dial buttons that can be programmed with emergency contact information. This is incredibly helpful for seniors that struggle to remember complicated phone operations.

    Apple Iphone Se Cell Phone For Seniors

    Were sorry, this product is temporarily out of stock


    WHY WE LIKE IT: This option offers a ton of high-quality features and functionalities that are hard to pass up. With a seamless user interface, excellent display, and tons of accessibility features, this cell phone is an excellent option for tech-minded seniors.


    • Battery life could be better
    • Doesnt include a headphone jack

    If youre a tech-savvy senior or youre buying for one, the Apple iPhone SE is a great choice. iPhones are perfect phones for seniors since they offer an incredibly simple and user-friendly operating system that allows you to transition between phone and iPad, which offers a larger screen. While the iPhone SE doesnt include all of the cutting-edge features and functionalities as the iPhone 12 series, it still performs very well. This was a phone made specifically for people who dont want all of the newest and flashiest features.

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    Kyocera Duraxv Extreme Best For Active Seniors

    • 5MP camera with LED flash
    • Compatible with hearing aids
    • 2800mAh battery

    The Kyocera DuraXV Extreme is a great choice for active seniors as it comes with a durable design, making it resistant to shocks and drops. It also has a large battery that can last up to 12 hours on a single charge.

    Hearing aids can also be used with this phone with greater clarity, making it a great choice for seniors with hearing impairments. Besides, the 5MP rear camera with LED flash lets you capture clear photos and videos, even in low-light conditions.

    Besides these four options, here are some others that you might find worthy of considering:

    • Orbic Journey V

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