Uber For Seniors Without Smartphones

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Why Are Seniors Hesitant To Use Rideshare Apps

GoGo – Use Lyft & Uber Without A Smartphone

Using these apps isnt a popular transportation option like it is with younger generations. When I talk to my elderly relatives about it, they are concerned about several things:

  • Using an app on a phone is foreign to them, even if they have a smartphone. Not to mention that many seniors 80+ dont use a smartphone. We insisted my 87-year-old Dad get one after his car broke down. He was sitting by the side of the road forever because, of course, everyone who drove by assumed he had already called for help. He never uses the phone doesnt even keep it in his car he just cant get the hang of how to use the thing!
  • Having their bank account or credit card information stored on an app feels like it could be open to abuse. I understand that concern with the constant news stories of data breaches and elder financial abuse.
  • Getting into a strangers personal car alone feels like a safety risk. Again, I completely understand that.
  • Of course, cost is a huge concern to seniors on fixed incomes. They need affordable transportation.

How To Use Uber Without A Smart Phone

William StantonRead moreSeptember 2, 2019

Uber is one of the most popular ways of getting a ride in major cities around the world. You only have to download the app and create an account to be able to order a private ride. However, Uber realized that some users dont have smartphones and they cant use the app to book a ride. Thats why they created a website allows users to get the same results without using a smartphone at all. Stay with us and we will explain how everything works.

Is There An Uber For Seniors Senior Transportation 101

One of the toughest challenges life can throw at us is aging. It is a blessing that not every person gets to enjoy, and we dont argue with that. But it also comes with a flip side that we dont always lend a thought to.

Besides all the physical changes that happen and that we need to make peace with, aging can also steal one of the greatest advantages of life: your independence. This is where having options for senior transportation can make life easier.

Many new and existing companies are offering services to find transportation conveniently for seniors to stay independent and healthy. With new knowledge of how ridesharing services work, your loved one will be back to traveling on their own with ease.

There are several ridesharing options, but Uber and Lyft remain the industry leaders. If youre looking for the perfect senior citizen transportation options, read on for more information.

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Can You Use Uber Without A Smartphone

While it is more complex than using a smartphone, it is still possible to call for an Uber using other methods.

Whether you dont have access to your iPhone or Android device or the device is not charged, there are different ways to handle placing your order.

However, Uber started as a mobile phone app.

The most common way to book Uber rides Is through that app.

With time, the ability to request an Uber service has become an option through their website.

Even if you dont have a smartphone, you will still need a cell phone to receive SMS messages.

The person who will drive you will send you a text message at different drive stages to your pickup. So, you need to be able to get these notifications on your phone.

Company Plans To Expand Pilot Program In Arizona And Florida Nationwide

Now You Can Use Uber Without a Smartphone

A pilot program from Uber aims to expand the convenient ride-hailing service beyond those who own a smartphone and are proficient at navigating its app.

The company’s new way to book a ride, 833-USE-UBER, lets consumers request a ride without the app. Although the feature now is available only in Arizona and Florida, the company hopes to gain insights to expand it to other states.

“Using the Uber app can be overwhelming and overly complex, says Danielle Sheridan, head of U.S. city operations at Uber. Older adults often have specific questions about how our service works.”

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Uber Without A Smartphone

Uber has also been focusing on the senior market recently, along with other groups of people. As part of this, theyve developed Family Profiles for Uber accounts. This aspect allows multiple users on the same account, tied back into a single payment method.

There is also the ability to Request for a Guest. This means that as a caregiver, you can setup the Uber rides yourself. Your family member doesnt even need to have a smartphone.

These aspects are particularly relevant for seniors who struggle with technology. They are still able to use Uber and get rides, without having to stress. But, if possible, it would be best for the senior to use the app themselves. The ability to organize their own rides would help many seniors to feel independent.

There are also some services that allow people to request rides by dialing and speaking to an operator, rather than using an app. One example is 24Hr HomeCare and the other is GreatCall. You can read more about both options here.

Is Senior Ridesharing Safe

It is safe! As with any Uber vehicle requested, there are ways to ensure you are in the right hands.

Uber will always send you details of your ride, and it is up to you to check the registration of the vehicle with the one we have sent you. Another way to make sure you are in the right vehicle is to ask the driver who they are collecting. Remember to always wear your seat belt and to share your ride details with loved ones.

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Lyft For Seniors Without Smartphones

The need to use the Lyft app to schedule rides could present a major hurdle for some seniors. But there are ways around this problem.

  • If you use a Jitterbug phone and the Lively service with your Jitterbug phone you can simply dial 0 on your phone and the operator from Lively will set up your transportation through Lyft for you.
  • If you are signed up with you can call them at and request an Uber or Lyft service . GoGoGrandparent will connect you with rideshare services, taxis, and other forms of local, private for-fee transportation in your area at no additional charge, and without the use of a cumbersome app or smartphone.
  • A caregiver or family member with a smartphone and a Lyft account can order a ride for their senior loved one.
  • If you live in Florida, most cities offer a Call A Lyft Ride service. You simply call the number to request a ride. Agents are available Monday thru Friday, 8 am to 8 pm. The service is available in these following cities:Boca Raton

Hopefully, Lyft will expand this wonderful service to other cities and states as well.

You Can Arrange The Ride For Her

No smartphone? Use Uber and Lyft by phone

To do so:

  • Enter Grandmas contact info into the apps address book
  • When ordering the ride, enter the address where Grandma should be picked up into your Uber app
  • Select someone else, then select your loved one from your list of contacts
  • Enter her destination address and confirm it
  • Request the ride
  • Grandma will get a text with the drivers name and photo, the cars description and license plate number, and the time until the driver will pick her up. She can even contact the driver herself if she needs to.

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Reasons For Needing To Use Uber

By 2035, there will be 78.0 million people 65 years and older.

United States Census Bureau

As the Baby Boomers age, they will likely face having to give up driving at some point:

This means they will be isolated and dependent on family or friends to do things like take them shopping or to medical visits. Having transportation is important without it, their quality of life is affected.

This is where ridesharing services can be a great option.

There are countless reasons for needing to use a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft. For seniors, that might include things like:

  • Trips to the doctor
  • Meeting friends or family at a restaurant
  • Grocery shopping
  • Staying active through social functions or outings, such as visiting museums and parks, playing Bingo, etc.
  • Attending places of worship

Rideshare services are perfect for seniors who dont live near family or who live in a town that doesnt have much public transportation. Uber and Lyft-type services allow the person to stay independent longer. Plus they free up family members from having to take time off work or time away from their own errands to take the senior somewhere.

Uber For Senior Riders

Uber for senior riders aim at providing a more easy and accessible option of commuting without relying completely on families to book a ride for them.

They aim to do so by providing booking without smartphones.

Best quality? anyone can book a ride for , Uber will send ride details to the person travelling and will be in contact with the rider directly.

Uber has a centralized platform where you can request, manage and pay for these rides you book for seniors.

Medical appointments? Grocery stores? Events? It promises to provide rides for Seniors for almost every destination they wish to go.

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My Loved One Doesnt Have A Smartphone How Can They Access Ridesharing Services

There are several services that allow a caregiver to use their smartphone to summon ridesharing services when they are not physically with a person in their care. Changing the pickup address to where the senior is located and informing them of the type of car to search for will get them connected to a driver, and the smartphone app will track the car as it delivers your loved one to their destination. You can also use a computer to call for a ride or schedule a car service, depending on the specific agency. In addition to the above options, services exist which allow seniors to call from a traditional cell phone or landline and reach a driver.

Smart Ride Connects Customers Without A Smartphone To Uber Allowing Users To Book Rides From One Of Their Saved Locations Via Phone Call At Any Time

GoGoGrandparent helps seniors without smartphones use Uber, Postmates ...

Created specifically for seniors without smartphones, Smart Ride makes the convenience of the Uber service available to anyone, regardless of the type of phone they use. Users of the service must set up an Uber account, which is then linked to a Smart Ride account. The Smart Ride team emphasizes that customer payment details are not stored by the company, and a users Uber account cannot be accessed by anyone other than the individual.

To use Smart Ride, a user calls their personal phone number and chooses from any of their saved locations. The service is available at all times and costs USD 5 per month after an initial trial month that is available for free. Riders pay the regular Uber fares via their Uber account.

The worlds ageing population is an important demographic and companies and projects are increasingly recognizing the distinct needs of people within the group. Another startup that helps people without smartphones is expanding to include additional on-demand services including grocery delivery and home health visits. This alerts relatives or carers to potentially suspicious transactions to help protect users from fraud. What other app-based conveniences could be adapted for use by non-smartphone using audiences?

13th February 2017

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Ride For Seniors Options You Must Know About

HomeKarry – 5 Ride for seniors options you must know about!

As a matter of fact none of us can live our lives without relying on means of transportation. We often book these transportation facilities for our parents, relatives, grandparents and so, who are in quite a later stages of their lives.

Their safety and comfort are the main elements we look for while booking a cab.

Lucky for us, there are Uber for seniors service providers in the market to deliver best rides for your folks.

The global taxi market has registered a valuation of about USD 94 billion in 2017 Ken Research

The pace of population ageing is much faster than in the past, the industry is definitely bound to grow.

Following are the ride for seniors options you can explore before booking a ride for them:

Logging Into The Website

To log into the website, youll need to select a pickup location.

You can do this with either manual input or by having Uber automatically find your location.Ordering an UberTo order your Uber, youll want to choose the type of Uber service that you want.

The options available may include:

  • Uber Wheelchair

This section is also where you include other notes for the Uber driver, such as any luggage youll be bringing and the number of passengers.

Youll need to enter your destination.

You need to type in the address where you want to go in and select the Fare Quote button to get a price estimate.

Once youve finished entering your customizations, everything is set.

Youre ready to book the ride.

Submit the order for the rideshare, and the first available driver will start moving over toward your pickup point.

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Independence For Older Adults

We believe every senior should have access to great transportation options. Were working to help make it happen.

Seniors are the fastest-growing segment of the US population, and by 2030 one in every 5 Americans will be 65 or older. Many members of this demographic might find getting around increasingly more difficult, keeping them isolated from friends, family, and even medical providers. The right transportation options could be critical to maintaining their quality of life.

Source: United States Census Bureau, October 8, 2019

Gogograndparent Lets Elderly Call An Uber Without A Smartphone

How To Use Uber

GoGoGrandparent lets Elderly call an Uber without a smartphone GoGoGrandparent lets Elderly call an Uber without a smartphone GoGoGrandparent lets Elderly call an Uber without a smartphone GoGoGrandparent lets Elderly call an Uber without a smartphone GoGoGrandparent lets Elderly call an Uber without a smartphone GoGoGrandparent lets Elderly call an Uber without a smartphone GoGoGrandparent lets Elderly call an Uber without a smartphone

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Other Options And Services

There are also some similar services out there. Ubers largest competitor is Lyft, which works in roughly the same way.

Like Uber, Lyft has been focusing on ways to help seniors get around. This includes a program that was being trialed in New York City called Concierge that provided transport to non-emergency medical appointments.

Lyft also allows people to schedule rides, which reduces stress and helps ensure that there is always a ride available when one is needed. This part of the service isnt available everywhere, so youll need to check to see if you have access to it.

There are often other local services as well, so you can look around. But, Uber and Lyft are particularly well known and have significant infrastructure. These aspects alone make them a good choice.

How Do Seniors Sign Up For Uber Without A Smartphone

One of Ubers most intimidating factors for seniors is that its primarily a smartphone-based service. Luckily, Uber recognizes this issue, and theyve made it possible for seniors to use Uber without a smartphone.

Skip the signup: Uber has partnered with RideWith24, which lets seniors arrange Uber rides without going through all of the steps below. You can simply call 1-833-743-3924 to arrange your ride with the help of an operator. Unfortunately, this service is currently only available in some locations.

To sign up for Uber without a smartphone, heres what youll need to do.

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Is Uber Safe For Seniors

Lealo en Español

When my dad reached age 97, my sister and I made a mutual decision that he should stop driving. Even though he only drove within about a five-mile radius, his reflexes had slowed down and he often drove well under the minimum speed limit. Surrendering his keys meant he would have to rely on other transportation if I wasnt available, so we looked into taxis and rideshare options like Uber and Lyft.

One of the first things we investigated was is Uber safe for seniors? In general, Uber is as safe as taking a taxi. The rideshare company does several types of screenings before clearing someone to drive for them. These include driving history, criminal background checks, and motor vehicle checks. Also, GPS tracks the ride and the app has a 911 emergency call button.

Is Lyft Safe For Seniors

A New Kiosk Will Help Uber Passengers Without Smartphones Order Rides

Ridesharing services have their concerns, but Lyft is generally safe for seniors to use. Their drivers must be at least 21 years of age and have a valid, current drivers license. They also must have a minimum of one year of driving experience and are required to carry current insurance.

All drivers are screened before they are permitted to drive for the company. This is done through both DMV checks of their driving record and background checks via a third party.

These background check include a nationwide criminal search, social security number trace, sex offender registry search and a search of the county court records.

Lyft has a no smoking policy for drivers, as well as a zero tolerance policy for drug or alcohol use.

The drivers vehicle must have four doors . It must meet a minimum age and condition. It is also subjected to the same safety standards that cities and states require .

One of the most important things a senior can do when using any ride share service is to be certain they are getting into the correct car!

When they book a Lyft , the senior should be given the drivers name. They will also get a description of the car that will be picking them up , as well as the cars license plate number. No one should ever get into a car without first checking that it is actually the one that was sent by the company.

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