Trips To Israel For Seniors

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Some Tips To Make The Trip Easier

Senior trip to Israel

1. Middle Eastern culture is different from the west, so be respectful. A few things may seem strange, such as the widespread smoking, contrasted with the disapproval of excessive drinking. Likewise, dress according to the context. Jerusalem is more traditional, so modest dress is expected. However, in cities like Tel Aviv, you can wear whatever you like. We recommend that you learn a few Hebrew phrases. This is an effective way to endear yourself to your guides and locals alike!

2. If traveling as a group, keep in mind that hotel pickups might take 15-30 minutes, especially for day trips. Having said that, we do recommend a tour package to seniors. Its more convenient, comfortable, and youll be going at a reasonable pace! Furthermore, you will have a leader who understands the country well, so you can feel more comfortable.

3. For couples in Israel, there are three common mattress sizes: double beds, queens, and kings, for those who like more room to move.

5. Are you ready for the trip of a lifetime? Our advice is to read as much as you can. Our website offers additional information and read our article on How to Plan Your Perfect Vacation in Israel to make sure that you are as prepared as possible. We hope that this has inspired you to take the plunge, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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Negev Explore Masada The Dead Sea And Ride A Camel Through The Desert

You will need an early start this morning as you wake before the sun for your private transfer to the remarkable Masada Fortress. You will ascend the world-famous fortress via cable car and arrive just in time to view the stunning sunrise over the extraordinary Dead Sea. Here, you will discover the history of Masada and learn how it has become a symbol of triumph and empowerment for the Israeli people. Afterward, you will descend by cable car and transfer to one of the illustrious beaches of the Dead Sea. Finally, you will be able to float weightlessly in the Seaâs salinized waters and cover yourself in the regionâs natural mineral mud, which is famous for its healing properties.

You will continue your day with a transfer to the boundless Negev Desert. Here, you will enjoy a thrilling camel ride, which will be complete with breathtaking views of the vast desert, before returning to the exotic Bedouin village. Here, you will be greeted by members of this nomadic tribe who will offer you delectable sweet tea, which is customary of Bedouin culture. They will also provide you with a traditional meal and show of music and dance. After being immersed in the warmth of Bedouin hospitality, you can retire to your desert âglampsiteâ where you will spend the night in complete luxury under an endless sky of glittering stars.

What’s Included:

Day 7

Tips For The Road Any Tips Or Hacks To Make My Trip Go More Smoothly

1. Respect the local culture – remember that you are in the Middle East. Excessive drinking is frowned upon, whilst smoking is still widespread! In conservative Jerusalem, modest dress is expected whereas in Tel Aviv, anything goes. Learn a few Hebrew phrases beforehand – they arent obligatory but every local will love you for it. 2. Group travel – remember that pick-ups from other hotels might take 15-30 minutes. Nevertheless, we really recommend taking a tour package in Israel if youre a senior – its more comfortable and convenient and youll be going at a reasonable group pace! Its also safer – since youll have a group leader who knows the country well – and this gives you added peace of mind.

3. Bed sizes4. Whats good to eat?5. How do I know when Im ready to take the plunge?

Shakshuka . Photo by Delaney Van on Unsplash

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Israel Tours For Senior Citizens

Hire an Israel private tour guide for your next trip to Israel. We all know about the increase in life expectancy. We also know about breakthroughs in medical care improving not only life expectancy but also the quality of life in old age. Many senior citizens worldwide are actively searching for new experiences to enrich their lives. Obviously, some modifications are needed so that older senior citizens can enjoy these experiences.

Israel Tour Guide For Adults And Seniors

Found the perfect Instagram spot while hiking in the Red Canyon, Israel ...

For a good experience of organized trips for seniors and adults in Israel, You need to find a tour guide who is:

1) professional and experienced with adults and seniors,

2) meets your budget.

If you want us to help you find a great tour guide to Israel and we will send you bymail a couple of tour guides for you to choose from to guide you on your upcoming trip to Israel.

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Jordan River Baptism Site

The Jordan River Baptist Site or Yardenit is a baptism site located along the Jordan River just south of the Sea of Galilee in northern Israel. This site is frequented by Christian Pilgrims who enjoy imagining the setting of the baptism of Jesus. For anyone who would like to be baptized in the Jordan River, Yardenit has been developed to be a peaceful setting with beautiful gardens, clean colored water, changing facilities, showers and a nice souvenir shop.

Who Needs Travel Insurance

If youre making large, non-refundable deposits for a trip, you may want travel insurance as a financial safety net in case you lose the money. For example, the trip cancellation insurance within a travel insurance typically covers the money you lose when you have to cancel a trip because of illness, injury, hurricanes and other common travel problems.

Travel insurance is also a good idea if youre traveling abroad because many U.S. health insurance plans have limited or no coverage outside the country, including Medicare. The travel medical insurance portion of a policy can be crucial in case you get an injury or illness abroad.

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What Kind Of Tour Are Seniors Looking For

  • Seniors choose escorted tours to allow quick transfers, arrange accommodations, entrance fees, refreshments and restrooms .
  • Seniors prefer going at a slower more leisurely pace and with more rest stops and an air-conditioned luxury motor coach.
  • Seniors prefer tours that cover Israeli highlights and are flexible enough to meet their requests.
  • Seniors enjoy meeting real Israelis.
  • Todays Seniors ask for casual trails suitable for elderly peoples needs. Senior Tours must take into consideration accessibility, mobility, and ability to do stairs.
  • Seniors want to hear local Israeli speakers explain about the country.
  • Seniors require a tour guide and tourist agency attuned to their medical needs, wishes and limitations. Often Seniors request a customized tour.

Senior Tours can be non-denominational, Jewish or Christian depending on their preferences.

The Great Melting Pot

The Beth Tfiloh Senior Trip To Israel & Poland

As a result, Israels culture is incredibly diverse – immigrants from Europe, North Africa, the Levant and North America amongst many have all brought their customs and traditions here, which is why the country is such an enormous melting pot. Israel is also a country of enormous contrasts – you only have to look at ultra-orthodox life in Jerusalem compared with the secular and liberal culture that exists in Tel Aviv, just an hours drive away.Its worth reading up a little before you travel – on the biblical history of the country, the archaeological sites in Israel, historical figures and political changes that the state went through – or even just delving into a novel by one of Israels modern writers, such as Amos Oz or David Grossman. Theres plenty of films by young directors too, including Eytan Foxs Walk on Water and the riveting TV series Fauda which really give you an idea of the complexity of the country.Also, be aware of religious sensibilities – Friday noon is when Muslims attend important prayers, Friday night to Saturday night is a Jewish rest day and on Sunday, Christians will be at church. For women, carrying a light shawl or shirt in your bag is a good idea, for visiting holy sites in Jerusalem.

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Israel Has So Much To Inspire Any Traveller With Its History Archaeology Diverse Culturesand Religions Spectacular Scenery And Amazing Food Fresh

To see more Reviews Do you remember the excitement when black and white TV switched to colour?After visiting Israel, your Bible will feel like it has become technicolour, because youhave seen and experienced the Holy Land for yourself!

Post-covid tourism in 2023 and 2024 is a block buster with bookings coming faster than ever before…with people keen to fulfil their dream of visiting and experiencing Israel.I would love to share this very special place with YOU.

Reviews For Israel Tours And Vacations

Great tour guide and I would highly recommend him and the 9days journey for the believer to anyone who is interested in visiting the holy lands and Israel.

Waleed K

Well organised and well planned Tour with a knowledgeable Tour director. I highly recommend Gate-1 Travels. .

Shanmugam L

Cosmos was smooth to work with. We had a great tour guide and bus driver – really great service. The only disappointment was that our first hotel room was a bit cramped and very dated. The last hotel was modern but seriously small – barely room for two people and luggage. The food was good at that hotel, it has a convenient location and the service was good. But everyone in the group wanted to try upgrading to a larger room. During the trip we stayed at Leonardo in Tiberias and it was beautiful! Sonny and did a great job with booking everything and helping us have an amazing experience. I’m already thinking of our next adventure!

Stephen M

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Tel Aviv Tour The Famed Jaffa Neighborhood And Enjoy The Tel Aviv Beach

After breakfast, you will meet your guide in the hotel lobby to begin todayâs adventures. You will be transferred to Tel Avivâs famed Jaffa neighborhood, where you will discover how the ancient world meets the new. The city moves from narrow streets to trendy upscale restaurants and cafes, and you will be led on a tour of the Jaffa Flea Market, stopping to haggle alongside locals for new and vintage treasures that may be buried deep within market booths. Then, you will learn of the neighborhoodâs rich history as you walk past the striking Jaffa clock tower before culminating your tour at the Jaffa Port for lunch at one of the many picturesque restaurants or cafes that will be recommended by your guide.

What’s Included:

Day 4

Domestic Vs International Trips

The Picture Book of Israel: A Colorful Book of the Israeli Countryside ...

Many Americans who bought travel insurance last week are planning to take their trips abroad: 89% of travel insurance sales were for international trips.

The average trip cost for international travelers was $4,376. For domestic travelers, the average trip cost was $4,215.

International travelers paid an average of $292 for their travel insurance plans purchased last week, and domestic travelers paid an average of $239.

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You Are Welcome To Join Our Small Group Jewish Or Christian Tours Ideal For Senior Citizens Who Want An Enjoyable And Do

Your own, private, large groups are welcome!Ask for alternative dates to published toursThe pace and itinerary can be adapted to your needsTransportation to and from Tel Aviv airport if on the same flightGroup airfares and travel insurance availableBRING 10+ GUESTS AND THE 11TH TOUR GUEST IS FREE!The average daytime temperatures in Israel for our dates:

Israel Tours For Seniors

Touring in a new place is an exciting adventure. It entails memorable experiences, trying new foods, and immersing yourself into a foreign culture and language. However, it can also be quite exhausting, and especially for seniors, and/or people with certain physical disabilities. And Israel is no exception. The Old City of Jerusalem, for instance, cannot be toured by car. Even presidents and popes must walk there. This is also true for several holy destinations, national parks, nature reserves, etc. Traveling in a wheelchair can also be challenging. Not all sites are wheelchair friendly, and some do not have any alternatives to walking. In recent years, there has been noticeable effort put into making national parks more accessible. Many parts of Masada, for example, can now be reached in a wheelchair. However, for many other sites, experience is the key to overcome various obstacles and challenges.

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Tipping Should I Tip And How Much

Tipping is not mandatory in Israel but definitely expected. Of course, its up to you but in general, give restaurant staff a 10-15% tip and if youre travelling as part of a tour package, your guide will be thrilled with you tipping them. On day trips, you can tip according to how satisfied you are with the individual.

Jerusalem Discover Jerusalem’s New City And Privately Tour Yad Vashem

Webinar #10 – Discover Israel, The Holy Land

Today, you will enjoy your final breakfast at the Bedouin tents before boarding your private transfer to the wonderful city of Jerusalem. You will arrive at your luxurious hotel that overlooks the majestic Old City to freshen up before you make your way to the world-renowned Yad Vashem museum, which is the World Holocaust Remembrance Center. Here, you will uncover the somber history of the Holocaust on a private tour that will be led by an expert guide. You will learn how this calamitous event shaped the cultural identity of this resilient country before walking through the eerie Childrenâs Memorial as you are guided by candlelight with the chilling murmur of names being read aloud. This experience will be sure to evoke an ineffable mood of grief and wonder.

Moving forward on a lighter note, your guide will transfer you to the heart of Jerusalemâs New City, where you will explore the lively Ben Yehuda Street. Strolling along the New Cityâs main drag, you will be impressed by live music and street performers before taking time to stop into the many shops that sell locally crafted artifacts. You can take in the sights and sounds of this cheerful area, enjoy dinner here at one of the many bustling bars and restaurants, and experience daily life in Jerusalem as it really is.

What’s Included:

Day 8

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This Unique Journey Is Customized Specifically For Active Seniors

  • Small group – target is 10 American and 10 Israeli participants
  • Mix and connect as Americans & Israelis, sharing views on current events challenges and opportunities.
  • Learn about Israels diverse cultures Jewish, Arab, Druze, Circassian.
  • Enjoy a comfortable mix of leisure time and activity. Have time for shopping and shmoozing with new friends or on your own.
  • Focus on two locations at a leisurely pace Tiberias and Jerusalem. Experience sites most visitors dont see.
  • Understand Partnership 2Gether and what we do.

Moderate Activity Level: Participants must be able to independently manage moderate walking with steps, inclines and uneven terrain. Tours begin at a reasonable time . Only two locations, so you wont continually pack and repack suitcases.

Jerusalem Spend The Morning In Jerusalem And Head For Home

Today will be your final morning in Jerusalem, and as you explore the Old City at your leisure, you can stroll through the ancient streets and stop at a charming cafe to soak in your last moments in the Holy Land. As you look around at your travel companions, you cannot help but reminisce on your wonderful trip thus far. As you reminisce through all that you have seen and experienced over the course of these 10-days, you will realize that this has been your trip of a lifetime and an experience that you will never forget. You will return to your hotel to gather your belongings to meet your private driver for your transfer to the airport and your journey home.

What’s Included:

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Jerusalem Privately Tour The Israel Museum And Explore The Bustling Shuk

After breakfast today, you will begin your excursion with a transfer to the world-renowned Israel Museum. Here, you will be provided with a private tour of the museum to discover some of Israelâs most revered cultural treasures such as the recently uncovered Dead Sea Scrolls and the Second Temple Model, which models a complete version of Jerusalem before the Great Revolt against Roman Rule. You can also enjoy the museumâs Archeological Tel, which details Israelâs many archeological digs throughout history, before marveling at the many other exhibits that are held within this extensive museum.

Leaving the Israel Museum, your private driver will transfer you to Jerusalemâs infamous Shuk, which is also known as the Mahane Yehuda Market. Here, you can discover the excitement of one of the cornerstones of Middle Eastern culture as you traverse the market like a local, haggling for the best prices and stopping to sample traditional delicacies. From the sweet taste of chocolate babka to the rich aroma of Israeli spices, you can fully immerse yourself in the buzz of the bustling Shuk. You can also sample a juicy Israeli date among a plethora of other delicacies, letting the luscious flavor wash over your tongue. You will be amazed at the bright colors of endless fruit and vegetable stands in addition to the exotic array of traditional Jewish baked goods, which can be yours for only a handful of Shekels.

What’s Included:

Day 10

Israels History & Culture

2022 Israel &  Jordan Trip with Fr. Don Senior, CP

Thousands of years of religion, culture, and history have shaped Israel. Israel has been influenced by the three major world religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam, all of which hold Jerusalem as sacred. The uniqueness of Israel lies in the fact that it welcomes Christian pilgrims, contains a large Muslim population, and is the epicentre of Jewish culture. Likewise, Israel has a fascinating culture and history, including folklore, literature, art and language.

Israel has become home to immigrants from Europe, North Africa and North America. All these cultures have had an influence on Israel as a country. There can be vast differences in Israeli life: from ultra-orthodox to secular and liberal, which can be seen at its best in Tel Aviv.

Understanding Israel and its history are worthwhile. The biblical and political history is particularly worthwhile as you explore the unique experience Israel has to offer. You can also learn about Israel from modern writers, as well as films.

As religion plays such a large part in Israel, dont forget to be mindful of religious sensitivity Friday noon is when Muslims attend important prayers, Friday night to Saturday night is the Jewish Sabbath, and Sunday is the day Christians attend church. When visiting holy sites in Jerusalem, women should carry a light shawl or shirt.

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