Toe Nail Cutting For Seniors

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How To Cut Toenails With Fungus


Cutting toenails with fungus is similar to the process for cutting thick toenails. If you leave the fungus untreated, your nails will continue to thicken and might get to a thickness that requires some additional action including:

  • medical-grade toenail clippers, as standard clippers may not be able to cut all the way through and can slip off the nail and cut your skin
  • longer foot soak
  • clipper disinfection using alcohol or diluted bleach

If you think that you have a fungal infection, make an appointment to see your doctor.

Toenail Clippers For Elderly People

Our circles of older adults have been exploring toenail clippers for elderly people. They explain that older adults often have nails that are hard to cut or hard to reach. The explorers are especially interested in toenail clippers for thick toenails, and toenail clippers that will work when a person has arthritis, and thus can not exert a strong grip on the toenail clipper.

Together, we have brainstormed a bit, and gone out and found a range of products that seem promising. You can see them below.

The key issues our Longevity Explorers are trying to solve with these toenail clippers are:

  • thick hard to cut toenails
  • difficulty reaching the toe
  • arthritic hands making operation of the clippers hard
  • toes that are bent or otherwise not “as usual” due to conditions like arthritis.

We have narrowed down the array of possible nail clippers and tools to a short list that seem promising for hands-on evaluation. Please look these over, and if you try one out please comment at the bottom on your experience, or come along to our circle discussions and share what you learned.

Common Foot Problems In Seniors

With the aging of feet comes a higher possibility of suffering from a number of different foot problems. While the majority of these issues are easily treatable by your local podiatrist, it is important to not ignore them as they could get worse over time and require more extensive treatments. Are you suffering from any of these common foot problems? If so, contact our foot specialists at one of our A Step Ahead Foot & Ankle Centers today!

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Look For Signs Of Infection

The first thing to look for in the feet of an older person is signs of infection. Discolored nails, blisters, cracked skin, bleeding sores or woundsall of these can show that an infection is present or soon to occur without proper care. A doctor must diagnose such problems, but noticing them quickly and scheduling an appointment can prevent a foot health crisis. Keeping skin and nails clean and moisturized will largely prevent problems, but keep an eye out for changes and report them to the doctor immediately.

What Are The Risks When I Get A Pedicure

Best Toenail Clippers for Older Adults

Any time you are in a public facility with lots of customers, the potential for nicks and cuts, and employees who may be too rushed to properly clean equipment and tools you have a higher chance of contracting bacterial and fungal infections.

For those who have poor circulation in their feet, it is definitely too high risk to have a pedicure where nicks and cuts need to be avoided at all times. This is because your healing response is slower and a simple cut could likely turn into a nasty wound that will take a long time to heal.

If youre wanting to get a pedicure, we encourage people to make sure the nail salon uses sterilised instruments.

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Buying Guide: Find The Best Toenail Clippers For Seniors

When buying the best toenail clippers for seniors, its crucial to remember a few fundamentals about how this equipment works and how theyre designed. Then, based on your requirements, select the best toenail clippers. Before making a decision, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are the clippers strong enough to be used without exerting excessive pressure?
  • Are the handles long and ergonomic enough to allow for simple operation without bending over?
  • Are the handles long enough and supple enough to allow for simple handling?
  • Is there a wide jaw on the clippers to cut thicker nails?
  • Is there a protective tip cover to prevent accidental pokes and cuts?
  • Is there a lid on the clippers to capture the clipped nails?
  • What is the material that they are composed of? Do they rust or corrode easily?

Answering questions like these will assist you in finding the best toenail clippers for seniors in your life and offer you confidence in your final decision.

Always Wear Socks And Shoes

It is in the best interest of your toenails that you do not go barefoot. This doesnt include the occasional walk down the beach. Wearing socks and shoes can decrease the chance of debris getting under your toenails. It can also prevent the chance of wear and tear. The callouses are protected just in case theres a fall that could dislodge your nails.

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Candidate : Podiatrist Mycotic Toenail Clippers

Most of our explorers felt this was too heavy an implement, and a bit scary. Several worried they might accidentally cut themselves with it, as it has very strong and fierce jaws. The consensus of our explorers was that this would work best when you had very thick toenails that are hard to cut. And most likely, this tool should be used by someone else to cut an older adult’s toe nails rather than by the older adult themself.

Get Someone Else To Do It If Need Be


Its never wise to cut your nails if you arent sure if you can. A trusted family member is a great person to get to assist you. A health care provider may do it as well. If you have no one to help you, you can go to a salon and have it done.

If you have arthritis it can even be painful to cut your own nails. There are nail clippers for seniors with arthritis that are easier to use. Those who have vision, neurological, or dexterity problems should not do it themselves.

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Basic Tips On Caring For Their Hands And Feet

  • Keep hands and in particular feet clean and dry
  • Check regularly for changes in their nails
  • Be aware which medication can cause nail disorders
  • Regular nail trimming for the elderly is important
  • Also weekly hands and feet massage to promote circulation
  • Daily moisturising is needed if dryness is due to medications
  • Change socks every day and encourage good supportive and fitted footwear
  • Encourage 4 to 6 weeks regular seniors manis or pedis
  • Recommend a yearly checkup with a Podiatrist

Important Geriatric Foot Care Treatments

Geriatric foot care treatments can be beneficial to the elderly. If you are currently in need of geriatric foot care services, then your next step is making an appointment with an experienced podiatrist. A podiatrist is a health care professional who has specifically trained to treat, diagnose and treat patients who are experiencing foot problems, ankle problems, as well as leg problems that are directly connected to foot and/or ankle problems. Podiatrists are also known for rehabilitation abilities, as an experienced podiatrist can treat conditions that are considered to be abnormal.

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Why Is Right Nail Care For Seniors So Important

Keeping your nails in top condition can increase your level of comfort. Seniors are often prone to getting fungus infections under their nail bed. These infections can lead to discomfort and an unpleasing appearance. It also just feels better to be properly groomed. Senior nails require extra consideration and care. As long as you follow these tips, your nails should be just fine regardless of age!

So you have other nail care tips for seniors to add to the list? Let me know in the comments below!

To Live Useful Satisfying Lives As We Get Older Its Vital That Were Able To Move Around Efficiently Foot Ailments Make This Difficult If Not Impossible For Some Seniors

Toenail Clippers for Seniors (5 Top Rated Brands)

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, a leading cause of activity limitation in elderly people is impairment of the lower extremities. In fact, more than 25% of nursing home patients can walk only with assistance or not at all. If you or a family member are suffering from aging foot problems, our team of foot specialists at A Step Ahead Foot & Ankle Center are here to help you to treat these problems as well as maintain healthier feet for the future. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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How A Podiatrist Can Help

In addition to checking for infections and trimming nails, Dr. Tran can provide advice on what shoes to wear and how to prevent potential foot complications associated with older age.

Contact us to schedule an appointment to ensure your loved one maintains healthy feet and toes as they age. You can call one of our offices in Arlington or Dallas, Texas, or use the booking tool here on our website.

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Angled Head Or Ergonomic Clippers

Angled head toenail clippers are increasing in popularity for older adults. These devices have an angled head that makes it easier for users to get a good grip on the handle without having to hold the device close to their toes. This makes it easier to see what you are doing and is easier for seniors with arthritis.

Candidate : Peta Long Reach Nail Clipper

Trimming of Super Thick Fungal Nails: FULL TREATMENT

A number of our explorers think this product looks useful. Several of them have tried it out and reported back after using it to actually trim their toenails. It has a nice feel to it, and the handles are comfortable and motion seems smooth.

Those explorers who were used to using scissors to trim their nails liked this product the best of all those we tried.

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Who Should Not Get A Pedicure

If you have Diabetes, especially with poor circulation and numbness in your feet, we DO NOT recommend pedicures. With these conditions, its best to avoid places that puts your feet at a higher risk of getting an infection through incorrect nail cutting and skin debriding techniques or through the use of non-sterile equipment.

Angled Head Vs Straight Head

There are a few different types of toenail clippers that have an angled head. This type of head is designed to make it easier to get under the nails and cut them cleanly. Some people prefer this design because they feel that it makes the process of clipping nails much easier.

Another type of toenail clipper has a straight edge. This is the type of blade that is typically used on younger peoples nails because it is more easily able to cut through the nail without damaging it too much.

It can be difficult though for older people to use a straight blade because their hands and wrists may not be as flexible as they once were.

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Flat Feet Aka Fallen Arches

Flat feet is a condition that mostly occurs in older adults. The term is used to describe a situation in which the arch of ones foot is not as it is supposed to be when they are standing up. This abnormal arch is associated with knee pain. It is necessary for any aging adults who has or thinks they have this condition to seek professional treatment.

Best Toenail Clippers For Seniors

Toe Nail Clippers For Ingrown Thick ToeNails

If you are short on time, watch this video on best toenail clippers for seniors.

In terms of foot care and nail clippers, several pieces of equipment are available that cater to the unique needs of the elderly. Any clippers sold to the elderly should be easy to hold and use and reduce the risk of damage or overall discomfort.


Seniors, pregnant ladies, overweight persons, people with back difficulties, and anybody with a limited range of motion will benefit from the Pistol Grip Remote Toe Nail Clipper. Clipping toenails is easier with less bending because of the long handle and pistol grip. The trigger action provides increased leverage.

Clippers with long handles are ideal for seniors who take care of their feet but cannot fully bend over and complete the action required to clip their toenails effectively. With a simple trigger maneuver, these best toenail clippers for seniors give excellent leverage and control over the clipper component. This can be done with either your right or left hand, depending on your preference.


This Clippers Swivel Action eliminates unpleasant twisting and allows you to trim your nails at a comfortable angle. The ergonomically built wide easy-grip handles allow safe, secure, and comfortable handling when clipping your nails.





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Benefits Of Electric Toenail Clippers For Elderly

The majority of electronic nail cutters are painless. As a result, theyre a popular choice among people living with arthritis. There isnt any squeezing required! Rather than clipping the nail, most people grind or file it away.

Electric toenail clippers for the elderly also have a lower risk of harm. Its very typical for people who use regular nail clippers to cut their fingers. Even if its a little cut, bleeding can be severe because many elderly individuals have a limited ability to recover. When people with diabetes clip their nails, this is very crucial.

Additionally, these versions are incredibly light in weight. A lightweight variant is easier to operate for elders with diminished arm strength.

In many cases, the finished outcome is also more aesthetically beautiful. When youre cutting someone elses nails or toenails, it might not be easy to get a nail clipper in the appropriate position. Even if you do it correctly, filing is often required to ensure that the nails are even. With an electronic nail clipper, you can have a neat and exact job done. Electronic nail clippers are meant to avoid overcutting the nail while also filing it.

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Best Electric Toenail Clippers For Elderly

Toenail clipping is an essential part of personal hygiene. Cutting and cleaning our toenails regularly helps us avoid various problems, such as toe infections and ingrown nails. However, the natural process of aging can make this simple chore more difficult since our bodies grow more rigid, making it difficult to reach our toes. Alternatively, our nails may get so hard that trimming them is excruciatingly uncomfortable.

Among the elderly, arthritis is a prevalent problem that makes short toenail clipping difficult. This condition weakens the joints, making it difficult to maintain a firm grasp on the toenail clipper. Its critical to get the best electric toenail cutter for senior persons who suffer from this issue.

There are special clippers called electric toenail clippers that are expressly made for aging seniors with arthritis, rigid bodies, and other age-related difficulties, thanks to technological advancements.

The best electric toenail clippers for the elderly will aid in the most efficient clipping of your nails, and they are completely safe to use.

Take a peek at the following list of electric toenail clippers for elderly.

Use An Electronic Nail Clipper

She’s 97, Active, and a Year Overdue: Trimming Elongated Toenails

Electronic nail clippers are often the best to use for nail care for the elderly. As we lose dexterity and strength, it can be difficult to keep nails properly groomed. Electronic nail clippers are easy to use and only require the push of a button. Consider asking someone else to do it if you are unsure of whether or not you can do it yourself.

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How Do I Know If I Have A Foot Infection

If youve recently had a pedicure and concerned you may have an infection, keep an eye out for these common foot conditions:

Ingrown toenail the toe will be painful, red and swollen

Nail fungus the nail will thicken and change colour

Infection redness, swelling and heat at infection site

Candidate : More Long

This product seems very similar to the PETA product at the top of the list. When the explorers tried it out for actual cutting they mostly felt it did a poorer job of actually cutting than the preferred “candidate #1” at the top of the page.

In one of our explorer circles, the explorers handled it and commented that the handles were much harder to use . It feels a little more flimsy than the top long handled scissor.

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Key Features When Shopping For Toenail Clippers

It is important to consider the key features of toenail clippers to determine the best option for your needs. Some of the features to look for include: easy to use controls, durable construction, and ergonomic design and a variety of blade sizes and shapes.

Additionally, it is important to choose a model that is comfortable to use, especially if you are having to do this on a regular basis.

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