T Mobile Phone Plans For Seniors

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Magenta Max 55+ For Power Users

T-Mobile has the Phone Plans for Seniors


The Magenta MAX 55+ plan is the crème de la crème of T-Mobile’s 55+ plans. This plan costs $65 per month for one line, or $45 per line for two to four lines. It’s nearly double the price of T-Mobile’s entry-level Essentials 55+ plan. So T-Mobile would have to be making you an offer you couldn’t refuse to justify that extra expense. Does it? You be the judge.

FYI: Want to add a tablet or smartwatch to your T-Mobile plan? You can! Prices start at just $10 per month for high-speed data, talk, and text.

Plan Features

Frequent flyers will love the Magenta MAX’s unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi. Videophiles will appreciate the HD streaming and free Netflix Basic with one line or Netflix Standard with two or more lines. And remote workers will be over the moon with unlimited data on the go . Your speeds won’t slow down after you hit a certain number of GB in a month like it does with the other two plans.

Did You Know: Are you looking your age these days? Even if you are, don’t forget your ID when you sign up for your T-Mobile account in store. You’ll need to provide proof of age when signing up for a 55+ plan.

In short, the Magenta Max is a power plan with a very nice cherry on top: 40 GB of mobile hotspot data that can turn your café table into your office away from home. Similar to the basic Magenta 55+ plan, you’ll also have free data and texting in hundreds of countries. However, the Magenta MAX 55+ plan offers twice the data speeds abroad. Talk about perks!

Does Verizon Offer Discounts For Seniors

Verizon only offers discounts to seniors for their Unlimited phone plans. Youll pay $60 a month for one line or $80 for two lines. You cannot get senior discounts for Verizon wireless internet services.

However, Verizon requires you to enable Auto Pay and paperless billing features in your online account to see these prices . Otherwise, youll pay $70 and $90 monthly.

Ill cover the $10 monthly discount later and provide detailed steps on enabling them.

The cellular service senior discount is through their 55+ Unlimited Plan. And through this plan, youll get the following:

  • 6-month Apple Music free: up to $60 in savings
  • Verizon Up rewards: rewards program that gives you access to special offers
  • Unlimited 4G LTE / 5G Nationwide data
  • Unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada
  • Unlimited domestic Talk & Text
  • Unlimited Mobile Hotspot: speeds up to 600 Kbps

Verizons Unlimited plan for seniors allows you to watch streaming services in 480p resolution.

Ill dive further into getting the senior plan and other potential Verizon Unlimited and Prepaid discounts.

Despite having no Verizon Fios internet plans for seniors, you can still find home internet deals under certain circumstances. Ill cover those after detailing the mobile discount.

Magenta Max 55+ For Heavy Mobile Users

The Magenta MAX 55+ plan is the gold standard of T-Mobile’s Unlimited 55+ plans. It’s true, though, that this top-tier package isn’t cheap. The Magenta MAX will run you $65 per month for one line or $90 per month when you sign up for two lines . You’ll pay $45 per line if you want three or four lines on your plan. However, it’s loaded with features that will make sense if part of your routine is staying connected while away from home.

The Magenta MAX 55+ includes:

  • 40 GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot data
  • 5 GB of 4G data in Canada and Mexico
  • Gogo In-Flight: Unlimited texting and in-flight Wi-Fi
  • 4K UHD streaming
  • 2x data speed and texting while abroad
  • Free Netflix Basic for one-line plans
  • Free Netflix Standard with two or more lines
  • Name ID and voicemail to text feature

Did You Know? T-Mobile’s Magenta 55+ and Magenta MAX 55+ plans offer a free year of AAA membership!

The Magenta MAX 55+ is the best T-Mobile option for older adults who need to get the most out of their phones while they’re on the go. Faster data speeds means no waiting to send large files when you’re traveling. Unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi means you’re connected virtually wherever you are. And with a Magenta MAX 55+ plan, you’ll never see slower data speeds at peak times. Your data is truly unlimited.

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Phone Plans For Seniors

Many phone service carriers market certain plans specifically toward seniors. Generally, these are cheap plans with limited data. Carriers such as Consumer Cellular also pride themselves on excellent customer service, especially for seniors. Other carriers, like Lively, focus on senior-specific services such as easy-to-use phones that can come with health and safety features. These two companies, in particular, stand out for their low prices, high reviews and senior services.

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Consumer Cellular provides a variety of customizable phone plans that range from phone calls only to unlimited data. The most affordable plan that includes unlimited talk, text and 1GB of data is available for $20 per month per line plus taxes and fees. However, you can now get 5GB of high-speed data per month for $25. Previously, this plan only offered 3GB of high-speed data, which makes this plan a great deal. Consumer Cellular also offers a 5% discount for AARP members.

Consumer Cellular also runs on two reliable networks: AT& T and T-Mobile. If you do switch to Consumer Cellular, you may be able to bring your own phone, either an Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or any Android phone, to save even more. You can check your phones eligibility online. You can also check out additional plans and information on Consumer Cellulars website.

Who Has The Best Coverage

The Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

Nearly all carriers, including the ones on our best cell phone plans for seniors list operate their own network or under a big network. There are essentially three main networks at the moment – Verizon, AT& T, and T-Mobile – and they all have nationwide coverage of varying quality, depending on your location. If you want to see how good coverage will be in your area you can follow these links just below to visit each network’s coverage check pages:

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Best Iphone Deals For December 2022

Cellular carriers in the United States regularly provide discounts and offers on numerous models of Apples iPhone. As of 2022, that means you can find solid bargains on the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone SE, and many more at AT& T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint.

Note: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with these vendors. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running.

Apple unveiled the iPhone 14 in September 2022 and the new iPhone SE in March 2022, and were tracking new offers on these smartphones below. All major carriers have various discounts, offers, and savings on the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max, so be sure to look for more details in each carriers section.

Carrier deals do have some downsides, in regards to how many stipulations come with obtaining the discounts. But if youre looking to sign up for a new contract, switch carriers, or buy multiple iPhones at once, you can likely find a few solid bargains at these companies.

In this guide, well break down offers by carriers, and also include a few sales related to refurbished devices. In regards to these sales, the best refurbished discounts are typically related to older iPhone models, but you can still occasionally find refurbished sales on current generation models as well.

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Iphone 8 Review: Specs

Dimensions: 158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3 mmDisplay: 4.7 inches, 750 x 1334 pixels pixelsProcessor: Apple A11 Bionic / 2GB RAMStorage: 64 / 256GBCamera: 12MP sensor, f/1.8, OIS, quad-LED flash

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All of our tests are done in a real-world environment not in a lab. You can find out more about how we test at T3 here.

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Phone Plans With Senior Discounts

Some phone plans offer discounts specifically to people who are over a certain age and/or have an AARP membership. Unfortunately, these plans arent always the best choice, even with the discount. Many plans with senior discounts have very limited minutes, no texting and no data. Still, there is one plan that offers a great senior discount with truly unlimited data.

How To Find The Best Senior Cell Phone Plan For You

T-Mobile Introduces ‘One Unlimited 55+ – Discounted Smartphone Plan for Seniors

As you consider the best plans, ask yourself:

  • Do you enjoy chatting on the phone for hours or prefer brief check-ins with your family and friends?
  • Do you like to travel or do you have family living abroad?
  • Do you have a smartphone and like to watch videos or play games?
  • Do you video chat frequently with your family?
  • How important is cost?

Based on your answers, you can narrow down the type of cell phone plan that will best match whats important to you. For example, if you have a smartphone and you video chat often with your family and play games on your mobile device, an unlimited data plan would likely be a good match.

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Why You Should Trust Us

Ive covered the wireless industry since the late 1990smy first guide to cell phone service, written in 1998, devoted much ink to comparing analog and digital cellular. Ive tested smartphones and cell phone plans from all the major carriersthe historic foursome of AT& T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon, plus Nextel before thenfor the Washington Post, CNN Money, Discovery News, PCMag, VentureBeat, and others, and I now cover tech and telecom issues for Fast Company, USA Today, and other sites, including trade publications like Light Reading and FierceTelecom. And in July 2021, I put in more than a thousand miles of drive testing from Baltimore to Atlanta for PCMags Fastest Mobile Networks project.

Other Plans To Consider

While senior-specific phone plans and senior discounts are great, they arent your only options. If youre looking for the absolute cheapest mobile phone plan available, youll want to check out Tello Mobile. Mint Mobile also offers incredibly low prices, including the cheapest option for an unlimited phone plan. And Visible offers four lines for $100 per month.

In addition to senior phone plans and senior discounts, here are three other plans to consider:

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Tello Mobile offers the cheapest cell phone plans Ive found, and it runs on T-Mobiles reliable network. You can get unlimited talk, text and 1GB of high-speed data for $10 monthly. If you dont need the 1GB of data, you can get an even cheaper plan with unlimited talk and text for just $8 per month. You can also bring your own phone to Tello if its eligible.

To learn more about Tello, be sure to check out our review. You can also visit Tellos website to begin building your perfect cheap cell phone plan.

If youre looking for another cheap prepaid phone plan on T-Mobiles network, also be sure to check out T-Mobile Connect. They also begin at $10 per month for 1GB of data.

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Verizon Fios Home Internet Discounts For Veterans


* This price doesnt include taxes, activation fees, other fees, and fees after Verizons guaranteed price. It does include the discount for enabling Auto Pay and paperless billing.

If you also have an Unlimited plan, you can save between 5785% on your Fios home internet bill. Otherwise, youll save up to 18% when only subscribing to their internet plan.

Veterans can also waive the $99 setup fee when signing up for an online Fios home internet-only plan.

If youre a veteran from any military branch and want this deal, visit and follow the pages prompts.

Youll need to verify your previous military status with . wont work with the Internet Explorer browser.

You may have to wait around 10 days for or Verizon to verify your documents.

Once validated, youll need to log into or create a Verizon Fios internet account.

Itll take one or two billing cycles for the discount to appear on your Verizon account.

You can keep using this discount if you continue using qualifying internet plans. But once a year, Verizon may ask you to re-validate your military status. Youll have 30 days to respond to their message.

Us Mobile: Best Flexible Mobile Plan For Seniors


Lets face it sometimes, we only use one phone service in our plans. We only text, but not call, or the other way around. The great news is, US Mobile offers flexibility in its plan, thanks to its option for a flexible contract. Its base price starts at $4. From there, you can add your desired minutes of calls, the number of texts, and the amount of data allocation. This cell phone service plan is great for everyone, especially for seniors. We all know our seniors mostly use the text or call functions of their phones and not much of mobile data consumption. Now, you dont have to stress yourself on paying too much for using too little from their services.

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Are Verizon’s Unlimited Plans Actually Unlimited

Verizon unlimited plans are for the customer who needs a lot of data. Each plan may have its own limits, but your data allocation is unlimited in all Verizon’s different types of plans and packages.

Since the requirements of older individuals are all unique, these cell phone plans have got you covered in terms of value and flexibility. Understanding your top priorities will allow you to choose your own plan that works for you.

Best Senior Cell Phone Plan For Unlimited Use: T

  • $27.50 to $45 monthly per line for two lines
  • Unlimited call allowance
  • Unlimited data allowance
  • Month to month plan

For those looking for aged 55 cell phone plans, T-Mobile’s plan offers unlimited phone calls and more for the tech-savvy senior. Those looking for a comprehensive data plan will appreciate the unlimited 5G high-speed data for HD video streaming, making unlimited calls, and casual browsing. Some additional perks include free Netflix subscriptions and international roaming for higher-tier plans.

However, there is a maximum of 2 lines per plan, and data speed can slow down if there is high traffic.

One of the best senior unlimited cell phone plansUseful for HD video streamingComes with additional perks like free Netflix subscription Only 2 lines per planData can slow down with high trafficHotspot data limited to 5GBStreaming resolution maxed at 480p

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At& t: Overall Best Cell Phone Plan For Seniors

AT& T has two major offerings for seniors: the AT& T Unlimited 55+ and AT& T Senior Nation plans. The Senior Nation plan is the most basic offering of AT& T. It has 200 minutes of any time calls, unlimited calls to AT& T Mobility subscribers, and 500 minutes of Night & Weekend calls. If your calls go over the allotted time, you will be charged $0.45 per minute. It has call forwarding, call waiting, nationwide long distance calls and roaming, caller ID, and conference calling. This plan is specially made by AT& T for seniors aged 65 and above.

But if you have tech-savvy folks, there is another plan available. The AT& T Unlimited 55+ offers 5G at no extra costs, unlimited texting, calling, and surfing within the US, Mexico, and Canada, free texts to more than 120 countries, and mobile security features such as blockage of spam and fraud calls. This will cost you around $60 for one line and $80 for two. Florida residents can avail of a $20 discount on its offers, making you pay just $40 for one line.

There is one more cell phone plan to consider, but it is better for American Association of Retired Persons members than regular seniors the AT& T Unlimited Elite Plan. AARP members get to enjoy a $10 additional discount on it. This plan comes with unlimited surfing, 30 GB of mobile hotspot, mobile security features, and a free HBO Max subscription.

Should You Buy Postpaid Prepaid Or Resold Service

Consumer Cellular: More Data, Same Price (AT& T Smartphone Plans, Senior Discounts)

If you want unlimited calls and texts, more attentive customer service, and phone financing through your carrier, you should stick with a traditional postpaid plan, where you get a bill for service after you use it. Postpaid costs a bit more and requires decent credit to qualify, but it offers you every phone the carrier sells, usually with no-interest financing, and the service you get should match what you see in the carriers ads.

However, switching to prepaid, where you pay for service before you use it, can be an easy way to save $10 to $20 a month or more. Many prepaid services are provided by smaller companies that simply resell service from one of the big carriers, so they offer coverage similar to that of the major carriers at a lower price. But for resellers to undersell the major carriers while using the same networks, they need to make some trade-offs similarly, the major carriers own prepaid plans tend to involve restrictions that their postpaid plans lack. We dont recommend switching to prepaid unless you meet most of these criteria:

Switching to prepaid, where you pay for service before you use it, can be an easy way to save $10 to $20 a month or more.

The wireless services some cable operators offer, based on resold network capacity from one of the big three carriers, represent their own special case. They offer some serious bargains but also require you to use that cable firms broadband to get the advertised pricing.

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