St Patrick’s Day Games For Seniors

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Make Rainbows In Your Classroomno Rain Required

P.E. St. Patrick’s Day Game: “Pot O’ Gold”

Begin the lesson by explaining to your students how rainbows form. One option is to read aloud The Rainbow and You. Then, with a prism , sunlight, and the right angle, you can create rainbows on the floor, walls, and ceiling of your classroom. Adjust the amount of light and angles to vary the width and size of the rainbows. Have your students record their observations or draw pictures of the rainbows theyve created.

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Get Lucky With Contests And Prizes

From four leaf clovers to pots of gold, luck is a major St. Patricks Day theme. To test your teams luck, turn games into competitions with prizes. You could also do random giveaways like raffles and door prizes and mail rewards to winners post-event. Contests encourage attendance and participation and make online events more interactive.

Learn more about workplace competitions.

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Virtual St Patricks Happy Hour

Toasting the holiday with a drink is one of the most popular celebration ideas. Virtual happy hours are great St. Patricks Day ideas for adults because they combine the social elements of grabbing a drink, without having to cram into a packed bar or hail a ride home afterwards. Instead, gather together on video call and sip your green beer or Irish coffee together.

We recommend covering your teams first round of drinks by reimbursing or sending a stipend of up to ten dollars. Also, allow attendees to choose a drink of choice, and encourage themed options like stout, whiskey, Irish cream, green beer, or fun St. Paddys Day cocktails.

End the evening with a round of toasts or spirit renditions of Irish drinking songs.

Pro-tip: Writing your own Irish drinking songs is a fun team bonding experience!

St Patricks Day Word Search

St. #Patricks Day Pin &  Spin Drinking Game #65573

Word searches are great virtual St. Patricks Day ideas for school. These fun puzzles challenge participants to find holiday words among jumbles of letters.

We made a St. Patricks Day word search you can use for your online class or meetings:

To solve the word search online, pull up the word search, share the screen, and make sure annotation settings are on. Players can circle words right on screen!

Here are move word games.

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Fun Ways To Celebrate Saint Patricks Day

If youre an activity director or work at a senior living facility, you may need some new activity ideas to celebrate Saint Patricks Day with your residents. Here are a few unique and fun ways to enjoy this holiday from

Best-Dressed Leprechaun Contest. Invite participants to compete in an interesting best-dressed leprechaun contest on St. Patricks Day. Provide green hats for participants to add to their attire. For the men, encourage them to wear green shorts, green shirts, green ties, and long white socks for the women, encourage them to wear green dresses or green tops with green pants. Provide the men with clay to make their own pipes before the contest.

Set up a fun photo shoot for your residents to take pictures wearing a leprechaun beard and hat. Send the photos to your participants family members for a nice chuckle.

Pub and Card Party. Gather the men for a fun pub-inspired poker party in your Activity Room. Keep the beer flowing as you teach the men how to play a few Irish card games. If youre looking for more of a physical tavern-themed game, play a pub game of darts with the men instead.

St. Patricks Day Parade. Encourage participators to dress in green as they help you pass out St. Patricks Day balloons to passersby in your facilitys hallways. Be sure to put themed clings on the windows too!

About Not Just Bingo:

Send Your Students On A Scavenger Hunt

Get your students up and about, hunting for gold as they try to find the items on this free printable scavenger hunt. You can time the hunt, create groups, or even conduct the activity outdoors. To extend the fun, you might have your students decorate old tissue boxes as treasure chests in which they can store their findings.

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Attend A St Patricks Day Parade

Going to a St. Patricks Day Parade or local celebration is a great way for seniors to celebrate the festivities as a group or with loved ones. You can check your local events calendar to find information about any local parades or themed events that are open to the public. Plus, its a great excuse to get outside and enjoy some sunshine. Rumor has it that the sun always shines on St. Patricks Day!

Learn An Irish Step Dance

A Fun St. Patricks Day Project for Seniors

Show your students a video clip or two of professional Irish step dancers before breaking down the steps with an easy-to-follow tutorial. This is a great activity for gym class or any time you notice your students getting a bit restless. The steps may be complicated, but your students will enjoy being on their feet and listening to traditional Irish music.

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St Patrick’s Day Games

Irish Themed Arts And Craft

Just like games, you have many unique choices for St. Patricks Day-themed arts and crafts. Select a piece of art that is suitable for you and your companions based on your ability levels. Choose something that is challenging but not too difficult. It is important thus to source for art projects that is basic yet pleasant. You can make pots of gold, wreaths, or cards. Gather with other residents as you create your own art pieces.

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Make Irish Themed Crafts

Like games, you have several different options for St. Patricks Day-themed crafts. Choose a craft or a few crafts based on you and your friends skill levels. A craft that is too difficult for everyone will not be as fun as something simple yet nice. Make cards, pots of gold, or wreaths. Search through this list of crafts for more great ideas, or gather your friends together and come up with your own original craft ideas.

St Patricks Day Party Games For Adults

St Patricks Day Printable Game Set for kids and for adults

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Irish Heads Up.

You know that Heads Up game where you put the name of a person or object on your forehead and then ask yes/no questions to guess who you are? Well, just tailor it to an Irish theme. Before your party, makeup index cards with the names of famous Irish people. When each guest arrives, tape their card to their back. Since this game lasts the whole party, taping it to their forehead just seems, I dont know, mean? Of course, if you want to give really them the incentive to win, you could do that! Id go batty if I had something taped to my face, though! Make it more exciting by giving the winners access to a super secret treasure, as the dessert table, where these super yummy St. Patricks Day cupcakes await!

Tossing Taters

How to Play:

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Skittles, Skattles, Devil Among Tailors

No, Im not slacking and tossing a bunch of St. Patricks Day party games for adults into one heading. Im also not talking about candy! Those are all variations of a very popular traditional game involving a ball on a chain and a bunch of pins. The Skittles game has crazy-complicated rules, but you can break it down to its simplest form for your party. Heres an example of a mini version, but you can improvise and make a larger version .

Irish Scavenger Hunt

St. Patricks Day Jeopardy

Irish Jig Contest

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Virtual St Patricks Day Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts engage online audiences by getting players up and moving. To host an online scavenger hunt, ask participants to fetch objects one by one. The first player to show the item onscreen wins points for themselves or their team.

We made a St. Patricks scavenger hunt template to use for your game:

For more tips, check out our list of virtual scavenger hunt ideas.

Read The Story Of St Patrick To The Grandkids

Before you eat or celebrate St. Patricks Day this year with day trips, games, or crafts, gather the whole family together in the living room and tell the story of St. Patrick. You can find a different version each year or read the same version every time. The little traditions that you do with your grandkids now will stick with them long into adulthood. They may even continue those traditions with their own children and grandchildren. So this year, consider starting this new tradition with the people you love.

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Most Snazzily Dressed Leprechaun Contest

Welcome members to contend in the exciting best-dressed leprechaun challenge on St. Patricks Day. Give green caps to members to complete their outfit. For the men, urge them to don green all green clothing , as well as long white socks to complete the look for the women, urge them to don green dresses, or just green for the top and bottom pieces are fine too. Give the men clay to create their own pipes before the challenge.

Cook For St Patricks Day

St. Patrick Senior Center 45th Annual Irish Festival returns May 1st, 2022

A delicious and sweet activity to celebrate St. Patricks Day is baking and creating delectable treats with your loved ones. You can create any green-themed treats, such as leprechaun or cloverleaf cookies. You can also purchase any St. Patricks Day toppers to make it more festive.

Cooking is a fun activity that increases seniors dexterity, creativity and thinking skills. You can also help them out with these activities and other basic household tasks.

Its also a fun way to bond with your loved ones and get to talk to them.

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Virtual Field Trip To Ireland

While you may not be able to fly your team to Ireland, you and the crew can take an online tour of the Emerald Isle.

To take the digital tour, join a video meeting, then have one participant start the tour and share their screen. Or, book a guided online tour with a host to tell tales and answer questions.

Here is a list of virtual Ireland tours for St. Patricks Day:

For more online excursion ideas, check out our post on virtual tours.

St Patricks Day Party Games

Christine Gauvreau is an event planning expert with over 10 years of professional party planning experience. She co-founded an event planning business that specializes in kids’ parties. She has written for The Spruce on topics related to children’s parties for almost five years.

The Spruce / Ulyana Verbytska

It’s time for the shamrock scramble, rainbow relay, and leprechaun tag! No, these aren’t the latest dance crazes, but rather the names of some fun St. Patrick’s Day games for kids. Play these and many more Irish games at your kids St. Patrick’s Day party or any celebration that calls for a green-wearing good time.

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Spin Irish Yarns With These Story Starters

St Patricks Day Game St Patricks Day Find the Guest Bingo

Inspire your students to think creatively and write a story about what they would do if they found a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Encourage them to think about the characters, conflict, and resolution in their tales. Either paste the story on cauldron cut-outs or use Word to create a simple lined page with a festive border. See a thorough lesson plan!

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Host A St Patricks Day Painting Party

Assembling a work of art and art party for your older adult is an incredible method to partake in some St. Patricks Day fun. Try not to stress over their aptitude for composition! Rainbows, shamrocks, leprechauns, and pots of gold are basic but fun images that are anything but difficult to make. Also, painting and creating will help your older adult utilize their innovative gifts while improving their hand-eye coordination.

Have A St Patricks Day Painting Party

Putting together a painting and craft party for your elderly loved one is a great way to share in some St. Patricks Day fun. Dont worry about painting skills! Rainbows, shamrocks, leprechauns, and pots of gold are perfect simple symbols that are easy to create. Additionally, painting and crafting will help your loved one use their creative talents while boosting hand-eye-coordination.

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Look For Luck With A Four

What better excuse to get outside on an almost-spring day than going on a four-leaf-clover hunt? If youve got a grassy area by your schools playground, take your students outside to first assemble this tiny book of clover facts before searching for a four-leaf clover of their own.

Source: Green Grubs Garden Club

Invite Friends And Loved Ones For A Game Night

St. Patrick Day Song: Rhythm Play Along and Body Percussion

You can improve your cognitive abilities by playing games. You can host a St. Patricks Day-themed game night with your friends and family. At the same time, this activity can give you the opportunity to socialize with others. You can play bingo. How is this related to St. Patricks Day, you may ask. Well, you may use objects related to the occasion to daub the numbers on the card.

Another game that you can do on this day is a scavenger hunt. Although this may be more physical than bingo, you should remember that moving your body is always a good opportunity for you to exercise. This is your chance to burn some calories and stretch some muscles as you scavenge for clues.

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Make A Lucky Charms Bar Graph

With this easy-to-prep activity, your students can practice counting and graphing while enjoying a sweet treat. For a class of 1520 students, two boxes of Lucky Charms cereal will suffice. Then you just need a measuring cup, crayons, and a simple graph drawn on paper. Have your students count and record the number of marshmallows they find. Then have them share the results with the class. You can also easily turn this activity into a lesson on fractions or probability.

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Beer Or Whiskey Tasting

Fun fact: St. Patricks Day is a big drinking holiday because historically, Christians were allowed to forego Lenten alcohol restrictions for one day to celebrate the feast. Funner fact: you can entertain your group by hosting an online beer or whiskey tasting.

To hold the tasting, meet up via video call and try a variety of beverages together. Either invite an expert to guide the tasting tour, watch an online tutorial, or simply sip and share your impressions. Asking participants to bring their own beverages is probably the best option, since mail regulations for alcohol can vary from state to state. Be sure to send attendees lists of drinks to obtain, and cover the cost of purchase if feeling generous.

Pro-tip: Send attendees extras like pint or shot glasses, coasters, stirrers, drink infusers or mixers, and snacks like chips or pretzels.

Here is a list of ways to do beer tasting online and a list of ways to do virtual alcohol tasting.

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