Senior Staff Accountant Job Description

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Senior Accountant Job Summary

Senior Accountant | Everything You Need to Know (in Under 5 Mins)

We are seeking an experienced and detail-oriented Senior Accountant to join our finance team. You will prepare financial statements, verify financial records and transactions, analyze cash flow, review budgets and forecasts, oversee audits, and develop paperwork for regulatory reporting. When we hire junior accountants, you will also be responsible for training new staff and monitoring their work for accuracy. Our ideal candidate has at least two years of professional accounting experience with a track record for providing accurate and efficient work.

Required Skills And Qualifications

  • Professional experience in accounting, such as internship or staff role
  • Knowledge of accounting and corporate finance principles and procedures
  • Ability to multitask, prioritize, and organize effectively
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality of company and client information
  • Desire to continue professional growth through training

Senior Accountant Roles & Responsibilities

  • Make recommendations based on analysis and status of reserves, assets and expenditures
  • Assist with financial and tax audits
  • Document and monitor internal controls in support of auditing team
  • Coordinate more complex accounting projects and initiatives with other members of the accounting and finance team or with other departments

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Requirements & Skills 9

  • Ability to work independently and take initiative
  • Ability to express and clearly communicate Finance policies and procedures and/or detailed instructions and procedures for proper recordkeeping.
  • Ability to participate constructively in meetings/group projects with colleagues as well as others outside of the Finance area.
  • Ability to plan and execute special projects to successful/desired results within the stated time frame as assigned by Manager.
  • Ability to perform a thorough review of balance sheet and income statement accounts – tasks to be performed include recommending/executing correcting entries, raising potential issues for discussion, identifying problem accounts, analyzing balances for accuracy and completeness and proposing accrual or deferral entries as appropriate.
  • Knowledge of finance, accounting, budgeting, and cost control principles.
  • Knowledge of federal and state financial regulations.
  • Ability to analyze financial data and prepare financial reports, statements and projections.
  • Education: Bachelorâs degree in related field or equivalent experience required.
  • Experience: Minimum of three years of related experience required.
  • Software/Hardware: Working knowledge of Microsoft Office required. Lawson business software a plus.

Qualifications For Senior Accountant

Senior Accountant Jobs
  • Involvement in business registration, tax compliance and creating, distributing, and reporting tax datasheets
  • Five years’ experience working with intercompany transactions and reconciliation in preparation for audit
  • Working knowledge of non-profit tax filing and tax compliance as it pertains to state and federal level regulations
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a leadership role and supervise up to ten junior-level subordinates
  • Experience in budget creation for your own department to coordinate team training and certifications
  • Thorough understanding of financial application security ensuring that all financial data is secure and complies with confidentiality policies
  • Required knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, Paychex, Metro, and other applications related to finance and accounting
  • Must be an outstanding communicator, and have established skills in accuracy, organization, and working in a high-volume environment
  • Demonstrated ability to support all other departments within the company and coordinate training and information sessions

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Senior Accountant Job Responsibilities And Duties

  • Performs periodic balance sheet and P& L reconciliations
  • Conducts variance and financial analyses
  • Plans and implements accounting work to new projects
  • Ensures compliance with internal controls and accounting standards
  • Helps in the required annual audits with internal and external auditors
  • Develops accounting processes and procedures

Senior Staff Accountant Job Description Sample Template

Looking for Jobs? Find Senior Staff Accountant Jobs Now!

This free Senior Staff Accountant job description sample template can help you attract an innovative and experienced Senior Staff Accountant to your company. We make the hiring process one step easier by giving you a template to simply post to our site. Make sure to add requirements, benefits, and perks specific to the role and your company.

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What Are The Essential Duties Of A Senior Staff Accountant

1. Prepare and analyze financial statements.

2. Record assets, liabilities, revenue, expenses, and reconcile bank and general ledger accounts on a monthly basis.

3. Prepare financial reports, trial balances and variance analyses.

4. Participate in the development and implementation of internal controls, audit preparation and review.

5. Assist with budgeting and forecasting.

6. Assist with the preparation of complex tax filings including corporate, partnership and individual taxes.

7. Assist with special projects and other finance-related tasks as assigned.

8. Remain current with changes in relevant accounting regulations and standards.

9. Build and maintain relationships with partners, clients and other colleagues.

10.Train, mentor and supervise staff, accounting clerks, and interns.

What Qualifications Are Needed For A Senior Staff Accountant

How to become a Senior Accountant? | Salary | Skills | Career in India

To qualify as a Senior Staff Accountant, you typically need a Bachelors degree in Accounting, Finance, or a related field, along with 3-5 years of experience in the field. Depending on the organization, employers may also require one or more certifications, such as CPA or CMA . Additionally, strong analytical and problem-solving skills, the ability to work with various accounting software, and excellent communication abilities are all desirable qualities for Senior Staff Accountants.

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Duties & Responsibilities 3

  • Prepares interim financial statement reporting and analysis
  • Completes quarterly and annual insurance statements, and prepares regulatory financial reporting
  • Coordinates annual administrative budget process prepares monthly actual vs. budget analysis
  • Maintains cost accounting system to allocate and report administrative expenses by the line of business
  • Assists in preparation of federal and state tax returns, and IRS Form 1099 reporting
  • Prepares administrative expense budgets and filings for the FEP program
  • Prepares financial and administrative expense exhibits and narrative for the business plan

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List Down The Interview Questions For A Senior Accountant


  • What kind of accounting software are you comfortable working with?
  • How will you improve the accounting software?
  • Are you comfortable working under pressure?
  • How proficient are you in MS Excel or other applications?
  • Mention how you will prepare the annual budget for an organization.
  • How do you maintain an accounting standard or auditing standards in the best way?

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How To Become A Senior Staff Accountant

Senior Staff Accountant Job Description

To pursue a career as a senior staff accountant, you need previous experience in accounting plus a formal degree. The minimum qualifications for this job include a bachelors degree in accounting, business, or another relevant field plus experience in a related industry. You need excellent interpersonal skills, competencies in mathematics and statistics, and management abilities. Senior staff roles require an aptitude for leadership and managing teams. Most employers require professional licensure as a Certified Public Accountant . Knowledge of current tax and auditing practices and exceptional organizational skills are necessary for senior staff accountant jobs.

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Corporate Senior Staff Accountant

Performed all assigned month end duties, which included journal entries, account reconciliations and bad debt allowance analysis. Assisted with numerous audit issues as assigned.

  • Reviewed and approved assigned balance sheet accounts on a monthly basis to ensure accuracy.
  • Acted as liaison between Accenture India team and Prometric throughout the month end process to clarify any questions or concerns regarding any accounting issues that arose in regard to journal entries, the general ledger or account reconciliations.
  • Reviewed special projects deemed by management to have merit and performed analysis to determine the amount of time and resources appropriate to dedicate to said projects.
  • Developed and implemented process to record domestic credit card chargebacks and dispute them to recoup funds for the company. Also, administrator for all credit card processing . Annual credit card sales in 2013 are expected to exceed $100M.
  • Acted as backup for Deltek time/expense capture system, which involved updating employee, project and capital expenses.
  • Operated PeopleSoft, Deltek, Infor, Blackline, Crystal Reporting, and numerous in-house developed softwares.

Duties & Responsibilities 6

  • Prepares, analyzes and reconciles various accounting reports such as payroll, bank accounts, accounts payable and receivable, fixed assets, fundraising and encumbrances.
  • Calculates accounting estimates and records in general ledger.
  • Prepares balance sheet reconciliations and calculations.
  • Prepares and posts adjusting journal entries.

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What Does A Senior Staff Accountant Do

A senior staff accountant is responsible for managing the accounting operations of the company’s accounting department, reconciling accounts, and finalizing financial reports to discuss with the management. Senior staff accountants resolve account discrepancies, analyze the company’s financial status, and verify financial transactions. They must have excellent analytical skills and extensive knowledge of the accounting principles to perform accounting duties that would minimize the financial risk of the company. A senior staff accountant provides strategic recommendations to prevent overspending and increase efficiency across all departments to drive more revenues and profits.

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Senior Receivable Accountant Job Description

SENIOR ACCOUNTANT Interview Questions & Answers! (How to PASS a Senior Accounting Job Intervieww!)

Also, do not ignore the senior receivable accountant job description if you consider pursuing an accounting career. Do not miss this accounting job if you enjoy working with multiple partners and clients, as the senior receivable accountant works with the firms partners to compile and report on long due receivable accounts.

The receivable accountant is responsible for collecting unpaid payments to secure the companys revenue. They also verify receipts and reconcile data discrepancies.

In more detail, they use project management, organization, and communication skills to reach out to customers and then collect payments. They also record, keep the transactions information, accurately monitor the companys revenues and bank deposits, and report receivable accounts periodically.

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Duties & Responsibilities 8

  • Assist with day-to-day operations of the General Accounting department and the period end financial close processes, including journal entry processing and review and completion/coordination of assigned closing tasks
  • Financial forecasting and analysis of fixed expenses in coordination with business owners and senior level management
  • Perform monthly balance sheet, income statement and changes in financial position/budget variance analysis
  • Work with business personnel to understand and present resolution for the accounting of new or non-routine business transactions, including accounting and reporting for new contracts/agreements
  • Responsible for performing special projects to improve process efficiency
  • Preparation of financial statement and disclosure schedules
  • Assist with the audit process by completing requested schedules and working closely with external audit personnel
  • Maintain procedure documents for tasks performed using Company standard templates
  • Special projects as assigned

Frequently Asked Questions About The Role And Responsibilities Of Accountants

Accountants spend their day recording the financial data of a company or individual. They also prepare tax returns and conduct risk analyses and financial forecasts. They must ensure the accuracy of all transactions.

Accountancy is a good career for those who enjoy working with numbers, and it’s a very stable career. The hours and working environment are generally good, although tax deadlines can mean longer hours at times.

Yes, successful accountants get paid reasonably well. The average base pay of an accountant in the United States is $83,814 per year. The most experienced and skilled accountants can make up to $113,257 per year.

Working as an accountant can be challenging at times. They must ensure that all financial transactions are correct and legally compliant. They can also experience more pressure as financial and tax deadlines approach.

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How Much Does A Senior Accountant Make In Chicago

12+ Accountant Job Description Templates

The average salary for a senior accountant in Chicago is $85,838. The average additional compensation for a Senior Accountant in Chicago is $8,541. The average total compensation for a Senior Accountant in Chicago is $94,379. Senior Accountant salaries are based on responses collected by Built In from anonymous Senior Accountant employees in Chicago.

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Senior Accountant Job Description Sample Template

Looking for Jobs? Find Senior Accountant Jobs Now!

This free Senior Accountant job description sample template can help you attract an innovative and experienced Senior Accountant to your company. We make the hiring process one step easier by giving you a template to simply post to our site. Make sure to add requirements, benefits, and perks specific to the role and your company.

Who Is A Senior Accountant

A senior accountant is a skilled professional with experience in both managerial and financial accounting. This person normally holds a four-year degree in accounting and might be CPA or CMA certified. A particular functional area may be targeted for the senior accountant role. For instance, this person might be given control over the payables or payroll departments. Just below the assistant controller in the accounting departments organizational chart is this position. Senior accountants are typically promoted to assistant controllers, at which point they can go up to the controller. For businesses and organizations, senior accountants are responsible for reporting costs, productivity, margins, and expenses. They typically do not have to carry out administrative duties like data collection, balance sheet population, or journal entry updating, unlike junior accountants.

Senior Accountants carry out complicated accounting tasks and financial analysis using their practical accounting knowledge, in-depth understanding of accounting principles, and company procedures. They serve to enforce and monitor compliance with the companys overall accounting policies and procedures. In some cases, they are the point of contact between junior accountants and accounting managers, and directors.

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About The Senior Accountant Position

We are looking for a skilled Senior Accountant who will supervise general accounting operations and control our financial transactions. Your responsibilities will also include reconciling account balances and bank statementsÙ« maintaining the general ledgerÙ« preparing month-end close procedures and ensuring accuracy and effectiveness in all company’s accounting tasks.

We expect you to possess both excellent analytical skills and an in-depth knowledge of accounting principles to efficiently analyze financial reports and forecasts. You should also have experience in managing accountants and junior analysts.

How Does A Senior Accountant Succeed

7 Senior Accountant Interview Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. They can ensure all financial documentation is appropriate and accurate. They maintain important financial reports. Senior accountants can also prepare tax returns appropriately. All taxes should always be paid on time. The Senior Accountant can succeed in their job if they can use their experience and skills to work well in this role. Senior accounts ensure they use a systematic and time-bound approach to manage tasks in a better manner.

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What Are The Daily Duties Of A Senior Accountant

On a typical day, a Senior Accountant starts by checking their email and voicemail to respond to time-sensitive messages from upper management, accounting staff or business clients. They review upcoming deadlines for financial reports or payments and plan their day accordingly. Throughout the day, they visit with accounting staff members to delegate tasks, answer questions and check on their progress with certain accounting projects. Senior Accountants also meet with the companys financial leaders to strategize about investments, end-of-year procedures and new accounting policies.

What Are The Different Skills For A Senior Accountant


  • They should be highly detail-oriented.
  • They should be able to meet the deadlines promptly.
  • Senior accountants should also demonstrate the ability to work independently and also in a collaborative manner.
  • They need good analytical skills to work in this department.
  • They need the ability to solve problems.
  • Senior accountants should also be familiar with all accounting software being used.

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Duties & Responsibilities 9

  • Responsible for preparation and input of recurring, standard and manual journal entries.
  • Monitors cash balances for several entities and reconciles monthly bank statements in a timely manner.
  • Analyzes revenue and expense postings comparing actual to budget on a monthly basis. Records accruals or deferrals of costs and revenues as necessary.
  • Researches items identified during preliminary review by Manager of Financial Reporting.
  • Responsible for monitoring receivable and/or payable balances from all outside parties/clients – services provided include grants and corporate borrowings.
  • Prepares consolidated and combined financial statements at various levels on a monthly and quarterly basis.
  • Participates fully in interim and year-end audit process – prepares audit schedules as assigned by Manager and interacts with auditors as necessary.

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