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Who Is A Good Fit For A 55+ Lifestyle Community

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Senior lifestyle communities are an appealing option for independent older adults looking to simplify their lives and reduce the stress associated with traditional homeownership. However, because these communities offer less care and assistance than all other senior care types, they are not the right choice for everyone. Below, we describe some of the types of people who are well-suited to thrive in a 55+ community.

Seniors Looking for a Stress-Free Lifestyle

Even if you are still wholly active and independent, dealing with homeownership hassles can be enough motivation to relocate to a senior residential community. Adults who find themselves in this situation are a good fit for senior apartments and 55+ communities because theyll retain their independence while handing off maintenance tasks to community staff. Other aspects of 55+ living that contribute to a stress-free lifestyle include on-site amenities, a built-in group of friends to socialize with, and easy access to interior maintenance and repairs assistance.

Active and Independent Seniors

Recently Retired Adults

Adults Who Enjoy Socializing

Questions And Important Considerations

As you research locations and community amenities, also consider other aspects that won’t be mentioned in the glossy brochures.

  • What are your neighbors like? Talk to them. Do they live there all year or part-time? Are they the kind of people you’d want to have over for dinner? Do you share the same interests?
  • Is the developer on solid financial ground? If there are structural issues, do they have the resources to resolve those issues? What if homeowners start to default? Can they weather that kind of storm? Ask to see a copy of their budget and profit and loss statement. This should be readily available from the homeowner’s association .
  • Is there a reserve fund for maintenance? This is often called a sinking fund and is money set aside for things like roof replacement, air conditioning replacement, etc. This is usually a line item on the HOA’s budget.
  • Find out who owns the land adjacent to the community. What are the plans for the land? You don’t want an airport being built next door.
  • What rules will you have to follow? Some communities dont allow residents to display flags of any kind, including the American flag. You can’t park an RV in the street or in your driveway. You might not be able to paint your front door a different color. You may not be able to have a jungle gym in your backyard for the grandchildren. Make sure to check out the details by asking to see a copy of the HOA’s bylaws.

Who Lives In Senior Apartments

  • Those looking for no home and yard maintenance.
  • Those who have gotten recently divorced.
  • Those wanting the freedom to travel without having to worry about the property back home.
  • Those relocating to be closer to friends and family.
  • Those who are widows or widowers needing to downsize.
  • Those looking for a lower cost situation .
  • Those who want to be around their peers.

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You Get Active Living At Its Best

One of the many benefits of 55 and over communities is the noticeable emphasis on activity and fitness. Active adults can find a variety of activities that are fun and easy to do. Many 55+ communities have fitness centers, recreation rooms, and calendars full of exercises and experiences that focus on staying as healthy as long as possible whatever the pace may be. Amenities and activities that emphasize this lifestyle include:

  • Cooking classes
  • Lessening the possibility of mental health issues such as loneliness and depression

Check Resale Values In The Retirement Community

55 Plus Senior

Most seniors who are opting for 55 and older housing are probably not thinking about selling anytime soon. This, however, is a weak reason not to check on the local re-sale value of this type of housing.

There have been periods of time where this kind of housing flooded the market, causing market values to drop. Make sure you speak to a top local real estate professional who can guide you on the projected resale value.

Is purchasing an over 55 property a good idea in the location you are thinking about? Doing your homework is wise.

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Choosing An Independent Living Facility Or Retirement Home

What you need from an independent living or retirement facility depends on your own unique situation. With so much variation in the services offered, think about which are most important to you, both now and in the future. For example, if you value exercise, consider a community with an exercise area, pool, or fitness classes. Or while you may enjoy cooking your own meals now, you may want the option for communal meals in the future.

When visiting a retirement home, retirement community, or other independent living facility, consider these aspects:

Pro #1 Cheaper Cost Of Living

Buying a retirement home in a 55+ community may be a cheaper option if you still want to live independently but with the benefit of added amenities. The average cost of a 55+ community is $1,500 $4,000 per month.1 Comparatively, the average monthly mortgage payment in the United States is $1,595, while the average monthly rental payment is $1,062.2

The monthly cost of an active living community will depend on the state you reside in. Certain communities will require a one-time move-in fee as well. For more information on the actual cost of living, connect with the communitys sales counselor.

Before committing to the move, look into refinance programs for seniors to understand all of your possible housing options and get the best rate.

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What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Retirement Communities

Age-restricted communities can be an excellent solution for older adults who are ready to live a stress-free lifestyle but who do not yet need regular personal care assistance. Though medical care and daily assistance are not readily available at these communities, residents still reap many benefits, including:

  • Maintenance-free living
  • Socialization and opportunities to form relationships with neighbors
  • Planned activities, events, and outings for residents
  • Senior-friendly design features like single-floor living and walk-in showers
  • Safety and security provided by a locked gate, on-site security guards, alarm systems, or a combination of the above
  • Convenience to on-site amenities and local destinations like shopping centers
  • Coordinated transportation for residents to run errands or visit other local attractions
  • An active lifestyle with fitness amenities on-site
  • The ability to retain complete independence while letting go of cumbersome tasks like yard maintenance

Housing Options For 55 And Older Seniors

Applications being accepted for affordable senior housing project in Wakiki

Many people reach the age of 55 and realize it is time to start thinking about retirement. Some people will simply enjoy their retirement and others will need a place to live. Luckily, there are many communities for retirees over the age of 55 that offer all kinds of amenities with regards to socializing, leisure activities, and healthcare. If youre over the age of 55 and dont yet have a plan for where you might go in retirement then this post is worth reading with regards to finding housing thats right for you.

Some people will take on a roommate or two in order to continue living in their own home for as long as possible. This is a personal preference and up to each individual. The term retirement village is used loosely with the meaning of an area or community where retirees live together. There are many different kinds of retirement villages and communities, so you have a lot of options to choose from. Some communities cater to certain religions and others are secular while others offer low income housing options.

Some communities have physicians on staff and others do not. Some communities offer more medical services than others and this may be an important factor to you. Most communities require residents to have their own insurance since care is usually provided at a reduced cost to residents who opt for paying the fees themselves.


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Hud Laws On Senior Living Communities

  • Senior living communities target people over 55 years old, and specialize in providing housing adapted to the needs of older people. The communities are also known as active-adult communities or age-restricted communities. They offer independent living, but may also provide facilities for assisted living. Some senior living communities offer single-family homes that seniors can buy, while others are apartment communities with rental units. The federal Department of Housing and Urban Development regulates senior communities to ensure their compliance with the Housing for Older Persons Act of 1995 .

  • Are 55+ Communities Worth It

    Now, you might be asking yourself, Is an active adult community right for me?

    If youre looking to enjoy your retirement in a safe and peaceful community with others who are in the same stage of life, a 55+ community may be the right match for you. These communities can offer a gradual transition into a new chapter of your life, which you can still enjoy to the fullest by actively using provided amenities and getting to know your neighbors.

    However, if you arent quite ready for a quieter lifestyle and would prefer to interact with a mix of age groups on a more regular basis, you might think about waiting a couple more years before moving into one of these communities.

    Just because you may be 55 or older doesnt necessarily mean you need to join a 55+ community. The way you want to live your retirement is solely based on your needs and preferences.

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    And Older Subsidized Housing

    There are hundreds of opportunities to live in your own place when you turn 55, but not all housing is created equal. Some options cost a mortgage payment each month and result in a long-term commitment, while others provide affordable housing with no long-term commitments.

    Todays article will explore subsidized senior living communities for those 55 years of age or older and offer a list of the best places to start looking around.

    There are hundreds of opportunities to live in your own place when you turn 55, but not all housing is created equal. Some options cost a mortgage payment each month and result in a long-term commitment, while others provide affordable housing with no long-term commitments.

    Todays article will explore subsidized senior living communities for those 55 years of age or older and offer a list of the best places to start looking around.

    Subsidized Senior Housing

    To qualify for subsidized senior housing, you must meet the following criteria: a) You will be 55 years or older and b) You must earn no more than $12,000 per year.

    The HUD Senior Housing page lists many subsidized senior communities available in the United States. These locations are also listed on the HUD Senior Web site

    Affordable Senior Housing


    Cost Of Independent Living Communities

    Summer Hill Senior (55+).Apartments Apartments

    The median monthly cost of senior independent living in the U.S. is $2,552, according to A Place for Moms 2018 cost index. Thats about $1,400 less a month than the average cost of assisted living. However, independent living costs vary by supply and demand, geographic location, floor plan, services, and amenities.

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    Types Of Senior Apartments

    • The definition of affordable senior living apartments changes from community to community because of the local cost of living. In general, affordable means that a renter pays no more than 30 percent of their income on rent and utilities. A combination of federal, state, and local laws provide other determining factors as well as provide funding. Qualified residents can receive vouchers that enable them to rent in certain senior living apartment communities.
    • senior living apartments are offered at competitive rates, which are usually about 15 percent below regular apartment rates. These complexes typically offer senior-related amenities such as community dining, housekeeping and transportation.
    • Luxury senior living apartments for many older adults may be their second home and are often located in cities close to cultural activities. They are larger, up to 2,000 square feet, and provide dozens of upscale amenities for their residents.

    A Variety Of Available Support Services

    Being able to live independently in our own home is a goal many of us have as we get older. However, there may come a time, especially after an illness or accident, where additional assistance is required. One of the benefits of 55+ communities is having support services available when you need them. Residents should check to see what additional costs may be accrued when using these services. While these services may not be necessarily needed early on, there is a chance they will be at some point during your time in a 55+ community. Some typical support services include: Housekeeping

    There are also support services that fall into the category of life coaching: Helping older adults and their loved ones find enrichment, wellness and service resources Assisting with navigating the many services and resources available for residents Helping residents develop a plan of action during a transitional time

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    Understand The Homes Amenities

    While choosing the 55 and over community, you will be happy with could depend largely on your surroundings, dont underestimate the importance of the home or condominium you choose to live in! Over 55 housing often has different features and perks than you would find in traditional housing.

    For example, are the doorways in the home set up for easy access with a wheelchair? While nobody wants to think about this kind of thing, it could become necessary somewhere down the line. Maybe due to health or injury concerns, you need a first-floor master bedroom, so you are not going up and downstairs? Are the baths handicap accessible?

    These are the kinds of things to think about when purchasing 55 and over housing. Handicap accessibility may not be an issue now, but it could be sometime in the future.

    Final Thoughts On Buying Into A Retirement Community

    Westgate Residential Suites A 55 & Older Community Senior Housing in Toledo, OH –

    Buying into a retirement community is a big step in ones life. It makes sense to do as much due diligence as possible.

    Given it is such a significant life decision, you want to make sure it is the wisest choice. As you can now see there are different types of retirement communities worth exploring. You may find out that you need an assisted living facility if your physical activity decreases or your quality of life changes.

    Hopefully, this guide to picking a retirement community has been helpful. You should now have a much better understanding of what to know about a retirement community.

    Additional helpful articles surrounding housing choices

    Use these additional resources to make sound decisions when considering the purchase into a 55 and older neighborhood.

    About the Author: The above Real Estate information on the home tips for buying into a 55 and older community was provided by Bill Gassett, a Nationally recognized leader in his field. Bill can be reached via email at or by phone at 508-625-0191. Bill has helped people move in and out of many Metrowest towns for the last 34+ Years.

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    Cost Of 55+ Retirement Communities And Senior Apartments

    The cost of living in a 55+ planned community is usually about the same as purchasing a house or apartment in any planned community. Pricing varies by number of bedrooms and included features. Many seniors see a home in a 55+ community as an investment opportunity, or they may use the money from the sale of their former house as a down payment. Homeowners association or entry fees may cover lawn care, snow removal, and senior-specific amenities.

    Downsizing On Your Own Terms

    Why did I wait so long to move here? is a phrase that 55+ residents often say after moving to a retirement community. For many, waiting to make a move to a community like this can result in a more stressful and tenuous move because of a hospitalization or crisis situations. Making the move on your own terms at your pace can make it an easier process in making a thoughtful choice as well as selling your home, downsizing and cleaning out your home. It puts you in control of what your future looks like and where you want to spend it.

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    + Senior Apartments And Adult Lifestyle Communities Senior Housing For Todays Vibrant Older Adults

    Want to learn more about affordable housing, over-55 seniors apartments and adult lifestyle communities?

    Watch this video to understand how to apply for Rent-Geared-to-Income housing, accessing age-restricted senior apartments and the types of amenities to expect in an adult lifestyle community.

    Many of my clients are looking for affordable senior living options. Its important to know that some seniors apartments consist of market-rent units while others are a combination of both market-rent and Rent-Geared to-Income units.

    You Get A Sense Of Community

    Senior Housing Guide: Senior Apartments &  More

    One of the main differences between living in a senior living community and a typical stand-alone residential neighborhood is the sense of community that is felt among the residents. This feeling can have huge influence on a persons well-being and quality of life and is one of the biggest benefits of living in a 55 plus community. Adults living in these types of communities tend to know their neighbors and quite often have the same goal of creating lasting memories together.

    Many times, residents also work together to advocate certain causes, such as the preservation of nature and character of the community in which they live. Some of the ways 55+ communities can help build a sense of community are:

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