Phones With Answering Machines For Seniors

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At& t El52313 Runner Up

VTech SN5147 Amplified Corded/Cordless Senior Phone with Answering Machine, Call Blocking

If youre looking for the best overall collective set of cordless phones, then its a pretty safe bet to stick with AT& T. Youll still want to make sure that you go with the right collection of phones from them, and this one is undoubtedly the best for seniors in my opinion.

There are a few things that make it particularly suitable for seniors, even though its designed to be used by anyone.

Firstly, its compatible with T Coil, which is essentially the small piece of wire inside a hearing aid. It basically works like an antennae, and for it to work properly, you need to have a phone thats compatible with this.

Most AT& T models arent T Coil compatible, but luckily this one is, so if you have a T Coil hearing aid then this is definitely a good choice for you.

Secondly, this phone is extremely easy to navigate, which is essential for seniors. The last thing that you need is a phone that is difficult to use, with menus that are confusing and dont make sense.

That isnt the case with these, as although theyre not particularly basic menus, theyre very easy to move through and understand. You still have a lot of options, but packaged in a simple and easy to comprehend style.

Finally, the design of the phone itself makes it easy to use for seniors. It has everything that you could really want loud enough volume and ringer, a simple answerphone and a good caller ID system which is clearly visible.

Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For Cordless Phones For Elderly People

If you’re shopping for a senior citizen, a cordless phone is a good option. It’s easy to use and can make a big difference in the lives of older people. Many models feature large buttons, talking caller ID and an answering system. Browse the top-ranked list of cordless phones for elderly people below along with associated reviews and opinions.

We Test Every Handset On The Market To Find The Very Best Models

For many elderly people, their home phone represents a lifeline to the outside world. From keeping in touch with friends and family to having something to use in an emergency, these devices are so important. While mobiles can be fiddly and complicated to get to grips with, landline phones are simple and easy to use.

However, not all home phones are ideally suited to older users. Some have buttons which might be too small to work properly, while others can be a little on the quiet side. Thankfully, there are a number of models on the market which have been specially designed with the elderly in mind. These often come with larger buttons, along with a volume booster mode for the hard-of-hearing.

To help you find your next home phone, our team of experts have put together the following list of the top ten best models for the elderly. They all offer excellent sound quality, and many of them include special features. Most importantly, they are all extremely easy to use and take just a few minutes to set up. So, read on to discover our top picks!

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Best Cordless Phones For Seniors

If your parents or grandparents are getting to the age where their eyesight or hearing isnt what it used to be, its a good idea to consider upgrading their home phone system.

A good set of cordless phones for seniors should ensure that you can get in touch with them no matter where they are around the house. So, lets look at some of the best options currently available.

At& t El: Great Budget Cordless Phone With An Answering Machine

Best Cordless Telephones For Seniors August 2021

The AT& T EL52113 is an excellent budget cordless phone and answering machine system. Its white and metallic finish gives it a sleek, modern appearance. Unlike many of the phones we evaluated, the EL52113 doesnât look outdated or too utilitarian, but its included wall mounting bracket is too big and sticks out around the mounted phone base. The two-toned handset is small and lightweight with a medium-sized display and backlit buttons.

It features caller ID, speed dial, a phonebook, handset locator, quiet mode, multiple ring styles and several volume levels. The digital answering machine stores up to 14 minutes of audio. You can access messages through the handset or base controls. The base displays the number of new messages, and the play, delete and skip forward/backward buttons are arranged in a ring around the display. This looks nice, but itâs easy to accidentally press delete instead of play, as the button labels are small and difficult to read. Nevertheless, the AT& T EL52113 is one of the best cordless phone and answering machine systems for anyone on a budget.

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Vtech Cs6: The Cordless Phone With The Best Design

Not everyone wants a cordless phone tricked out with gimmicks and features. The VTech CS6719 is a simple to use phone and a rather stylish and intuitive one too, especially for the low price. That’s not to say that this phone can’t be customized with ringtones and a 50-item phonebook, and it does have caller ID, but some might miss the answerphone, headset jack and hearing aid attachment that could have made the CS6719 an all-round better proposition.

The phone is sleek, slender and easy to read thanks to an unflashy display and a crisp. comfortable number pad. The phone can be linked up with up to five others, and used as an intercom. For a more ‘in-the-room’ experience, a full duplex speakerphone allows you to speak and hear the other side simultaneously. In fact, no matter how you use it, the audio quality on this phone is very impressive.

Battery life on the VTech CS6719 is great too, and it can keep a charge for up to 30 hours if detached from the base. The base itself is rather large for a device that doesn’t include an answerphone, but that can be easily dismissed if you just want a good looking, affordable cordless phone that gets all the basics right.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

The DL72210s range was not as long as that of many other phones we tested it began to break up at around 260 feet, compared with the 450 feet we got from the VTech IS8151-4 and the 445 feet we got from the highest-performing similarly priced phone, the AT& T CL82219. If you know you need extra range and are willing to give up the Bluetooth connection, consider going with the CL82219.

The phones hardware and software are relatively refined compared with those of other cordless phones, although next to a touchscreen smartphone, they feel dated and clunky. The 2-inch screen is monochrome, and the white backlighting glows for only a few seconds after you stop pressing buttons. The labyrinthine menu system made us long for the swiping and tapping of our smartphones. However, we appreciated that the number keys glowed a soft blue, making them easy to see in the dark.

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Amplified Phones For Hearing Impaired

enhance the callers voice by up to 20 or even 60 decibelsextremely loud ringtone

Increasing the volume isnt the only strength of an amplified phones arsenal, either. Such devices also boast larger buttons and numbers for better visibility, instant emergency calling, bigger display screens and a speed dial function with the ability to alter buttons to include a loved ones photo. Amplified phones come in both wired and cordless flavors.

In case the hearing-impaired person lives in a large home, they should consider installing in multiple rooms. They connect to the landline just like the phone, and a loud noise is emitted every time there is a call. They work best when stationed in regularly occupied rooms, such as the bedroom or the kitchen.

Choosing The Best Phones For Seniors

Best Cordless Phone For Seniors

Staying in touch is essential, both for maintaining social ties and for safety reasons. Today, you can choose from a wide variety of phones for seniors, designed to meet both hearing and vision needs. Phone choices include traditional landline phones for seniors, cordless phones for seniors and even cell phones.Telephones for seniors with vision impairment offer features including large, high contrast and easy to press buttons illuminated and sometimes adjustable-angle display screens that show caller ID information and a set amount of memory to store important numbers so that you dont have to look them up every time you want to make a call.

Phones for seniors with hearing impairment have many sound adjustments to help you better hear your calls. First, look for a phone that enables you to significantly raise the volume on the ringer. Another feature that helps ensure no more missed calls is a flashing or strobe light that goes off when a call comes in. Amplified phones allow you to increase the sound volume so that you can better hear the caller. The increased decibel range can be anywhere from 10 to 100 db or more, louder than a regular phone some phones allow you to increase the sound in increments. If you wear a hearing aid, look for phones that say they are Hearing Aid compatible.

Some telephone designs are better suited to people with arthritis, including cordless phones for seniors with lightweight and ergonomic handsets.

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Budget Pick: Vtech Cs6114

If you just want to have a phone around for emergencies, or if you dont care about anything other than being able to pick up and dial, we recommend the VTech CS6114. Its as simple as can be, but it has a long range, totally passable voice quality, and an exceptionally low priceroughly the same as that of an iPhone charging cable. Even though youre giving up plenty of features compared with choosing our top pick, youre paying next to nothing for the peace of mind a home phone can bring.

We were impressed with the CS6114s range, which extended farther than that of some much more expensive models. The incoming voice on our call didnt start to break up until about 310 feet awayjust over a football fields length. Even before it broke up, the voice quality wasnt particularly strong compared with what you get from higher-end phones, but that shouldnt come as a huge surprise. This sounds pinched, but you get the consonants better than with the VTech IS8151-4 or an iPhone XR on Wi-Fi calling, said Wirecutter senior staff writer Lauren Dragan. It is a narrow, reedy sound, but its easy to understand the words. In evaluating the four phone messages she listened to, Lauren still ranked this phones voice quality the lowest. But again, its not shocking that a $15 phone performed worse than handsets that cost several times more.

How Do The Best Cordless Phones Work

Cordless phone systems all follow a similar form factor: one main base connected to your telephone socket and one or more handsets that connect to the base wirelessly. Basically, cordless phones combine traditional telephone and radio technologies. The base acts as a transmitter/receiver and translator, sending and receiving signals send back and forth between the base, the handset and the phone line.

Most cordless phones, including all the ones we tested, now run on DECT 6.0 technology. The differences between this type of phone and others include better range, better sound quality and less interference, as it uses a frequency band specifically set aside for cordless phone use.

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Telephones For Elderly Conditions

If there are particular health conditions in your situation, and you are purchasing a phone for someone suffering from something like dementia or Alzheimers disease, think about every possible scenario they might encounter. Ask yourself if they will accidentally call emergency numbers if the phone is programmed to dial 911.

With some devices such as the VTech model, there are occasionally special requirements. For example, if you have DSL, you may need a DSL filter.

If an illness as such is new to your family, you can look into the stages of things such as Alzheimers and decide along with their physician how quickly symptoms are progressing. If your loved one is in an early stage, they might be quite capable of handling a more typical home phone.

Checking On Telephone Reviews

VTech SN5127 Amplified Cordless Senior Phone with Answering Machine ...

Researching reviews can be helpful especially when a product has several hundred or even in the thousands. Keep in mind that all products will have some negative reviews. These are sometimes attributed to incorrect product use, not reading the manual, or improper hookup. Its estimated that a staggering 95 percent of all returned gadgets in the United States actually work, regardless of what customers say. The fault is often in improper use or just not reading the manual.

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Hard Of Hearing Or Hearing Loss

Many seniors have to deal with the frustration of aging related hearing loss. We cannot understand how irritating it can be for seniors to ask people to repeat themselves continually. The spot becomes trickier because hearing aids dont always help, since their compatibility is not excellent with all the phones.

To help your loved seniors avoid the irritability, embarrassment, and even loneliness caused due to loss of hearing, you can buy them amplified phones. They boost the sound, making it easier for seniors to use, and are even compatible with hearing aids.

A Great Amplified Phone: Panasonic Kx

*At the time of publishing, the price was $93.

For those with mild to moderate hearing loss looking for an amplified phone, we recommend starting with Panasonics KX-TGM420W. It has all the features a great phone should have, amplified or not, and when retired audiologist Lisa Devlin tested our amplified finalists, it was her favoritethe one she would tell her clients to get. The volume adjustments should be suitable for many people who need boosted voice levels, and the six levels of tone adjustment plus custom tones provide a greater range of voice qualities than you can find on phones from any other company. The phone meets the TIA-1083 standard, so it offers compatibility with hearing aids without causing interference, and it works with headsets and neck loops. And like all of our picks, the KX-TGM420W has good range and outgoing voice quality.

Panasonic says that the KX-TGM420W can reach up to 40 dB and that the ringer can go up to 100 dB. We didnt measure the volume to confirm those numbers, but Devlin found that with her level of hearing loss, she didnt need to turn the phone up all the way to reach a useful, comfortable listening level. That would disqualify any product for me, if I always had to go to the maximum volume, she said.

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Clarity E814cc Amplified Corded/cordless Combo


  • Cordless and corded handsets always available.
  • Easy to read, large buttons, with both the cordless handset and the main phone with contrasted printing.

  • Big print, easy to see digital screen.

  • Volume boost in both speakerphone and answering machine playback.

  • Ten ringtones to choose from, with 6 volume levels.

  • Additional handsets make it expandable.

This phone excellently combines many features with sound amplification and easy to read numbers something not every phone can offer. Its features include a cordless phone, corded phone, caller ID, and answering machine. It has many easy to read and understandable buttons to avoid confusion for seniors not adapting to technology.


Smartphone Instead Of A Home Phone

Panasonic Amplified Cordless Phone with Digital Answering Machine KX-TGM420W – Overview

Family members and caregivers may reason that a smartphone is the superior option for seniors. They are small, lightweight and more open in terms of possibilities and feature set. Its far easier to adjust the audio level on a smartphone, not to mention the varied options for vibration, lights and ringtones to help get their attention. The app stores are also chock-full of useful programs. Medical alert apps and ringtone amplifiers are just the beginning, since smartphones are a constant source of games, news and reading material.

On the downside, smartphones require a certain level of tech know-how. Seniors often lose their patience while fiddling with the touchscreen or accidentally do something they didnt intend to, such as delete their contacts while navigating through the maze of options. In the end, they could well stop using the fancy doodad and return to the tried and tested landline phone.

Companies, like GreatCall, aim for the middle ground by providing a smartphone with an extra-large interface for increased readability, and comes with a handful of pre-installed apps that are truly useful for any elderly user.

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