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Robindale Road Henderson Nv89074

Pacifica Senior Living Green Valley. Assisted living and memory care in Henderson Nevada.

Welcome to Pacifica Senior Living Green Valley, an Assisted Living and Memory Care community offering award-winning senior living in beautiful Henderson, Nevada. Pacifica Green Valley offers a wonderful senior living option in Henderson, providing a range of long-term services such as assistance with activities of daily living, dining, and life-enrichment programming. Their community creates individualized care plans, tailoring each residents experience with well-rounded services and resort-style amenities.

Sunset Park is located a few blocks away from the community, walking trails and waterside views close to home. Residents will find many dining options off campus, including chain favorites like Arbys, Burger King, and Little Caesar

I Am A Friend Or Relative Of A Current/past Resident

Pacifica is clean and neat, and the people working there are very loving even the maintenance person is wonderful. The only thing I dont like is that they recently had a big change in their help. My father is living there in a clean, nice apartment. The dining area’s food is great, and they have lots of little extra celebrations and events. They have music, church services, bingo, and memory games. I think they had a barbecue today. They have lots of activities if people want to do them.

Provider Response

Thank you for your review! We appreciate the kind words and agree with you! The grounds here at Green Valley are beautiful and well-tended. We are very proud of our community and the level of care we provide here and we truly thank you for sharing your review! We hope to see you around and please say Hi, we would love to shake your hand and say Thanks in person.

The hard part is over!

Im matching you with one of our specialists who will be calling you in the next few minutes.

Dont want to wait? Skip to the front of the line by calling: 1-800-748-4024

Pacifica Senior Living Green Valley Amenities & Services

Residents have access to Multiple amenities and other facility comforts so seniors feel right at home. Our fully-trained staff is always friendly and available to help seniors feel right at home.

Our facility has Several services and other ways we keep seniors active and healthy. Our staff works really hard to keep our aging residents active and independent, keeping everyone feeling young and healthy.

Residents enjoy of a full schedule of social, educational and entertaining activities. Our structured program helps all residents maintain a high quality of life. Many of our activities encourage members to socialize and develop friendships with other residents. We make sure the activities are fun and entertaining.

Want to learn more about what our senior living community can offer you? Call 755-1458 for more information.

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Live The Pacifica Difference

Welcome home to Pacifica Senior Living, where our residents are the heroes of the story. Weâre here to provide a higher quality of care that will help you and your loved ones thrive. Let us show you how special you really are.

  • Our life-enriching amenities and services encourage your best health.
  • Our living spaces surround you with comfort and security for peace of mind.
  • Our personalized care delivers the support you need to live your days to the fullest.

You May Be Able To Take Advantage Of:

Floor Plans
  • Direct incentives from this community
  • Veterans/spouse assistance
  • Proceeds from selling a home

Compare Assisted Living Care Costs

Average monthly price

Pacifica Senior Living- Green Valley is an assisted living facility located in Henderson, NV.

Assisted Living can be an expensive senior care option, so cost is typically going to be a consideration when looking at alternatives. The average starting cost of this facility is lower than the average cost in the area. The average starting cost of this community is $3,200, which is 17.4% below the average cost of $3,876 per month in this area.

The community allows you to have pets, but you are limited to having cats or other small pets. Please make sure that you talk to the community to verify if your pet is allowed.

Food and dining is an important consideration when selecting an assisted living facility. Three meals a day are offered to residents, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Access to health care is an important consideration when selecting an assisted living community. There are 16 hospitals close to Pacifica Senior Living- Green Valley. The two closest hospitals are St Rose Dominican Hospitals – Siena Campus, which is 3.3 miles miles away, and Harmon Hospital, which is 4.1 miles miles away from the facility.

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About Pacifica Senior Living

Pacifica Senior Living Green Valley is part of the Pacifica Senior Living portfolio of senior living communities. Founded in 1978, Pacifica Senior Living has 85 communities across 13 states. Offering independent living, assisted living, memory care, respite care, skilled nursing, and adult day care, Pacifica Senior Living’s mission is to provide “compassionate, personalized care services with dignity and respect.” With award-winning communities and programming, Pacifica aims to provide individualized care that helps seniors live life fully. Pacifica Senior Living communities have an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on

What Is Memory Care

The Pacifica Legacies Memory Care Program provides the highest level of care to loved ones in need of memory, dementia, or Alzheimers care. Whether in a Memory Care specific community or one that offers a range of care levels, each of our Legacies homes is focused on care and programs that are suited to individuals with memory loss or cognitive impairment. Memory Care at Pacifica Senior Living offers residents quality Alzheimer’s Care and Memory Care services in a warm, loving community. We curate customized care plans to strike a balance between assistance and independence so we can offer our residents a dignified and compassionate retirement experience.

Memory Care is almost always a long term care program which caters to those with Alzheimers disease or other progressive or degenerative forms of dementia. These individuals need more specialized care than those in Assisted Living facilities, and specifically require assistance that is focused on cognition or behavioral needs rather than just physical aid. These are individuals who will no longer be able to live at home safely, and need secure environments that can help to reduce risks and boost a comfortable and peaceful environment.

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What Are Common Complications Of The Flu

Flu-related complications are the more dangerous side effect of catching the virus. These more serious complications include bacterial pneumonia, bronchitis, or sinus infections, ear infections, or the worsening of existing medical conditions like lung disease, asthma, diabetes, or heart disease. Flu has also been linked to an increased risk of heart attack and an increased risk of a stroke during the early stages of the infection and for several months afterward.

Whats The Difference Between A Cold And The Flu

Woman sues senior living center in Green Valley over wrongful death

Cold symptoms are generally milder and come on more slowly than flu symptoms. The flu usually hits very abruptly, showing signs 1-4 days after exposure. There are also symptoms that occur with the flu that are not present if you have the common cold.

Both a cold and the flu can include:

  • Chest discomfort

If you experience any of these symptoms, contact a doctor or healthcare provider – especially if you are over 65 – to reduce the risk of any serious illness or complications. If caught early antiviral drugs may be prescribed to help reduce the impact of influenza.

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Flu Prevention: What You Need To Know This Season

The flu is a relatively common virus that affects most people at some point in their life. Though unpleasant, the flu may seem of minimal concern to the general public, but it can be dangerous – especially for older adults. Those 65 years of age and above experience a much higher risk of flu-related complications including worsening health conditions, hospitalizations, or fatalities. Knowing how to protect yourself against the flu will help you reduce the risks of catching the flu, and help to prevent flu complications by educating yourself about the signs associated with this virus.

As we age, our immune systems are no longer as strong as they once were. Since they cannot fight off viruses or bacteria as well as they once did, this makes older adults more vulnerable and more susceptible to sickness. Not only is it easier to catch the flu with a weakened immune system, but your body is not as well equipped to fight off the sickness, which can lead to a high risk of complications or other illnesses.

Bon Appetit Cranberry French Toast

Enjoy a decadent breakfast any time of the day with our Cranberry Maple French Toast recipe from Pacifica Senior Living Coeur d’Alene. Sweet and tart maple cranberry sauce tops off this scrumptious dish, making it a perfect choice for a Thanksgiving meal, or Friendsgiving brunch. Add a little extra decadence to your breakfast with this quick and easy recipe. Try this recipe at home for yourself, or visit Pacifica Senior Living Coeur d’Alene and enjoy one of our delicious culinary creations like this one.

Pacifica Senior Living Coeur d’Alene prides itself on offering only the best food options for our residents. From favorite comfort foods to decadent deserts, delicious brunch options, or holiday meals, we are always cooking up something special. Our menus offer a selection so each resident can pick and choose the meals they love best. We also ensure to offer health-conscience options including low-sodium, low-sugar, or vegetarian and dairy free options, depending on the needs and preferences of each resident. Creating delicious meals is what we do best, offering food everyone will love. Our chefs and culinary team love creating new dishes and finding new ways to bring excitement and great taste to the table.

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When Is Flu Season

While the influenza virus can be found year-round, Flu-season marks the time of year when cases rise, and the general public is more at risk of contracting the virus. In the United States, this usually happens in fall and winter, peaking between December and February. Flu vaccines and clinics are usually available in early fall in order to help prevent the start and magnitude of the seasonal flu. Many clinics are administering both seasonal influenza immunizations and the coronavirus Covid-19 vaccine during the same visit.

You can also learn more aboutkey flu facts and flu health information from the CDC, or reach out to your healthcare provider, nurse or caregiver for additional information. Staying healthy, washing hands, and getting vaccinated can help stop the spread of flu, in turn helping you and your loved ones stay healthy this flu season.

How Can You Reduce The Risk Of The Flu

Floor Plans

One of the best ways to support flu prevention is to get your flu shot. The influenza vaccine not only helps prevent catching or spreading the flu, but also mitigates the risks associated with the flu.

Healthcare professionals, as well as many pharmacies and drugstores, have flu vaccine clinics. In some cases, the vaccine dosage may be higher for those over 65, or multiple doses may be recommended, so be sure to ask a pharmacist or healthcare provider about vaccines targeted for seniors. The strains of flu change over the years, so it is very important to get your vaccine annually, to insure you have the most up to date vaccine. If you live in a senior living community, talk to care providers. They may have an in-house vaccine clinic scheduled so you can get your vaccine in the comfort of your own home. ManyPacifica Senior Living communitiesoffer flu shots to our residents for optimal convenience.

Other ways to reduce catching and spreading the flu include practicing good hand hygiene. Wash your hands often, or carry alcohol-based hand sanitizer to help reduce the spread of germs. This is especially important when in a public place. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has greatHand Washing Tips to help ensure you are staying germ-free.

Avoid touching your face, eyes, nose and mouth. Germs are more easily spread to these areas, and cause you to contract the flu virus.

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Description Of Pacifica Senior Living Green Valley

Offering assisted living, Alzheimer’s and memory care, Pacifica Senior Living Green Valley in Henderson, Nevada, provides a safe, cozy, homelike environment for seniors to enjoy their retirement years. With the assurance of a helping hand whenever needed, our residents enjoy a host of services and amenities that make living here all the more enjoyable. From our beautifully appointed dining room to our spacious accommodations, special attention has been put into every detail of our community.

With communities all across the United States, Pacifica Senior Living specializes in providing assisted living, Alzheimer’s and memory care services. We know that every individual ages differently, and our teams are prepared to handle a variety of needs, however they may change with time.

Pacifica Senior Living Green Valley Assisted Living

Each Pacifica Senior Living Green Valley resident is treated as an individual and every effort is taken to provide them with the best in assisted living services.

We offer several styles of units to choose from in sizes to fit all senior needs. There is plenty of storage space, private bathrooms, and each apartment. The grounds are professionally maintained for the benefit of our residents and their guests. Our experienced staff share the passion for making sure all Henderson residents enjoy a high quality of life. We develop relationships one resident and one family at a time. We designed the dining area at Pacifica Senior Living Green Valley to be a cozy, home style setting for our residents and family members. Our specialty is customized menus that provide delicious, home cooked meals that meet the needs of all residents.

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About Pacifica Senior Living Green Valley

Welcome to Pacifica Senior Living Green Valley, an Assisted Living and Memory Care community offering award-winning senior living in beautiful Henderson, Nevada.Pacifica Green Valley offers a wonderful senior living option in Henderson, providing a range of long-term services such as assistance with activities of daily living, dining, and life-enrichment programming. Our community creates individualized care plans, tailoring each residents experience with well-rounded services and resort-style amenities.

What Are The Most Common Flu Symptoms

Assisted Living And Memory Care Cottage Community

Another important part of preventing flu complications is to know the signs and symptoms of the flu. The flu can hit and progress quickly, so understanding both early symptoms and signs of complications will help you get the medical assistance you need in a timely manner. The symptoms of flu are also often confused with the common cold, so understanding the difference will also help you know when to seek treatment for the flu.

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Focus On Your New Home

Establish exactly where a loved one is headed and how much space they will have available. This can add an exciting element to the moving process. Instead of focusing on the old, focus on the new and whats to come. When moving into a Senior Living community, it is important to know what you can bring, and what is already provided by the community – especially in terms of furniture and home furnishings. Many communities do allow for a large amount of personalization, though, so you can make your new space just right. Consider which decorations or personal items from home are most important to you, and you and your loved ones can enjoy personalizing your new space together.

World Alzheimer’s Day: How Pacifica Is Giving Back

Pacifica works closely with the Alzheimers Association in order to work towards a cure for Alzheimers disease and raise Alzheimer’s awareness for a better understanding of memory loss conditions and other types of dementia.

Many of our communities work closely with Alzheimers and dementia associations, partnering with them on all sorts of events. One of the most common events is the Alzheimer’s Association Walk to End Alzheimers, which many of our communities partner with and participate in. These walks are a great way to raise awareness and support family members and loved ones living with Alzheimers.

Alzheimers is the most common form of dementia, and affects over 6 million Americans, 73% of whom are aged 75 or older. Every day, our communities work to create an environment that is secure, comforting, and enriching for our Memory Care residents. Our communities know Alzheimers is a condition that affects both the individual and those around them, and that adjusting to a dementia diagnosis can be a process. In addition to those diagnosed, more than 11 million caregivers and healthcare workers care for and support others with Alzheimers.

As the 5th largest provider of Memory Care in the nation, Pacifica Senior Living is fully invested in the ALZ cause. We continue to run fundraisers and events throughout the year, but especially this month.

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Downsizing : Tips For Moving To A Senior Living Community

There are endless benefits to downsizing in your golden years, like taking advantage of lower energy bills, having a smaller space to maintain, and having the opportunity to move closer to loved ones. Its a wonderful way to start the next stage of your life. Even so, it can be a difficult experience for older adults. Saying goodbye to a long-time home may not come easy, but there are steps you can take to make the transition as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pacifica Senior Living Green Valley

THE BEST 15 Assisted Living Facilities in Henderson, NV

What forms of payment are accepted?

Pacifica Senior Living Green Valley accepts credit cards.

How is Pacifica Senior Living Green Valley rated?

Pacifica Senior Living Green Valley has 3.5 stars.

What days are Pacifica Senior Living Green Valley open?

Pacifica Senior Living Green Valley is open Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun.

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