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Adorable With An Amazing Concept

Couple Change Lives To Save Senior Dogs | The Dodo

I love the concept of teaching younger audiences that old dogs are still worth adopting even though they wont live as long as puppies or younger dogs. Thats a huge issue in modern society and no one wants them anymore even though theyre so perfect. I have a geezer myself and hes still as lively as a puppy . I love that the dogs are shown to have so much personality despite being old and I LOVE that theyre based off real life senior dogs that have been cared for and shown immense amounts of love despite being old. I would love to join the foster program for OFSDS if i didnt live in an apartment. I only deducted a star because its a pain to level the dogs up to the next story point.. I love repetitive games , dont get me wrong, but because the point threshold for getting to the next chapter increases SO much with each level, it feels like Im making little to no progress unless I leave the dogs alone for several hours for points to accumulate, and I dont like doing that. Repetitive games are only fun to continually play when theres some variation in the repetition and theres more things to do while waiting. Other than that it is so adorable and I love the idea and the art style and how easy it is to get coins. 🙂

New Police Station Moves Forward

Mt. Juliet city commissioners have approved a land purchase to build a new police station rather than renovate the current station.

The commission has approved the purchase on about 1.6 acres on Charlie Daniels Parkway in front of the existing police station.

The city allotted $1.1 million to buy the land.

The site will allow the new police station to utilize some of the existing property such as parking in hopes of reducing costs.

Mt. Juliet police moved to its current station, the former home of Joy Church, on Charlie Daniels Parkway in 2014. The station is about 14,500 square feet with three metal sides and a bricked front.

The stations stability is one concern, especially several weather events in recent years that resulted in significant damage nearby in Mt. Juliet.

Police officials also say the department has simply outgrown its headquarters.

What Is Old Friends Dog Game About

Create your own dog sanctuary! Rescue and rehabilitate old dogs and spend your days caring for and loving them.

Enjoy the loveable nature of every dog, no matter the age or personality.

Discover the wonderful personalities of each dog and see their trust in you grow every day.

Unlock stories and narrative driven gameplay as you form a relationship with each dog.

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Based On A Real Retirement Home For Old Dogs

At Runaway, we make games inspired by nature, with a focus on relaxing, wholesome and nurturing gameplay. Our Creative Director Emma and our Narrative Designer Lisa have been superfans of Old Friends for years, and in 2018 they pitched the idea to make Old Friends the game. The more we learnt about Old Friends, the more in love we fell with the idea. Our motivation for making this game is to create a wholesome, cosy game where players can celebrate and fall in love with the wonderful personalities at Old Friends. We also want to support senior dog adoption and tell the story that senior dogs can be wonderful friends.

The game is based on Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary – a retirement home for senior dogs. All the dogs in the game are based on the real life, wonderful residents.

Other Ways You Can Help Our Old Friends:

Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary saves hundreds of dogs, pays vet bills ...

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Tie your Kroger Plus Card to OFSDS with Community Rewards

All that you have to do is register your Kroger Plus Card online at , by clicking on Enroll. You can then search for Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary by name or use our NPO number which is 89157 and link your Kroger Plus Card to OFSDS. Whenever you shop and use your Kroger Plus Card we will earn a donation. If you do not have a Kroger Plus Card, you can get a new one and link it to us.

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Homecoming Tales: 15 Inspiring Stories From Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary

Contact store for availability!We Ship Too!

These real-life stories of senior dogs who found forever homes through Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary will delight any young animal lover. TheHomecoming Tales of sweet, sassy, and sometimes hilarious old friends offer kids a unique reminder that no one is too old to give or receive love.

Meet Mack, Dog Bowl contestant and social media star Marco, a scary tough dog–until someone gave him a second chance Shaq, a gentle giant who is learning to leave his fears behind Prince, a laid back dude who doesn’t let being blind steal his sunshine and JuneBug, a spunky sweetheart who just wants to cuddle and keep you safe from the vacuum cleaner. Each chapter in Homecoming Tales focuses on one canine companion from the Tennessee-based dog rescue, with fun facts about his or her breed, stories of silly antics, and the meaningful tale of how this canine companion found a forever family. This delightful middle grade book entertains, teaches, and inspires and will be a new favorite for fans of A Dog’s Purpose and the Puppy Tales series.

In this lighthearted, easy-to-read nonfiction chapter book, you’ll find

Homecoming Tales is a great gift for any eight to twelve-year-old who loves animals, enjoys volunteer work, or simply appreciates heartwarming stories. With information about care for older dogs, this educational book is also a helpful read for families who are interested in adopting a senior dog.

The Most Wholesome Game

At first I thought this game was going to be your typical pay to win game. However, I was completely wrong about that. As soon as I open the game I was created with a very addictive song that was both upbeat and wholesome. Oh I love the idea that this game is solely based on a true life sanctuary for older dogs. The amount of cute name options for your sanctuary is amazing as well as having your own motto. I love all the activities you can do in this game like bake treats, do live streams, take requests, and text people while getting rewarded. I also adore the donation factors and one of my favorite things about this game is having a story for each individual dog. Its so cute it really is and adore reading the information about each dog and I just started this game Im only level two but it is amazing. I highly recommend this game to anyone who loves animals or loves dogs and just wants to start playing a cute game. I want to say that this is probably one of my favorite games that Ive found in a while. I personally have a dog myself and Im worried about her getting older, but this game is definitely comforting and I really appreciate this being made its a wonderful game and I highly recommend it to anyone.

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Old Friends Gift Shop

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Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary

Old Friends Senior Dogs – Live Chat
Old Friends Senior Dogs, Inc.

501Non-profit organization
Purpose “To provide a loving home, good food, high quality vet care, compassion and comfort to senior dogs for the remainder of their lives.”
  • 765 Nonaville Road Mount Juliet, TN 37122 US
Area served
Zina and Michael Goodin
Website .org

Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary , officially Old Friends Senior Dogs, Inc., is a nonprofitanimal rescue group in Mount Juliet, Tennessee.It focuses on the rescue of elderly, “senior” dogs from shelters where they are otherwise likely to be euthanized.

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Adopt From Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

When you adopt a furry friend from the Sanctuary, youre not only changing that pets life, youre helping to Save Them All.

On any given day, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, located in Kanab, Utah, is home to up to 1,600 animals, including dogs, cats, horses, birds, rabbits, pigs and others. Many of the animals arrive needing a little extra care and healing before theyre ready to join a family of their own.

Meet Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary

This is our first blog post and we thought that the best way to start off our series of weekly blog posts would be to give you a quick history of Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary and tell you how we got to where we are today. Its a long and complicated story, but Ill give you the abridged version.


In early 2012, we were living with eight senior golden retrievers and a few other senior dogs and had found our purpose in life. If golden retrievers were having a tough time finding homes, we knew that there were a lot of seniors never making it out of the shelters. We started to make plans for Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary . Our non-profit, 501 status was effective as of April 28, 2012. Our vision was to have a Forever Foster based rescue to greatly expand the capacity of the sanctuary beyond the physical sanctuary. OFSDS would pay for vetting and provide a safety net for the remainder of the dogs life. They would never have to worry about ending up at a shelter again.

For the next two years, we grew.

In 2015, we were able to purchase a cabin next to our house so that we could hire some additional help. Our first employee helped with Foster Family coordination, Dog Transport and with the dogs at our home-based Sanctuary. It wasnt long before we had three employees and a Forever Foster network with over 100 Old Friends placed in homes throughout the Middle Tennessee area .

The Cabin- Lucy-Lus Lookout!

Entrance to GrandPaws Gardens

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How Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary Saved This Dog Duo

Like most bonded pairs of pets, Rose and Ebenezer, two dogs at Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, do pretty much everything together. But that doesnt mean they have much in common.

They are a very odd couple, laughs Cherie Shannon, an assistant manager at the sanctuary. They definitely balance each other out.

Rose, a 6-and-a-half-year-old, 60-pound Rhodesian Ridgeback, is both high-energy and high-anxiety. Shes fearful of strangers, but jumps up and down and barks for attention around loved ones, and twirls around excitedly before going for a walk. Once she knows a person, shell happily lay across their lap.

Ebenezer, on the other hand, is an 11-and-a-half-year-old, 20 pound beagle who fits the grumpy old man stereotype to a tee. He prefers to find his own private place to lie down, thank you very muchand dont even think about asking him to go for a walk, or you might be met with his distinctive, loud howl.

No one knows for sure how these two became inseparable BFFs. But staff at Old Friends say theyre not just bestiestheyre soulmates who simply cant live without each other.

Ebenezer arrived at Old Friends on Jan. 31, 2020, thanks to the efforts of the Rural Animal Rescue Effort, which had removed Ebenezer and Rose from a hoarding situation. But he arrived alone, and the staff could quickly tell that something wasnt right. Ebenezer had no confidence and was skittish on a leash.

Why Donate To Old Friends

Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary

Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary is completely funded by donations, grants and FUNdraisers. Our primary goal is to find placements for otherwise unadoptable dogs, therefore, we do not charge an adoption fee or any other fees to help to cover our expenses. All the dogs that come into our program are fully vetted prior to living at the sanctuary or being placed in a Forever Foster home. We ensure that the dogs at the sanctuary and those in Forever Foster homes get their monthly preventatives, required vetting, and any other special needs that they may have. General donations, tribute donations, and dog sponsorship donations are made through NEONcrm.

Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary is a 501, IRS recognized, nonprofit organization. All of your donations are tax deductible. EIN 45-5084188

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Parrish Place Coming To Lebanon Road

A one-story 5,822-square-foot commercial building is approved on a tract on the south side of Lebanon Road just east of Curd Road.

Parrish Place is the working name of the project that was recently approved by Mt. Juliet planning commissioners.

Landowner Gary Merritt anticipates construction starting in the coming months. Merritt estimates work taking about six months.

Initial plans are for the building to accommodate three users, but that is flexible based on interest, Merritt said. No users are yet confirmed. Different types of commercial and office uses are options, Merritt said.

The parcel is 0.68 acres, according to city documents.

The city will work with the developer so that parking at the building wont conflict with the future widening planned for that area of Lebanon Road.

Providing Lifetime Homes & Care To Senior Dogs

Senior dogs, especially those with medical problems or disabilities, face a much greater chance of euthanasia at shelters than younger dogs because it is difficult to find adopters for them due to their shorter additional life expectancy and unknown veterinary costs. Most of these wonderful senior dogs are able to live happily with a good quality of life if given a chance. They make wonderful companions because they are mature, calm, and loving. It can be more difficult for them to settle in and, once they do, it is difficult for them to move again. For this reason we strive to find them forever foster homes where they can live out their retirement years as a beloved family member. Even once theyve found their forever homes, we commit to providing them high-quality vet care for life.

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