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What Is Low Income Senior Housing

Living in Cape Coral, FL – Gated Community of Entrada

Low income senior housing generally pertains to government subsidized rental units that have been made available to those who are elderly. Rents can be subsidized, paid by credits, paid by vouchers, or cost controlled depending on the program that is selected. Some of the most affordable senior living options require that income levels be considered very low and will also require that community owners keep the rents charged at a very low median average in order to participate in the subsidy. Some of the programs, like the Housing Choice Voucher Program , do not actually require that tenants be elderly but are still available to seniors if they so desire.

As Americans live longer and the cost of housing rapidly rises, many seniors find themselves unable to afford their current housing situation. Many elderly people who live on a fixed income find that the availability of affordable senior living options are minimal or non-existent.

This lack of options represents a real problem with low income seniors across the US. In 2016 the US Census reported that more than 7.1 million senior adults in the US live in poverty. By 2018 the National Council on Aging reported that 25 million seniors were living at or below the federal poverty level . This is why finding affordable Senior Housing is so important to millions of people across the US.

Free Food And Social Services

An all volunteer organization, Caf� of Life, provide access to social services and a hot noon meal five days per week to the poor, elderly and needy of Bonita Springs Florida. The group distribute collected groceries, surplus food, and clothing, and offers some social services. Dial 495-9325.

Another place to turn to for groceries, food, and household items is the Harry Chapin Food Bank of Southwest Florida. They both collect and distributes food to hungry and other needy people through a network of local charities and agencies, and they also educate the public about the causes of and solutions to hunger in the area. Call 239 334-7007.

All Soul’s Episcopal Church distributes food, on Wednesdays, to residents of North Fort Myers 997-7685.

Broadway Community Church 936-8366) is located in Fort Myers and is another food pantry. Learn more on .

Faith Fellowship Ministries 278-3638) runs a food pantry that provides supplemental food.

Those are just a few of the main food banks for Lee County Florida. Dozens of other non-profits operate in the region. Find additional .

Program : What Is Huds Section 202 Supportive Housing For The Elderly Program

HUDs Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly is a branch off of of HUDs Section 8 program department of housing. The program works by providing low-rate loans for non-profit senior community developers at a very low cost. Another component to this program is the guarantee of funds in the form of rental subsidies with the requirement that tenant applicants of these communities meet eligibility requirements. Although the Section 202 program has been around since 1959, funding for the development of new affordable senior housing communities isnt often made available by the federal government. In fact, in 2019 a Notice of Funding Availability was released for the development of these communities for the first time in ten years.

Section 202 housing is available for seniors over the age of 62 that meet HUDs Low Income or Very Low Income criteria. The program is unique in that tenant applicants can just call the community directly to set up a qualification interview. Typically, the community manager will arrange the meeting, which is in-person, and the applicant will be required to bring in several pieces of information to prove that they qualify for the unit.

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What Senior Housing Programs Are Available

While there may be others that are available, the most popular low income senior housing programs are offered as either tax credits to developers or as subsidies to communities or tenants. The three programs that offer the greatest help to seniors are:

These are each very different programs, and each program imposes its own unique requirements and processes to qualify. While some of the programs below are specific to the elderly, many are not and may not have some of the supportive services that are needed by an aging person.

Low Income Housing Apartments In Cape Coral Fl


4642 Coronado PkwyCape Coral, FL – 33904

1 bdrm / 2 bdrm

3618 Santa BarbaraCape Coral, FL – 33914

1 bdrm / 2 bdrm

4626 Skyline BlvdCape Coral, FL – 33914

1 bdrm / 2 bdrm

1104 SE 12th AveCape Coral, FL – 33990

Long term affordable transitional housing is the bridge from short term shelters, where women first …

125 Ne 10th PlCape Coral, FL – 33909

1 bdrm / 2 bdrm

824 Se 47th StreetCape Coral, FL – 33904

This is a HUD Approved Housing Counseling Agency. Contact them for assistance for the following: Fin …

HUD Housing

121 Ne 10th PlCape Coral, FL – 33909

1 bdrm / 2 bdrm

1430 Se 16TH PlCape Coral, FL – 33990

Provide affordable housing to low income families. …

Income Limits in Cape Coral, Florida.Lee County, FL Income Limits Summary*

Income Limit Area
Very Low Income Limits Extremely Low Income Limits
$43,450 $26,028

* Important: Your income, and income limit category, is needed to apply to most of the apartments on our list.

Danielle Needs Helplashominique Needs HelpMyiesha Needs Help

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Program : What Is Huds Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

The Housing Choice Voucher Program is the federal governments largest program for assisting low income families, elderly families, and the disabled to be able to secure and afford sanitary and safe living within standard rented units and homes. Although this program is not set aside specifically for the elderly, it is certainly available to them.

Typically, subsidized programs will pass on the rental payment directly to the qualifying home or apartment owner, but with HCVP the voucher is given directly to the resident, so that they may locate and rent a residence that best fits their needs. If and when a tenant decides to move, the voucher goes with them, so they are not obligated to stay in one assigned unit. The voucher program does not require that the tenant live at any one specific property, but when they do select a property the selected propertys owner must be willing to accept the voucher. Not unlike other Section 8 properties, rental units must meet the Public Housing Authoritys minimum standards of health and safety. Sometimes this requires modification to homes and units that owners are not always willing to undertake. It is up to the resident to locate a rental property that is eligible by the PHA, where the owner is willing to accept the voucher, and that is acceptable to the resident.

How Does One Qualify For Section 8

To be eligible for Housing Choice in Cape Coral, Florida you must:

1. Have low or very low income based on annual gross income the family’s income may not exceed 50% of the median income for the county or metropolitan area in which the family chooses to live.

2. Be in need of decent, safe, and/or sanitary housing.

3. The applicant must meet the documentation requirements of citizenship or eligible immigration status. Undocumented immigrants are not eligible for section 8 housing voucher assistance.

4. Anyone evicted from public housing for drug-related criminal activity are ineligible for assistance for at least 3 years from the date of the eviction.

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Low Income Housing And Subsidized Apartments In Cape Coral Fl

Below is the listing of 3 affordable apartments and low-income housing in Cape Coral, FL. Some apartments listed here will require prospective residents to meet income eligibility requirements and other guidelines specific to a housing authority, and other properties will be open to all residents needing affordable housing.

The listings are not comprehensive, but we do strive to provide as many listings as available. Our goal is to provider our users with as many affordable housing opportunities as possible. If your property is not already listed, you can add your listing for free.

We welcome user reviews and corrections of property listings, as we strive to provide the best and most up-to-date information possible. Simply click on the listing below for more information.

Free Health Care In Lee County

Housing Market Cape Coral FL Real Estate | Housing Report Dec. 2020

A clinic to turn to for medical care is the Family Health Centers of Southwest Florida. The number one goal of this agency is to provide high quality, free or competitively priced primary and preventive medical, dental and healthcare. Patients can also learn about related educational and medical services to all people, whether they can afford to pay or not. Call 278-3600.

Many clinics are in the region too. They have a goal to provide high quality home as well as community based health care services to residents of southwest Florida regardless of their ability to pay for their medical bills as resources allow. Several other health and dental centers offer patients free or low cost medical care. Many also have a sliding fee scale in place, which will lead to lower fees for individuals. Find more .

Seniors and the elderly in Lee County often struggle to get medications or supplies. One in need resource is for diabetes. There are resources for that. Whether it is insulin, test strips, or something else, find as well as other health care.

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Low Income Apartments Available

Low Income Apartments & Housing Tax Credit , Accept Housing Vouchers, Florida Housing Finance Corporation NYE New York City Housing Development Corporation Total number of rental units: 168 Total number of low income units for rent: 168 Type of construction: New construction Number of 1-bedroom units: 36 Number of 2-bedroom units: 68 Number of 3-bedroom units: 40 Number of 4-bedroom units: 24

How Low Income Senior Housing Rent Amounts Are Determined

For all programs except the LIHTC program, the rent a resident will pay for an affordable senior housing unit is determined by the residents monthly adjusted income. Monthly Adjusted Income is calculated by adding together all household incomes, then subtracting any income exclusions from the incomes. The total of this is called the Annual Income. Then deductions are subtracted from the Annual Income to get the Adjusted Income. The Adjusted Income is what the rent will be based on. HUD uses a specific order of priority in determining how to establish a tenants rent. Please see the What are the Qualifications for Low Income Senior Housing topic to learn what these are.

For the LIHTC Program the rents are determined by an areas median income rates and are tied to each unit as a rent base amount. A units rate is usually between 50% – 60% of median income, divided by twelve. The LIHTC tenant will pay 30% of the rent base amount. One unit may have a higher rate than another unit, depending on its features. Rent is determined by taking the area median rate and dividing it by the units rate. So, if a units rent rate is 50% and the areas median was $75,000, the units rent base would be $37,500. The tenants portion would be 30% of that, so their annual rent would be $11,250.00, which would be $937.50 per month for rent.

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Cape Coral Fl Low Income Housing

We list 9 Low Income Apartment complexes in or near Cape Coral, FL Our listings include: 1. Privately owned subsidized housing apartments. 2. Public Housing apartments. These are owned by the state. They are affordable rentals for families who are low income, seniors, or disabled. We list the local housing authorities. They may have information on how to help you with your rental payments. 3. Housing Choice Voucher aka Section 8 listings. Contact your public housing authority to apply. Note: Most of these Section 8 lists are closed or have extended waiting lists. We display monthly rates for the apartments when possible. Most of subsidized apartments base the rent on income, therefore, you will need to contact the apartment directly for rates. We list all pertinent contact information.

Less than 1/4 of all HUD eligible households receive housing due to the current shortage of available housing. 2013 Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing

Program : What Is The Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program

The Best Cities for Tennis Players to Retire

The Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program was actually created as a tax credit. This credit is given to private investors for the purpose of building communities that included both low income apartments and low income senior apartments. The program was created for the purpose of increasing the available supply of low income rentals. Credits, in the form of dollar-for-dollar tax breaks, are awarded to builders and, in return, those builders must offer units to tenants whose incomes are no more than 50 60% of the Area Median Income .

The amount of rent is set by the communitys owner and is based on the areas median income and not the tenants income, although tenants of the low income units still must meet income eligibility criteria. Even if a tenants income increases or decreases while they are in the unit, LIHTC rental amounts do not increase or decrease and a tenant will not be asked to move if their income increases beyond the bounds of the income limits. However, once a tenant moves, they must continue to meet income criteria in order to be eligible for another unit under the LIHTC program since it is intended for low income residents.

Just like the Housing Choice Voucher Program, LIHTC is not a program specific to seniors, and because it bases its rents on the income levels of the surrounding area , rents tend to be higher at these units. Many low and very low income seniors may find the rental rates to be too high for their budgets.

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Imagine What Life Could Be Like

The Crossings at Cape Coral offers extraordinary apartment homes at affordable prices with no hidden fees. With a variety of floor plans to choose from surrounding a vibrant community, The Crossings at Cape Coral has something for everyone. Check out our photo gallery to see what makes us different from other apartment homes!

Continue Living Your Best Life

Youll find so much to look forward to at Highpoint at Cape Coral, a contemporary rental retirement community offering a refreshing perspective in senior living with the assurance of a continuum of care. A place where you can live life on your terms and feel confident about all the possibilities tomorrow may hold.

Come home to a higher level of sophistication and comfort at Highpoint with independent living, assisted living and memory care available onsite. Were a forward-looking, future-thinking senior living community designed to meet and exceed your standards. And we employ the latest in safety protocols and cleaning standards to promote overall security and good health.

The all-inclusive, maintenance-free lifestyle at Highpoint gives residents the freedom to thrive and youll find its easier and more convenient to prioritize healthy senior living when opportunities for successful aging await you around every corner: our heated outdoor swimming pool, fitness center, yoga studio, coffee bar, theater, activity center and other contemporary amenities. As the areas only rental retirement continuum community, Highpoint brings an enhanced experience to senior living in Cape Coral one thats comfortable, convenient and carefree.

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Clothing Closets And Thrift Stores

These sites may have gently used goods for low income families. Some centers or charities will offer items for free, others will be sold at reduced rates. Work and school clothing, Christmas toys for children, and other items may be available in Lee County.

Bonita Social Service Center, dial 239.390.2928Bonita Springs Assistance Office, 239.992.3034 Cornerstone Ministries, dial 239.337.4140, Fort Myers Christian Outreach Center, telephone 239.481.6262Kiwanis Club of Lehigh Acres Thrift Store, dial 239.369.6336Lehigh Community Services, 239.369.5818 M.C. Library Education Center Corp, 239.288.5349Nations Association Charities, 239.332.7575 Salvation Army/Thrift Store – Cape Coral, 239.540.0265Salvation Army/Thrift Store. TheFort Myers location can be reached at 239.628.1147Verity Pregnancy & Medical Resource Center, 239.433.1929Voices for Kids of Southwest Florida, 239.533.1435

There Are 8 Low Income Housing Apartment Complexes In Cape Coral Florida

High Point Senior Cape Coral

Low Income Housing Types:

  • Cape Coral, FL Housing Authority
  • Public Housing apartments
  • Non profit senior and family low income apartments
  • Low income tax credit apartments
  • Rental Assistance ProgramsLow Income/Affordable Housing in Cape Coral, FL statistics

    How does income and housing costs in Cape Coral compare with Florida income averages.

    Average affordable monthly apartment cost in Cape Coral $578.00
    State of Florida Median Income $83,200
    State of Florida Median Metropolitan Income $59,500
    State of Florida Median Non-Metropolitan Income $48,400

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    Looking For Affordable Housing

    Are you looking for affordable homeownership opportunities?www.habitat4humanity.orgAre you looking for emergency rehabilitation assistance for your home?Are you looking for assistance for connecting to city utilities?Are you looking for affordable rental housing?www.floridahousingsearch.orgAre you looking for a HUD Approved Counseling agency to assist with financial counseling related to foreclosure or debt management?here How do I know if I am income qualified?Persons In Household Maximum Income CDBG/SHIP Maximum Income NSP

    Can Family Members Live In Senior Housing

    With some of the programs, age is not an issue, so having family members with children is perfectly fine. For the Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly, however, most communities will require that family members may only reside with an elderly parent if they are over the age of 18. Once a senior no longer resides in the unit, other household members will be required to leave. Those family members who do reside within a seniors unit must also meet eligibility criteria and their income will be counted toward the seniors household income and may affect the seniors income eligibility. Along with financial and supportive documentation, applicants will be required to show proof of identification regardless of the program they are applying for. However, since program eligibility criteria differs from one program to the next, so do the household tenant requirements.

    For the HUD programs , HUD requires all applicants and all household members to verify their US Citizenship or immigration eligibility status by filling in a citizenship declaration form. All household members must be able to provide a social security number or produce records of their immigration eligibility by the time an apartment has been offered or the next eligible applicant will be offered the unit. If they cannot provide this documentation by the time-period set by the community , the applicant may become ineligible.

    All household members will be subject to the following criteria:

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