Inexpensive Hearing Aids For Seniors

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Children With Hearing Loss

â TOP 5 Best Budget Hearing Aids [ 2022 Buyer’s Guide ]

Children with hearing loss might be able to receive hearing assistive technology at no cost if their Individualized Education Program specifies they need the assistive technology in order to receive a Free and Appropriate Public Education . For more information, see the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act .

Are Affordable Hearing Aids An Industry Trade

Over the years digital hearing aids have got better more innovative, more advanced. In the past, there were limited choices, which made decisions easier, but in reality, the devices didnt work very well. Now there has been a trade-off.

Easier decision-making that offered poor results is replaced with more choice, but great technology that actually provides hearing solutions that work. That ultimately brings its own complexities, as you try to make sense of the industry and what’s on offer as a consumer.

However, even though researching the hearing solutions available on the market today can be intimidating, it really doesn’t have to be. You can now access great information online that can give you a better education on hearing loss and hearing aid solutions.

Your hearing care professional can support you, along with your family, helping you overcome the challenges and get your hearing back on track.

Mdhearing Aids The Volt+

One of the best inexpensive hearing aids in the market is MDHearingAids The Volt+, which provides around 24-30 hours of power from a single charge. It also has water-resistant technology that lets it withstand a depth of 3 feet for 30 minutes, perfect for those who have an active lifestyle.

Its Comfort Tips provide inner ear comfort and fits 80% of individuals even without aid from an audiologist.

For those who value simplicity, it has simple controls that allow you to adjust the volume on the hearing aid through four different sound settings.

A single device retails for $599.99, with a pair being sold at $1,199.99.

MDHearing created Volt to address the prevailing barrier for purchasing senior hearing aids cost. By creating a simple design with basic functions, the founder was able to create one of the best inexpensive hearing aids for seniors.

Water-resistantLasts for up to 30 hours on a single chargeBudget-friendly Only nearly invisibleMight still be expensive for some people

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Which Is Better: In

The best style of hearing aid for a particular person varies based on their degree of hearing loss, dexterity and lifestyle, among other factors, explains Dr. Sarow.

Most hearing aid users today wear a BTE-style hearing aid, she says. The newest technology is first implemented in this style of hearing aid, and its broad fitting range flexibility works for most hearing losses, so many opt for this hearing aid style.

ITE hearing aids may be a preferred option for some hearing aid wearers due to their ease of use. For example, an individual with poor dexterity may find it easier to insert an ITE hearing aid due to its one easier-to-grasp piece rather than the BTE style that involves a piece behind the ear and a piece in the ear canal, says Dr. Sarow. For anyone unsure about which type is most appropriate for them, its best to consult an audiologist.

Hearing Loss Association Of America

2 Modes Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aid Aids for the Elderly Invisible ...

The Hearing Loss Association of America provides information about a number of financial aid assistance programs available to eligible individuals, including children, college students, working people, and veterans. Although the association does not supply individuals with hearing aids, it acts as a repository of up-to-date information about a number of financial aid options, including Medicaid.

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What To Consider Before Buying Hearing Aids

As you learn about the various types of hearing aids and their optional features and technologies, know that there are several important steps to take before making a purchase.

Get a hearing health examination. Confirm with a hearing health professional that you do, in fact, have hearing loss that can be addressed with a hearing aid and the specific degree to which youre experiencing hearing loss so you can explore hearing aid products designed for your situation.

Ask about a hearing aid trial period. When speaking with the audiologist about appropriate hearing aid options, ask if you can test them out for a given period of time to make sure they are the best fit for you before paying in full.

Ask about the full capabilities of the hearing aid. Even if you only have moderate hearing loss now, that may change in the future, and hearing aids are expensive. Rather than plan for an additional purchase down the line, ask about hearing aid options that are capable of addressing your needs now and also offer adjustable settings to treat more significant levels of hearing loss in the future.

Gather warranty information. Hearing aids come with their own warranties on parts, and audiologists might offer their own warranty in addition to the one from the product manufacturer to cover professional services, too. Make sure youre happy with the level of coverage the warranties provide.

Why Are Hearing Aids So Expensive

A variety of factors influence the price youll pay for hearing aids, and understanding these factors allows you to make a wise choice about whats important to you and where you can save money. For example, audiologists usually charge more for in-person support than specialists who help you with your hearing aids online or over the phone.

This is because in-person, brick-and-mortar clinics have more overhead costs compared to online companies, such as rent, maintenance, and staffing . They also have to pay middlemen to sell their hearing aids, while direct-to-consumer companies cut out those costs by taking care of the marketing, sales, and after-purchase support themselves. Having this knowledge allows you to save money if youre comfortable with an online process.

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How Much Do Over

While specific cost information is not outlined by the FDA, OTC hearing aids are expected to be more affordable than prescription hearing aids, which are often sold bundled with audiology services.

We expect the consumer marketplace to help determine the cost of OTC hearing aids, says Dr. Cherukuri. Where the average price of a prescription hearing aid is $2,300, we expect OTC hearing aids to cost $300 to $1,000 for a pair. So theyre much more affordable. However, theyre not going to be custom programmed for a specific persons hearing loss, and they wont necessarily have all the advanced bells and whistles that a prescription product can have.

Where To Buy Hearing Aids Online

Best Hearing Aids For Seniors

Depending on the type of hearing aid youre looking to purchase, you can shop online for the best solution for you.

Now that over-the-counter hearing aids are approved by the FDA, manufacturers with FDA-registered devices can sell them directly to consumers, as can retailers partnering with these manufacturers. For example, Best Buy, Walmart and Walgreens already offer a number of hearing aids for sale.

If youre looking to buy a hearing aid for severe to profound hearing loss and have a prescription from your doctor or audiologist, you can browse options and purchase a pair online with an authorized retailer. Authorized retailers often offer a wide variety of models provided by a range of manufacturers, including Oticon, Starkey and ReSound. Many of these retailers will still ask you to visit a local shop in person for further evaluation and fitting.

How to Find Hearing Aids Near You

Over-the-counter hearing aids are available in person at retailers including Best Buy, Walmart and Walgreens.

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The Best Hearing Aids Under $: Reviews & Recommendations

Why it made the cut: Though its on the more expensive side, this device is one of the few that can truly stack up favorably against a traditional hearing aid.


  • 12 hours of battery life, rechargeable
  • 3 presets, complete customization through app
  • 112 dB maximum sound amplification


  • Data on effectiveness when compared to a hearing aid
  • Helpful features like Bluetooth for calls and music
  • Highly customizable through both presets and the app
  • Hundreds to thousands less than hearing aids


  • More expensive than some PSAPs

These devices are some of the few that stack up well against true hearing aids, according to multiple studies. In a 2017 comparison published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, these devices performed the closest to hearing aids of the five PSAPs tested, as measured by participants accuracy in interpreting speech. In another study published in 2018, the CS50+ performed the closest to a true hearing aid out of three PSAPs when tested for audibility, speech recognition, listening effort, and sound quality. As a well-studied and tested product, you can also be sure its safe to use.

The SWS CS50+ has three pre-set frequency modes, though you can customize the amplification further through the accompanying app. It uses rechargeable batteries, which have a 12-hour charge, that come with the device. You can also use the devices Bluetooth to listen to music or take phone calls.

Long Term Hearing Benefits

With your hearing needs at the forefront, the solutions that are recommended dont have to be the top performance with the finest features available – but a device that will deliver you hearing benefits long term.

What is exciting is that the industry recognises that price is a key player in consumers finding professional help or not and is dedicated to making hearing aids more accessible. Take Signias Active ready-to-wear hearing aid solutions into account – giving you the flexibility to pop in and out your hearing aids as and when you need them. Giving you the hearing edge in those tricky hearing environments.

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In The Canal Hearing Aid

An ITC or in-the-canal hearing aid is custom designed to fit perfectly in the ear canal and can address mild to moderate hearing loss in seniors.

It is relatively less visible in the ear compared to larger styles but can be difficult to maneuver due to its size. Like a CIC hearing aid, it is also susceptible to earwax clogging the speaker system.

Cost Considerations For Hearing Aids For Seniors

New Cheap hearing aids for the elderly personal ear sound amplifier ...

As we mentioned above, hearing aids are one thing that you do not want to skimp on and be cheap about. With that being said, you will want to make sure to know if any type of insurance you are on provides coverage for hearing loss or not. Let us take a look at some of the most common types of insurance and see if they offer a range for hearing loss or not.

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Best Rechargeable Lexie B2 Powered By Bose


  • No 24/7 customer support

The Lexie B2 Powered by Bose is Lexies newest model and an excellent option if youre looking for affordable and rechargeable hearing aids. This model includes a protective charging case, and one full charge offers up to 18 hours of listening time per hearing aid. The Lexie B2 is Lexies second model since partnering with Bose to offer customers a trusted and reliable name in sound technology at an affordable price point. Its also available over-the-counter at nationwide retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, and Walgreens.

This model is moisture resistant, and users are able to customize fit with a variety of dome sizes and style options. It comes with modern hearing technology features like directional microphones, feedback management, background noise reduction, and Bluetooth connectivity to the Lexie smartphone app. Through the app, users can adjust volume and sound settings, program customized listening environments, and contact customer support.

Subscription Option

Lexie Reviews

Lexie has an A+ rating on BBB with an impressive consumer review score of 4.67/5 stars, with just three complaints filed and resolved over the past three years. Lexie Hearing is also relatively well-reviewed on Trustpilot, with a 3.4/5 star rating and most customers mentioning excellent product quality and dramatically improved hearing.

Phonak Naida Marvel 90

The Naida M power hearing aids are a fantastic choice for individuals who suffer from severe to profound hearing loss. It gives you the support you need in loud environments through the Roger FM system.

It also offers connectivity to other devices such as smartphones and TVs. The hands-free feature levels the playing field when it comes to its impressive connectivity, including the Roger Direct & myCall-to-Text elements that transcribe words in real time.

In case of troubleshooting it also comes with real-time remote video support with your chosen provider, which can be highly beneficial.

The Phonak Naida Marvel 90 retails for approximately $2,220.

Hands-free featuresComes with real-time remote video supportWorks well in loud environments Expensive Not invisible

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Cheap Hearing Aids Affordable Hearing Aids

We know that everyone’s perception and idea of ‘cheap’ and ‘affordable’ is different, so it is important to understand that we are generalising here. When people refer to cheap hearing aids, this would mainly be the OTC hearing aids you’ve probably already seen online. These aren’t hearing aids, but sound amplifiers.

We talk about Over the Counter hearing aids in this article here, which you might find useful and will educate you on the difference between this product and digital hearing aids.

Affordable hearing aids are usually labelled as ‘essential’ hearing aids in the audiology industry. However, this article’s purpose is to help you understand hearing aid prices, what you are paying for and whether you need the top model and performance. We hope it goes in some way to make the hearing aid research less stressful and complex.

How We Chose Best Cheap Hearing Aids

Lexie Hearing Aid Review – My Experience With Affordable, No Doctor/RX Required Hearing Aids

With so many hearing aid manufacturers to choose from, we had our work cut out for us when choosing our favorites. No single hearing aid will be perfect for everyone, but all the manufacturers on this list meet the following criteria:

  • Impressive audio: Sophisticated devices have premium features such as custom soundscapes and smartphone compatibility, but a hearing aid should deliver quality sound first and foremost.
  • Affordability: While you can find a pair of hearing aids for $100, these tend to work poorly. Every hearing aid on this list costs under $2,000 for a pair, and they performed well in our tests.
  • Solid customer support: Like any advanced technology, hearing aids often come with a learning curve. We appreciate it when a manufacturer offers guidance not only during the purchasing process, but also throughout your use of the device.
  • Trial periods: Each of these manufacturers offer trial periods on their devices, enabling you to be sure it works for you before you waste thousands of dollars.
  • Long-lasting batteries: Whether theyre powered by rechargeable or disposable batteries, a good hearing aid needs to work when you need it most. All the devices on this list can hold enough juice for daily use.

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Affordable Hearing Aids For Seniors In 2023

Ageing is a naturalprocess and so is hearing loss. Many seniors believe that they cannot afford totreat their hearing problems because of hearing aids high price. Being able to afford a pair of hearing aids shouldnot be a luxury for seniors.

When do you need a Hearing Aid?

Many seniors arefacing hearing loss problems, but they tend to avoid solving their hearingproblem because they are afraid they cannot afford to treat their hearing loss.Some seniors do not realize they have a hearing issue so it is important toknow which symptoms of hearing loss :

  • When you have trouble in understanding or interpreting the words of the communicator.
  • When you have trouble communicating through distance or through devices.
  • When you have difficulty hearing in a noisy atmosphere.
  • When you ask other people to keep on repeating words.

All these are thesigns that you are facing hearing loss. Do not feel you cannot afford hearingaids, accept the problem, and resolve your hearing loss with affordable hearingaids.

How To Find Affordable Hearing Aids?

Affordable hearingaids have become a necessity and not a luxury for seniors. It is important toavoid spending a fortune on hearing aids. To rediscover the beauty of sound, seniors need affordable hearing aids.

To have a better ideaabout the best affordable hearing aids,these features and price of are what to be looking for in your hearing aids,which offer high quality with an affordable price.

List of Quality and Affordable Hearing Aids for Seniors

Most Discreet Eargo Neo Hifi

  • 16-hour battery life

  • Small size can be difficult to manipulate

When it comes to discreet hearing aids, Eargo has a definite corner in the market. The companys innovative, medical-grade silicone fiber hearing aid is virtually invisible. Unlike other completely-in-the-ear hearing aids, the Eargo was modeled after a fishing fly. Odd as it sounds, the silicone wings on the device enable it to sit suspended in the ear canal, which allows air to flow naturally in and out of the ear for a more natural feel.

Its worth noting that this style hearing aid can be a bit awkward for those whose family members or caretakers manage their hearing devices. The completely-in-the-canal design often needs a little wiggling and manipulation to fit perfectly in the canal, and its hard to get the perfect fit and position if youre not doing it yourself.


TIP: During our recent hearing aid research summit, one focus group participant reported a similar style hearing aid getting stuck in her ear. It was so stuck that she had to visit her audiologist the next day to remove it! Bottom line: We love this style for being nearly invisible, but we recommend larger or more substantial styles for anyone who has significant trouble with fine motor use of the fingers and hands.

Eargo Reviews

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