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Independent Senior Living In Upstate New York And Albany’s Capital District

VIRTUAL TOUR: The Senior Apartments PART 1: 55 Independent Living at Brothers of Mercy Campus

Independent living means having the freedom to enjoy an active lifestyle without the burdens of home maintenance. It means having a choice of activities, amenities and services suited to your personal needs. It provides opportunities to interact with active and interesting people living within the community you call home.

For over 25 years, Eddy Senior Living has been the Capital Regions most trusted provider of high-quality senior independent living. All of our independent living residences are maintenance-free and provide access to a wide array of life-enriching activities and amenities right outside your door. Our communities offer one- and two-bedroom apartments and cottages, with options and amenities to make your life safer, easier and better.

Learn more about our five different independent senior living communities located throughout the Albany/Capital District area of upstate New York:

The Difference Between Senior Apartments And Independent Living

In the lingo-heavy world of senior living, it can be hard to know the difference between terms like senior apartments and independent living communities. Sounds pretty similar, right? Look a little closer at their definitions, though, and youll find one offers far more than the other. Heres a breakdown of both senior apartments and independent living communities that can help you decide which is the best fit for you or your loved one. Can you spot the difference?

Benefits Of Living In A Senior Apartment

The main benefit of living in a senior apartment building is the social connection, says Dr. Bennett. Being around others your age might provide this opportunity. Otherwise, senior apartments are best for those who are completely independent in their care, she adds.

Customization is another important benefit. Shambo says the staff at many senior apartment complexes are keen to make safety and accessibility adjustments for each resident before they unpack their bags. It will be fitted once the person is ready to move in, depending on what their needs are, says Shambo.

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Secure Spacious Independent Living Apartments

Whether you prefer the convenience of independent living apartments or the extra space and privacy of a patio home, youll find Richfield Livings senior independent living communities provide options and flexibility unsurpassed. With our renewable rental agreements, you can select living options designed to make your cost of living as closely matched to your needs as possible.

Community engagement includes an IT Concierge, a menu of activities that engage all the senses, and a full time Community Engagement Manager. Richfield Living promotes wellness and well-being on all levels, and if you have a talent or desire to learn new skills, then consider calling Richfield home.

Our goal is to provide a senior community that fosters independence, wellness and security so you can enjoy life to the fullest, right here in Virginia. Our expansion to 140 new villas and independent living apartments also includes a 25,000 square foot Town Center bringing all areas of our campus together. Amenities include multiple dining options, a new wellness studio and community center, and a new integrated chapel all open to residents and the public.

About Kittay Senior Apartments

For Rent

Whether youre a seasoned New Yorker or a brand new one, Kittay is proud to offer services and amenities designed to welcome you to a community that is active and engaged in this vibrant city. To meet the needs of our diverse tenants, we offer options ranging from art studios to fitness classes to religious services for various faiths. With 295 apartments located on our garden campus, our tenants have autonomy and privacy, along with easy access to healthcare and supportive services when they need them.

With dozens of social, recreational, and educational programs on-site, tenants find ample opportunities to make new friends, develop new interests, and be part of a thriving senior living community that represents the mosaic of New York City.

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What Services And Activities Are Available At Independent Living Communities

Independent living communities all offer different services and activities for seniors. Some might have a golf course and golf carts right on the property. Others are right in the hubbub of the city, making outings very accessible.

The following are some commonly offered services and amenities:

  • Fitness classes, a gym, and outdoor recreational spaces
  • Book clubs, cooking club, gardening club, Bible club, card clubs, etc.
  • On-site lectures, seminars, and classes
  • Housekeeping, meal preparation, and home maintenance
  • Travel and cultural opportunities
  • Grab bars and ramps
Who’s it Best For? Seniors who have a spouse that needs more care Seniors who want the option to receive more care if needed Seniors who do not need help with ADLs and can afford the rent and membership fees Seniors who want to live independently but have a more limited budget Low-income seniors who meet the qualifications for Section 202 assistance

How To Find A Senior Apartment

Finding a senior apartment is an important step in your new journey. If youve lived alone for a while or youre contemplating a change in scenery, a senior apartment may be a good change.

I recommend reviewing your budget before deciding how much youre willing to pay for rent. I also recommend reaching out to local senior centers or finding county-based senior housing resources in your state. You can search for local senior or 55-and-up housing communities near you to inquire about rentals. Look into square footage, amenities, pet-friendly units, and whether the complex youre looking at has a supportive staff and community.

For more information about apartments, homeownership, or general housing advice, check out the following guides:

  • Which is better: senior apartments or assisted living?

    Both options are great for older adults, but it all boils down to preference and need. If youre looking for independent living with a supportive network of seniors, Id recommend senior apartments. If you need assistance with medication management or other personal care services, Id recommend an assisted living facility.

Amie Clark

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Senior Apartment Care Option

In general, a senior living apartment is for those who require little care. Medical care, housekeeping, meal preparation, and senior activities are not available in these flats. Although some senior residences provide the very minimum in terms of extra services, this is not the standard. There are two further sorts of senior living apartments that provide additional facilities and services.

An Active Senior Living Community In Richfield With The Amenities And Care You Deserve

Independent Living One-Bedroom Senior Living Apartment Virtual Tour

Village Shores gives you private and beautifully designed living accommodations in an active, vibrant senior community in the Minneapolis suburbs. Residents at Village Shores can choose the level of assistance or care they need at every stage of their life. Our facilities offer healthy dining, life-enriching activities, expertly-trained care teams and engaging programs for the best in 55 and up living. Village Shores, located in Richfield, MN serves the surrounding communities of So. Minneapolis, Edina, and Bloomington. Our senior community is on the corner of 66th & Lyndale, with easy access to Interstate 35W. We are just one block away from a large grocery store with a pharmacy, plus retail, restaurants, Hennepin County Medical Clinic, Allina Medical Clinic and the post office. Live your best life within our active, fulfilling senior community at Village Shores.

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The Ability To Have A Pet

This one might be surprising to many seniors, but independent living communities are about setting you free from what might be holding you back from enjoying retirement years to the fullest. They arent about creating nonstop rules to limit that enjoyment, and the ability to have pets is one way many communities ensure that.

Obviously, you do have to follow some guidelines for sharing space with others in the community, and the size of the pet may matter. Most facilities allow cats and small to medium-size dogs. Communities with more space may allow larger dogs, but unless youve found a specifically farm or agricultural community, youre unlikely to be able to have a horse.

Some communities do have community animals, though. That may include dogs, cats and even livestock, depending on the location of and type of community. These animals are often cared for by staff in conjunction with residents and enjoyed by all within the community.

If animals are important to you, this is definitely a question to ask as you consider independent living situations. Each community may have its own restrictions or requirements.

How Do I Pay For Independent

Independent living is often more affordable than other senior living options. This is because independent living facilities dont provide help with daily personal care or medical assistance.

Once youve chosen an independent living community that meets your needs and matches your lifestyle, preferences, and budget, its time to consider how to afford it. When it comes to financing independent living, Medicaid and Medicare arent options, but there are other ways to pay for retirement living.

  • Personal funds. Most seniors use savings, retirement income, or investment funds to pay for independent living.
  • Home equity. If you own a home, you may be able to sell it, rent it, or apply for a reverse mortgage to convert equity into funds to pay for independent living.
  • Long-term care insurance. If your long-term care insurance would cover the costs of having someone come to your house to help with housekeeping, meal preparation, or transportation, it may cover some, although probably not all, independent living
  • Life insurance. In some cases, you may be able to sell your life insurance policy for a lump sum to help fund independent living
  • Bridge loan. Short-term loans can help pay for independent living while youre selling your home or liquidating other assets to cover costs.

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Who Should Consider Senior Apartments

Senior apartments are ideal for people who want to downsize and relinquish the maintenance tasks of living in a house. They offer the freedom to travel without worrying about whats going to happen to your apartment while youre gone. Depending on the number of amenities and maintenance services your complex provides, you wont have to deal with major upkeep costs.

Most senior communities are exclusive to people over the age of 55, but the age minimum is 62 in some states.

What Is Life Like At An Independent Living Community

SilverCreek on Main Senior Living is a community of 100 independent ...

Every day at an independent living community is different.


Because youre the one in charge of your time.

If you want to fill your day with energy and activity, you can sign up for physical fitness classes, compete in lively board game tournaments, go on excursions to local attractions, attend an educational workshop or join an on-campus club.

If you would rather enjoy a slow and leisurely day, you can savor a warm cup of coffee in your private apartment before meeting your friends for a delicious breakfast in the dining room. You can tend to your favorite plants in the garden, read a few chapters of the latest bestseller and get your hair done at the on-campus salon. And since most of our communities are pet-friendly, your favorite furry friend can tag along!

No matter how you choose to enjoy your retirement, independent living gives you the freedom to do more of the things you love. And because the staff tends to the household chores, you dont have to waste another minute on things like cooking, cleaning and folding laundry.

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Facilities To Enrich Retirement

Facilities at each scheme vary from villages offering cinemas, spas, bistros and coffee lounges, to smaller schemes offering places to gather with some having the provision of food and gardens to enjoy. We have a list of facilities at each of our schemes.

Find out more about your nearest scheme by entering your preferred location below:

How Much Is Independent Living

What’s great about independent living is that you can find facilities at nearly every price point. Wealthier seniors can comfortably afford a high-end, luxury facility or one in a high-income area, which tends to cost the most. Seniors with limited resources can apply for Section 202 low-income housing to move into a low-income senior apartment. There’s often a waitlist, so the sooner you send in your application, the better.

Independent living facilities typically cost a few thousand dollars per month. The cost might seem steep, but remember, it includes more than rent. Most facilities bundle together the price of rent, utilities, and access to amenities. Some places include laundry, housekeeping, and linen service in the monthly price too. At others, you’ll need to pay extra.

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What Are Some Drawbacks Of Senior Living Apartments

While a senior living apartment has many advantages, there are also possible disadvantages to consider.

Some senior housing options will provide amenities that independent senior living apartments dont offer.

Lets take a look at a few drawbacks of these apartments.

#1: Meals Arent Provided

Many types of senior living communities offer home-cooked meals or meal plans. Unfortunately, senior living apartments do not provide this amenity.

In senior living apartments, residents are responsible for buying their groceries and preparing their meals.

When moving into a senior living apartment, its important to note that you or your loved one will be responsible for all meals and meal preparation.

#2: No Medical Care

A senior living apartment might not be the best option for a resident who requires frequent medical assistance.

In a senior living apartment, the residents are on their own for all medical care. This includes medication management, therapy services, and any required medical supervision.

When deciding to move into a senior living apartment, it is essential to consider the differences between apartment living and facilities that provide medical services.

For those who need frequent medical or living assistance, a senior living center, such as assisted living or a retirement community, may prove to be the best option.

#3: No Special Services

You or your loved one will be responsible for all special services such as:

  • Seasonal parties
  • Exercises classes

What Exactly Are Senior Living Apartments And Why Are They Gaining Popularity

Independent Living Cottage Tour at Evergreen Senior Living

Senior living apartments are just thatapartments within communities or complexes that are specifically designed with the wants and needs of older adults in mind.

What exactly are senior living apartments, and why are they gaining popularity?

Senior living apartments are just that apartments within communities or complexes which are specifically designed with the wants and needs of older adults in mind. This may include provisions such as age restrictions, and often includes many fantastic perks, such as laundry and housekeeping services, onsite amenities such as spas, fitness centers and salons, and much more.

The Legacy Senior Communities wants to educate the public and explain some of the benefits of making the move to a senior living apartment, whether its at The Legacy Willow Bend in Plano, or at The Legacy Midtown Park, or with another senior living community or apartment complex.

Many older adults reach a point in their lives where living in a home or a traditional apartment is no longer the best or the most appealing living option for their situation. Elements of a traditional home, condo or even apartment such as stairs, high cabinets, etc. can make life more difficult as they age, and chores such as cleaning, laundry and other household duties take up much of their time. For these reasons and more, many seniors are now choosing senior living apartments over traditional housing options.

Cost savings and convenience compared to living at home.

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Size And Location Of The Community

There is no set size for an independent living community, so its up to you if you prefer a smaller size community or a busier place with more people and opportunities for socialization. Are you comfortable with more compact apartment-style living, or will you only consider a detached house?

Location is another consideration. Some popular retirement communities in the U.S., for example, are located in warmer states such as Arizona, California, and Florida. There are downsides to moving a long distance, away from family and friends, though. Youll need to develop a new support network and find new medical care.

Amenities Of Senior Apartments

The amenities senior apartments provide depend on many factors. A luxury senior apartment may offer more recreational or entertainment amenities, whereas a market-rate senior apartment may offer more basic amenities such as walk-in tubs or linen service.

Heres a general breakdown of some amenities that may be offered at senior apartments:

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How Easy Is It For You To Get Around

You may live in an area where you have to drive to attend social activities, visit friends, and shop. If you find yourself less comfortable with driving, you may find yourself relying more and more on public transportation or family and friends to get around. It may be harder to visit others, pursue activities you enjoy, or keep doctors appointments.

As well as onsite amenities, many independent living or retirement communities also offer convenient transportation options to outside activities.

Cost Of Independent Living Facilities

Redwood Terrace 55+ Independent Senior Living Apartments For Rent in ...

Subsidized senior housing is the most affordable option, as previously mentioned. Those with low income can apply. The amount of rent assistance you receive depends on your income.

Due to the low need for medical services of its residents, Independent living facilities are one of the cheaper senior living options. Costs widely vary due to many factors, ranging from $1,500 to $6,000 a month. On average, the cost for a one-bedroom senior independent living apartment is $2,750 a month. This can be compared with a comparable apartment in an assisted living community at $3,477 a month on average. Costs vary depending on the type of community, how big the apartment is, the location, and any services that may be offered.

Home prices in a retirement community can fluctuate in price depending on the market. You could rent an efficiency apartment for $1,000 a month, or purchase a home for $1,000,000. It all depends on the number of bedrooms, features, and location of the property. Dont forget there could also be buy-in costs for amenities, as well as HOA monthly dues.

A co-housing arrangement varies depending on the property and how many other seniors are living in the property.

CCRCs are the most expensive of all the senior living options. The entrance fees range from $20,000 to $500,000. Then of course there are monthly fees that can range from $500 to $3,000, depending on what contract and services you agree on.

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