How Much Does Senior Day Care Cost

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What Are Private Payment Options For Adultdaycare

Erickson Senior Living: How much does a retirement community cost?

When it comes to private adult care establishments, we know of many individuals who ultimately ended up using retirement funds, savings, or other forms of payment to pay off adult daycare.

The popular option includes long term insurance, but you need to check whether you qualify for this type of care coverage, depending on your policy.

Some long-term strategies only permit for coverage for healthcare-related credits within assisted living houses or nursing facilities while other strategies are more liberal. Other private payment choices can include:

  • Reverse home mortgages
  • Cashing out on the value of life insurance policies

We understand that paying for long-term care out-of-pocket is a challenge for many families. If this is the case with you, you can make an inquiry about lessen fees or scholarship programs.

If you are a veteran but is not able to receive direct aid through the Veterans Association, you could check whether you are eligible for any local, central, or regional benefits. You could also check to see whether scholarship dollars will work towards reducing the costs of adult daycare fees.

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Find Adult Day Care Options Near Me

Are you among the 34 million Americans who provide unpaid care for an adult aged 50 or older? Its a tough task that is tempered by love and loyalty, but regardless of how devoted you are to the aging loved one in your charge, you cant do it all by yourself.

For many families, this is where adult day care comes in. Its a service that can keep your loved one busy and engaged, allowing you to keep working or to take a periodic break from caregiving. Elder day care can be a godsend if you cant afford full-time in-home care and your loved one:

  • Is frail or has dementia or other medical conditions
  • Can no longer structure their own daily activities
  • Finds it difficult to initiate activities like reading, conversation or watching television
  • Is isolated and lonely or desires peer interaction
  • Is anxious or depressed and needs social and emotional support

Questions To Ask An Adult Day Care Center

Ive compiled a list of questions to ask when evaluating adult day care. As you look for a facility in your area, keep these questions in mind. Ask the adult day center provider these questions on the phone, or when visiting the center for the first time. Evaluate their answers, and make sure the center will match your needs.

  • What activities and programs does the center offer? Do these activities sound engaging?
  • What are the hours of the center? Is it open during evenings or weekends?
  • What level of care does the center provide? Does care include medication management or feeding assistance?
  • How many staff are in the center, and what level of training do they have?
  • Who supervises the staff, and is the supervisor always at the center?
  • What is the ratio of participants to staff, and are staff members able to provide exceptional care?
  • What are the emergency policies?
  • Does the center offer a transportation service for participants?
  • What meals and snacks are available at the center? Are they nutritious?
  • How long has the center been open, and is it a certified adult day center?
  • What are the costs of participating in the center?

Get answers to all these questions when youre evaluating senior daycare facilities, and dont choose a center until youre delighted with the level of care provided.

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Benefits Of Adult Daycare

  • The first advantage is obviously the cost associated with care services. Adult daycare allows a senior to be placed in good care at a fraction of the expense of more advanced care like assisted living facilities or nursing homes.
  • They offer stimulating social programming and services. The kind of interaction and activities that are offered ensure an exciting time than if these elders spent weekdays alone at home.
  • The elderlys family continues to have primary care and control over their loved ones and the elderly people do not feel that they are leaving their own home to live with strangers.
  • They offer a range of senior-oriented services that allow the clients to engage in social and therapeutic activities during the day and compare notes with their loved ones at the end of the day.
  • Overall, adult day care centers offer a better quality of life for both the senior member as well as their families.
  • Adult daycare institutions offer respite for caregivers and family who are overworked and need a break.
  • They can be a reliable source of support, provide balance and much-needed support in times of crisis, and enhance the overall quality of life for the entire family.
  • Most centers provide programs for family members, caregiver support groups, individual counseling, and educational programs.
  • Tax Deductibility Of Adult Day Care

    Adult Day Care &  Adult Day Programs

    Should a family be unable to find financial assistance for adult day care, it is worth noting the cost of adult day care is almost always tax deductible. It can be included as a Medical and Dental expense. Alternatively, if your loved one is your dependent, the costs can be deductible under the Dependent Care Credit.

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    Assisted Living Facilities Costs: $4000$7000 Per Month

    While there are many flexible in home care service optionsincluding taking on the role of caregiver personallysometimes it makes sense to graduate to assisted living facilities.

    Assisted living facilities suit seniors who require medical services , round-the-clock care, or long term care that their loved ones cant provide. For example, if the assisted living costs are lower than the costs of a home renovation, it may be a more affordable, appealing option.

    Usually, your loved one can choose between an individual room, an apartment space, or a shared living arrangement. The costs of assisted living or residential care facilities depend on which housing option your loved one prefers, but generally all options are designed to give a home experience that supports your loved ones independence.

    Lastly, we want to mention the cost of care in nursing homes. While nursing homes wont provide the in home care experience, theyre still an option to consider when choosing a care plan for your loved one. In the U.S the national average cost of a private room in nursing homes can run you over $87,000 each year, or $7,500 per month.

    Whatever the cost of home care service you choose, its always a good idea to do your research before committing to anything. That way, youll choose the best care possible for your loved one.

    Elderly Day Care Requirements

    While elderly care centers are regulated by state law, each sets its own guidelines for the type of mental and/or physical impairments it can manage. A specialized care center for seniors with Alzheimers, for example, wouldnt require your parent to be continent. But a Social Adult Center would have stricter requirements, including continence, mobility, and some level of communication skills.

    For that reason, you might start your search for elderly day care services by asking your parents physician for a referral to an appropriate facility. Your parents doctor can also give you some direction on what questions you should ask as you interview prospective care centers. At a minimum, you need to know what types of health conditions each program accepts, and if there are extra charges for seniors who have mental health needs, incontinence, debilitating and chronic illness, or Alzheimers.

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    Does Medicaid Cover Adult Day Care Costs

    Currently, Medicaid provides comprehensive coverage for both adult day care and adult day health care. This is particularly true for individuals that would generally require nursing care on a full time basis. While regulations vary from state to state, for those who qualify for Medicaid it is a top option to ensure that coverage for these services is available.

    Check Special Needs Services

    How Much Does Assisted Living Cost? Compare Costs of Care

    For those caring for someone with special needs, be sure to ask appropriate questions to ensure the center can care for your loved one properly. For example, is the center equipped to care for someone who uses a wheelchair, is visually impaired, experiences incontinence or requires a Hoyer lift or blood glucose monitoring? If not, you may need to look elsewhere.

    Find Care For The Ones You Love

    Conveniently search for local senior caregivers and senior living communities on

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    Average Costs Of Adultdaycare Nationwide

    Lets take into account the fact that costs are mostly calculated on an hourly basis.

    Now, imagine that the time a senior spends in an adultdaycare program setting can range from 4 to 12 hours per day and up to 5 days per week. The costs will also differ accordingly.

    Even so, placing your elderly adult in a senior daycare center is still approximately 50% less than the national average for in-home care or other options such as assisted living community and nursing homecare.

    If you are looking at the nationwide costs, the average daily cost for adult daycare is $70, while the monthly average is about $2,100. If you convert this into yearly amounts, the expectation is that you spend an average of $25,200 annually.

    While some providers of adultdaycare charge on an hourly basis, there are adult daycare centers that bill by half or full days for your convenience.

    These are estimates and do not reflect the actual costs if you in a position to make use of government subsidies, any other financial assistance, or health insurance.

    How To Choose Adult Day Care

    When it comes to choosing the right adult day center, we recommend taking some time to think about your priorities, and then decide what services or programs you need.

    As an older adult, ask yourself these questions:

    • Do you want to participate in social activities, and make new friends?
    • Do you want to be more active and participate in daily physical activities?
    • What tasks, if any, do you need help with? These can include assistance when exercising, eating or taking medications.

    As a caregiver, consider these questions:

    • In what areas do you need the most support?
    • Are you feeling burnt out and in need of some free time?
    • Do you need help monitoring medications or help with transportation for your loved one?

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    What Is The Cost Of Adult Day Care

    Discover the latest news on finances and retirement from industry leaders.

    You want the best care possible for your elderly parent, but you dont have the bandwidth to provide it around the clock. Youre not alone. Hundreds of thousands of families around the U.S. need some form of supplementary care to help with elderly relatives who have physical or cognitive impairments. If your parent isnt quite ready for full-time nursing home care, adult day care might provide the support you need.

    Staffing Structure Of Adult Day Care

    Statistics define the Healthcare Problem and Market Opportunity

    The staffing needs for each adult day center are different. Social adult day cares accept independent participants, while health or specialized adult day cares accept participants who may need additional supervision or support. The staffing structure changes depending on the type of center and the needs of the participants.

    Roles and Positions

    The best adult day care centers have staff who enjoy spending time with older adults and are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for participants. We recommend looking for adult day cares that employ staff with specialized training, such as additional training in providing care for adults with memory loss, or caring for adults with disabilities.

    Most adult day centers have the following types of specialists on staff:

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    Top Reasons To Use Adult Day Care Services For Elderly Loved Ones

    Like |

    Which Adult Day Care is Best for Your Loved One?Social adult day cares Medical adult day caresSpecialized adult day cares Benefits of Adult Day Care to the Family CaregiverIt gives the family caregiver a breakIts cheaper than a nursing home or in-home care.It gives peace of mind

    Regulation Of Adult Day Care

    All adult day care centers are required to have state licenses or are regulated to a degree to provide certain types of services. This is especially true of those centers that receive public funding, which most do. Most staff members receive background checks and many are certified social workers. In addition, many states regulate the staff-to-patient ratio and the minimum staff available at any time.

    In adult day care, there is on average one care worker for every six participants. State regulations vary with some states as low as a 1:4 ratio and others as high as 1:10.

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    How To Refer A Patient For Adult Day Care

    Physicians interested in learning more about adult day services can find an up-to-date list of licensed providers at the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services website, . The Missouri Adult Day Services Association can also provide information about programs in your area see for more information. State regulations require current physicians orders, including medications, diagnoses, activity limitations and restrictions, dietary modifications, and indicated therapies. Programs work with discharge planners and social workers to ensure a smooth transition into the day program, work out transportation arrangements, and secure assistance with funding if needed.

    Ideally, as more citizens gain increased awareness of long-term options, the role of adult day health services on the continuum of care will be better understood and utilized in Missouri.

    Costs Of Adult Day Care

    Senior Living for those with No Money

    Adult day care and adult day health care are, without question, the most economical way to provide supervision and personal care for an elderly loved one on a daily basis. When compared with home care for an equal number of hours, adult day care usually costs at least 50% less. Nationwide in 2018, the projected average daily rate for adult day care is $70. It is worth noting that most centers bill in half-day or 4-hour increments.

    The table below contains the average daily cost for each specific state. The information is sorted alphabetically and also from least to most expensive.

    Adult Day Care Costs by State


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    Benefits For The Caregiver

    Adult day care also improves the quality of life for caregivers. We know that caregivers dedicate a lot of time and energy to making sure their loved one receives care, and you dont take enough time for yourself. If youre the sole caregiver for a family member, the daily care may become overwhelming, and you risk burnout. Here are some caregiver benefits:

    • Stay healthy: As the primary caregiver for a loved one, the best thing you can do for yourself and your family is to seek help. With the additional support provided by an adult day center, you will have time to maintain your health and focus on your needs.
    • Prevent burnout: Taking breaks from your caregiving role can prevent burnout and reduce stress levels. When your loved one is at a senior day center, you can focus on your work, look after other family members, and maintain your social life without compromising on the quality of care for your loved one.
    • Improve care: When you permit yourself to rest, youll be able to provide better care to your loved one during evenings, nights, and weekends when youre together.

    How Much Does Elderly Day Care Cost

    How much does senior day care cost? One answer is provided by the Administration for Community Living, which reports that the average cost of adult day care in the U.S. in 2016 was $68 daily. Assuming five days of care weekly, that equates to about $1,475 monthly, or nearly $18,000 a year.

    Unfortunately, those averages may not be terribly relevant to your situation. According to, adult care costs range from $25 to $100 daily, depending on the set of services your parent needs and where you live. A social program for high functioning seniors will be at the lower end of that range, while a program with medical care will be more expensive. Costs also vary dramatically by state. The median monthly cost of adult day care in Vermont, for example, is $2,678. Thats three times higher than Texas median monthly cost of $785.

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    What Is Adult Day Care

    Adult day care offers daytime supervision and activities for seniors who arent independent enough to be left home alone, while allowing caregivers like you to carve out personal time for work, family responsibilities, and self-care. The range of services offered by adult care centers varies, but programs are structured to fit into one of these three categories:

    • Social Adult Day Care, also known as Adult Day Services or ADS: A Social Adult Care center offers structured social activities, learning opportunities, mild exercise classes, nutritious meals, and light supervision. These programs are designed for seniors who are mobile, continent, responsive, and have only mild impairments.
    • Adult Day Health Care or ADHC: More severely impaired seniors may require ADHC services, which offer a greater level of medical supervision. Seniors in an adult day health care program would enjoy social activities and meals throughout the day, but they also might participate in physical or cognitive therapy sessions, as dictated by their condition. An adult health center is better equipped to work with seniors who need hands-on help with grooming, walking, eating, taking medications, and toileting.
    • Specialized Adult Day Care: Specialized adult day care centers work with seniors who have Alzheimers and other conditions associated with dementia.

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