Free Landline Phone For Seniors

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Capitalize On Senior Discounts

Seniors, no need for landline. Use an SVC Tracfone

Dont forget to take advantage of your AARP membership perks! AT& T and Consumer Cellular have partnered with AARP to offer senior discounts on cell phone plans, accessories, and upgrades. Considering AT& T? Before you lock in, learn more about the AT& T Unlimited 55+ plan pricing and value.

Money-Saving Tip: From retail and grocery to travel and leisure, there are plenty of discounts to be had. Our complete list of senior discounts details over 100 deals to claim.

The Benefits Of Corded And Cordless Care Phones For The Elderly

Feature-rich smartphones are great for youngsters but those excessive features make them a complicated piece of technology for the elderly. This is why people with certain disabilities and the elderly like to use corded or cordless care phones. These phones offer a variety of specific advantages.

One of the biggest advantages of these landline phones is their huge size which makes it easy for people with vision issues to make calls without any assistance. These phones also have much-needed features such as an answering machine, speed dialling and picture calling. Some models are also hearing aid compatible making it easy for people with hearing impairment to remain in touch with their loved ones.

With an SOS button, you can quickly reach out to an emergency contact at the press of a button. Since the care phones have programmable memory dial buttons, these can be easily set up with pictures of your contacts to make quick calls.

What is the easiest phone for seniors?

What is the best mobile phone for an older person?

Modern smartphones or mobile phones are not really designed for the elderly. Touchscreens are difficult to use due to their small font size. As an older person, a cordless care phone is the best mobile phone for you. It gives you the freedom of a mobile phone as you can move around the house while talking.

What is the best telephone for the hard of hearing?

Which cordless phone is the best for the hearing impaired?

Keeping Connected Is Important For Senior Health

Loneliness and social isolation have significant negative impacts on senior health.

Feeling alone can increase the risk of depression, poor nutrition, cognitive decline, and more.

Studies have shown that seniors who are socially isolated tend to have greater risk of death and die earlier. They also have poorer quality of life while theyre alive.

So, a phone that can help older adults with hearing loss stay connected with family and friends can actually help improve mental and physical health.

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Set Up Landline Using Google Voice

One of the best features of Google is Google Voice which also offers home phone services with call blocking, call forwarding, text messages and voice calls for free. Basically, Google Voice connects your phone number to the recipients phone number at free of cost.

This service also directs the home phone number to the mobile phone. All one needs to do is sign up for a Google Account and then sign up for Google Voice for free. Then read all the terms and conditions and you can search the recipient number you want to call for free.

Free Cell Phones For Seniors Lifeline Assistance Programs

The 5 Best Free Landline Phone for seniors

The state provides low-income senior citizens with free cell phones. Seniors can stay in touch with friends and family by using free cell phones. Furthermore, free cell phones provide them with immediate access to emergency medical care. Seniors can also have fun with free mobile phones.

Seniors may qualify for the Lifeline Aid Program in two ways:

  • Depending on their income Seniors have earnings at or under 135 percent of the Government Poverty Guidelines.
  • Engage in state assistance

If a senior citizen or a family member is currently getting benefits from a government aid program, they are eligible for a free mobile phone. In addition, free phone service is provided monthly. Among the governments assistance programs are:

  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
  • Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program

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S To Get A Free Landline Phone Service For Seniors

Here are some of the requirements you need to have before applying for a free government landline phone service.

Generally, households who get various government assistance like Temporary Assistance for Needy Families or Supplemental Nutrition assistance program do qualify for these plans. You can also be eligible for your income is below 135 % of the federal poverty guidelines for your country: Additionally, families whose kids get reduced or free lunch via the federal government might qualify.

First, find out if there is a wireless service provider in your region that offers the Lifeline Assistance program. This will assist you in determining your eligibility for cheap landline phone service for seniors. If you get a free cell phone, you wont be required to pay connection charges, must sign an annual agreement, pay monthly service charges, or make a deposit. However, you must comply with the yearly certification for the requirement for ongoing services.

How To Qualify As A Senior For Lifeline And Acp

There are several ways a senior may qualify for Lifeline and ACP.

As a senior, you may qualify for Lifeline if your income is 135% or less than the Federal Poverty Guidelines. To view a chart of this income table, .

You can also qualify if you are receiving benefits from one of the following programs:

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance
  • Veterans Pensions or Survivors Pension

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What Exactly Is Medicare

Medicare is distinct from Medicaid, but they are so similar that they are easily confused. Both, however, are federal programs that assist people in paying for health care. Medicaid is a state-run program, whereas Medicare is a federal-run program.

Medicare, the federal health program, focuses on the elderly. It also serves the needs of persons with disabilities. They may be eligible for Medicare regardless of their income. Its cost is determined by the insurance plan you select.

It would be best if you met one of the following criteria to be eligible for Medicare:

  • People over the age of 65
  • Disabled citizens under the age of 65
  • End-Stage Renal Disease patients. These individuals have chronic kidney failure and require a transplant or dialysis.

You might still be qualified if you meet the following criteria:

  • If you have been diagnosed with Lou Gehrigs disease
  • If you receive a disability allowance from Railroad Retirement Board
  • If you have been getting Social Security payments for 24 months.

Tap Into Veteran Cell Phone Discounts

Best Cordless Phones for Seniors in 2022

Veterans who dont qualify for federal phone programs such as Lifeline or Assurance Wireless have other cost-saving options to make the most of. Many cell phone providers, including Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT& T, offer special discounts to military and veteran families.

Did You Know: Monetary and medical benefits may be available to qualifying veterans, surviving spouses, and dependents.

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Lifeline Assistance: Free Government Cell Phone Service For Senior Citizens

The Lifeline Assistance program is a government benefit program that was developed during the Reagan Administration to provide free landline service to qualifying, low income households. In the last decade, the government has modernized the program by providing free cell phone service, instead of only landlines.

This program is available in all 50 states as well as in Native American tribal communities.

Ready to apply for your free government cell phone service? Just click the red button below to be redirected to a Lifeline provider in your area and start the easy signup process right now!

Important Rules About The Lifeline Program

It is important to bear in mind that there are a few rules around using the Lifeline program. Firstly, you must remember to recertify annually. When it is time to do this, you will receive a letter with details on what you need to do and applicants must respond within 60 days to avoid a disruption to their claim. You must make sure that you use your phone line, otherwise you risk your claim being cancelled.

Applicants should always provide truthful and correct information and be prepared to submit the relevant documents when asked. It is against the law to provide false information to federal agencies. Full details of the rules can be found on the Lifeline website.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Landline

Many people these days dont have a landline and rely on a cell phone or internet-based system like a digital phone. What they dont know is that a landline may be the most reliable phone on the market.

A landline works during an electrical outage and doesnt need batteries to charge, making it the perfect security blanket in an emergency, especially if you need to call 911. Those living in areas prone to hurricanes, storms, or tornados may find it particularly life-saving.

Landlines also have excellent sound quality and clarity, never drop a call, and cant be hacked.

You can use your landline for unlimited local calling, access a directory listing, and save money if you bundle it with other services or get it free through Lifeline.

Why Should You Have A Landline Home Phone Service

The 5 Best Free Landline Phone for seniors

If you want to know the reason why should you have a landline home phone service then you are on the right track here in this part all the features of landline phones are mentioned below. In todays time, almost all people rely on their smartphones. Most households in the United States have cut their landline services and started using mobile phone connections because they thought that landline services are not feasible nowadays. If you look over the benefits of landline phones then there are a lot of good reasons that are why you should own a landline phone.

If you are the one who didnt know about the features of landline phones then here it is. The most important feature is landline phones have better sound quality as compared to regular cell phones. This quality of landline phones is helpful for those who have hearing problems like senior citizens and for the ones who spend most of their time at home because through the landline phones they can connect with their close ones.

The best advantage of landline phones is that they can show the exact location. With the help of a connected IP address and the apartment number, you can check the exact location even if you are staying in a high-rise department.

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Save Money On Your Wireless Phone Service

If you qualify for SNAP, you may also be eligible for Lifeline or the Affordable Connectivity Program . Both Lifeline and ACP are government-run programs designed to help low-income consumers receive free or heavily discounted communication services.

Click here to find out more and apply for this valuable benefit.

Free Government Landline Phone Service: All You Need To Know

This information is current as of July 14, 2022.

You may have heard about free government cell phones, but did you know there is also a free government landline phone service? Both are available under the Lifeline program.

Free Government Landline Phone Service: All You Need to Know

If youre a low-income U.S. resident, you could qualify for a free government landline. This article will tell you all you need to know about the program, including:

  • What is Lifeline?
  • What are the Lifeline benefits?
  • The benefits of a landline

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Cheap Landline Phone Service For Seniors

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Staying connected is more important than ever, but finding a cheap landline phone service for seniors can be challenging. Low Income Relief has compiled some information on the best cheap landline phone service for seniors. You might also be wondering whether there is any free landline phone service for seniors, and Low Income Relief has the scoop on that as well. Read on for more information on how to keep yourself or your loved ones connected at a low cost!


Lifeline Landline Service Providers For Seniors

Best Cordless Phones for Seniors in 2021

The following companies provide landline phone services to AARP members who meet the eligibility criteria for the Lifeline program offered by the Federal Government.

1. Verizon

One of the best providers of AARP landline phone service for seniors is Verizon. This company offers a Lifeline discount to customers who are eligible for the Lifeline. The discount helps lighten seniors load when settling landline service bills monthly. Customers who reside in Tribal lands will not only get a lifeline discount but also receive help with installing the home phone service.

Verizons Home Phone Connect plan costs only $10.74 after you apply the lifeline discount. This plan lets you enjoy unlimited minutes and long-distance domestic calls every month. The only other cost you will incur is a one-time $35 activation fee.

You can get a Verizon Lifeline discount for your landline bills if you live in any of these states: Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, Delaware, New York, and Maryland.

2. Century Link

Seniors can benefit from two assistance programs if they get landline phone services from CenturyLink: the Lifeline program offered by the Federal Government and the Telephone Assistance Program provided at the state level.

3. AT& T

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Are There Any Free Phones For Seniors

Seniors can get a free phone but have to apply to a phone service provider and prove they are eligible. They have to state their age and attach the necessary documents. They should either be below the poverty guidelines or on a federal Lifeline Assistance program. Once they apply to the Lifeline provider and their application granted, they get the lifeline discount off their monthly bill depending on the provider they have signed up with.

Free Xfinity Landline Services For Seniors

Xfinity Landline is one of the most famous and most heard names in the industry of landline phone service providers. It offers various benefits to its users like unlimited calling. Due to this benefit Xfinity landline is the most used landline provider in certain areas of the United States.

The best features of this landline phone service provider include caller ID, nationwide calling, call waiting, and so on. The basic recharge plan of this provider is from dollar 30 to upwards. Every month you have to recharge with dollar 30 only means it is a minimum amount plan. Along with these features, it includes one more thing that is unlimited international calling through which you can call outside the country but the list of countries includes only a few countries like China, Canada, India, etc. One more thing is that you have to pay a little extra amount for the international calling.

There is one greatest advantage of the service provider which includes a 30-day money-back guarantee program. By using this thing you can have a trial of their services completely free of cost and can make your judgment over continuing or discontinuing the services. This facility is not available to other providers.


  • 911 service to help their customers.
  • There is no contract required to use a service.
  • One best thing with this provider is you will get gift cards which cost around dollar 150.


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Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For Cordless Phones For Seniors

No matter their age, seniors can benefit from using cordless phones. A landline phone allows you to call 911 in an emergency without the worry of a dead battery or spotty reception. That’s why many seniors opt for cordless phones with extra features that make them easier to use. Browse the top-ranked list of cordless phones for seniors below along with associated reviews and opinions.

  • Top comment

    It’s a great little phone. I got this for my senior citizen mother and it’s perfect for her. It still has the home button which is easier for older people to handle.

    See all customer reviews

    Product Description

    Lightning-fast A15 Bionic chip and fast 5G.1 Big-time battery life and a superstar camera. Plus, the toughest glass in a smartphone and a Home button with secure Touch ID.See all All Cell Phones with PlansTop comment

    It’s a great little phone. I got this for my senior citizen mother and it’s perfect for her. It still has the home button which is easier for older people to handle.

    See all customer reviews

    Product Description

    Lightning-fast A15 Bionic chip and fast 5G.1 Big-time battery life and a superstar camera. Plus, the toughest glass in a smartphone and a Home button with secure Touch ID.$20.00Your price for this item is $20.00/mo.per monthNotify Me

  • Attach The Required Documents

    Best Landline Phone For Seniors With Cordless Answering System

    To qualify for a free landline phone service for seniors, a person must be actively participating in a federal government assistance program. Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income , and Temporary Assistance to Needy Families are three such programs, but there are others where they come from, like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or Food Stamps.

    You will need to show proof of what program you are a part of and attach it to the application. Aside from that, it will also be necessary to show proof of income via check stubs, tax returns, or other means. Then, that must be attached to the file too.

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    Are Landlines Free For Seniors

    No, landlines are not free but if you apply for the landline services on government landline phone service then you may get discounts. You may get a discount by using the lifeline assistance program but you only use this program with specific providers and some of them are CenturyLink, AT& T, Verizon, and so on. Apart from the government providers, there are a lot of alternative ways available through which you can get discounts on the landline phone service.

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