Free Help For Blind Seniors

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The Community Wellness Center Food Pantry

Free help to Enroll in Medicaid for Seniors and People with Disabilities

The Moreno Valley Unified School District Community Wellness Center is offering their Food Pantry services to MVUSD families in need. The Food Pantry supplies families in need with weekly groceries and families in transition with a backpack full of food every week.

All MVUSD families who need food are welcome to come to room 38 at the wellness center to pick up food.

Food pickups are Tuesday, Wendesday, and Thursday from 9am-12pm and 1pm-3pm every week.

First Come, First Serve

For More Information Please Contact:Robin Peña

Craft Activities For Visually

If you want to spend a productive afternoon with a visually impaired senior, you can have a great time doing arts and crafts. These activities require thought and creativity, not to mention theyll keep your senior active without being physically exerting.

If the senior in your life still has some vision, but its not what it used to be, the following arts and crafts can accommodate for their dwindling eyesight yet still provide fun and relaxation.

How Much Does Blind Senior Assisted Living Cost

Depending on the specific type of assisted living or in-home caregiving situation you prefer to pursue, costs will vary widely based on geographic location, the level of luxury and amenities desired and whether the facility specializes sole in seniors with vision issues. Here are the national averages from 2017 for the most common types of blind assisted living services.

Blind Assisted Living Facilities$49,500Blind Independent Living Communities$47,2500Blind Skilled Nursing Centers$85,855Hospice Care for the Blind$33,500Adult Day Care for Visually Challenged Seniors$22,750Home Health Aides/Personal Home Care Aides$47,550

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Senior Retreat Agenda & Registration

We are proud to announce that the agenda and registration form is now available for the 2021 Virtual Senior Retreat taking place September 19 through 25, anywhere and everywhere. Both The links to access the agenda and registration form can be accessed by visiting the Senior Retreat page at . Registration is $50 per person and is open until August 30 at 11:59pm Eastern.

Love In The Name Of Christ


Love INC is a non-profit organization founded by volunteers from a local church to help those in need. Volunteers make home visits to the elderly and provide communication, companionship, financial counseling, after-school child care, clothing, food, transportation, and visitation. Helpers provide in-home care, house cleaning, snow shoveling, yard work, moving heavy objects, equipment repair, general house repairs, home weatherization, plumbing, carpentry, electrical wiring, and auto repair to the elderly and disabled.

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Us Department Of Veterans Affairs

The VA ensures access to and provides coverage for eye care services for veterans who are eligible for health care coverage. To receive VA assistance, veterans must meet certain eligibility requirements. Learn more about the program and apply at or call 1-877-222-VETS .

Learn About Service And Emotional Support Animals For Veterans

The VA provides guide dogs for blind or visually impaired veterans. It also offers service dogs for veterans with other disabilities. Benefits include veterinary care and equipment through VA Prosthetics and Sensory Aids. Learn more about guide and service dogs for veterans.

Currently, the VA does not provide service dogs for veterans with mental disorders, such as PTSD. However, research is underway to see if dogs can help treat PTSD and its symptoms. Get information on service dogs, emotional support dogs, and issues related to PTSD.

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Older Individuals Who Are Blind Technical Assistance Center

Time To Be Bold is a national public service awareness campaign through the Independent Living Older Individuals who are Blind Technical Assistance Center at the National Research and Training Center on Blindness and Low Vision. The OIB-TAC and this campaign are funded by the Dept. of Education Rehabilitation Services Administration, which also funds services and training for individuals with visual impairments, including vocational rehabilitation and the Independent Living Older Individuals who are Blind programs nationally.

The TimeToBeBold campaign is designed to educate, engage and empower people who are 55+ with low vision to maintain/regain their independence by utilizing the free or low-cost services provided by the RSA-funded OIB programs. Go to for a list of free or low-cost services in your state that will give you the tools, technology, training, and support you need to live your bold, best life.

Royal National Institute Of Blind People

Acts of Kindness: Brother and sister take turns helping blind senior citizen cross street

The RNIB is the UK’s leading charity for people with vision loss. The RNIB website offers useful information, such as coming to terms with sight loss.

The RNIB’s helpline is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm and Saturday from 9am to 1pm. The number is 0303 123 9999, with calls costing no more than a standard rate call to an 01 or 02 number. You can also email helpline staff .

The RNIB’s website is specially designed for people with sight loss and provides a wide range of useful information and resources, including an online community and RNIB online shop.

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Helping A Senior Accept Visual Changes

Eye diseases like macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy can have a significant impact on a seniors functional abilities and quality of life. For some, impaired vision may even result in depression, withdrawal and inactivity.

According to Pris Rogers, program manager of, an informational website for individuals living with vision loss, caregivers are often equally confused and overwhelmed by their loved ones visual changes. They do not know where to turn or how to help their elders who are struggling to accept new limitations.

Many older adults believe that there is no way they can cope with this loss, since it affects almost all aspects of daily life, Rogers explains. But, caregivers and persons with visual impairment need to know that there is hope, and life, after vision loss.

What Type Of Care Is Best For You

We know that when it comes to care for a loved one, no two cases are alike. This is why we believe in personalized care plans. To get started, just follow these two simple steps:

During the in-home evaluation, we will give you feedback in real time, with no waiting. Thanks to our proprietary in-home diagnostic tools, youll have an itemized care plan you can trust.

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Medicaid Home Care Wavier

Depending on your state, Medicaid, or Home Care Waiver may cover in home care. For example, the Ohio Home Care Waiver allows individuals with physical disabilities and unstable medical conditions to receive care in their homes and communities instead of nursing facilities, hospitals, or rehabilitation facilities.

Learn Your Rights With Service And Emotional Support Animals


Housing – By law, housing providers must allow the use of service or emotional support animals by people with disabilities. This ruling was enacted as part of the Fair Housing Act. Find out the housing requirements related to service and emotional support animals.

Public Spaces and Businesses – According to the ADA, service animals may go with people with disabilities in places where the public can go. This law applies to state and local governments, businesses, and nonprofits that serve the public. Under certain state and local government laws, you may bring emotional support animals into public places. Learn what questions about your service animal a business is legally allowed to ask. These questions involve rules about dealing with service animals, their handlers, and more.

Travel – The Air Carrier Access Act allows people with disabilities to travel with a service animal or emotional support animal. You may need documentation to travel with an emotional support animal or service animal for a mental disability.

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Activities For The Blind Elderly

Robin Schiltz, C.D.S. Caregivers

When deciding which activities youll do with an senior loved one, you have to tailor your choices to their reduced level of energy. When that elderly family member is also blind or has low vision, it limits your list of favorite activities even further. So, what kinds of things can you do together?

Here are some activities for the blind elderly:

  • Go outside and spend time in nature
  • Listen to audiobooks
  • Do crafts activities

If youre wondering how some of these activities are achievable for seniors with a visual impairment, then youre definitely going to want to keep reading. In this article, well provide plenty of crafts, sensory activities, and more for older adults who are vision-impaired or blind, including those with dementia.

Aging And Blindness Literature Archive

Looking for articles about older blind individuals or for older blind individuals? Then visit our Aging and Blindness Literature Archive where you will find helpful articles relating to aging and blindness, written by our membership, and friends. Topics will range from inspirational, to how to handle troubling situations, and more. And if you have articles that fit this archive, you will find information on how to submit to us.

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Health Insurance Through The Health Insurance Marketplace

What help is available? helps you find insurance options, compare care, learn about preventive services, and more. If your employer does not offer insurance, you’re self-employed, or you want to buy your own insurance, you can get it through the Marketplace. The Health Insurance Marketplace offers health, vision, and dental insurance for you and your family.

Am I eligible?

Everyone is eligible for health insurance through the Marketplace. You may also qualify for subsidies to help pay your premiums. If youve experienced a life change like childbirth or loss of a job, you may be able to make changes to your insurance in a special enrollment period.

How do I apply?

How you apply for a plan in the Health Insurance Marketplace depends on what plan you choose. Learn more about applying.

How do I complain or where do I call for extra help?

Visit the Health Insurance Marketplace’s top questions section for more help with finding or applying for health care. To file a complaint, call .

Is there anything else I need to know?

If you need more help getting or paying for medical care, try these resources:

  • You may qualify for financial assistance programs to help with eye exams, surgery, prescriptions, or glasses.

  • If you are uninsured or underinsured and must seek emergency medical treatment:

    Nvision Internet Accessability Guide

    How smartphones help the visually impaired and seniors | Bridging the digital divide

    Visual impairment can make navigating the internet a challenge, but it is far from impossible.Many computers come with built-in tools you can use to interact with the web. Adding elements to your computer can help you do even more. And web designers use techniques to make some sites more accessible for people with vision loss. This page gives you a list of the features and how to use each of them.

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    Learn What Service Animals Do

    Common tasks include:

    • Guiding a person who is blind
    • Alerting someone who is deaf
    • Aiding and protecting a person who is having a seizure
    • Alerting a person with diabetes or high or low blood sugar
    • Assisting someone in a wheelchair
    • Calming a person with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder during an anxiety attack

    Contribute Funds Toward An Able Account

    Find out who can contribute to or benefit from an ABLE account. Or, learn about how recently enacted tax laws and regulations apply to ABLE Savings accounts.

    • The maximum annual contribution limit for your account is $16,000.
    • You can exclude taxes on earnings and distributions from the account. These deductions can help you pay for qualified disability expenses.

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    Online Resources For Sight

    In the United States, there are over 20 million people who are sight-impaired. According to the Family Caregivers Alliance, Nearly 3.5 million Americans over 40 have some degree of vision loss, most commonly from age-related conditions.

    Although it may feel very overwhelming at times, with the right information, resources and support, many seniors with blindness or vision impairment have found the condition to be manageable.

    Accepting Changes In Your Eyesight

    Pin on Gadgets

    As stated above, as we age, so do our eyes, and this may result in vision loss. In fact, the majority of people who develop low vision or become legally blind are over 65. Of course, adapting to changes in your eyesight can be difficult and may lead to fear, frustration, and feelings of isolation and helplessness. Sometimes well-intentioned friends and family members may even contribute to these negative feelings because they too believe we are unable to care for ourselves.

    Many of us in the American Council of the Blind have gone through these same frustrations, anxieties, and fears, but we are here to let you know that we have found ways of coping with our loss of vision, and with our help, you can too.

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    Apply For A Service Animal

    If you are thinking about getting a service animal, first contact your medical provider. Find out if your disability is covered under the ADA and whether you need a service animal. Your doctor can help provide medical documentation and find a training program. You can also explore a list of service animal programs online. Before deciding on a program, make sure you research each organization carefully.

    Best Activities For Blind Seniors And How Promoting Engaging Activities For The Visually Impaired Can Benefit Senior Health

    Do you or someone you love have a vision impairment? Unfortunately, it’s not just you over half of all blind people in the United States are aged 65 or older.

    Do you want to know what activities your visually impaired loved one can do? It may seem like there are not many activities for elderly blind persons, but there are more than you’d think.

    Despite being blind, many senior citizens still enjoy their favorite activities.

    It may take some adaptation and help from you, but that will make the experience more memorable and strengthen your bond.

    In this article, you will learn:

    • Ten best activities for blind seniors

    • Independent and group activities for the blind elderly and

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    Promotes Mental Health And Wellness

    Literature suggests that people with vision impairment are at greater risk for specific mental health problems. Several studies have demonstrated a link between vision impairment and depression.

    If you plan activities for older adults, be sure to accommodate blind seniors. Providing appropriate activities for blind seniors and including them in activities is essential.

    More Help Is Available

    All 3,300 spots for Senior and Disabled Financial Assistance Program claimed

    The IRS also offers customer service assistance for persons who are deaf or who have hearing disabilities. People with TTY equipment may call 800-829-4059, which is a toll-free number, for assistance.

    People who are unable to complete their tax return because of a physical disability may get assistance from an IRS office, or through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program sponsored by IRS. Taxpayers can find a nearby location by calling 1-800-906-9887.

    Publication 907, Tax Highlights for Persons with Disabilities, explains the tax implications of certain disability benefits and other issues, and is available at

    Visit and click on the word accessibility for help and information.

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    Natads Assistive Technology Portal

    A FREE service of the Ability Tools that connects Californians to the assistive technology devices they need to live independently. Devices can be borrowed and tried out or bought and sold.

    Here you will find new and used low and high-tech devices for people with disabilities that include magnifiers, mobility devices, hardware and software.

    What Services Can I Get

    • The Blind Childrens Vocational Discovery and Development Program works with each child and family to create an individualized family service plan tailored to meet the child’s needs.
    • The Blindness Education, Screening and Treatment Program provides blindness education, vision screenings and urgent eye medical treatment services.
    • The Deaf Blind with Multiple Disabilities program provides home and community-based services to people of all ages who have deafblindness and another disability. Services available include: adaptive aids behavioral support case management chore services day activity dental dietary employment intervener minor home modifications nursing personal attendant physical therapy prescriptions residential respite speech, hearing and language transition assistance and transportation.
    • Independent Living Services works with people who have significant disabilities to maximize their empowerment, independence and productivity through integration and full inclusion into society.

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    Centers For Independent Living

    The Health and Human Services Commission provides a broad array of independent living services to people of all ages and with all disabilities through the network of Centers for Independent Living. TWC is working closely with these Centers to ensure a smooth referral process and non-duplication of services. For more information, contact the Health and Human Services Commissions Independent Living Services.

    How Do I Complain

    Pin on About Help For Elderly, Sick And Disabled

    You may need things like ramps, grab bars, or service animals. Housing providers cannot deny someone housing because of a disability. And they cannot refuse to make reasonable accommodations for a tenant with a disability. Learn more about disability rights in housing and how to file a complaint if you feel that youve been a victim of housing discrimination.

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    Work With A Low Vision Specialist

    Low vision specialists have the knowledge and experience to devise personalized solutions for a visually impaired individual’s specific needs. Vision rehabilitation can help with mobility training as well as methods of organizing, marking and labeling household items. These specialists are also familiar with resources for obtaining low vision aids and can instruct their clients on how to use them properly. Many vision rehabilitation programs even offer mental health services to help participants cope with the anxiety or depression that often accompanies vision loss.

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