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Veteran Dental Care Grants

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Veterans are eligible for dental grants as a thank you for their service. Check out the Dental Lifeline Network which offers free, comprehensive dental care. The ADA Foundation offers this grant for veteran seniors.

Another program is the Smile, Veteran by AAID which also helps veteran seniors fund their dental implants.

To apply to any of these grants, consult with your dental provider or visit their websites for details.

About Alliance Healthcard Savings Card Dental Plan For Florida Medicare Beneficiaries

Alliance HealthCard Savings Card Dental Plan, by Alliance HealthCard, is a Dental Discount Plan for Florida seniors. A discount plan is not dental insurance, it’s a discount program negotiated with a network of Florida dentists. The Alliance HealthCard Savings Card Dental Plan plan will save you 15% to 50% on common dental procedures.

With this plan you can use any dentist that you wish that participates in the network. Network dentists agree to offer discounts per a schedule set by the plan. Most plans include additional benefits.

Be sure to compare Alliance HealthCard Savings Card Dental Plan with other dental discount plans in Florida before you choose.

Best For Largest Provider Network: Aetna


Aetna boasts a tremendous network of 120,000 providers, which puts it well above the competition in this review and makes it easy and convenient to find the right dentist in your area.

  • Largest provider network with 120,000 providers

  • No waiting period for preventive services

  • Six-month waiting period for basic services including fillings and extractions

  • Limited coverage in Massachusetts

  • Limited plan options

Aetna has been providing dental benefits for over 50 years and serves almost 13 million dental members. Aetna has the most far-reaching provider network of our review, with more than 120,000 practitioners to choose from, which makes it especially easy for seniors to find a nearby dentist without the need to travel too far.

Aetnas dental plans are available in most states they offer online account management that allows you to get cost estimates, find an in-network dentist online, as well as check claims and statements.

There are two coverage tiers for seniors to choose from: the Preferred PPO and the lower-tiered Core PPO plan. There is a $50 deductible per person or $150 deductible for a family per calendar year.

Preventive services never have a waiting period, basic services have a six-month waiting period, and major services have a 12-month waiting period. Waiting periods may be waived with proof of prior dental insurance.

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Searching For Deals Or Coupons For Seniors Dental Work

One can look for the deals and coupons on the dental clinics website. The newly opened dental clinic offers the most exciting deals and coupons. With this, they want to call more and more patients at their clinic and offer the services at the lowest prices. These coupons are the best and helpful for senior people who did not afford to pay for their dental treatment. Thus if senior people want to get help for the dental treatment then they can check for the deals and coupons at the newly opened dental clinics. For this, they have to stay updated with the newly opened clinics in their area or state.

Apart from this, some dentists offer discounts on different dental treatments from time to time. So that people come in more quantity at their clinic and get the dental treatment clinics and with this, they will also get the attention of new customers.

These newly opened dental clinics can be helpful for low to moderate-income senior citizens. They have to look for the dental coupons for the dental issues that they have and they can make their registration and apply the coupon for their dental treatment, and get the help to reduce the cost of their dental treatment.

What Dental Grants For Senior Citizens Are Available

Pasadena CA Free Dental Care Clinics

Senior citizens are the most important part of the community. It is because they are the one who has experience of life and they always suggested the good things. However, not only this, but they are too much helpful for many things and always give good advice. But when they are low-income and did not afford their medical treatment cost then it will break down them and also they have to suffer from their health issues. IT is not good for them and thats why to help the seniors of the United States many assistance programs are organized. Those assistance programs help senior citizens to get help for their dental treatment.

Dental treatment is the most expensive treatment and senior citizens cannot afford it easily. It is because the dental treatment uses devices and tools that are advanced technique-based and are easy to use for dental treatment. Thats why dental treatment is costly. But when a senior individual needs dental treatment they did not afford it, because of their financial crisis. But if they did not eat the food properly then will become ill and had to face lots of health issues. Thats why many government and non-government organizations offer dental assistance for senior citizens.

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Do Prisoners Get Free Dental Care In The Uk

Yes the dental care or dental implants are free for prisoner in UK but Prison doctors or members of the health care team must approve any treatment for free.

The Bottom Line

As you are a senior citizen and looking for dental grants to get financial aid to pay for your dental bill. You can find that dental grants are offered by the government and numerous non-profit organizations and private agencies. They organize the different dental grant programs from where senior citizens can get help for paying the dental treatment cost. Only they have to look for the sources that help them with the dental grants. So that they can apply for them and get help for their dental treatment or surgery. But they have to make sure that they first check for their requirements and match with them, to qualify for the dental grant help.

Best Value: Delta Dental

Delta Dental

Delta Dental offers plans geared toward seniors either through the AARP and directly on their website. They provide a lot of information and resources for retirees on their site, and they were one of the few insurers we reviewed offering immediate coverage for fillings, denture repair, tooth removal, and root canals in the AARP Plan.

  • No waiting periods for many services

  • Guaranteed acceptance for AARP members

  • 12 month waiting period for major work on some plans

  • PPO plans feature deductibles and maximums

Delta Dental is the leading provider of dental insurance in the U.S., offering coverage in all states and serving over 80 million Americans. Delta Dental is a not-for-profit organization made up of 39 independent Delta Dental companies. They have an AM Best financial strength rating of A .

Delta Dental has contracted with AARP to provide members with special pricing to help seniors fit dental insurance into their budgets, and there are HMO and PPO plans available. The HMO is the cheapest option, followed by the PPO B, and lastly, the PPO A is the most expensive option. The PPO plans allow you to choose any dentist, while the HMO plan utilizes a network of dental facilities.

There is no annual maximum and no deductible on the DeltaCare USA plan. The PPO plans have an annual maximum of $1,000 to $1,500 with deductibles ranging from $40 to $90 depending on service and plan.

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Let Donotpay Locate Free Dental Clinics

Here’s how you can use DoNotPay to find free dental clinics:

  • Search “dentist” on DoNotPay.
  • Enter your current address, so we can find the clinic nearest to you.
  • Select whether you would like to ask a question about your eligibility, receive a quote for a specific procedure, or set up an appointment.
  • Dental Assistance For Seniors

    Free dental care for the uninsured

    Health expenses and dental bills sometimes become highly expensive, particularly for older residents who are having financial challenges. As people get older, they need to get their teeth checked and have them examined by a dentist. Even though it sounds costly, there are various programs and benefits for seniors to receive dental assistance. Lets check out some of these programs.

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    How Should Seniors Use Dental Insurance

    As a senior, its important to stay on top of preventive care in order to prevent future dental problems down the line. Many dental insurance plans offer free preventive care services with no waiting period. If you know youll need dental work in the future, its a good idea to purchase dental insurance as soon as possible since some plans have waiting periods of up to two years for major services.

    Where Can I Get My Tooth Pulled For Free

    If you need free tooth pulling, visit your local health center or call United Way Worldwide and ask for information about free dental extractions in your area. They’ll be able to put you in touch with free emergency dental care or let you know if there is a free dental clinic for adults and children near where you live.

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    How To Get Free Or Low

    As a senior citizen, you are entitled to some form of reduced-cost dental care or even having your services covered completely free. You will need to submit an application in order to receive these benefits at these clinics. Depending on the clinic, you may need to apply with one of the following to be considered eligible:

    Local government agencies
  • Crowns and bridges installations
  • These are the most common types of dental services available at free clinics that are servicing seniors. Your needs for dental work do not subside because of your age, so you need to be able to have access to all care.

    Looking For Local Charities And Churches For Senior Dental Work


    One can look for help from various sources for dental treatment if they are not able to afford the dental treatment cost. As there are numerous government and non-government organizations that offer dental assistance to senior citizens. So that they will get dental treatment for their dental issues and did not face more problems because of the dental issues as well as because of their financial issues. But when a senior citizen did not get help from any source then they have to look for help from charities and churches. Churches are the place that offers help to low-income senior citizens with different assistance programs. Senior citizens can get dental treatment assistance from churches and charities. Churches are charity-based organizations that offer help to needy people with dental assistance. Most of the organizations are generous and sympathetic on the health-related issues, and thats why they have different assistance programs for the different health issues, and one of the dental health assistance as well. So senior citizens who are unable to pay for their dental treatment can look for their local churches and get help from there. They can go there and contact the office of the church and tell them about the dental issues and tell them that you did not afford the cost of the treatment. So they will offer you dental assistance.

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    Is Paying For Dental Insurance As A Senior Worth It

    Regular preventive care and treatment contribute to helping you maintain a better quality of life. Dental work such as cleanings, fillings, tooth extractions, or most dental devices are not covered by Medicare and can be expensive. Finding an affordable dental insurance company is important if you are not prepared to pay these costs out of pocket.

    For example, bridgework can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $15,000. Dental insurance with benefit caps may not cover the entire cost but will help offset it. If you anticipate needing dental work, youll want to run some numbers to see how much you would anticipate paying with the premiums plus any copays and out-of-pocket costs compared to the cost of the work to determine its overall value to you.

    What Else Is Donotpay Able To Do

    If you are a senior, and you have already found success with DoNotPay, you may want to know how else they can make your life easier. Below are just a few of the many services that they offer giving you back your time and energy to spend with those you love.

    It is important to DoNotPay that all clients are able to get the services they need easily and accurately!

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    Next Steps If You Can’t Do It Yourself

    Sometimes when you try to locate this information about free dental clinics on your own, you are unable to find all the essential information. Not all of this information is advertised in the same place, so being able to have a central location for this information makes it easier to determine what clinic is appropriate for you and the services you need. When you choose DoNotPay to help you with finding these free dental clinics, you avoid all the obstacles.

    Free Dental Grants For Seniors: How To Apply

    Tucson HS senior receives free dental surgery

    Having a winning smile increases confidence, even in our golden years. But many older adults struggle with oral health issues, due to changes in their body and certain health conditions. Everyday wear and tear can also take a toll on one’s teeth. Good thing there are free dental grants for seniors to help defray the cost of dental procedures.

    This post will explore some free dental grants for seniors and how to apply for each.

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    Free And Low Cost Dental Care Options For Seniors is compensated when you click on the provider links listed on this page. This compensation does not impact our ratings or reviews.

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    How essential is having a healthy mouth to your physical health? According to medical experts, it would be very difficult to be in peak physical condition if your oral health isnt what its supposed to be. In effect, you should be thinking of your mouth as the gateway to wellness. Recent studies have shown that the correlation between oral health and overall body health is closer than what was previously believed.

    If you read our article, The Importance of Senior Dental Care, youll know how important good oral health is to your overall quality of life. Youll be able to chew food properly and without pain. Youll taste what youre chewing. Youll reduce the likelihood of developing other health issues. And youll save money in the long run.

    For seniors, maintaining oral health becomes doubly important. This is because as you age, you become more susceptible to diseases. Of course, it would be ideal to have regular dental check-ups and have yourself treated whenever an oral issue arises. But access to regular dental care is often difficult for seniors. Medicare doesnt cover it. Medicaid coverage is limited. Out-of-pocket expenses can be prohibitive to those on a fixed income.

    Dental Care For Immigrants

    Immigrants who are in the process of getting their residency documents may face exceptional difficulty in finding a free dentist or clinic because they won’t have access to government programs like Medicaid. If you or someone you know is in this situation, have a look at the resources provided by Informed Immigrant. You can browse various trusted nonprofits that will help connect you with the care you need.

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    Asking For Discount For Dental Implants For Senior

    If you need dental treatment for your dental issues and did not get help from any organization or dental assistance then maybe you will be referred to local dentists. In case, if you are referring to local dentists then you can ask them for a discount. If you are a senior citizen and need help with dental treatment immediately, then you can talk with your local dentists, tell them about your financial issue, and then ask them for a discount. In this way, you may get help with some discount on the treatment cost and get the dental treatment that you need.

    For this, you can look for the local dentists who work for the local people and offer them dental treatment services. You can contact those dentists and ask for a discount. They will understand your condition and offer you a discount on the cost of the dental treatment. So you can pay the treatment amount and also get better treatment for your dental issues.

    Dental Grant Coverage For Seniors

    Community Groups Across North America Urge Increased Resource ...

    As there are numerous medical grants are available for senior citizens same as dental grants are also available for helping the senior citizens who are struggling with the financial crisis. They will get help for the dental implants if they need it. A dental implant is done by professional dentists by using the advanced technique. The dentists implant the missing or damaged teeth with ease of the senior citizens under the dental grant.

    Dental treatment for senior citizens with low-income is not easily affordable. For them dental treatment is expensive and thats why most of the time they think suffering from pain is better because they did not manage the cost of treatment. However, sometimes the health insurance policy did not help them. Because according to age, the health insurance policy offers different benefits. Thats why senior people do not get benefits from the health insurance policy, still if they have it. In that situation, senior people have to suffer more. But they will look for dental grants for senior citizens it is the only hope that can help them and get rid off of their dental problems.

    Most of the time, senior people stay relaxed that when they get any advertise about the federal department for a dental grant then they apply and get help. But here is one thing to note the federal department never advertise their grant offers and because of this many people did not get help or take advantage of the federal department grants.

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