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What Kind Of Insurance Covers Burial

Burial Insurance : About Burial Funeral Insurance for Seniors

Burial insurance, also known as final expense insurance, is a type of life insurance policy designed to cover the costs associated with funeral and burial expenses.

It typically provides coverage for death benefits in amounts ranging from $2,000 to $25,000 .

This type of policy is usually available to seniors over the age of 50 who may not qualify for traditional life insurance due to their age or health status.

Burial insurance policies are generally more affordable than other types of life insurance and can be purchased without having to take a medical exam.

The funds provided by these policies can help families pay for funeral services such as cremation or burial plots, caskets and headstones, flowers and obituaries.

How To Choose The Best Burial Insurance Carrier

Purchasing a cheap burial insurance policy starts with selecting the right life insurance company for your coverage needs. As such, knowing how to choose the right life insurance company is key to ensuring you land a better deal when purchasing coverage.

While theres no one-size-fits-all approach to finding cheap burial insurance, identifying the best insurance carriers and comparing their offers can help ensure you get the right coverage. Here are factors to consider when looking for a reputable final expense insurance provider:

  • Financial strength:

A burial insurance policy lasts for a lifetime. For this reason, when buying a policy, you want to make sure that your carrier is capable of paying all its insurance obligations for several years.

A financially stable insurance provider will also likely offer cheaper coverage. To increase your chances of landing a better deal, look for a company with an A or Above rating from A.M. Best.

  • The features you want:

No insurance product is exactly the same as another. When choosing a carrier, you want to ensure the product they sell you has the most features you want at reasonable rates. Some companies include riders in their policies at no cost, while others offer them at an additional cost.

When making a purchase, search for a company with the policies that offer the best living benefits, depending on your insurance needs. Reputable carriers often offer policies with more benefits at a reasonable price.

  • Customer complaints:

How You Can Get Burial Insurance With No Waiting Period

The way to get a burial insurance policy with no waiting period is to work with an independent life insurance agency like Expense Mutual. We can help you apply for a final expense policy with no waiting period. Expense Mutual specializes in getting affordable burial insurance for seniors.

If you apply for a policy with no medical questions, you will be subject to a waiting period! No matter what!

That is the downside of the guaranteed issue policy. The upside is that if you die during the waiting period, then your beneficiary will be refunded the premiums paid plus interest. Keep in mind that guaranteed issue is for very sick people. Final Expense will accept mostly anyone. In the extreme case that you are very sick, you still have options to get life insurance.

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Final Expense Insurance Always Costs Money But Can Be Affordable

Whole life insurance for funeral expenses has a premium monthly payment just like any other life insurance on the market. Now depending on the insurance company, you can qualify for the rates can be very competitive typically with a 10 20% difference in the premiums because some burial insurance companies are more strict on underwriting than others which means the healthier you are the more affordable it gets.

In addition to this, any funeral insurance company will not require a medical exam which means all they will do is look at your health history and prescriptions to make sure your health lines up with how you answer their health questions. This means qualifying for final expense life insurance is simple and can be done in minutes.

Funeral insurance typically ranges between $50-$100 depending on your health and age. Whole life insurance is designed for any final expenses including medical bills that were left behind when you die. Whole life insurance depending on the policy amount you select should pay all of these debts within 24-48 hours of the company receiving a death certificate.

Whole life insurance final expense policies have a very fast payout for the benefits to your family members. Funeral arrangements are taken care of quickly when the whole life insurance policy pays a claim.

What Happens If A Family Cant Afford A Funeral


Federal government assistance: If you cannot afford a funeral or burial, you may be able to get assistance from a federal program such as:

  • Veterans benefits: If you are a veteran, you can be buried in one of the 141 national cemeteries at no cost. Spouses and children of veterans could also qualify. Veterans might also qualify for a burial allowance up to $2,000 for veterans who died on or after Sept. 11, 2001, and $1,500 for veterans who died before Sept. 11, 2001. Check with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for eligibility requirements.
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency : For deaths as a result of an event that was declared a major disaster or emergency, you may qualify for FEMA Funeral Assistance to help with expenses such as a casket or urn, burial or cremation, and the cost of a marker or headstone.

State government assistance: Many states have programs to help if you cannot afford a funeral or burial. In states that have programs, youll have to apply for assistance at the county or municipal level. Here is a list of programs by state, compiled by Funeralwise.

Crime victim compensation programs: Some states have funds to help pay for funerals for victims of violent crimes. Here is a list of state programs from the National Association of Crime Victim Compensation Boards.

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How Do You Choose The Coverage Amount

Choosing the amount of coverage for burial insurance for a senior citizen can best be done after doing some research.

Consider the current prices for the different arrangements that need to be carried out. This will give you a good idea of what the standard inclusions will amount to. Additional costs must also be considered and you should give room for unexpected expenses.

Things such as outstanding bills, medical costs if there is no other coverage and any existing health conditions can also be added to the estimate. All these will give you a good idea of how much final expense insurance is needed.

Colonial Penn: Permanent Whole Life Insurance

Best Customer Service

Colonial Penn is a respected insurance company with a reputation for providing outstanding customer service. When you get a policy with Colonial Penn, you receive an in-depth guide to your policy along with a customer service guide. In this document, youll receive a special toll-free number that will put you in touch with a policy specialist who can assist you with any questions or concerns. Youll also have access to an online portal where you can make payments and view your account, as well as full access to email support. A comprehensive plan combined with outstanding customer service gives Colonial Penns Permanent Whole Life Insurance plan a spot on our list.

Eligible Ages


Colonial Penns Permanent Whole Life Insurance policy is available to seniors throughout the United States except for those residing in the state of New York. Theres no medical exam needed to qualify, but the application process does require you to answer some basic health questions. Depending on your answers to these questions, an underwriter may contact you for more information before an approval decision is made.

Plan Information

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Who Needs A Burial Insurance Plan

Burial life insurance is life insurance for seniors who need some money to pay for their funeral and any remaining small debts, like end-of-life expenses. If youre a senior without life insurance, but your loved ones cant afford to pay for your funeral, you need burial insurance.

Not sure where to begin? Getting burial life insurance for seniors doesnt have to be complicated. Final Expense Direct is an independent agency that works with the best final expense life insurance companies.

Burial insurance for seniors is all we do!

How Much Does Final Expense Insurance Cost

Maryland burial insurance letter misleads seniors

As stated above, free final expense insurance does not exist. If you want a burial expense policy, it will generally have a monthly premium of $20-$100.

Given that the average funeral costs over $9,000, its not surprising that $10,000 is the most common amount of coverage purchased.

Your actual rate will depend upon your age, gender, health, and how much coverage you buy.

See these related articles for more information about the cost of burial insurance:

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Aaa Life Insurance Company

With the AAA Life Insurance Company, anyone between the ages of 45 and 85 is guaranteed acceptance.

Aside from that, acceptance is made easy by the fact that you dont have to pass a medical exam and answer tons of medical questions.

The maximum coverage is $25,000. Though you can purchase a policy with a death benefit smaller than that.

Coverage is lifelong as long as you pay until age 100, at which point you no longer have to pay but the coverage is still in force.

One of the cons is that there is a two-year waiting period. Also, there is an annual $60 fee for non-members.

Members are eligible for discounts if they purchase bundles on multipolicy premiums.

In terms of how easy it is to apply, AAA Life does a pretty good job. You can get free sample quotes online.

For 75-year-old men and women, the prices are around $108 and $84, respectively.

Check Your Existing Insurance Coverage

Lead generators try to scare you into thinking that you may not have enough money to pay your final expenses or that Medicare wont pay your medical bills. A lot of people already have life or supplemental Medicare insurance policies. You can review the coverage you already have through Medicare by calling MEDICARE 633-4227) or visiting the Medicare website at

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How Much Is Senior Burial Insurance

A burial or funeral policy is a form of coverage that pays for some final expenses, the cost of a funeral, burying, and flowers. A senior in their 60s to their 90s will be able to get coverage in most cases.

The funeral insurance cost varies based on health, tobacco use, pre-existing conditions, general health, and whether an individual is male or female. You can pay your premium weekly, monthly, and even annually.

  • A person in their 60s can expect to get $15K of coverage for approximately $62 a month. That same person could get $20K for $80 per month, and $25K in benefits for $100 a month.
  • Someone in their 70s can get $15K for about $107 a month, $20K for $142 a month, and $25K for about $175 a month.
  • Those in their 80s can expect to pay about $213 for $15K coverage, $285 for $20K, and $355 for $25K. These are monthly premium averages, and they are just averages.
  • 90-year-olds may have to self-insure themselves. That means saving money to pay for a funeral because many insurers will only insure those 85 and younger. They may also only insure a person for two years after getting a policy.

As you can understand, the burial insurance cost is dependent on many factors, thus providing a fixed rate is no less than impossible. So, all you need is to click here and obtain free insurance quotes from us, so you come to know the exact current rate on the market for 2022.

Why Is Experior Financial The Best

Burial insurance and funeral insurance responsive landing pages

Experior Financial Group is an expert in getting the best funeral insurance quote and policy in Canada. We provide a free no-obligation quote for clients which includes the coverage amount. We not only provide a life policy but also excel at providing the best rates plans. We work actively with different life insurance companies to get the best quote. Our associates are available across Canada to assist individuals with life insurance products and coverage. Contact us today by providing your phone number on our contact us page.

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What Is A Graded Death Benefit

If your policy has a graded death benefit, it means that if you die of natural causes during the first two or three years, your beneficiaries will not receive the full death benefit amount. Instead, the premiums you paid will be returned to them, usually with an additional percentage, such as 10%, refunded. However, if you die as the result of an accident at any time, your beneficiaries receive the full death benefit amount.

Graded benefits are how life insurance companies can provide coverage to people with severe health problems who would ordinarily be rejected for life insurance. With any policy you apply for, its important to research whether there is a graded benefit period and how long it is. Some policies will limit the period to two years while with others it lasts for three. Also consider what percentage is returned on top of your premiums if you die naturally during the graded benefit period. Some companies offer 10%, while others offer less.

How High Are Funeral Insurance Costs In Canada

There are two major funeral alternatives in Canada: cremation and in-ground burial. As per chart below, cremation costs typically range between $1,500 and $4,500. In-ground burial is more expensive with costs ranging between $3,500 and $15,000+. These are the costs that you loved ones have to carry should you pass away. Funeral Insurance offers a way to take care of these costs in advance.

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Additional Questions & Answers On Burial Insurance Over 70

What is the best burial insurance for seniors?

The best burial insurance policy varies from one senior to another. Some factors that you will want to consider when shopping for burial insurance include the cost of the policy, first-day coverage, the benefits that are offered, and the age at which you will be able to receive benefits.

Is there an age limit for burial insurance plans?

Most life insurance companies accept applicants who are 85 years old and younger .

What is the difference between funeral insurance and burial insurance?

Funeral insurance, burial insurance, cremation insurance, and final expense insurance refer to whole life insurance that pays a sum of money to cover the costs of funeral and burial expenses.

Is final expense insurance a good deal?

Final expense insurance is a good deal for those seeking coverage in case of death. The premiums are typically low, and the policy offers a benefit amount that can cover funeral and burial costs.

Can I buy life insurance at 70?

Yes, you can buy life insurance at 70. Most life insurance companies will accept applicants who are 85 years old or younger. Some companies go up to age 89. Once approved, all plans will last until age 121 years old.

What is the best time to buy burial insurance?

The best time to buy burial insurance is NOW when you are healthy and have no pre-existing medical conditions. This will ensure that you qualify for a policy and receive the best rates.

When should I buy burial insurance?

How Does Burial Life Insurance Work

Best Life Insurance For Seniors 65 And Older [Rates & Carriers Revealed]

Burial insurance for seniors works as a contract between the policyholder and the life insurance company. The policyholder pays a premium amount to the insurance company, who agrees to pay a death benefit to the policyholders chosen beneficiary when they die.

The specifics on how much of the death benefit is paid depends on the type of burial insurance policy you qualify for. You only have to answer a few health questions to qualify, and you dont have to take a medical exam to get funeral insurance. You can get approved the same day you apply for a funeral insurance policy, which is usually a longer process when you get traditional life insurance.

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Are There Multiple Options For Coverage

If you are looking for an insurance policy to cover funeral costs, its worth noting burial insurance is just one type of life insurance and there are other options:

Term life insurance

If you have a specific financial obligation that has an endpoint, such as a mortgage, term life insurance is a good option. You can choose the level of coverage you need, and the length of the term, such as 10 or 25 years.

Whole life insurance

As the name suggests, these policies provide lifelong coverage and pay a death benefit to your beneficiaries, regardless of when you die. The policy increases in cash value at a predictable rate, but the premiums remain the same. Whole life insurance is usually considerably more expensive than term life insurance.

Universal life insurance

This is another option for lifelong coverage. Because not all universal life policies increase in value, they may be less expensive than whole life insurance.

What Happens To A Body If You Cant Afford A Funeral

If a person cannot afford a funeral, their body may be taken to the local morgue or medical examiners office.

Depending on the circumstances of death and jurisdiction, an indigent burial may be arranged by the county or state in which they died. In some cases, family members may take responsibility for arranging and paying for a funeral service if funds are not available from the deceased.

If no arrangements are made, then the deceased will likely be cremated and buried in a common grave with other unclaimed bodies.

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