Easy Crafts For Seniors With Dementia

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Crafting As A Purposeful Pitstop

Simple Penguin Craft For Christmas Easy for Elderly Care Homes Seniors Dementia Activities

Hands-on guidance and attention are exactly what informs Vineyard Blufftons unique residential memory care programs. In fact, our social spaces feature specific nooks. These areas were intentionally built into our building to encourage residents to join in planned activities, rather than wandering aimlessly, a common dementia trait. The Alzheimers Association explains that wandering manifests as the behavioral expression of a basic human need for social contact or a response to environmental, irritants, physical discomforts, or psychological distress.

Instead of restraining the impulse to wander, its actually more useful to support a residents movement, indicates the Alzheimers Association, and point them to a conscious, secure, and mindful direction. This is why we created what we call purposeful pitstops to allow residents the freedom, mobility, and expression to wander safely in designated areas with strategically placed activity stations. When a staff member notices that a resident takes an interest in one of these activities, they come over to assist. These interactions not only provide instruction but reinforce the social connection that many of those with dementia need.

Fun With Magnetic Letters

Put a large assortment of magnetic letters on a metal baking sheet. Then, see what your loved one can come up with. This is also a task that can be done as part of a group which makes it more fun for all parties. Another way to use magnets is to just enjoy matching up and sorting the shapes, letters and colors.

Caregiver Created List Of Engaging Dementia

Keeping your loved one with Alzheimers or any form of dementia busy and engaged can be a real challenge for caregivers. Ive found that taking time to find and plan stimulating activities is well worth the effort.

With my mom, idle hands and boredom quickly evolve into anxiety and paranoia. And we all have plenty to do as caregivers without extra anxious and paranoid heaped onto our to-do list.

Ive found that sticking to a schedule with planned activity times helps keep my mom entertained, happy, and way more agreeable. I call that an Alzheimers win.

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Caregivers: Try Creative Activities For Dementia Help

Love these from Target

Caregivers at home can use creative activities for dementia help when they need ways to past the time and stay active. Remember, depending on the stage of dementia, you may want to consult a professional or talk to a memory care community about keeping your loved one engaged and healthy.

Vineyard offers many opportunities for residents to engage in craft projects and creative activities each week. From the Artists Corner to the Garden Club and just about everything in between, this approach to memory care ensures that residents with dementia are able to retain mental sharpness for as long as possible, which can lead to a higher quality of life overall.

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Best Brands For Senior Arts And Crafts

We also have a few brands to suggest, for paints and colored pencils. While you might just opt for more cost-effective brands like Crayola, if you feel the urge to splurge on higher quality brands, you may check our suggestions out.

We arenât associated with any of the brands being mentioned, but they are favorably reviewed in the art community as being of âartist gradeâ quality.

Prismacolor Premier: These colored pencils can be purchased in sets of 12, 24, 36, 48, 72, 132, and 150 colors. The colors are quite vivid because Prismacolor Premier pencils use soft, wax-based cores, which apply almost buttery smooth to paper surfaces. If you find Prismacolor Premiers a bit pricey, you can opt for their Scholar set, which has slightly harder wax cores but are almost as vivid in color.

Faber Castell Polychromos: Considered a direct rival to Prismacolor Premier, FC Polychromos pencils are oil-based and have incredible light-fastness, which means the colors wonât fade over time. These colored pencils have harder cores than the wax-based Prismacolors, which makes them less prone to tip breakage, and they also donât need to be sharpened as often. But this also means they donât apply as smoothly to paper as Prismacolors. You can also opt for Faber Castellâs Classic pencils, which are more student-grade quality, and easier on the budget.

Some Other Photo Ideas For Seniors

If none of the above ideas appeal to you, then what about a photo cube, where you can attach some of your favorite photos in a cube, that you can make from some cardboard. This is a great idea for a small area and can be used as a conversation piece.

Maybe you can use some of your favorite photos to transfer to some coasters, and you can have them on display at your next social gathering.

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Fresh Fun Ideas For Spring Crafts For Seniors With Dementia

Here are a few very simple, yet very satisfying spring craft ideas for seniors with dementia:

No matter which of these crafts you choose to do with your aging loved one, the important thing is that you do it together. Not only will they enjoy the company and companionship that comes along with being creative together, it will also give you a chance to engage their mind through conversation. When my grandmother and I were sculpting daffodils, for instance, I reminded her of the daffodil field she used to take me to every spring when I was a child. Reminding her of the past encouraged her to engage with her memory and reinforced the depth of the connection that the two of us have.

Activity : Make Paper Flowers

A Fun Craft to Make With Your Loved One With Dementia

Paper flowers are gorgeous, and they never wilt or die. Making paper flowers also conveys a sense of purpose because you can create various cheerful decorations out of them once youre done.

If youre going to make some artificial flowers with your senior, crepe paper in bright colors is a great choice. It can rip, but it doesnt do so as easily as lighter types of paper can .

Here are the steps to follow to craft stunning, lifelike paper flowers.

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How Can Golden Carershelp You

I am so thankful for Golden Carers!! Many times my staff gets stuck on activities and games to do with our clients here at the adult day care. Now that I have subscribed to Golden Carers, I am able direct the staff to Golden Carers and they are able to conduct activities without so much guidance from me. This is a huge help

Sharon Alexander

Coloring And Painting Crafts For Seniors

It does not matter how old you are or what the state of your physical or mental health is, everyone can enjoy themselves by using paintbrushes or markers. As you begin to concentrate on the colors and patterns, your mind will begin to calm and give your brain a short break from everyday cares and worries. Research has discovered that this activity can have a soothing effect on your body, almost the same as meditation. So, with that in mind, let us consider some of these coloring ideas for seniors, and maybe one or more of them will appeal to you.

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Easy Crafts For Elderly People

Growing old doesnt mean we have to lose our creativity. Lets go through some of the easiest arts and crafts projects every senior citizen can do.

Our bodies decline when we age. Thats no secret. Limited dexterity, high irritability and declining mental sharpness make it difficult for senior citizens to stay active and relevant.

But what if I told you that simple activities, when done creatively and with the right amount of imagination, can help keep you sharp, busy, happy, and even allow you to socialize?

Many seniors have taken up arts and crafts projects to stay alert and give them a sense of achievement.

Lets go through some of the easiest but most fulfilling arts and crafts projects for senior citizens, regardless of their interests, conditions and skill level.

Why Are Fun Activities So Good For Dementia Patients

10 Easy Crafts for Seniors with Dementia: Inexpensive DIY Ideas ...

Senior care isnt always easy, but taking care of your older loved one with dementia is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Getting into celebration mode and crafting provides respite from daily life and provides the perfect leisure activity for older adults with memory loss. Not only that, it helps them maintain a sense of self, familiarity and routine.

Helping your loved ones stay connected to their unique identity is the best way to bring out the joy in their hearts. By finding a therapeutic activity thats meaningful and brings back memories, you can help them stay connected.

Therapeutic activity is one that provides cognitive, emotional, and physical stimulation. Its a careful balance to strike when it comes to older adults with dementia. Anything too complicated or confusing and you risk triggering feelings of inadequacy. The following tips will help ensure your loved one engages with the activity and teach you about the important benefits of crafting for seniors with memory loss.

At the end of the article, theres advice on how to ensure your craft ideas are adapted for a person with dementias needs.

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Gives Them Something To Do

Sitting idly by and watching TV does nothing for a dementia patients cognitive functioning. When theyre actively working on something that gives the person a sense of accomplishment thats when the brain benefits. Arts and crafts can keep a senior busy for hours.

For more ideas, read our article about Keeping Seniors With Dementia or Alzheimers Busy.

Easy Crafts For Seniors With Dementia

Robin Schiltz Dementia Info

Does your elderly parent or older adult have dementia? If so, the time you spend together may be getting more difficult to bear as their memory lapses. The next time you are with them, why not try some arts and crafts? They can be highly beneficial for dementia patients, as well as a fun way to stay connected with your loved one.

Try the following easy crafts for seniors with dementia:

  • Creating a pine cone bird feeder

In this guide, were presenting our easiest craft ideas and recommendations, plus detailed step-by-step instructions and video tutorials for these dementia-safe creative activities.

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Sensory Activities For People With Dementia

  • Stop and smell the roses Studies suggest smells trigger more vivid emotional memories than images, according to Harvard scientists. This is because scents are processed by the hippocampus and the amygdala, the same parts of our brains that control memories. A familiar smell like flowers from a childhood garden or freshly baked Christmas cookies can elicit positive memories and emotions. Conversely, its important to avoid smells that cause anxiety. Diesel fuel and gunpowder are common PTSD triggers for older veterans.
  • Explore familiar objectsTactile exploration can bring up memories that may not be accessible through pictures or verbal prompting. Even if your loved one doesnt remember their first car or their wedding, the feeling of weighty keys or hand-embroidered pearls could encourage reminiscence.
  • Have a taste of historyLike smells, tastes can elicit emotions and memories. Your moms famous chocolate cake could bring back birthdays a sip of instant coffee could recall quiet, early mornings at home.
  • Feel diverse texturesUnique textures provide sensory stimulation, as well as memory cues. If your aging family member is a pet lover, consider the soft fur of an animal. If they liked to garden, suggest touching damp soil or leaves. Textures can also be used for fulfilling activities try making a bag of fabrics or blocks to be be sorted by touch.
  • What Are The Things To Remember When Recommending Crafts To Seniors With Dementia

    Crafts for Seniors with Alzheimer’s and Dementia

    The most important thing to remember when recommending an activity to seniors with dementia is safety. Seniors from this condition, especially at late stages of dementia, start to show cognitive decline. Sharp objects, such as sharp scissors, should be avoided. Materials that may be hazardous to the individual should also not be used.

    Growing old doesnt mean that you have to sacrifice the quality of life.

    For seniors with dementia, cognitive decline may prevent them from leading comfortable lives as they continue to age.

    Introducing a fun activity, such as making craft projects, slows down cognitive decline so that cognitive functioning continues for as long as possible.

    Creative projects also help in maintaining their self-esteem and self-worth.

    Crafts for dementia patients, however, do not target just the cognitive ability of people with dementia. It is meant to improve even their physical health.

    It also is a means for them to continue having a social connection so that they continue living happy lives. After all, age is just a number and it should always remain as that a number.


    What are some of your favorite crafts for seniors with dementia? Share below!

    About Haley Burress

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    Sorting Coins And/or Parts From The Hardware Store

    Another great activity for seniors is to give them several different hardware parts, such as washers, bolts, and nuts, and ask them to sort them up for you. They may also get interested in sorting large amounts of loose coins, this may take them back to a time when they had to manage their own finances.

    Some Other Painting Ideas For Seniors

    There are so many other ideas for painting various objects that are easy and can be done by anyone. You can take some small, smooth, and clean rocks and paint whatever pattern you want. These can then be used as garden markers, door stops, and much more. If you live in an area where pine trees grow, you can collect some pine cones and using some spray paint, transform them into ornaments that will look great in your home.

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    Best Arts And Crafts Activities For Alzheimers

    There are many types of art and craft activities for Alzheimer patients to engage in. In this section, weâll highlight some things to do with dementia patients that can inspire their creativity, and help them enjoy the benefits we mentioned previously.

    Putting Together Collages: You can decide on a theme for collages, and let the patients put them together from photographs, magazine cutouts, and various embellishments. One thing to consider is that you could even perhaps trigger memories by using older newspaper and magazines, where the patient might recognize the photographs or events in the newspaper clippings.

    Handmade Greeting Cards: This activity can help lessen anxiety in the dementia patient, as crafting greeting cards may give a sense of purpose. If the patient is unable to design their own, you can give them templates to work from and provide them with cut-out designs and shapes to adorn the cards.

    Picture Puzzles: One resource suggests enlarging photos of one of the patientâs close relatives, and cutting it into square pieces. Then have the patient assemble the square pieces like a puzzle. Assembling puzzles can inspire focus and concentration on the task at hand, while the final photograph may trigger recognition or memories of the photo subject.

    What Type Of Art Is Best For Dementia Patients

    Arts And Crafts For Seniors With Dementia / Dementia Action Week

    Arts and crafts encompass a variety of activities ranging from crocheting to painting to making decorative objects to sewing and everything in between.

    You dont want to saddle your senior with an activity thats outside of their wheelhouse. That might have you wondering what the best type of art for dementia patients is?

    Here are some traits that the arts and crafts activities you recommend should possess.

    Easy Crafts For Seniors With Limited Dexterity

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    Attaching Pipes & Fittings

    There are a lot of seniors who enjoyed the handyman work they used to do around the house, and an activity consisting of something they once enjoyed can do wonders for their morale and their self-esteem. That is why letting them participate in an activity that holds a chance of bringing back a memory, or memories makes the perfect kind of activity for them.

    All you need are several different lengths of PVC piping and some fittings , get a few of the elbows and a few T-joints at the hardware store, and if you ask them, they will usually cut them for you.

    Benefits Of Arts And Crafts For Seniors With Dementia

    Reduced stress. Working on crafts can improve concentration, heighten confidence and self-esteem, and reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

    Reconnection. As their dementia progresses, the senior may become increasingly withdrawn. Yet art, like music, can awaken something in their memory. He or she may not remember what happened a few minutes ago, but may recall the lyrics to a tune from 50 years in the past. And as they express that memory, they also reconnect with the people around them. Similarly, those feelings may arise as they paint, draw, or color.

    One symptom of dementia is agitation, possibly due to changes in the seniors environment, caregiver arrangements, misperceived threats to their safety, or just trying to make sense of an increasingly confusing world. Arts and crafts can provide a positive focus and an outlet to express their moods and thoughts, which translates into more stable emotions.

    Heightened senses. Increased stimulation by working with colors, patterns, and textures may reawaken sensory perceptions and help them reconnect with the world around them.

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