Discount Dental Plans For Seniors

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Senior Dental Discount Plans Ny

Discount Dental Plans For Seniors

Does a healthy mouth have an impact on your general physical health? Several studies have shown a relationship between oral health and overall body health. According to a recent report by medical experts, it is difficult to be in good physical health if you have poor oral hygiene. This means that your mouth is the gateway to wellness and a Senior Dental Discount Plans NY can help you get there

Dental and medical needs increase as we age. This is a natural part of life, and it is important that you take good care of your body by giving it the attention and care it needs. Regular trips to your dentist for professional cleaning and exams are an important part of maintaining your dental care. Unfortunately, finding a quality dental insurance for seniors today is getting more and more difficult.

Best For Largest Provider Network: Aetna


Aetna boasts a tremendous network of 120,000 providers, which puts it well above the competition in this review and makes it easy and convenient to find the right dentist in your area.

  • Largest provider network with 120,000 providers

  • No waiting period for preventive services

  • Six-month waiting period for basic services including fillings and extractions

  • Limited coverage in Massachusetts

  • Limited plan options

Aetna has been providing dental benefits for over 50 years and serves almost 13 million dental members. Aetna has the most far-reaching provider network of our review, with more than 120,000 practitioners to choose from, which makes it especially easy for seniors to find a nearby dentist without the need to travel too far.

Aetnas dental plans are available in most states they offer online account management that allows you to get cost estimates, find an in-network dentist online, as well as check claims and statements.

There are two coverage tiers for seniors to choose from: the Preferred PPO and the lower-tiered Core PPO plan. There is a $50 deductible per person or $150 deductible for a family per calendar year.

Preventive services never have a waiting period, basic services have a six-month waiting period, and major services have a 12-month waiting period. Waiting periods may be waived with proof of prior dental insurance.

Are Dental Saving Plans A Better Option

If you have a healthy mouth and typically only need checkups then it can be easier and more affordable to join a dental savings plan instead of using normal dental insurance. Especially for someone on a fixed income.

Most dental savings plans have one annual membership fee or an extremely low monthly payment option if you prefer to break it up into smaller amounts. They are usually much cheaper than an independent senior dental insurance policy. That alone instantly saves you money! And if you need an occasional filling now and then, you dont have to mess with estimates or dental insurance claims your dentist instantly applies a discount to the treatment and thats the exact amount you pay.

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Best For Preventive Care: Cigna


We selected Cigna as the best for preventive care because they are not only affordable, but they have $0 deductible and $0 copay preventive dental plans and make life easy with 24/7 customer service and zero-paperwork claims.

  • In-network preventive care paid at 100%

  • No waiting period for preventive/diagnostic care

  • Online claims handling and an app to manage claims

  • 24/7 service and access to a health information line

  • Basic plan only covers preventive services

  • $1,000/$1,500 maximum annual benefit

Cigna has been in business for more than 225 years and currently serves over 17 million U.S. dental insurance customers individually and through employee benefit programs. AM Best gives Cigna an A rating for financial strength. Cigna was our number-one choice for best for preventive care for seniors based on several factors, which include:

  • No deductible and no copay for preventive care that includes cleanings and routine x-rays
  • A nationwide network of over 92,700+ dentists
  • No need to file claims in-networkyour dentist does it for you
  • Their Brighter Score tool rates dentists based on affordability and patient experience
  • 24/7/365 customer support and more

There is a six-month waiting period for basic coverages and 12 months for major work. If you have 12 months of prior continuous insurance with another provider, you can make the switch to Cigna, and the waiting periods may be waived.

Best For Annual Maximums: Renaissance Dental

Humana Dental Insurance Plans for Seniors


With a high annual maximum of $3,000, Renaissance Dental is a good choice for seniors who have a major dental expense coming up.

  • Plans with no waiting period

  • Participating dentists submit the claim for you

  • Loyalty program with increasing annual maximums

  • Possibility to bundle dental with vision care

  • Cleanings covered up to twice a year on some plans

  • Annual maximum of $3,000 is only available in the Max Plus Plan

  • Can be expensive depending on the state

  • No orthodontics for seniors

Renaissance was founded in 1957 and covers over 13 million people for dental, vision, life, and disability insurance. They have an AM Best Financial Strength Rating of A+ .

Premiums for Renaissance plans can vary a lot. You can see your price on their website.

Renaissance has no waiting periods on cleanings on any plan. Nor is there a waiting period for fillings or crowns on the MAX Choice Plan and MAX Choice Plus.Annual maximums range from $1,000 on their very basic plans up to $3,000 on the top tier plan. There is a $50 deductible for individual plans and a $150 deductible for family plans.

Some of Renaissances basic plans exclude major work like root canals or crowns. However, if you remain insured with them, they reward loyalty with a coverage increase on major work each year, providing up to 50% coverage for major work starting at year two.

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Ask About Senior Discounts Or Cash Pay Incentives

Being a senior has its perks! Many dental offices extend complimentary senior discounts or a price reduction if you pay with cash. You most likely can’t combine the two options, so opt for the discount that best suits your budget. Some dental offices don’t actively promote these discounts, so don’t be shy about asking what perks your dentist offers. This is especially important if you decide that going without dental insurance and paying out-of-pocket is the most economical option.

How Do The Costs Compare Between A Discount Dental Program And Full Coverage Dental Insurance

Discount dental programs require you to pay an upfront membership fee. The programs are good for a year. In addition, you will pay an out-of-pocket cost for each dental service you receive. Some or all of those services will be discounted, depending on the plan you buy.

With traditional dental insurance you pay a monthly premium. The premium can vary based on the plan and amount of coverage. If you need a plan to cover just the basics like preventive dental, your monthly premium will be lower and most preventive dental care is covered 100%.

Dental insurance that covers more than preventive may also come with a deductible and coinsurance. Even then, if it comes with a provider network, the cost of dental care and procedures is already discounted. Its been negotiated between your insurer and dentists in the network. Even after your monthly premiums, deductible, and any coinsurance, the discounted rate from your insurance plan may be lower than what youd pay using a discount dental program.

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What Medicare Alternatives Exist

Assuming they no longer have employer-provided health insurance, seniors have three major options for lowering their dental bills:

  • Medicare Advantage
  • Dental Insurance
  • Dental Savings Plans

Seniors enrolled in Medicare can augment their coverage with a Medicare Advantage Plan. Also known as Medicare Part C, its similar to a private insurance plan. Many Advantage Plans are available with different coverage levels, premiums and deductibles.

Additionally, seniors can purchase a traditional dental insurance plan through an insurer such as Cigna. Dental insurance is often ideal for preventative procedures such as check-ups and cleanings.

However, both Medicare Advantage plans and dental insurance have restrictions which pose potential problems for seniors especially seniors with extensive dental care needs. Insurance policies have annual limits which are usually around $1,500 a year. Plus, most companies wont cover pre-existing conditions, such as missing teeth or problems caused by crowded teeth.

Seniors with existing dental problems who want treatment right away often choose dental savings plans. These plans allow members to save directly at the time of service. For example, Cigna offers two types of plans which save members between 15% and 50% on preventative, basic and major dental procedures.

Choosing The Best Dental Saving Plans For Seniors

Dental Plans For Seniors | Medicare Dental Plans

Chances are that if youre considering dental discount plans for seniors, youre experiencing changes in your overall healthcare coverage as well. So, you might as well look for a savings plan that includes some added perks. Such as discounts on hearing and optical services. That way youre only paying one fee to join but can use your discount card at any participating provider, even if theyre not a dentists office.

A multi-purpose health savings card that is usable at dentists office, eye clinics, and hearing services saves you money and prevents you from having to sign up for more than one discount program.

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Would You Benefit From A Dental Discount Program

Only you can decide. But if you fall into one of the following categories, you may want to consider a dental discount card:

  • You need very little dental work If your mouth is healthy and you only need your twice-yearly cleanings, you may save money with a discount plan.
  • You need more dental work than is covered by an insurance plans maximum limit If you need a lot of dental care and know it will be more than your current plans maximum limit, you could join a discount dental plan to help cover those extra costs. This means you may have to pay for both plans, but in the end, you may end up saving money. Do the math first.
  • You have health issues that can be complicated by dental problems People with certain health conditions may need to be especially careful with their dental care. For example, untreated gum disease can worsen health conditions like diabetes and heart disease.1 A discount plan may be better than no coverage at all.
  • You are older Medicare doesnât cover most dental care, so if youre 65 or older and have Medicare, discount dental plans for seniors may make sense, especially if youre on a tight budget. More than 70% of those age 60 to 79 have some form of cardiovascular disease,2 so getting some type of coverage may be a good idea. Plus, the risk for severe gum disease or periodontitis increases with age.

Explore Dental

Dental PPO Plans are not offered in all states.

Medical Plans

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Carrington 500 + Aetna Dental Access Preferred Plan

Carrington 500 + Aetna Dental Access combined dental plan is perfect for seniors who dont have dental insurance or dont like the coverage their dental insurance plan offers. 1Dental combined the two most popular dental discount plans to get maximum savings for both general and specialist dental services. You can get two dental plans for the price of one

Plan Highlights

  • Highest savings at general dentists
  • Highest savings at specialists
  • Anyone can join, no exclusions
  • No annual limits on use
  • No waiting periods
  • Vision included at no extra cost


  • Family plans cost more than individual dental plans


  • Individual Plan – $99/year
  • Family Plan – $179/year

We worked hard to get your preferred rates for the combined dental plans. 1Dental is offering the preferred plan for a cost of $99/year for 1 member! That’s 58% off! Get the preferred plan here and save today!


Using a combined dental plan can save you thousands on both basic services and major services. You also don’t have any waiting periods or coverage limits like typical dental insurance for seniors. Save big on dental procedures like root canals, crowns, or dentures.

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Why Is Dental Insurance Important For Older Adults

Taking care of our oral health becomes more important as we age. Older adults have specific needs, such as dealing with gum disease, root decay, broken or lost teeth, and even arthritic conditions that can lead to dental problems. People near retirement age, especially, need to begin looking for a plan to avoid costly coverage gaps, since Medicare doesnt offer dental coverage.

Most dental insurance companies offer an array of plans, ranging from basic preventive-only coverage and discount savings plans to comprehensive traditional packages and gold-level plans. Except for dental discount plans, most programs have at least a six-month waiting period for coverage to kick in, especially for major dental work. That makes finding a new policy before losing any current coverage essential for older adults.

Dental Discount Plans Vs Dental Insurance For Seniors

5 Things Every Senior Should Know About Medicare

Most of us have essentially been trained to think we need dental insurance. But what we dont realize is that dental insurance coverage hasnt increased the yearly benefit amounts with the cost of living for over 40 years. When you switch from traditional insurance to a dental savings plan, you can potentially save more money out-of-pocket, depending on what type of dental care you tend to need.

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Questions To Ask About Dental Insurance


Before you buy dental insurance, ask all the questions you need to until you understand what the policies you are considering cover and how the claims process works. Here are some essential questions to ask if you cant find the answers in dental plan documents.

  • Are there a reasonable number of in-network dentists in your area?
  • Is your current dentist in-network?
  • What services does the insurer need to approve before receiving treatment?
  • Is there a limit on the number of exams, cleanings and bitewing x-rays that will be covered by the plan each year?
  • How often is a full series of x-rays covered?
  • How much will the insurance pay for each class of service?
  • Are there any waiting periods or existing condition exclusions?
  • What are the time limits on the replacement of crowns, bridges, dentures and similar appliances?
  • If the insurance company elects to cover a lower-cost procedure than your dentist recommends, what would your out-of-pocket costs be if you decided to go ahead with the dentists original plan of care?

Some Of New Yorks Best Dentists

DentalSave dentists are some of the best in the business. Theyre New York-certified, fully insured, and reviewed by our members.

For them, DentalSave makes business sense. Joining our network helps them connect with thousands of new patients and fill available appointments. They also get paid faster, avoiding the paperwork and delays that come with insurance plans.

Its easy to find New York dentists near you. Use our dentist search tool to locate dentists by location and specialty.

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Can You Use A Dental Discount Program With Dental Insurance

Discount dental programs are not insurance themselves, they are a fee-based membership program. That means you could buy a discount dental program even if you have dental insurance. Here are two examples:

Lets say you buy a traditional dental insurance plan from an insurer like Cigna and it covers you for preventive as well as some restorative dental services. But perhaps you want some cosmetic dental work done, such as teeth whitening, or veneers. Your traditional dental insurance plan will typically not cover cosmetic procedures. In this case, you might decide to buy a discount dental program that offers you discounts on costly cosmetic dental services.

Or, lets say you need a lot of dental care during the year. Buying a dental discount program in addition to your dental insurance may be a good financial move for you. It may help you continue saving money if you use up the total annual benefits from your dental insurance plan before your plan year ends.

When deciding if a discount dental program, or dental savings plan, is worth it, be sure to add up the costs along with your expected dental needs.

For more information on a Cigna dental discount program, visit us at

No Insurance No Problem Use Dental Direct As A Primary Dental Benefitsplan

Dental Insurance for Seniors – 6 Great Coverage Options

At Dental Direct, we understand the importance of affordable healthcare and well-defined oral maintenance dental plans. Dental Direct can be used as a primary dental benefit for individuals, families and seniors. Our Discount plan offers over 150 discounted dental services and is designed to support patients who are looking for an affordable dental coverage option and prefer the benefits of a discount plan to traditional insurance. Patients can use Dental Direct as a primary dental benefits solution when they need a comprehensive treatment plan that they might not otherwise be able to afford. Dental Direct offers a wide network of Providers and the best level of care, whenever care is needed. Choose the affordable dental solution and sign up for Dental Direct today!

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Use Your Flexible Spending Account For Dental Care

Many older adults working toward retirement take advantage of their company’s flexible spending account . Money is put into an FSA to pay for qualified medical and dental expenses. You can choose how much you’d like deducted per paycheck .

Dentistry, including copays and deductibles, qualifies as an approved FSA expense.2 These deductions are tax-free, so it’s a financial win-win. This type of fund is excellent, especially if an updated pair of dentures or extensive dental work is needed soon. FSAs are typically on an annual use it or lose it basis, so be sure to properly estimate how much dental care you’ll need during the current benefit year.

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