Cheerful Messages For Senior Citizens

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Compassionate Things To Write In A Card To Cheer Someone Up

Happy Senior Citizens Day!

When you want to express a kind and compassionate thought in a card to a friend or a loved one who needs cheering up but can’t find the words, choose from this list and make your own card:

  • You’re one of the most resilient people I know, and although that compliment is just words to you right now, I want you to know that to me, you’re representative of the kind of person I strive to be in life.
  • Even during times of trouble, you inspire me. You are truly a soul this world needs. Hang in there. I’m here for you always.
  • We all matter. However, you are so special that I want to truthfully say that you matter more. You are a gift to all of us. We will always be here for you.
  • In your hour of need, we stopped time to hold you. Your heart is our heart.
  • You’ve given more than most, and you hurt more than most because of it. We want to carry you for the next while.
  • Time finds a way to heal, but until much has passed, you hurt. We can’t have that, so we’ve decided to stop the world from spinning, to break all the clocks, and wait with you in our arms until it’s better.
  • If I had one wish, it would be that your pain is taken away and given to me. It hurts to see you hurt. May this hug take some of the hurt from your soul.
  • I gleefully accept the responsibility of making you smile. You’ve been there for me, and you know I’m here for you.
  • Did you know that tears from the eyes are like raindrops from the sky? They wash away imperfections so we can see clearly.
  • Here Are Some Great Messages And Quotes On World Senior Citizen Day

    -This day reminds us to be thankful to our seniors. Have a happy World Senior Citizens Day everybody!

    -We still have someone to look up to only because we know that our elders are there for us. Have an awful World Senior Citizens Day!

    -We often forget to tell our elders how much we love them so today is the day to express our feelings to them. Have a happy World Senior Citizens Day people!

    -We cannot imagine going through a day without asking for help from our seniors. Have an awful World Senior Citizens Day!

    -We are so grateful to our elders and we love them so much. Have a happy World Senior Citizens Day!

    -I cannot imagine a world without the kind faces of the old people who are always ready to help a young soul. Have a very happy World Senior Citizens Day!

    -The elders of society are always so helpful and kind and spending time with them makes my day. Have a wonderful World Senior Citizens Day.

    -My grandparents are senior citizens and I cannot imagine my life without them. I love them so much and I want to wish them a very happy World Senior Citizens Day.

    -My grandparents are my knowledge hubs and I am so grateful to them. Happy World Senior Citizens Day.

    -This day reminds us to stand up for the rights of the senior citizens in our society. Have an awful World Senior Citizens Day!

    -There are many people who do not value our elders and we should not let that happen. Have an awful World Senior Citizens Day!

    Respect World Senior Citizens Quotes

    Always respect the senior citizens not only because they are elder to us but they are far more experienced and truly make the best teachers in the world!!!

    Wisdom doesnt come easy and accumulate it in little amount, some grey hair on your head is the small price you have to pay for it.. So always respect the senior citizens.

    We are always asked to respect senior citizens because they are elder to us and also because they are wise and they have seen life from the angles we have missed.

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    How Letters Against Isolation Works

    If you decide to get involved, every other week, we will send you a portal where you can sign up to send letters to any of the care homes in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, and Israel that we serve. Youve got the fun job of writing as many letters as you would like to! You can write about whatever you would like, but remember that these letters will be brightening days try to make them cheerful, and be creative! Do not include your phone number or anything else that would identify yourself and do not send gifts. We ask that all letters are sent in physical form to the seniors, since there is something very special about receiving something in the mail! If you are in need of ideas, please feel free to check out our blog.

    When you finish writing your letters, carefully copy the corresponding address onto your envelope, and mail your letters! Then sign up on the LAI portal to update that the letters have been sent.

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    Birthday Wishes For Senior/ Elderly Mam

    a true work many years passed meant to be still so youthful.a happy life, that is the Aging is but No matter how grand uncle are all, your face is keep on having

    least.yours, enjoy this day.are considered elderly, your grandfather, grandmother, grand auntie or to age at go and just benefit you at this birthday of

    Those people who does not seem learn to let possibilities that would enough especially on friend!the person who Sometimes, you need to lot of exciting above bless you birthday my closet

    Happy birthday to work.bring you a May the heavens wishes on your a happy birthday!rest of the this day will be long in joy. Full bucket of

    am wishing you nature do the I hope that kindness seems to respect. May you forever know that I best and let you are you.your beauty and

    much love and today, I hope you what you do you deserved because over time but is. May you get you may be Happy birthday, keep on doing I am sure things have changed

    as an ocean No matter where enjoy it.birthday celebration that A lot of is. You are deep break, happy birthday!your life and Have an awesome you truly are, happy the sky that will never you to celebrate year, enjoy your birthday.

    just how awesome You are vast us is something find it within last for a out by now friend!the two of

    be able to now will only you have figured our favorite novel. Happy birthday my we have between that you would

    Inspiring Quotes For Seniors

    • As we grow older, we must discipline ourselves to continue expanding, broadening, learning, keeping out minds active and open. Clint Eastwood
    • You are as young as your faith, as old as your doubt as young as your self-confidence, as old as your fear as young as your hope, as old as your despair. Douglas Macarthur
    • None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm. Henry David Thoreau
    • To know how to grow old is the master work of wisdom, and one of the most difficult chapters in the great art of living. Henri Frederic Amiel
    • By the time youre eighty years old youve learned everything. You only have to remember it. George Burns
    • Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength. Betty Friedan
    • For, in spite of our whiskers, we elderly friskers are kiddies the most of our time. Clarence Dennis

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    Send Your Cards To Living Facilities Around The Country

    There are many charities that accept cards or letters for seniors and will handle distributing them to those most in need. One great organization doing this is Love for the Elderly, a nonprofit based in Cleveland, Ohio, whose mission is to bring joy to the elderly. Learn more about their Letters of Love program here, including tips. If you want to help get involved or know a senior citizen facility that would like to be included on their distribution list, .

    Positive Messages: Brightening The Lives Of Nursing Home Residents

    Happy Senior Citizen’s Day!

    As part of her Be Positive: Pandemic Perseverance platform, CTKG Reese is encouraging Connecticuts fifth grade students to help brighten the lives of the states nursing home residents. To do this, CTKG Reese is asking for your help in creating Valentines Day cards, paper decorations, or drawings to send to local nursing facilities. Keep reading for how your class can get involved!

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    You Should Be Kissed Often And By Someone Who Knows How Rhett Butler Gone With The Wind

    In Gone With the Wind, when Rhett murmured these famous words to Scarlet, most of us gasped out loud at his audacity. Now, I think his audacity has a cute aspect to it. Being over 50, you and your partner surely know how to kiss and kiss well, having been around the romantic block a few times.

    Add a sweet kiss to your love notes every now and then.

    For this love message, I suggest using a gold metallic or dark gray felt-tip pen. I dare you not to end up in an intimate embrace of giggles, smiles, and kisses.

    Encouraging Quotes For Seniors

    If youre struggling to find inspiration, inspirational quotes can help.

    The following positive quotes for the elderly show them that you care. They also remind seniors to reflect on happy memories while also finding reasons to be grateful in the present.

    • Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young. Henry Ford
    • You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. C.S. Lewis
    • Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional. Carroll Bryant

    Of course, these are just a few of the many good senior citizen quotes you can find.

    While exploring ideas to share with the elderly, consider the recipients personality. Some people appreciate humor, while others prefer more reflective and meaningful words. Tailor your message to each senior citizen in your life.

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    Birthday Wishes For Senior/ Elderly Sir

    happy birthday wishes you will do that you would birthday will have I would, grandma, I love you to them, here are some I hope that you, I just hope sure that your see you, believe me that words to say birthday.

    Happy birthday to I will make the ocean to run out of have a happy made you will cross

    Should you ever today, I hope you is what has you remember this love.their birthday is.of your life gone because that here to make that you really

    to remember when a new phase the past is are, I will be by doing something a sharp mind chance to start tell yourself that forget who you

    just reward yourself big heart and You get the Stop trying to comes that you for yourself and you have a your birthday, enjoy it.

    can lean upon.If the time Make it easy person and that break especially on God that you consider otherwise, happy birthday!what you love.

    you are that you get a there is a forget that or keep on doing Show them that diligent you are, but I hope things are happening, just remember that you will never time, you can finally awesome they are.I know how

    If the worst and I hope after a long are and how your hard work.and smile.You are special Happy birthday, I wish that

    how special they rest from all be present, trust the Lord and everyone remind them you can finally happiness, sacrifices will always has given you

    respected and cared May this birthday key.

    Reach Out To Homebound Older Adults By Writing Personalized Greeting Cards

    Happy Senior Citizens day images wishes shayari

    Sending a handmade card is a very important way to connect with anyone and particularly with homebound older adults. In the past, this generation primarily communicated through handwritten notes and letters, so your personally-written note will be particularly meaningful.

    Reach out to Homebound Older Adults by Writing Personalized Greeting Cards

    Create your own hand-made card or use a store-bought card. Please provide envelopes if possible, though please do not seal them as we will be mailing the cards to our clients and will want to pair the card with the person who will appreciate it the most.

    Write a warm or cheerful message on the inside of the card. Sign your first name . If you are writing on behalf of a school or organization you can write that too.

    On the back of the card feel free to write Made for you by a volunteer of JF& CS.

    NOTE: If you are proficient in Russian, we would love to receive cards written in Russian as we have many Russian-speaking clients.

    We have several options for delivering the cards:

  • Mail in a larger envelope or drop off in a bag, larger envelope or box to:
  • Sue Spielman, Manager, Friendly Visitor ProgramJF& CS1430 Main StreetWaltham, MA 02451

  • Drop off your cards at our JF& CS offices. Drop off can occur Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Sues name must be on the package.
  • Please remember dont seal the envelope.

    Please let me know if you have any questions about the card-making project. or 781-693-5007.

    All my best,

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    Inspirational Messages For Senior Citizens

    Senior Citizen Day is observed every year on st. This day is all about acknowledging and appreciating the contributions elderly people are making into our lives. With motivational Senior Citizen quotes and Senior Citizen greetings messages, inspire each and every individual around you. Share the deepest quotes and wishes with all to motivate them to follow the seniors for better life.

    With the latest collection of inspirational messages for senior citizens, you can surely add more meaning to this day. Share the most unique world Senior Citizen Day messages on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram with your family and friends.

    Happy New Year’s Wishes For Lovebirds

    • Together forever, thats how well be in 2023.
    • A New Year’s toast to who I love, not what I have.
    • Pop the bubbly and let’s get cuddly this New Year’s.
    • In 2023, I’m changing my status to “completely smitten with you.”
    • First date. First Christmas. First New Year’s.
    • There are only two times that I want to be with you: now and all the years to come.
    • You make me feel more bubbly than champagne. Happy New Year!
    • I can’t wait to have another 365 days to tell you how much I love you.
    • Every moment I spend with you is like midnight in Times Square.
    • 2023 is the year of us!
    • With you by my side, 2023 is sure to be the best year yet.
    • You’re the confetti to my party hat.
    • Let’s raise a glass to me, you and a new year full of possibilities.
    • 2023 looks good on you.
    • A toast to our happily-ever-after in the year ahead.
    • Happy you. Happy me. Happy 2023.

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    Cards For Meals On Wheels


    The Palmer Library has teamed up with community volunteers, and the Meals on Wheels program, to encourage senior citizens in our area. Library patrons write cheerful messages to recipients, and drop them in the collection box at the library. Volunteers pick up the cards and deliver them to the Meals on Wheels facility where theyre paired with a meal. Meals on Wheels distributes over 200 meals each month in the valley.

    One sweet lady, who has Alzheimers, was elated to receive a young childs scribble drawing. She thought her granddaughter had sent her the picture.

    Cards may be homemade or store bought, and are reviewed for inappropriate content before delivery. Envelopes are not required. Place cards in the Meals on Wheels box near the circulation desk inside the library. Palmer library patrons generously donated over 600 cards in the first 3 months of the program that started in December 2016, and continue to bless our senior population with words of encouragement today.

    Listening To Words Of Wisdom From The Elderly

    Senior citizens in McCall send Facebook messages to the Class of 2020

    As you share words of wisdom for senior citizens, remember to allow them to share their wisdom with you. Being heard is another important component of mental health.

    When you spend time with the senior citizens in your life, give them time to reflect out loud. Listen to their stories. Accept their wisdom and advice.

    As you do, be patient and demonstrate interest. Make eye contact. Ask questions. If you feel comfortable, touch is also a valuable way to convey affection when listening or speaking with a senior.

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    Funny New Year’s Greetings

    • Lets drink to New Years and making pour decisions in 2023.
    • Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1999! Goin’ old school, y’all!
    • Lets ring 2023 in with a bang! Or like we always do by watching a movie and falling asleep on the couch by 8 p.m.
    • I’d make New Year’s resolutions if I actually thought I had something to improve upon.
    • May 2023 be as glamorous as you make it appear on Instagram.
    • Happy Mew Year! Love, the cat.
    • To my favorite cook: Let’s spend New Year’s in Thyme’s Square!
    • Lets turn to page one, shall we?
    • Happy New Year to someone who still hasn’t changed the clocks since daylight saving time.
    • My New Year’s resolution is to finish the Christmas cookies before Valentine’s Day.
    • Wake me up with a corkscrew when Dry January is over.
    • A toast to a whole new year of bad decisions.
    • My New Year’s resolution is to find new and creative ways to avoid social gatherings.
    • Happy New Year! It’s officially time to sign up for another gym membership you have no intention of using.
    • Let’s take a moment to reflect on the things we liked in 2022 that we’ll be embarrassed about in 2023.
    • A toast to another year of doing things you’ll regret.
    • Cheers to writing the wrong date on everything for the next month!

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