Cheap Phone Plans For Seniors

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Important Questions To Ask As You Decide Between Prepaid And Postpaid Plans

4 Seniors- Cheap phone plans

Let us help you figure out what plan makes sense for you. Ask yourself the questions below to see which type of plan fits your situation.

How Much Data Do You Think Youll Use?

Data makes up the bulk of a cell phone plans costs these days. Most postpaid plans include large amounts of data or even unlimited data. Prepaid plans let you pay for as few as 25 MB of data a month. If youre not sure how much data youll use, ask your family how much they use. Odds are, youll use less than they do.

Also, consider what you like to do online. If you just want to send a few emails and check Facebook, you wont need a ton of data. If youre going to stream videos or music, use GPS navigation, or be on the internet every day, youll probably want at least a few gigs.

Will You Be Getting a Single Phone or a Family Plan?

Some prepaid and postpaid plans offer discounts if theyre used as family plans. Ask your family what phone plan they have. Adding your phone to their plan whichever kind it is might be your most affordable option. If you want your own plan, prepaid plans may be better, as they give the lowest rates to single users.

Pro Tip: Still having trouble deciding what type of phone or plan you want? Visit our cell phone buyers guide for more important topics to consider!

Do You Travel a Lot?

If you travel a lot internationally, even just to Canada and Mexico, postpaid plans are great. Many providers offer free international texting and calling.

Do You Need a New Phone?

Frequently Asked Speedtalk Mobile Question

The following phones work with our service

All 4G LTE GSM phones

All phones purchased through T-mobile

All phones purchased through AT& T, but they have to be unlocked Only 6 and newer phones purchased through Verizon & Sprint.

All 4G LTE GSM phones

All phones purchased through T-mobile

All phones purchased through AT& T but they have to be unlocked Only 2016 and newer phones purchased through Verizon & Sprint.

All 4G LTE GSMUnlocked

Can I transfer my existing cell phone number?

SIM cardSpeedTalkPhone numbercarrierSpeedTalk network

Keep in mind that there are exceptions to this rule, but it will never be because of SpeedTalk. Your phone will have to be in good standing with your current or past carrier. You will also have to purchase one of our plans first and you should start the transfer process with SpeedTalk prior to your cancellation with your current carrier. Its very important that you do not cancel your account with your current carrier before the transferring process is completed.

If you currently do not have a phone number. SpeedTalk will generate one for you automatically, you just need to provide a zip code so we can issue a phone number based on that zip code.

Is this service a money back guaranteed?

We are a 100% money back guaranteed service. However, if you have consumed more than 30 minutes, 30 texts, or 30mbs of data within 14 days of the plan cycle, your purchase will be considered buyers remorse and you will no longer qualify for a refund.

Amazing Retirement Value Flawless Service

I just retired and switched my company phone , from 20+ years with Sprint, over to Mints $15/mo yearly plan. Thanks to Mint, my hungry retired eyes can drift from the dollar burger menu over to the Deluxe Column of Quality Sandwiches without getting that look from my wife or imperiling my childrens inheritance. I could not be happier with my decision.

Ross C.

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Faqs About Cell Phones For Seniors

How old do I have to be to purchase a senior phone?

While you do not have to be a certain age to have a senior-focused cell phone, certain cell phone plans do have age requirements for discounts. For example, Sprints Unlimited55+ and Verizons 55+ Plan both offer unlimited data use and discounts on extra lines added on the plan. Also, some carriers offer discounts for AARP members, in which all people ages 50 and up are eligible for full membership.

Do cell phone companies offer senior discounts?

Cell phones labeled “for seniors are designed to be easy-to-use for anyone with mobility, vision, or cognitive difficulties that make it difficult to use a regular cell phone. Because of this, many of these cell phones feature larger buttons, an emergency alert to quickly call medical services, hands-free operation, and simpler controls than an average cell phone.

How are senior cellphones different from regular cellphones?

Cell phones labeled as senior cell phones are designed to be easily used by anyone who has trouble using a regular cellphone due to mobility, eyesight, or cognitive difficulties. Because of this, many of these cell phones feature larger buttons, an emergency alert to call medical services with one-touch, hands-free operation, and simpler controls than the regular touchscreen smartphone.

What safety features do senior cellphones have?

Do I have to be a certain age to have a senior phone and plan?

Cheapest Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

Cheap Cell Phones and Phone Plans for Seniors in 2022 (2022)

Price: $3/month

Whats included: 100 minutes of talk, 100 texts and 100MB 4G LTE data.

Additional usage cost: Once you reach 100, additional minutes are just 3 cents each, texts are 1 cent each and data is 3 cents per MB.

Add-ons: 1-day or 7-day Data Pass or Voice Pass for extra mileage.

This cell phone plan is as cheap as it gets. For just $3/month, your senior can be covered for short check-ins or emergency calls. And with 100 minutes, 100 texts and 100MB of data, its not that basic either. A best choice for seniors who dont need the bells and whistles.

Whats included: Unlimited talk and text.

Additional usage cost: N/A

Add-ons: Data Add-On $5/GB.

Ting Flex is an amazing deal for your senior. Youll get unlimited talk and text for just $10/month. It doesnt get any cheaper for unlimited minutes. They also have a nice add-on for data, if you want to pay as you go for data.

Price: $12/month

Whats included: Unlimited talk and text, plus 1GB of data.

Add-ons: Build your own plan as needed. If you want 5GB of data instead of 1GB, the cost is $15/month.

US Mobiles Build-Your-Own-Plan is just awesome. The unlimited talk and text plan starts at $10/month, while the plan with 1G is only $12/month. If you want some data, but not a whole lot, this is an affordable choice. US Mobiles also known for high speeds and some perks for unlimited plans .

Whats included: Unlimited talk and text.

Additional usage cost: N/A

Add-ons: Data Add-On $5/GB.

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Verizon Wireless: Best Family Plan

  • Only available to Florida residents

Verizon Wireless delivers the most reliable coverage across the country, and thats a big deal. The downside is, youll likely pay more for Verizon than you would with another provider. Thankfully, you get a pretty sweet discount for you and your partner if youre both over 55 and living in Florida.

How Much Does The Alcatel Go Flip 4 Cost

The Alcatel GO FLIP 4 costs $96 however, T-Mobile also has a payment plan with no interest financing for $4 per month for 24 months. If you plan on having the phone for a while and dont want to pay the full cost upfront, this is an affordable option. You can save extra money with one of T-Mobiles Unlimited 55+ plans. Unlimited talk, text, and data start at $27.50 per line for two lines or $40 per month for one line. T-Mobiles pricing is certainly competitive given that many unlimited plans on major networks start at $50+, thats a deal! Youll also get extra perks with T-Mobiles unlimited plans like mobile hotspot data, weekly freebie giveaways, and in-flight Wi-Fi.

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How Much Does Consumer Cellulars Link Ii Cost

The pricing for both Consumer Cellulars Link II and their cell phone plans are big wins for us. The phone itself is a one-time fee of $59 plus tax, and its compatible with Consumer Cellulars wide range of plan options, starting at $20 per month for one line.

Best of all, these plans require no contracts, so you wont have to worry about early termination fees if you need to switch services. Its important to note that the monthly price per line for Consumer Cellulars plans decreases as you add more lines. That means you could save a few bucks per line if you add a spouse or other family members to your plan.

Best Emergency Plan: Lively

Best Cheap AT& T Cell Phone Plans!

Formerly known as GreatCall, Lively is an excellent option for older customers looking for a cellphone plan that’s good for low monthly use, and its emergency features will put users’ and family members’ minds at ease.

Lively offers a Value Talk & Text plan for $14.99 for 300 minutes and 10 cents per text, and an Unlimited Talk & Text Plan for $19.99 per month with unlimited minutes and unlimited texts.

To complete your phone plan, you’ll choose a data option: 100 MB for $2.49 per month, 500 MB for $5 per month, 3 GB for $10 per month, 5 GB for $15 per month, and unlimited for $30 per month.

But Lively really shines with its urgent response offerings, known as Lively Health and Safety packages, which let users immediately access emergency assistance, ask medical questions, summon a locksmith, and more.

The Basic Lively Health and Safety package is $19.99 and includes an urgent response service, while the $24.99 Preferred package adds a “Lively Link,” which alerts designated loved ones when you access the urgent response service. A $34.99 Ultimate package also includes access to a live operator.

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What Is The Best Cell Phone Service For Seniors

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to phone plans. And shopping for a senior cell phone plan is no different.

Flexible plans are important so you’re not paying for features you don’t use. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice technology. If you’re tech savvy there’s still plenty of great options to choose from.

With plans in all shapes and sizes, check out some of the best low-cost carrier deals for seniors.

$5/mo** 66% Off for 3 Months

Boost Mobile 5GB plan includes unlimited mins, unlimited texts and 5GB data for only $5 per month. Boost Mobile plans offer wireless coverage on the AT& T& T-Mobile 5G and 4G LTE networks. To learn more about why this is one of the best cell phone plans, check out MoneySavingPro’s Boost Mobile review

  • Nationwide coverage on AT& T& T-Mobile

  • 5G & 4G LTE data speeds

  • Buy online and no credit checks

  • Bring your own phone

  • Owned by Dish and runs on T-Mobile’s nationwide network

  • Prepaid service – no contract, credit check, or extra fees

  • Bring your own phone or choose from a wide selection of new phones

  • Mobile hotspot allowance with all plans

  • International service and roaming available as add-on packs

  • Customer support available by phone – 4am – 8pm PST Monday to Friday, 4am – 7pm weekends

  • No contract. No bulk buying.

  • 24/7 friendly customer support

  • Free international calls to 60+ countries


$15/mo** 3 Months FREE: $45 for 6 mths service




Is Consumer Cellulars Link Ii For Me

If you or your loved one is new to the cell phone game, the Consumer Cellular Link II is an excellent option. It is an easy-to-use device that provides all of the essential functions older adults may need. Overall, its our pick for those who dont need internet access but still want to use Bluetooth to connect to hands-free devices or hearing aids.

Buyers Tip: Want to save five percent on Consumer Cellulars monthly service and usage charges and 30 percent on accessories? Our AARP guide has the details.

Are you interested in learning more about Consumer Cellulars Link II flip phone? Visit our hands-on Consumer Cellular review.

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Prepaid Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

A prepaid cell phone plan allows you to pay upfront for what you need each month, usually at an affordable price. These plans are ideal if you want to cut down on cost without sacrificing quality and coverageas well as reduce the risk of having any surprises on a bill at the end of the month. The numerous prepaid plan options on the market range from basic talk and text options to unlimited prepaid data plans.

Best Unlimited Data Plan For Seniors

Five Best Cell Phones For Senior Citizens

T-Mobile Essentials 55 Plus | 2-line plan | $55/month – Best value unlimited senior plan T-Mobile has a fantastic offer for its senior customers . You can get two unlimited lines for just $55 a month . This comes with unlimited data, calls, and texts with no speed restrictions, 3G mobile hotspot data and scam protection you also get access to T-Mobile’s 5G access at no extra cost. However, you are limited to SD streaming and if you’re traveling in Mexico or Canada, your data will be slower. You can upgrade to T-Mobile’s Magenta 55 Plus plan, where you get two lines of data for $70/month. The 55-plus Magenta plan includes free Netflix, LTE mobile hotspot data, and more. Even better, taxes and fees are included in the $70/monthly rate, so you always know how big your bill will be.Pros: Affordable price, no annual contract, 5G at no extra costCons: Limited to 2G in Mexico/Canada, only SD streaming

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Can You Buy A Phone Without A Plan

The short answer is yes. If you’re interested in shopping around for the very best prices on cell phones, or there’s a specific make and model of senior-friendly cell phone that particularly suits your fancy, most carriers will allow you to bring your own device with you when you sign on for a service plan. Some will even reward you for arriving already fully equipped: An online deal from Verizon, for example, offers $450 and waived activation fees for new users who bring their smartphones over to the service. The exception to the BYOD rule is Lively, which requires users to purchase one of two Jitterbug phones specially outfitted to work with the company’s emergency services.

That said, it always pays to check which phones your preferred service provider might have on sale. Phones are often sold for a song to customers activating new lines of service some even come free of charge.

Switch To A Cheap Senior Phone Plan

It’s never been easier to switch. Let’s break it down.

  • Customize your plan. Whether you’re looking for a truly unlimited plan, or in the market for something more basic, choose a plan to suit your cell phone needs.
  • Prepare to make the switch. Make sure your old bills are paid up and your phone is unlocked. If you’re getting a new device, transferring data from one to another is simple. Even if you’re going from an iPhone to Android, and vice versa.
  • Set up your new plan. Keep your current carrier account open until your number has ported over. Once you’re sure your new plan is up and running, cancel your old account. If you’ve got a new device with your Tello plan, it should be ready to use when it arrives. If you’re bringing your own phone then you’ll need to follow the instructions with the new SIM card kit that Tello will send to you in the post.
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    Best Cell Phone Plans For Seniors: Top Tips

    5G: the latest, fastest phone network connectionData allowance: how much internet you can usePrepaid: no-contract plan renewed each monthPostpaid: contracted plan paid for in installmentsPay as you go: only pay for what you useCoverage: how good cellular service is near you

    1. Determine budgetSet an upper limit to how much you’re willing to spend

    2. Determine data usageMore data equals higher bills, so cut out what you don’t need

    3. Check if you’re coveredCheck to see if you’re best covered on AT& T, Verizon, or T-Mobile

    4. Compare the marketSee who offers the cheapest rate possible for your requirements

    Cheap Senior Phone Plan Benefits

    Affordable Phone Plans for Seniors | Tello Mobile

    We love Mobile Virtual Network Operators or MVNOs. If you’re on the lookout for cheap cell phone plans, they’re the best route to go down.

    Want to stay on the same network, keep your phone and number, plus get greater flexibility?

    Yep. You’ve got it. Forget the major carriers. Plans include everything you need, but come at a much better price with an MVNO.

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    Senior Citizen 65+ Mobile Phone Plans

    Senior mobile phone plan Services on the nations largest, and most dependable 5G & 4G LTE networks, without a contract. Plus, receive even greater value when you sign up to one of these monthly Senior mobile phone plan.

    Use less? Pay less! SpeedTalk Mobiles smarter than unlimited, Senior mobile phone plan Services, offer the lowest, most affordable, rates. How you use your phone determines what you pay. Whether you choose between Text/Data/Minutes or a combination of all three, its just $0.02 per Minute/Text/MMS or MB of Data. If you go beyond your chosen plan level, no worries, Senior mobile phone plan Services will auto renew with the same plan when any of the allotted service is consumed.! Use your own device activate any T-Mobile phone, AT& T unlocked phone, Apple iPhone, Android, Windows, any compatible GSM cell phone, or any other compatible tablets.

    Members must add a valid payment method to their account to continue service after the initial prepaid month has been used. This product can only be used to cover one prepaid month of service and cannot be converted to monetary value for purchasing products or services from SpeedTalk Mobile

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