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What To Wear For Cap And Gown Pictures

How to PROPERLY Wear Your Graduation Gown | Commencement 2021

When you are taking cap and gown pictures, you should wear a shirt and tie underneath your gown. You should also wear your graduation cap.

Graduates should wear a black graduation cap and gown. Colors that clash with the gown will not look good. If you graduated from a high school in the southern United States, you should wear a white, collared shirt and a tie. Graduation robes are typically dark blue, black, or navy in the Northern United States.

What Can We Do Your Cap And Gown Check A Few Of These Out

  • ©2017 Patty Schuchman Photography. Please do not crop out the watermark if sharing this image.
  • ©2017 Patty Schuchman Photography. Please do not crop out the watermark if sharing this image.
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Cap and gown senior pictures can be fun. And while you might think youll just take some photos on your actual graduation day, trust me from my own experience, that day is for you to enjoy, and for family photos with quick candids. A great photo with good looking hair happens when we take deliberate photos. So why not grab the lot of it and take some fun cap and gown senior pictures?

Top Tips For Cap And Gown Graduation Pictures

Some of my favorite Tips for Great Cap and Gown Photos are to dress appropriately under the gown and to get at least a few headshots for mom. As far as dressing appropriately, we sometimes do photos with the gown casually draped over the shoulder or open in front. A collared shirt and nice trousers for the guys and a dress or nice suit for the ladies is perfect. The shoes you would normally wear to an event like Graduation are also important as we do some full length photos. You also want to include your Graduation Stole and any Honor Cords in addition to the Traditional Graduation Cap. A manicure is always a good idea as we sometimes do show hands in our portraits.

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My Parting Shot Session The Last Senior Pictures Session

Most my senior sessions include a session I call my Parting Shot. Its a short session in the spring before you graduate and its for you to bring back your cap and gown , and something that represents what you will do in your next phase. If you are going to college, bring college spirit wear. If you are going to trade school, something that represents that trade. If you plan to go into the military, bring a uniform. Whatever you want, but this last senior pictures session ends the senior year story and its really important.

And dont forget the next phase stuff heres McKinley rocking the college spirit wear with just a little smoke bombs to add to the fun.

When To Schedule Cap And Gown Senior Portraits

Cap &  Gown Portrait

You have a few choices to achieve the perfect cap and gown portraits!

  • If you book your fashion-focused senior session early enough I may have spots available for the window that your cap and gown is delivered.
  • Schedule time in you portrait session to wear a cap and gown. It is easy to borrow a cap and gown from a friend or relative that graduated before you. Then we can do this at any time of year.
  • You can schedule a separate cap and gown senior portrait session after your cap and gown arrive. This can be a fun on-location shoot or we can do a more formal studio style setup for the perfect academic look.
  • Either way, this is an element not to forget. Class ring, letter jacket, report cards and your cap and gown are all elements to remember from your high school career. Relatives love cap and gown portraits and you can start a gallery wall in your office for when you graduate from college. Wouldnt that be neat to have a portrait from high school and college next to your diplomas? I agree!

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    Invite Your Closest Fam

    Not only can you bring your friends along you can bring your fam too!! Whether that means you bring your parents, your siblings, your grandparents, aunt, uncle, whatever bring the people that have supported you the whole way + mean the most to you in this season of your life. Your people should celebrate the hell out of you, and you deserve it!!

    After Portraits Are Taken

    Instructions for viewing cap & gown proofs online will be emailed to the address you provided at sign-in, and will come from Paper proofs will be mailed to your home address.

    You can also find your images online at 2-3 days after the grad fair. If you have any trouble finding your proofs, please dont hesitate to contact our customer service department.

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    Examples Of Cap And Gown Senior Portraits In Houston

    Ready to schedule your senior portrait session? Atascocita Photography creates the most fun senior portraits year-round. So be sure to use our online booking form to sign up for your session. You can also use the contact form below or send us an email. Check out our senior photography portfolio, too! Seniors from Atascocita, Kingwood, Huffman, Humble, Porter, New Caney and the greater Houston area usually start booking their senior portraits at the end of their junior year for the best appointment times in the fall and spring, so be sure to book early for the best selection of appointment times.

    Dress Appropriately Under The Gown And Get The Power Pose

    Tequila’s Senior Picture Day

    I talk with my seniors before the shoot about their clothing choices . We choose clothing that will coordinate with their graduation gown and the location. During the session, I always create an image that I like to refer to as the power pose. This is a favorite of mine because it shows both attitude and strength and is always appreciated by the parents and the senior!

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    What Do You Need For Senior Portraits

    Taking senior portraits is the ideal way to honor all that they have accomplished in their lives and to celebrate the things that are to come in their lives. Aside from looking pretty in a picture frame, senior portraits can also add a lot more than just beauty.

    Five reasons why you should hire an experienced professional for your senior portraits. Todays young people are arguably the most photographed generation of people ever to have lived. A senior portrait is the first professional photograph taken by many young adults. Taking senior portraits is a great way to remember all that they have accomplished in their lives. Its an exciting time to reflect on your past and what youve gone through as a senior. Taking professional photos can assist you in looking your best and demonstrating your multifaceted personality. Use these images to show off to family and friends at your graduation. Please contact JL Photography if you want to book your Senior Session.

    Dont Have Your Cap And Gown In Time No Worries

    I stock a large supply of the local school colors in caps and gowns. I also update my tassel charms yearly, so I always have this years current charm. I carry a few cords, and some generic stoles, so we can usually find a good balance for any senior picture session that wants a cap and gown photo included.

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    Introducing: Herff Jones Smartshare

    With Herff Jones SmartShareTM, you can now personalize any and all of your invitations, announcements and thank you cards with a customized video. Simply attach one of SmartShares QR code stickers, scan it on your smart phone and record your video. Its the smart new way to share videos with family and friends.

    Cap And Gown Senior Portraits: Something Special For Graduation

    Senior Cap and gown

    Often I am asked as a senior photographer in Houston, should I take cap and gown senior portraits? The trend as of late is to have a fashion-focused portrait session and not to focus as much on your photos with your cap and gown. However, Im always happy to incorporate some fun cap and gown portraits into your senior photography experience. It is a classic rite of passage type image that will be handed down for generations.

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    Im Not Crying Youre Crying

    Yes, this is one of the hardest senior portrait sessions Ive ever done but it was also one of the most rewarding. Colins dad had passed away about 2.5 years before his high school graduation. Mom found a photo of Dad in his cap & gown. Im not sure Ive ever cried this much during an Image Premiere but this image is treasured by the entire family.

    Cap And Gown Senior Pictures How To Have Some Fun With The Traditional

    Cap and gown senior pictures do not have to be the old traditional photo holding a rose and smiling sweetly into the camera. While Im not saying that style doesnt work for me, I would like to introduce the concept of having a little fun with cap and gown senior pictures.

    The cap and gown can be a bit tricky because not all schools will release the actual cap and gown to the graduating seniors until very close to graduation. And the seniors actual cap and gown will include the adornments as I call them the extra cords to represent clubs and achievements, honor stoles, etc. So while you might really want graduation photos for a grad card announcement, due to the timing of the process you might have to settle for a generic cap and gown to get what you want.

    But not to fear, I can help with that too. For now, lets talk about how we can take some fun photos with the cap and gown and celebrate the end of senior year.

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    To Capture This Huge Milestone In Your Life & Have Memories To Look Back On

    You KNOW that I encourage everyone to capture their moments in their lives both big and small! And graduation is a BIGGGG one. Youll regret it if you dont have amazing photos to look back on when youre older and are reflecting back on this time in your life! You want to remember what makes this season of your life so dang special + remember who was by your side throughout it.

    You Can Do Anything You Want With Them + Totally Make Them Your Own

    Caps, gowns and surprise military homecomings | Militarykind

    Cap & gown photos are TRULY able to be whatever the heck you want them to be!! I encourage ALL of my grads to make their sessions their own, which is why I offer both local + adventure sessions, friend sessions, & MORE . To make sure that your cap & gown photos represent YOU + this season of your life, and whats most meaningful to you!!

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    They Give You An Excuse To Celebrate You + Your Accomplishments

    Cap & gown sessions give you an excuse to just CELEBRATE everything youve accomplished!! You deserve the hell out of it because youve worked so hard to get to this point in your life, and that needs to be recognized! Grad photos are so fun because the focus is on you + how kickass you are And who doesnt want an excuse to party + cheer themselves on for all their hard work?!

    No Sitting Fee And No Obligation

    It does not cost anything to simply have our professional photographer take your pictures at the grad fair. Additionally, there is never a sales pitch, and youre under no obligation to order. In fact, orders are not accepted at the actual event. If you like your cap & gown portraits and wish to purchase, you can do so online or by phone after the event.

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    Individual And Group Cap And Gown Photos

    We tend to do both Individual as well as Group Cap and Gown Photos. I think the Individual ones are especially nice as gifts for parents and other relatives, as well as for use in Thank You Notes and Graduation Announcements. The Group shots are just super fun to have. Luckily, the weather was perfect, so we were able to do some photos in front of the fountain with the group popping open some Champagne.

    Beautiful Outdoor Graduation Photos

    Cap &  Gown Graduation, ideas for Grad photos, graduation pics, senior ...

    Have you considered bringing your cap & gown to your senior portrait session? If not, you definitely should and I promise not to make them the same basic pictures that youll get from the school-selected photographer. I encourage you to bring all your graduation accessoriescap, gown, tassel, varsity letter, bows, sashes, bring all the things to make your graduation photos something your family will love!

    And thats exactly what Rylee did before she graduated from Florence High School. Not only were we lucky enough to have her graduation ensemble, but she also brought her cheer bow and senior sash.

    While I may sound like a broken record, make sure you have everything ready for your graduation photos! Everything from head to toecap, gown, tassel, dress , and appropriate shoes. Oh, and if you dont get the broken record reference, go ask mom or dad. I sometimes forget how young my seniors are, or how old I really am, and were not going to discuss those things. Lets just move along and show off some more great cap & gown photos.

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    Senior Cap & Gown Photos

    The Flash Lady Photography is a full service studio located in Greater Hartford specializing in maternity, newborn, baby, child, and family photographs. We create special memories out of your lifecycle events including creative maternity and newborn sessions, personalized first birthday celebrations and cake smashes, and family and holiday portraits! We also support local small businesses and professionals with custom headshots for your professional needs. We are conveniently located in central Connecticut with easy access to major highways and plenty of on site parking. Please use our website contact form to contact us about planning your special photography session! We look forward to working with you!

    Include Friends To Make The Graduation Photos More Memorable

    There is nothing more important to both high school and college graduates as their friendships. Including friends in several images will make the graduation photos unforgettable.

    One way to make this happen is to schedule the Cap & Gown session as a mini session for 4-5 seniors together as a group session. Photograph each senior separately and then as a group. The graduates will have a great, relaxing experience and you will have a lot of laughter in your images as a result!

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    Bring Your Besties + Significant Other Along

    This is my FAVE way to do grad photos with your BFFs!! Who doesnt want their best friends by their side to celebrate this huge moment?! Bring along your friends who are graduating with you, who have been by your side through this journey & celebrate together!

    One of my recent grads, Jayley, brought along her bestie, BF, mom + sis to tag along and it was a BLAST!! It was the most amazing way to capture the people closest to her, helping her celebrate her accomplishments + capturing those memories together. You can see some of those photos here!

    Dream Your Futureown Your Now

    Senior Portrait Ideas | Senior Picture Poses

    Graduation photos are a rite of passage for most high school seniors. Theyre keepsakes you and your family can all look back ona year from now, ten years from now, and more. If my clients today were to ask their parents for a glimpse of their senior pics from back in the day, they would probably giggle at the taller-than-life hair, acid-wash jeans, and tight-roll cuffs.

    Ill admit, there are days when parents now look a bit perplexed at some of the new fashion choices. Were confused by pockets that are too ripped-up to hold anything, and we wonder how its possible to walk in heels that pinch every toe except for one. But, well hand it to you guyswhen it comes to fashion, you have it together! You somehow manage to put together things wed never dream of and make them magically work together.

    My clients amaze me every day with their creative and fun-loving senior picture ideas, and thats why I always meet with them to discuss what THEY have in mind.

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    Choose A Location That Is Important To The Graduate

    The graduation pictures will have a much greater significance to the senior if you help choose a location that is meaningful to her or him. You dont have to look far it could be their school or university, home, or church. Occasionally a favorite place they hang out, such as a park, lake or theater, will be their location of choice.

    Types Of Cap And Gown Senior Portraits

    The style of your cap and gown session is very customizable for you. Generally there are three types of senior cap and gown portraits.

  • Fun lifestyle portraits. Thrown your cap and gown on at the end of your portrait session.
  • Formal and academic. Studio style images that exude intelligence and a professional demeanor.
  • Celebratory gap and gown senior portraits. We can plan a whole session around your cap and gown. Confetti, jumping up in the air with excitement, posing with your college t-shirt underneath. Its all about celebrating your achievement!
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