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When To Do The Way

Camino de Santiago 2022 | Australian Family Hike

Many people like to wait until they are retired, have more time, and enjoy this adventure. To undertake this ancient pilgrimage route and do it at least once in your life, with 8 stages is more than enough.

If we are looking for a climate that helps us to our physical condition, the most recommended months are the months of May, June and September.

You do not have to adapt to the Camino, the Camino de Santiago will adapt to your physical needs and according to your possibilities. It is not a competition, enjoying is a duty, and suffering is minimized as much as possible to make your trip to Santiago de Compostela possible!

Camino De Santiago Tours & Trips

Camino de Santiago is an ancient pilgrimage route in Northern Spain that leads to Santiago de Compostela where the remains of St James lay since the 9th-century. It is a popular route with a low level of difficulty, which makes it an easy option for any beginner who wishes to embark on a hiking adventure. Check out all the Caminos: Portugues, Frances and Primitivo.

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I’m Off Then: Losing And Finding Myself On The Camino De Santiago

From one of Germany s most beloved celebrities, a cross between Bill Bryson and Paulo Coelho. It has sold over 3 million copies and been translated into eleven different languages. Pilgrims have increased along the Camino by 20 percent since the book was published. Hape Kerkeling s spiritual epiphany has struck a nerve. Overweight, overworked, and physically unfit, Kerkeling was an unlikely candidate to make the arduous pilgrimage across the French Alps to the Spanish Shrine of St. James, a 1,200-year-old journey undertaken by nearly 100,000 people every year. But that didn t stop him from getting off the couch and walking. Along the way, lonely and searching for meaning, he began the journal that turned into this utterly frank, engaging book. Simply by struggling with his physical limitations and the rigors of long-distance walking, he discovered a deep sense of peace that transformed his life and allowed him to forgive himself, and others, more readily. He learned something every day, and he took to finishing each entry with his daily lessons. Filled with quirky fellow pilgrims, historic landscapes, and Kerkeling s self-deprecating sense of humor, I m Off Then is an inspiring travelogue, a publishing phenomenon, and a spiritual journey unlike any other.”

Australia’s Most Experienced Camino Operator


More people travel with RAW Travel to the Camino than any other operator in Australia and NZ. We take care of all the details: accommodation, luggage transfers, maps, breakfasts and transport. You can just relax and concentrate on your Camino knowing you have a secure booking each night with luggage transfers, so all you carry is your daypack.

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Rutas Y Pueblos Del Camino De Santiago

Pueblos y ciudades nos esperan, algunas de ellas Patrimonio de la Humanidad, y la fuerza del arte románico nos espera en el Camino de Santiago Francés. El Camino también supone conocer paisajes cambiantes, desde el verde de las montañas en los Pirineos hasta el rugir del Atlántico en Galicia. Pasos de montaña, fértiles valles, aldeas solitarias, mercados, ferias, etc. aparecerán de forma natural a nuestro paso.

The Way Of Saint James For Seniors

  • The Way of Saint James for Seniors
  • If you are 60-and-over and you have been considering doing the Camino de Santiago, nothing should stop you.

    Age should not be a problem if you want to live this experience, but before starting your getaway, you must take into account certain aspects so that everything runs smooth taking into account your physical condition.

    We give you all the information in this post so that you can enjoy the Camino de Santiago and make the most of it.

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    Accommodation And Meals On The Guided Tour

    Camino hotels have a lot of character and are generally family-run. A good hotel is central to the Camino de Santiago Guided Tours experience. After a day of walking, you want to stay in a comfy bed, soak in a long shower and relax. We have selected our hotels for their breakfast and dinner , as well as their 24/7 reception.

    Certificaciones: La Fisterrana Y Muxiana

    Finding Our Way – The Camino de Santiago Documentary

    Caminando desde Santiago de Compostela por este camino hasta Fisterra podrás conseguir tu Fisterrana, documento sellado por la alcaldía de Finisterre, que acredita que has alcanzado el Fin del Mundo. Realizando la ruta a pie desde Santiago hasta Muxía, podrás conseguir tu Muxiana, documento sellado por la alcaldía de Muxía, que acredita que has alcanzado el Santuario de Santa María de la Barca.

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    Richmond Hill Seniors Transportation Services

    It can be difficult when your loved one can no longer drive themselves around. Whether its traveling to the store, a social event, or to a doctors appointment, finding safe and reliable transportation can be a hassle.

    With Affinity Health, your loved ones dont have to miss out on any of the activities they adore. Well provide safe transport and enjoyable companionship at their favourite events, arts and cultural programs, social and charity functions, religious services, and more.

    Our caregivers can also provide transportation to and from the hospital, doctors office, or treatment center, as well as services and support while there. In addition, we will help your loved one pack for visits and run errands on the way.

    Days Sarria To Santiago De Compostela

    If youre looking to take on your own pilgrimage along a route filled with beautiful countryside and rustic villages of Northern Spain start here, at the Camino de Santiago. On this eight-day trip, complete the last 100 km of the pilgrimage route to Santiago and receive a “compostela” at the finish to prove your accomplishment. Refuel with tasty Spanish food and take the time to stop and smell the flowers its active but at a slower, more picturesque pace.

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    Beneficios De Hacer El Camino Con Tee Travel

    Adems, te facilitamos descripciones de la ruta y planos callejeros para que no te pierdas en ningn momento, y si en algn momento necesitas ayuda, caminamos contigo, pues estamos disponibles para ti las 24 horas del da. Recuerda que nos podrs visitar en el Camino Francs en nuestras oficinas de Sarria y Santiago, ambas situadas a pie del Camino.

    En Tee Travel todos los alojamientos que ofrecemos tienen bao propio, asegurndote privacidad, confort y descanso despus de cada etapa. En nuestra oferta de viajes podrs alojarte en todo tipo establecimientos: Pazos, Paradores, hoteles familiares, casas rurales, etc.

    Camino De Santiago For Seniors

    Home Care Assistance

    Hello fellow pilgrims, my husband and I are planning to walk the Camino Franes in mid April. Our entire trip is a bit over 10 weeks. We’re in our late 60s, but pretty active and are hoping to complete the 500 mi. journey in 5 weeks. Since we’ve never done this we need some advice from the community.

    Here are a few questions: What should we look for in shoes What type of socks and poncho are best? We plan on staying in small hotels and want to explore baggage transfers… any suggestions? How long should we plan to stay in St. Jean Pied de Port and Camino De Santiago and what shouldn’t we miss?


    We did the Camino from the Porteguese border to Santiago in 2017 and were in in our 70’s there’s tons on advise, however, we used t help us with our itineraries. We averaged about 12 miles daily so believe you could be a little agressive at about 14m daily. You are looking at averaging 7 m in the morning and another in the afternoon with no breaks for 5 weeks. could be a great resource for you because they know the terrain you’ll be covering and can arrange hotels, Paradors, meals and so forth for any budget. Remember, it’s not a bucket list item but a chance for you and spouse to connect with each other and your faith. I wish you well, and Bon Camino!

    A website with all the stages and information about them is:

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    Camino Portugus Por La Costa

    El Camino Portugués por la costa surge como ruta alternativa al Camino Portugués tradicional. Fue una de las últimas vías en ser reconocida oficialmente. El terreno no ofrece grandes complicaciones en comparación con otras rutas, y destaca por la espectacularidad de sus vistas al mar.

    Además de sus increíbles paisajes marítimos, este camino está impregnado de un gran valor por el patrimonio natural, artístico y cultural que abarca . Son varios los escritos que sitúan el origen de la vieira, como símbolo jacobeo, en la costa entre Porto y Vigo. Un caballero habría salido del mar cubierto por conchas de vieira.

    Leer más…

    El Camino Portugués por la Costa era la ruta utilizada por los peregrinos procedentes de países de ultramar que atracaban en los puertos portugueses para llegar hasta Compostela.

    La ruta parte de O Porto, al igual que el Camino Portugués tradicional. Ambos trayectos se separan hasta llegar a Redondela, donde vuelven a unirse en un único camino hasta Santiago de Compostela.

    Nosotros te ofrecemos la posibilidad de realizar el Camino Portugués de la Costa completo, en 13 etapas, aunque todos nuestros itinerarios son flexibles para que puedas adaptar todos los detalles que desees.

    Durante tu recorrido portugués, podrás disfrutar de las zonas marítimas del Norte de Portugal, como son Povoa de Varzim, Esposende, Viana do Castelo y Vila Praia Áncora. A partir de A Guarda, ya estarás en territorio gallego.

    Choose A Camino Without Too Many Complications

    There are different variants of the Camino de Santiago, each one with its characteristics and difficulty. Therefore, if what we are looking for is a simple route in which we do not lack anything, the best thing would be to choose a Camino with flat terrain that has a large number of services distributed over relatively short distances.

    These are precisely some of the reasons why the French Way, specially the last 100 km from Sarria, is one of the favorite options of hundreds of pilgrims every year. In addition to being perfectly signposted , it does not present too many difficulties. Besides, you will have bars, restaurants, supermarkets and shops every few meters so you can get what you need at every step.

    For these same reasons, the Portuguese Way, either the traditional one or the Coastal version, are suitable options if you are looking for an easy to walk route.

    You can also do single stages, choosing only those that do not present important ups and downs, or shorten them at your own pace: the average distance of each stage is about 20 kilometers, but you can choose to do shorter distances each day, or even leave a day of rest in between and thus avoid the accumulation of fatigue.

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    Unique & Historic Accommodation

    We book all our arrangements directly and with our long-standing relationships with hotels, you’ll be well looked after. You will stay in authentic, quality local accommodation from grand Parador hotels to charming casa rurales. We have chosen the most interesting and centrally located lodgings right along the Camino route.

    Tapas & Tales: Camino Storytelling Evening To Celebrate St James Day

    Camino de Santiago Frances Route Day 1 2022 4K

    Join the team at for an evening of tapas and tales to celebrate St. James Day on July 25th at our head office 22 Blackpitts, Dublin 8. We will have fun, food and storytelling for this years celebration. On the night we will have tapas, wine and some special Camino stories from our clients and friends to inspire your Camino journey. For more information please visit

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    What Happens If I Dont Think I Can Finish A Day

    If you do not feel like walking for a day, or even part of a day, you can take the bus, or sometimes the train, or call a taxi.

    I had decided I wanted to walk every mile, no short cuts so I did. However, my friend took a couple of days off and took a bus. Once she called a taxi to finish the day and to find the hotel.

    Again, you do the Camino your way. There isnt a right or wrong way. If you get injured, you can find a doctor, a hospital, or a pharmacy. I found the Camino and the Pilgrims to be well supported in every way.

    There are cafes along the route so you can rest and refuel when needed.

    Experience The Camino With Odyssey’s Small Group Tour

    The Saint James Way Small Group Walking Tour is escorted by an Odyssey program leader. Odyssey’s local guides are Camino experts, sharing with you their knowledge of the medieval pilgrims and the route walked to Santiago de Compostela.

    As we understand differences in travel style, our tour is designed to be as demanding as you choose. You or your partner may elect to enjoy a slower day during the tour. Or you might decide to walk the appointed section that day. Odyssey has a fitness program designed to bring you up to a comfortable activity level prior to the tour that we circulate to all participants.

    As we walk the Camino we discover the artistic highlights and rich history of Northern Spain and Northern Portugal. We make sure to take lunch breaks at local restaurants and tapas bars, so that you can sample the local wines and enjoy exquisite food selected by our local guide. We also stop in at the impressive Guggenheim art temple in Bilbao and have a night’s accommodation at a monastery in Leyre, where we get to experience a centuries-old tradition of choir singing. From Sarria to Santiago we enjoy some of the most spectacular scenery on the Camino ways. Finally, we arrive at our destination, where we attend the Pilgrim’s Mass and explore the local market.

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    Choose A Backpack Transport Service

    One of the most important things when preparing the Camino de Santiago is your backpack: everything essential to finish your route without difficulties will go in it. That is why it is so important to always carry the minimum possible weight and avoid overloading, limiting yourself to a 10% of your body weight in any case.

    An excess of weight in your backpack can be very harmful, especially if you are a senior pilgrim, since it can cause damage to your back and even the joints. Our recommendation is to hire a backpack transportation service that can carry your âluggageâ from one stage to another while you comfortably walk your path.

    In addition, you must also have a small and light backpack for your everyday. In it you should carry water to avoid dehydration, an appetizer or snack, sunscreen and band-aids, among other things that you may need on the go.

    It is a good idea as well to have one or two canes to support you during your pilgrimage. In specialized stores you will find very light and comfortable sticks, designed precisely for this type of routes.

    Is There An Option To Walk Very Short Days

    camina el caminoì? ìë soosang leeëì? í

    Yes, you can determine how far you walk every day. If you arent prebooked, you can stop when you feel like stopping and find a place to stay.

    We prebooked using theFollow the Camino service, so we knew every morning how far we were going to walk.

    Our Follow the Camino travel specialist worked with us. She sent us a couple of preliminary schedules based on the number of days we gave her.

    We realized the days were too long for us so we chose a short walking days option. We added days and she rearranged our stays.

    Our longest day was 19 miles . However, there were about 5 days that were only 8 miles . We averaged 12 miles a day. Based on our training this was very doable.

    Again, if you get too tired, you can take a two-hour lunch or call a taxi. Some people schedule rest days.

    I think this is a great idea, especially in some of the larger cities where there are so many things to see. We didnt do this. I probably will when I return.

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    Driving Options And Related Costs:

    When it comes to costs of transportation, and ensuring proper vehicle insurance is in place, there are a few important notes to consider. Caregivers can accompany clients on outings and appointments in 3 different ways:

    1. Accompanying the client in a taxi or other third-party transportation company.

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    • The client also pays for the cost of the taxi.
    • If arranged in advance, the Affinity Health caregiver can pay for the taxi, and the cost can be added to the clients regular invoice. There is no upcharge on the taxi cost from Affinity Health.

    2. Driving the Client in the Caregivers Vehicle

    • Many of our caregivers have a vehicle that they use to get to and from work. Just because a caregiver has a vehicle, does not mean they have the proper insurance to drive a client as a passenger.
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    • Affinity Health has a special waiver form that must be signed once in advance of taking this service.

    3. Driving the Client in the Clients Vehicle

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