Best Term Life Ins For Seniors

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Age Year And Benefit Limits

Best Term Life Insurance For Seniors 75 And Older

Since age limits vary greatly in the life insurance industry, we wanted to ensure that our top picks could benefit as many ages as possible. Therefore, companies with wider age and year restrictions scored higher than us. For example, while typical term life insurance plans cap at 30 years, Banners caps at 40, helping you keep your term life policy for longer.

Getting A Senior Life Insurance Quote

Obtaining a senior life insurance quote is trickier than other standard life insurance quotes. Premium costs are based on the policy holders age and health. Since senior life insurance is for those who are older – and possibly not in the best health the premiums may be higher.

Many insurance companies do not require a medical exam in order to get a senior life insurance policy from them, but you will likely still have to complete a medical questionnaire. You may need to provide details like your address, date of birth, gender, height and weight. Youll likely have to answer questions about your personal habits. You may have to answer a questions about your medical health and if youre a smoker or not. Keep in mind that with policies that do not require a medical exam, you may have a waiting period before you are fully covered. If you die during this waiting period, say two years, your beneficiaries may only receive a portion of the death benefit that you selected.

Universal & Whole Life Insurance For Seniors

Universal and whole life insurance build cash values with the premium and death benefit remaining the same for your entire lifetime.

So, should seniors buy term life or permanent life insurance?

Many elderly life insurance clients want to know how to buy life insurance wisely. So, it would help if you always answered these questions before deciding to buy term life insurance:

  • Are you concerned that your term insurance coverage may end before you do?
  • Do you want your premium and death benefit to remain the same for your entire lifetime?
  • Are you only looking for an affordable premium and need a small policy to pay final expenses?

If any of the above situations pertain to you, you probably should notbuy term life insurance!

So, what is the best life insurance for seniors over 75?

First, when evaluating the best life insurance for elderly citizens, we usually recommend that coverage be a permanent universal or whole-life policy.

Besides, for many older Americans, universal life is available at a similar price to term life and will also last for the rest of your lifetime.

Not to mention that many companies do not typically sell term life insurance for seniors over 75 years old!

whole life insurance for seniors with no medical exam

Are you looking for an easy method to pay for your burial expenses? A popular and predictable way to cover your final costs is with final expense whole life insurance.

Look before you jump!

Here are three things for you to consider:

Look no further!

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How To Get The Best Deal On Senior Life Insurance

While all of the providers above offer great life insurance options for seniors, you shouldnt just take our word for it. Always do your own research to see where you can find the best deal. Here are a few tips to help you out:

  • Do not just pick the first provider you find research multiple providers and policies so you can make an informed decision.
  • Always read the fine print before signing on the dotted line!
  • Look for ways to bundle different insurance policies under the same provider to get a discount.
  • See how premiums change if you opt for different policies or payment plans.
  • Most insurance providers offer free quote generators to give you an approximation of your costs all you have to do is provide some basic information.
  • Make sure you know whether the premiums will remain the same over time or increase with age if they do increase, get as much information as you can to understand how these premium hikes are calculated.
  • Consider how a life insurance policy could work as part of your overall retirement and estate-planning goals.

Which Term Life Insurance Is Best

Term Life Insurance Rates for Seniors [The Ultimate Guide] July 2022 ...

We urge everyone to buy level premium term life insurance policies because the payment and the death benefit remain the same throughout your policy term.

Level premium term life insurance policies are a great way to provide for your family, but it can be tricky to determine the exact term length you need.

Comparing term life insurance plans from different providers can help you compare costs and find the most suitable policy for your budget and lifestyle.

No matter what stage of life youre in, it helps to match your insurance needs with a term duration to cover your family adequately should you die prematurely.

It is never too late to buy life insurance if you are in decent health!

However, carriers have different age limits, which affect the term duration you can purchase at various times in your life.

We recommend locking in term rates when you are young and healthy, even if its longer than your anticipated needs for protection.

As we age, many medical conditions prohibit us from qualifying for best-rate classifications that are only available for healthy individuals.

Plus, each year, our chances of dying increase, producing higher life insurance rates as we get older.

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How Much Does Term Life Insurance Cost

The cost of term life insurance is generally lower than whole life insurance because it only offers a death benefit. The exact costs depend on the provider, your age, health, gender, location, and any add-ons to your plan. The current average cost of $250,000 coverage for a 60-year-old applicant is $66 per month.1 This average increases with age, but many term life insurance providers offer fixed monthly premiums for the duration of the policy. That means you could end up saving thousands on term life insurance premiums by purchasing a plan as soon as possible.

Best For Guaranteed Issue: Aig

Guaranteed issue: two words many seniors and even younger applicants aren’t used to hearing about life insurance. Seniors aged 50-80 enjoy guaranteed coverage with no medical exam, and the application is 100% online. In short, it means what it sounds like. AIG cannot deny your application if you fall within the set age limits.

Policies are small, maxing out at $25,000. So this would be appropriate for funeral expenses and/or a small death benefit for surviving family members.

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Dont Be Rushed Into A Life Insurance Purchase

Financial predators often focus on seniors. They may try to get you to purchase unnecessary coverage, or a more expensive policy than you need. Be wary of anyone who tries to rush you into making a decision or discourages you from discussing a proposed policy with a family member or trusted advisor.

Best Life Insurance For Seniors Over 60

Best Term Life Insurance For Seniors [Rates & Secrets Revealed]

Find Cheap Life Insurance Quotes in Your Area

Life insurance can be a necessary investment even if you are over 60 years old, since your financial goals and needs may be changing. For this reason, it’s important to reevaluate your existing policies and financial situation as you enter your later years so that you are adequately covered.

Some reasons seniors over 60 may consider purchasing life insurance if they still have unpaid debt, want to cover end-of-life expenses or want to leave an inheritance for their kids or grandchildren.

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Why Should Senior Citizens Buy Term Life Insurance

There are lots of reasons why senior citizens should purchase term life insurance, some of which are given below:

  • If you are above the age of 50 and have never had a life insurance policy, now is the time to get one.

  • As an inheritance, you can give your children a large sum of money.

  • To cover the cost of any property taxes or legal fees that the property you leave behind may face.

  • If you are not present, the policy provides financial benefits to your spouse, who may be left alone to fend for herself or himself.

  • If you do not want to burden your loved ones with funeral costs and want to cover them even if you are unable to attend

  • If you have any debts, the money you get from term life insurance might be used to pay them off.

What Are The Average Term Life Insurance Rates By Age

When you choose to get life insurance, timing is everything. Prices will vary depending on the term and the amount of face-value coverage that is selected.

The table below reflects sample term life monthly insurance rates, by age, at different face-value amounts. The data below represents sample rates for 10-year term life insurance policies for healthy, but average individuals who do not use tobacco products.1


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Nationwide Wins With Three Free Living Benefits And Happy Customers

Buying life insurance becomes more difficult as you age, but it’s certainly possible. Life insurance typically costs more as you get older because certain age-related health issues make insurers less likely to approve your application. But if you’re over 50 and need a new life insurance policy or additional coverage, you still have plenty of options. It’s best not to wait, and it’s wise to call the company directly for the best service. And if you’re shopping for a family member, that person must be a part of the process to get a policy.

We’ve researched the best life insurance companies for different situations and types of coverage. All have stellar reputations and financial strength ratings, plus offer valuable perks to the 50-plus crowd.

Do Seniors Need Life Insurance

Best Life Insurance for Senior Citizens, Affordable Life Insurance Over 60!

This question comes up a lot, and, in most cases, the answer is yes. Having a life insurance policy is one of the safest ways to ensure your loved ones will be financially secure when youre gone. Certain types of life insurance can accrue cash value that you can withdraw if and when the need arises. These withdrawals can even help pay for medical bills that Medicare does not cover or similar living expenses. That doesnt mean, however, that every older adult should rush out and buy life insurance right now.

Did You Know: As of 2020, 54 percent of all individuals in the U.S. were covered by some form of life insurance1.

Many seniors live on a fixed income through Social Security and do not have the resources to add a life insurance plan. You will need to consider your budget and the cost of available plans when making a decision. Moreover, if you do not plan to leave death benefits to a beneficiary, you probably dont need a life insurance policy.

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Term Vs Whole Life Insurance

As the names imply, term life insurance only lasts for a select term, while whole life insurance lasts for the rest of your life . As previously mentioned, whole life insurance is typically more expensive, but it also ensures that your beneficiaries will get a payout. This is not always guaranteed with a term life insurance plan, as you could always outlive your coverage.

Many whole life insurance plans accrue value over time. You can make withdrawals against your death benefits to help pay for medical costs or other expenses. For this reason, whole life insurance can provide greater financial security for you and your beneficiaries.

This doesnt mean that whole life insurance is better than term life insurance it just depends on your budget and needs. Typically, term life insurance is best for those who want short-term coverage to protect their family. For example, if you have major financial obligations like a mortgage or dependents, a term plan may be the most affordable and practical option. Alternatively, if you want to guarantee a death benefit without the need to convert or renew your plan, you can opt for a whole life insurance plan.

Term Or Whole Life Insurance For Seniors

Whether you purchase term or whole life insurance as a senior depends on how much coverage you need, for how long, and how much coverage you can afford. For example, if you’re limited by budget, a term policy will be more affordable than a permanent one. A term policy may also be a good idea if you only need coverage for a limited amount of time, such as the last few years of making your mortgage payments.

But if you want a policy that’s there for your loved ones whenever you pass, you’ll want to look into a permanent whole life insurance policy. If budget is a concern, apply for a fully-underwritten policy that requires a health exam to get the best possible rate. Also, consider reducing the death benefit amount so you can afford it. For example, you can get a burial insurance policy with a death benefit as low as $2,000.

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How Seniors Can Get Life Insurance With No Waiting Period

Some senior life insurance options make you wait for two years before youre effectively insured.

If there is a waiting period, the insurer will only refund your premiums if you die during the first 24 months.

But many policies cover you 100% the day you make your first payment.

To qualify for a life insurance policy with no waiting period, you must apply with a company that asks questions about your health. You dont necessarily have to take an exam, but you must fill out a health questionnaire.

Remember, any policy with no health questions will always have a waiting period.

For example, AIG is a major carrier that sells guaranteed issue life insurance. It has a two-year waiting period, just like every other insurance company.

There is no such thing as no health questions and no waiting period .

Best For Seniors Over : Aarp

Term Life Insurance For Seniors 70 And Older [Rates Revealed]


Offers low-cost policies for minors

Online quotes with transparent pricing


J.D. Power : 771.5* AM Best Rating: A++* NAIC Complaint Index: 0.16*

MoneyGeek’s Take: AARP offers different policies with guaranteed acceptance and does not require a medical exam, making it the best option for seniors over 70.

Company Description: If youre over 70 years of age, AARP is MoneyGeeks top pick for your life insurance provider. The company offers life insurance policies with guaranteed acceptance without a medical exam requirement. Policies are underwritten by New York Life, one of the oldest and most reputable providers in the life insurance industry.

AARP offers three types of life insurance plans level benefit term, permanent and guaranteed acceptance. The best feature of AARPs policies is that you do not need to undergo a medical exam to qualify. For the companys guaranteed acceptance life insurance, you also arent required to answer health questions.

With the level benefit term life plan, you can get up to $100,000 coverage. However, you cant choose your term, and the policy expires when you turn 80. The Permanent Life plan offers you up to $50,000 of whole life coverage, so your premiums never increase.

If you opt for the guaranteed acceptance plan, you wont be asked medical questions or required to pass a medical exam, but coverage is limited to $25,000.

*These scores are for New York Life, the company that underwrites all AARP life insurance policies.

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Aegon Life Iterm Plan

This plan is available for purchase online in a simple and quick manner. The minimum entry age of the policy is 18 years, while the maximum entry age is 65 years. The maximum maturity age of the policy is 80 years. Section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961 allows the insured to get tax benefits. The death benefit is paid to the policy beneficiary in the case that the insured passes away. The plan allows for premium payment mode flexibility. Nonsmokers and female insurers will pay a reduced premium under the plan.

Best Guaranteed Acceptance For Seniors: Mutual Of Omaha


Offers many different policy options for seniors

Smoking habit does not affect your rates


J.D. Power : 783.4 AM Best Rating: A+ NAIC Complaint Index: 1.20

MoneyGeek’s Take: Mutual of Omahas guaranteed whole life policy and accidental death insurance do not require a medical exam and offer guaranteed acceptance, making it a good option for seniors.

Company Description: Seniors looking for a policy that does not require a medical exam and has guaranteed acceptance can benefit the most from Mutual of Omahas life insurance policies.

While Mutual of Omaha offers a range of term and whole life insurance policies, you would benefit the most from its Guaranteed Plus Whole Life policy if youre looking for life insurance without the requirement of a medical exam or health questions. Applicants between 45 and 85 are eligible for $2,500$25,000 in permanent life insurance coverage. Your benefits will not be reduced due to age or health status, and premiums are guaranteed not to increase. The Guaranteed Plus Whole Life policy also offers to build cash value on a tax-deferred basis. The best feature of this policy is that all of the claims are paid out within the first 24 hours.

Policy Types Offered:

  • Living Promise Graded Benefit Plan
  • Living Promise Level Benefit Plan

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How To Pick The Best Life Insurance Policy For Seniors

Each person’s experience with life insurance is unique. Preexisting conditions, desired death benefits, and other factors influence a customer’s expectations. We review individual life insurance products and offer opinions, but we recommend getting three quotes on life insurance policies. Then compare your quotes side by side. A company can answer questions about its policies. But a quote allows you to compare pricing, death benefits, and more. You can also ask agents about accelerated benefits and if the company provides those automatically or as riders at an additional cost.

Once you’ve compared three companies on the same measures, you can make an informed decision. A life insurance agent can then guide you through the process. This includes warning you if you are at risk of being denied and may want to shop elsewhere.

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