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T-Mobile has the Phone Plans for Seniors

According to a recent study, only 42% of consumers in the U.S. over 65 years of age own a smartphone. This number drops to 17% when only those over 80 years of age are considered. These numbers raise an interesting question: why are older consumers so reluctant to buy smartphones?

To answer this question, we reached out to dozens of anonymous consumers, being either a senior citizen or someone who purchased a cell phone for an elderly relative, for their experience and input. When asked what their major concerns were when using a cell phone, 76% of our respondents stated: not understanding how to use it.

Cell phones for seniors are available in different styles: flip phones, smartphones, bar phones, and tablet-phones. The selection for cell phones for seniors is just as varied as regular phones when it comes to features and styles and we looked at all of them for you to determine which are the best in the industry.

Further Insight Into Our Methodology

Like other mobile phones, cell phones for seniors come in many shapes and sizesit all depends on the persons needs. Flip and bar phones are almost always cheaper and have greater battery capacity, given their relative lack of battery-draining features. Smartphones, on the other hand, have larger screens and offer a number of helpful applications and settings for those who want to do more than just make calls and send texts. We also consider the kind of monitoring a phone offers.

After looking at a phone’s features, we consider a couple of additional traits. One of them is cost and coverage. We first consider whether the cell phone model is unlocked. Unlocked phones offer users a choice of carrier, which enables consumers to shop around for the best plan. However unlocked phones must generally be purchased upfront by the consumer, potentially making the total initial costs higher. We also look at how many carriers service each cell phone. Once we’re done with service plans, we look at a few more points regarding the cell phone’s cost.

Last but not least, we looked at customer support. Given how much older people depend on their phones, strong customer support and a solid consumer rating are highly important. Cell phones are everyday items and, in the case of an issue or malfunction, it is essential for companies to be able to provide answers and alternatives.

Also Consider A Launcher

The beauty of Android is that youre not only limited to the devices above. You can always pick up a smartphone that fits your budget and download a third-party launcher that fits your needs. Some launchers offer convenient features for seniors.


We would suggest that you check out Simple Launcher. Its free and offers a super-simple interface, as the name entails. Theres a quick dial option for calling friends and family right from the home screen, and you even get an SOS button to call your emergency contact and send a text when in danger. Of course, there are plenty of other customizations you can apply.

We also like Big Launchers fast and simple Android interface for seniors and people with vision problems. It makes smartphones suitable for seniors, children, and people with eye diseases, motor problems, or the legally blind. Visually impaired and technically challenged users can use the simple and easy-to-read interface. There is no fear of making a mistake and losing everything with stress-free navigation, and it also features an SOS button. Large texts and color-coded icons make everything easy to use and leave no room for errors, and the app comes with multiple language support.

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Setting Spending Limits To Avoid Costly Bills

Spend Manager sets a monthly budget for data and also covers the cost-per-minute part of premium rate calls, picture messages and one-off premium rate texts. Its handy for older people who may be unaware of hidden costs when it comes to texting or calling premium-rate numbers or downloading films or games.

Once Spend Manager is set up, an older person wont be able to go over their set data allowance, call or text premium-rate numbers or send any more picture messages. However, theyll still be able to use WiFi, and contact you when they need to, as all of our plans come with unlimited texts and minutes. Plus, if you need to check how many minutes an older person is using every month, you can check their plan details.

You can easily buy one of our Extras to boost a plans data or add unlimited picture messages. Extras usually work out cheaper than racking up out-of-plan charges and theyre automatically added to the bill. You can choose a one-off Extra or set up a recurring Extra.

Visible Has The Cheapest Unlimited Cell Phone Plan For A Single Person And 2


Visible is owned by Verizon and offers two plans. They both provide unlimited talk, text, and data on a 4G LTE/5G network. Plans start at $30/mo, but if you want premium access to high speeds during times of high traffic, you can pay $45/mo to get 50GB of premium network access.

This more expensive plan also gives you free international calling to 30 countries up to 500 minutes per month and unlimited texting to 200+ countries.

Verizon has the most comprehensive stand-alone network in the country. While you cant get service literally everywhere, their coverage area does include 99% of the U.S. population.

Visible doesnt require a contract, so you can go month-to-month. They used to offer discounts for family plans and additional lines, but those discounts were sunsetted in August of 2022.

Because taxes and fees are included in the pricing, Visible comes out on top as the cheapest unlimited cell phone plan for single people and those with two lines.

TIP: If its Verizons network youre after, you can get access to the companys own Unlimited plans for the same or lower pricing when you get three to four lines, though these prices dont include taxes and fees like Visibles do. If you have a military affiliation, the Verizon military discount can save you even more.

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Why We Like It

Unique interface based on Android, but designed to make using the phone easier, safer, and more intuitive

Features Doros first ever triple lens camera, perfect for capturing the important moments in your life

Has the Response by Doro enabled assistance button on the rear of the phone. With a single press you can alert connected family and friends. This will notify them, share your GPS location, and allows them to call you back to help

Comes with the TeamViewer app installed, allowing a friend or family member to access and assist you with you remotely

Best Simple & Easy To Use Mobile Phones For The Elderly

Some older people are certain that they do not need many of the new features that smartphones and touchscreen phones bring with them. They may just want a phone that does the most important basics well: making phone calls.

Below, you can find out more about the simplest mobile phones for the elderly in the UK.

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Samsung Galaxy A32 5g

Sliding in under $300, the offers a good bang for the buck. It sports 5G connectivity, long-lasting battery life, and a great camera. The A32 even packs a microSD card slot for expanding its 64GB of built-in storage.

Unfortunately, the MediaTek Dimensity 720 5G won’t match modern Qualcomm Snapdragon, Apple Bionic, or Google Tensor chips. However, it’s a cost-effective processor suitable for all but hardcore gamers . As expected, camera quality won’t match a DSLR or even a point-and-shoot, though it’s perfectly adequate. For the price, it’s tough to beat the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G.

  • Pros: 5G connectivity, microSD card slot, wallet-friendly
  • Cons: Underpowered processor, average camera quality

Looking for more Android awesomeness? Check out the best Android phones on the planet.

Best Tracfone Smartphone For Seniors

7 Best Smartphones for Seniors

There isnt a specific Tracfone smartphone for seniors. However, Tracfone does offer a variety of smartphones that would be well-suited for seniors, such as the Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro or the LG Rebel 3.

These phones are easy to use and have features that are typically desired by seniors, such as large displays, clear sound, and simple menus.

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At& T Unlimited 55+ Senior Plan

AT& T | Unlimited 55 Plus | $60/month or two lines for $80/month AT& Ts feature-packed unlimited plan Like the Verizon promotion above, this deal is exclusively available for those who are over 55 and live in Florida. If you fit this criteria, you can get two unlimited data, calls, and text lines for just $80 a month or one for $60. Youll be able to use your plan in the US, Mexico, and Canada, and 5G service is included at no extra cost. You can also text to more than 120 countries for free, and youll get spam and fraud call blocking. If you dont live in Florida, AT& Ts regular unlimited plans are also a great choice.Pros: Unlimited 5G data Discount for Florida residents over 55Cons: Expensive Not available in other states

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Easyfone T100 4g Unlocked Big Button Cell Phone 20

Features :

  • 4G Unlocked and ready to use with your preferred GSM Carrier. Compatible with RedPocket GSMA, T-Mobile and T-Mobile’s MVNO like MetroPCS, Tello Mobile, SpeedTalk, Mint Mobile. SIM cards not included.
  • 2.0-Inch HD IPS Display with Big font & big icon for easy viewing, high volume for easy hearing, Big button with Talking Numbers feature for easy dialing.
  • 1500mAh real capacity battery standby time up to 96+ hours with a big & convenient charging dock, Just place your phone on its stand, and it starts charging!
  • Special SOS button with GPS for emergency help # Key 2-9 eight numbers can be set as Photo Speed dial button.
  • Cutting Edge M4/T4 Hearing Aid Compatibility, ideal for the elderly daily use with hearing aid devices.
  • Multi useful functions like GPS positioning/Integrated torch/FM Radio/Camera/Photo Speed dial/Tasks/Audio player/Bluetooth/Alarm/Calculator and etc.

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Us Mobile: Best Flexible Mobile Plan For Seniors

Lets face it sometimes, we only use one phone service in our plans. We only text, but not call, or the other way around. The great news is, US Mobile offers flexibility in its plan, thanks to its option for a flexible contract. Its base price starts at $4. From there, you can add your desired minutes of calls, the number of texts, and the amount of data allocation. This cell phone service plan is great for everyone, especially for seniors. We all know our seniors mostly use the text or call functions of their phones and not much of mobile data consumption. Now, you dont have to stress yourself on paying too much for using too little from their services.

Richmond Hill Seniors Transportation Services

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It can be difficult when your loved one can no longer drive themselves around. Whether its traveling to the store, a social event, or to a doctors appointment, finding safe and reliable transportation can be a hassle.

With Affinity Health, your loved ones dont have to miss out on any of the activities they adore. Well provide safe transport and enjoyable companionship at their favourite events, arts and cultural programs, social and charity functions, religious services, and more.

Our caregivers can also provide transportation to and from the hospital, doctors office, or treatment center, as well as services and support while there. In addition, we will help your loved one pack for visits and run errands on the way.

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App And Online Portal Managed By Caregiver

The RAZ Memory Cell Phone is managed from afar through a simple app or online portal.

The caregiver uses the app or portal to add and edit contacts, including uploading pictures. The caregiver can also manage nine unique settings designed specifically for seniors, including but not limited to the following:

  • Limit incoming calls to contacts to prevent unwanted predatory calls.
  • Disable the power button in case the senior has difficulty turning the phone on and off.
  • Automatically answer calls the senior doesnt have to press the answer button.
  • Caregiver can receive a text message alert when the phones battery is below a specified level.

The app and portal also provide caregivers access the signal strength, remaining battery power, and the GPS location of the phone. This allows the caregiver to warn the user that they are low on power and need to charge the phone. Also, if the caregiver cannot reach the senior, she can go into the app or portal and see if it is because the phone is out of power or there is poor signal strength. The ability to track the phone can be critical if the senior wanders and needs to be located.

Caregivers also have the ability to send the senior reminders and set up what are called, quiet hours. These are hours during which senior cannot place calls to designated contacts. This feature can be important if the senior has dementia and has the habit of calling in the middle of the night.

Google Fi Has The Cheapest Plans For Families

is a cell service you can activate from home. There is technically an option to pay for data as you go, but its not a good deal. Youll want to look at the Simply Unlimited Plan or Unlimited Plus plan for the best value.

The Simply Unlimited Plan comes with unlimited 4G LTE/5G data, but your speeds will slow after 35GB of usage. It also includes 5GB of hotspot data.

The Unlimited Plus Plan doesnt slow until you reach 50GB of data, with unlimited hotspot data. While theres no international calling with Simply Unlimited , you get free international calling with Unlimited Plus to 50+ countries.

Pricing depends on how many lines you have. Its not the best deal around if you only have one line, but Simply Unlimited is the cheapest of them all if you have three or four.

Simply Unlimited pricing is as follows:

  • 1 line: $50/mo per line.
  • 2 lines: $40/mo per line.
  • 3 lines: $25/mo per line.
  • 4 6 lines: $20/mo per line.

Whereas Unlimited Plus costs:

  • 1 line: $65/mo per line.
  • 2 lines: $55/mo per line.
  • 3 lines: $45/mo per line.
  • 4 6 lines: $40/mo per line.

Google Fi has a great coverage map, though there are some sparsely populated areas of the West where service is spotty.

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How To Purchase Mint Mobile

To get started with Mint Mobile, visit the companys website to view its plans, prices, and if needed the phones it offers. Mint Mobile provides the option of either using your own device or purchasing a new one. If youre in the market for a new phone, we recommend taking a look at Mint Mobiles offerings since the company constantly offers discounts on new phones when theyre paired with a 12-month plan.

Once you purchase a plan from Mint Mobile, the company will send you a SIM card that can be quickly inserted into your phone. Once installed, your service will be up and running.

FYI: Did you know some phones double as medical alert systems? To learn more, read our Jitterbug Flip review and Jitterbug Smart review.

Phones With Big Buttons

Best Cell Phones For Seniors

Mobiles with big buttons are a must if you want to stay in touch with people easily and quickly. Large button mobiles are especially helpful if you cant see very well, or you prefer the look and feel of a traditional mobile.There are several phones with well-spaced keys to choose from, like the Doro 1370, the Nokia 105, the Nokia 110, the Alcatel 20.03 and the Alcatel 3080. The Alcatel 20.03 has large backlit buttons, so youll even get great visibility in the dark, pressing the right button every time. The Doro 1370 has well-separated, large rubber buttons for simple texting and dialling. You can even press direct keys to take you straight to your messages, favourite contacts, torch or camera.

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The Best Phone For Seniors: How To Find The Right One

Seniors have their own needs when picking up a smartphone in 2022. Several of the most popular brands are creating mobile phones that cater to an older crowd regarding technology and accessibility features.

Accessibility is becoming a significant selling point across the tech world. Display size, intuitiveness, and audio assistance features are becoming more commonplace in todays phones.

For seniors, accessibility features may be even more central. Some accessibility features that are especially pertinent include:

  • Large buttons, touchscreens, bright screens, voice command features, and styluses can help less tech-savvy people navigate the complex operating systems of modern devices.
  • Large screens, magnifier features, Bluetooth hearing aid compatibility, and loud speakerphones can be crucial in helping seniors use video calls to connect with relatives and caregivers.
  • Big buttons can also expedite medical alerts and assist seniors in calling for emergency services, making a crucial difference in time-sensitive emergencies.

Here are some of the best and most accessible phones for seniors on the market today:

Tracfone Prepaid Samsung Galaxy A51 4g Cdma Smartphone Black

  • Internal Memory: 128GB
Lowest Price

Product Details

Experience the features youve been waiting for with the Samsung Galaxy A51. Take crisp pics and flawlessly smooth video with the 48MP quad camera, equipped with Super Steady OIS Mode. Immerse yourself in a spacious 6.

5 Super AMOLED screen, powered by a long-lasting, fast charging battery.

6.24 Inches x 2.9 Inches x.31 Inches
Includes Battery Charger, User Manual, SIM Card
Electronics Features

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