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Choose The Best Hairstyle For Your Senior Pictures

Cute Outfits to Wear for Senior Pictures | Style Lab

Sometimes seniors do not consider the weather when it comes to how they style their hair. Well, we are here to help with that and give some tips for your senior photoshoot!

When the weather is humid in the spring and summer, it would be best if you styled your hair as close to your natural hairstyle as possible. Let’s be honest, the last thing you want is to have spent time styling your hair only for it to frizz up, right? Wavy, straight, or curly, your hair will look beautiful if you embrace it and not fight it.

Incorporate Things Youre Passionate About

This is important especially for seniors who are in activities like band or orchestra, or anything else where you might not get a portrait at your activity. Bringing a musical instrument, your Eagle Scout uniform, your letter jacket, your car, hunting or sports gear. Anything that represents what youre passionate about at this time in your life. This will make your portraits more personal, and a record of what life was like the year you had your senior portraits.

Simple Senior Picture Tips For Better Portraits

ColeGenres, Senior Portrait

Senior pictures are one of the few times that kids get to show off their creativity, originality, and personality to their high school classmates. If youre a photographer who wants to help a client make their senior pictures stand out, this collection of senior pic tips will help everyone involved leave a great impression.

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Jeans And A Feminine Top

Unless you want to, you do not have to wear a formal dress for senior pictures. If you love a great pair of jeans, throw those on and pair them with a pretty top and some dainty accessories for a cute and casual look that represents your laid-back style.

Get The Look:

We love this white peasant style blouse paired with vintage-wash boyfriend jeans. The outfit is casual but still really pretty and looks great with brown ankle booties and a gold pendant necklace.

Get The Look:

White denim jeans are summery and stylish and look awesome with this simple long-sleeve crop top in this senior photo. Strappy black sandals with a wedge heel some gold croissant earrings complete the look and dress it up a little.

Get The Look:

This look is a total vibe. We love the black combat boots paired with the light wash denim and a pop of color in the shirt. If you arent all about neutrals, consider adding a coloured or floral patterned shirt paired with the jeans.

Wear Colors You Love But Not The Brightest Version Of Them

The Best + Super

Do you love wearing black? Yes? Then wear black! You do you!

Love yellow? Wear it! Just dont wear the brightest version of it. If you get a richer, more jewel-toned version it will ALWAYS photograph better. Same goes with bright greens, turquoise, pinks, reds and oranges. Wear the colors you love, BUT pick slightly toned down versions. Why? Because really bright colors will reflect their own colored light into the shadows of your face. You dont want that. You dont want your chin and the area under your nose to reflect your brilliant turqouise shirt. Nope. Wear a darker, slightly more muted version instead!

My favorite go-to colors? Deep wine reds, mustard yellows, burnt or rust orange, soft dusky pink, any shade of gray, warm browns, olive greens, or deep/soft blues. Other neutrals are also great!

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Choose Ideal Outfit Colors

Having several differently colored outfits will also play a significant role in showing more variety in your portraits. Choose tones that you like, as well as hues that look great on you.

Solid colors work best for senior pictures, although a little pattern can look cute as well. Always try your clothes on when you are preparing for the photoshoot.

You might remember some particular dress or outfit looking fabulous on you the last time you wore it. Try it on again in front of a mirror and imagine how it will look like in pictures. It might not look as amazing as you first thought it would.

Heres an excellent way to see which colors look best on you: stand in front of the mirror and hold outfits of different colors in front of you. Do this test with two outfits at a time for best comparison.

Watch for the colors that make your eyes, smile, hair, and skin stand out these tones are the best. Correctly picked out clothing will make your eyes pop in a good way.

You want your outfits to complement your facial features and not overshadow them with bright or neon colors. If you feel great in your outfits, you will look amazing in pictures!

Sky Natural Light| f/2.0, 1/400s, ISO 400 | Photo by © Sergey Bidun

How Many Outfits Should I Plan To Wear

I always recommend planning to wear at least two outfits during your senior pictures. Most girls wear one more dressy outfit and one more casual outfit. This gives lots of variety in your pictures, even if you selected a shorter session.

Please feel free to send me pictures of your outfits, either flat lay or preferably tried on, ahead of time. I love helping you!

Most girls actually bring three to four different outfits for their pictures, including different tops and bottoms to mix and match. I encourage you to bring more outfits than you actually plan to wear. Sometimes something just doesnt feel right the day of when you try it on and thats okay!

We can go through your outfits the day of your shoot and work together to find the perfect combination for you! If it helps you plan, I generally recommend for any girl to start with the more dressy option while hair and makeup is fresh for senior pictures.

Where will I change outfits during my senior portraits?

Dont have to worry about changing awkwardly in the back of your car or in a cramped public restroom. I have a portable changing tent that measures about 4×4 feet wide and 6.5 feet tall to make changing anywhere easy and quick!

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Ideas For Senior Picture Outfits & Dressing For Senior Pictures

Picking out what to wear for senior pictures is the part of planning them that takes the most time. I want you to be confident in your senior pictures and not spend hours sorting through your closet or clothes shopping. The following tips will be helpful as you plan your wardrobe for senior pictures.

Remember The Focus Is On You Not Your Clothes

vlog: let’s get ready for senior pictures GRWM + VLOGhair, makeup, outfits + more!

Solid colors are often better than busy patterns! I want the focus of the image to be on you, not what you are wearing. Patterns can bring a lot of dimension and playfulness to an outfit though, so dont rule them out altogether! Just be aware. Also, its a good idea to avoid really tight, contrasted patterns that create that weird swirly effect on camera . This happens most often with dress shirts.

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Dress For Success: What To Wear For Senior Portraits

Senior portrait day is here, and you dont have a thing to wear! Or so you think. We promise that everything is going to be okay, and that favorite outfit youve worn a dozen times before is perfect for the occasion. Heres what to know about looking your best as a senior on school picture day.

Choosing an Outfit that Photographs Well

You want an outfit you feel comfortable and yourself in this will show through in the picture. Instead of buying something new, go for something you love and showcases your personality. Style your look from top to bottom, including shoes and any jewelry , so you know youre not missing anything. Aim for simple and classic, and consider choosing solid colors over patterns or heavily branded clothing. Slogans are fun, but not on picture day! You want to be the star of your picture, not your outfit.

Once youve decided on your outfit, give your whole look a once over. Check that your shoes are polished, your nails and hair are tidy, and your clothes are pressed And while its fine to try something slightly different with your hair or makeup, avoid any extreme change-ups in the lead-up to the daysimple works best. If you wear glasses, consider taking them off for your photo sometimes, the lenses can create glare.

How Many Outfit Changes Will You Have?

If youre wearing a tux, Freed provides the shirt, bow tie & jacket in an extensive range of sizes.

How to Prep for your Senior Pictures

Freed will Ensure a Smooth Senior Portrait Day

Search For The Ideal Outfit Colors

When it comes to dressing for your senior photo shoot, choosing a color is the most crucial choice. Seniors should always wear colors they feel comfortable with, despite the fundamental guidelines for which hues appear best on certain skin tones.

Consider neutral, muted, or particularly strong hues when coming up with senior costume ideas. For photographs, we typically favor senior attire in solid colors since it makes the wearer appear more sophisticated and unobtrusive.

You shouldnt, however, completely ignore patterns. They can nevertheless contribute to a fantastic senior portrait session.

Neutralized-Color Outfits

For your photo shoot, choose neutral clothing and a stunning backdrop to create shots that are both classy and timeless. Black, grey, white, and cream colors like tan or light brown are a few examples of neutral color choices.

Every senior female enjoys the color black. Particularly when it comes to novel experiences like a professional photo shoot, it is effortless and reassuring.

White has a refined and elegant appearance. What we love about it is how nicely it stands out and bounces light onto your skin. Your senior pictures taken on the beach would look fantastic.

When it comes to your senior portrait, cream colors ensure a polished appearance and make your attire stand out without drawing undue attention to yourself.

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A Photoshoot With Muted Colors

Bright Outfits For Senior Photos

Dress Codes For Senior Photos

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How Many Outfits Do You Wear For Senior Pictures

How many outfits youll want will depend on the length of your photography session. The general recommendation is 1-2 outfits for a 1 hour session, and 2-3 outfits for a longer session.

It takes time to make outfit changes so you dont want to use up too many valuable minutes that you could be getting photos taken. Every minute matters when you are in a time limited session.

Its a good idea to talk with your photographer beforehand and ask them what they recommend for outfit changes.

Options Options And More Options

Best clothing for Pear Shaped bodies, Northern VA senior portrait ...

Just because you plan on only wearing two outfits to your session doesnt mean you cant bring more than two outfits! If youre stuck on what top to wear with what pants, or youre stuck deciding between two different dresses, always bring them along! When you bring multiple options, your photographer can help piece together what will look best with the location and lighting! Now Im not saying dont put any thought into your outfits and bring your whole closet along Im just saying bring a few options so that your photographer can help you! Photographers will always know what photographs the best, so letting them help choose your outfits will take some stress off of you and youll know itll look good in photos!

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Heres List Of My Dos And Donts To Help Guide You When It Comes To Selecting The Perfect Outfits For Your Senior Photo Session

DO choose clothing you feel great in

Many seniors see a look or outfit they want to emulate and while I encourage that, I also want to make sure its a style YOU feel comfortable in. Form fitting clothes are a good choice for all body types, while more baggy looks that hang off the body can add bulk. If you are self-conscious about your arms, avoid tops without sleeves. If you love how a particular color family, fabric, or cut looks on you, go for it! If you feel good in your clothes, it will show in photographs and help you get comfortable in front of the camera. If you are constantly having to adjust things, you will have a harder time relaxing and focusing on having fun.

DO Layer, Layer, Layer

An important part of any camera-ready outfit is interest. The easiest way to achieve this is by layering. Layers can range from a simple cardi or jacket to a scarf, or a button down under a sweater. Anything that adds multiple colors or textures to your look is a layer. If you want a simple look, choose solid, muted colors. For more pop, choose patterns or neutral colors with one bold one. Check out our post all about layering the right way as well as our favorite layered looks!

DONT be afraid of color

DO bring a variety of looks

DO add little extras

DONT forget to hang up your clothes to keep them neat

DONT stress- well help you choose your perfect portrait wardrobe

Want More Tips on Prepping for a Session?

What Seniors Should Wear To Their Session

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To get the best possible senior pictures, youll want to advise your senior of a few guidelines regarding their clothing. Below, weve listed a few points you might want to suggest to your clients, as well as a few tips on how to get a little bit more creativity out of the session.

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Wear Uniform For Senior Pictures

Have you considered wearing a uniform as one of your senior picture outfits? If you have a hobby you are passionate about, why not make that uniform one of your outfit options!Capturing you being YOU is our goal, so put on your dance leotard or surfing wetsuit . Let’s have even more fun capturing your senior pictures!

What To Wear For Your Upcoming Senior Portrait Session

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Stuck on what to wear? Were here to help! Here are some of my favorite tips and tricks to help you guide your outfit choices! Choosing what you will wear for your photo shoot is a huge decision that can make or break your senior portrait session! I know that sounds dramatic but, if you accidentally wear something that isnt flattering on camera or something that you dont feel confident init can ruin the experience for you! So, here are some of the best ways to choose what to wear. We love being a Nebraska high school senior photographer and over the years have found these tips so helpful for encouraging our seniors to show up with a glow up!

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What To Wear For Your Senior Portraits

1. Avoid the color red and any color that has ever appeared on a highlighter, especially if you are using a natural or garden setting. If youre surrounded by a lush green forest or the perfect overgrown field and wearing red everything will have a Christmas-time look that is hard to get away from. As for those highlighter colors, they are hard to blend and match to almost any surrounding. Natural, solid colors will photograph the best . Natalie looks beautiful in a blue and white sundress in a perfect field of wildflowers for her senior portrait session in Chapel Hill, NC.

2. Wear your glasses, but avoid these mistakes. If you wear glasses every day, you should wear them for your senior pictures. With that said, there are two things that are hard to photograph with glasses: glare and transition lenses. The easiest solution? Remove the lenses before your session. Youll still look like you but without the glare in the lens. Transition lenses are extremely difficult to photograph, if you cant remove the lenses and you dont have a pair that doesnt have progressive lenses, you can try keeping them in your pocket until right before the shutter clicks. This will give us the best chance to show off your eyes in your senior portraits before your glasses turn to shades. Meg looked amazing in her glasses during her senior portrait session in Durham, NC.

What To Bring What To Buy & What To Borrow: All Your Senior Picture Questions Answered

Planning for your senior portrait session can be overwhelming, and thats because its easy to look at the big picture and see ALL THE THINGS that have to happen before the big day actually arrives. There are so many things to think aboutfrom hair and makeup to clothes and locations to props and poses. The list goes on. Choosing what to wear for senior pictures is the one thing that all my grads worry about, so Im gonna help you get the best outfits for senior pictures! Im breaking things down for my clients to make senior pictures easy and stress-free!

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How Do You Take Senior Pictures At Home

If you arent planning to hire a professional photographer because it isnt in the budget, you can still absolutely take your own photos at home.

We recommend standing in front of a neutral, white background, such as a wall or draped sheet for a minimal look and using natural lighting. Or, go in your backyard and stand in front of a group of trees or flowers.

When you edit your photos, use a subtle filter for a more professional look.

Plan And Practice Your Senior Makeup

17 Best images about What to Wear for Senior Pics

Makeup is a part of your entire senior outfit look, so don’t leave it till the day of the senior photoshoot to decide how to wear your makeup. It is best if you plan and practice different makeup ideas for your senior photoshoot, days before your portrait session.

We know that not everyone wears makeup, and that is okay! If you would like to try DIY makeup for your senior pictures, we have some senior photoshoot makeup tips that will help you look your best in senior pictures. When to comes to makeup, remember, less is more, and your natural beauty is already there the makeup is just enhancing that.

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