Best Golf Club Sets For Seniors

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Picking The Right Senior Golf Clubs For You

Best senior golf swing for distance

Hopefully, you were able to pick out something from the list. If not:

We recommend the Wilson Golf Profile SGI set for an affordable, quality option with senior flex shafts.

The Cobra Airspeeds are the best golf clubs for seniors if you can afford to spend more and still use standard flex shafts.

For players looking for something that will be kind on the hands or simply help them with an arthritis diagnosis, a good option is the Majek Senior Hybrid set.

Nick Lomas is the founder of GolfSpan, an avid golfer, not quite a pro but has over 15-years of experience playing and coaching golfers from all over the world. His mission is to bring the golfing community a better experience then it comes to choosing the right golf gear, and finding the right set up for your game.

Best Golf Club Sets For Seniors

Seniors love playing golf, and the best golf club sets for seniors should include all of the necessary pieces to make their time on the course more enjoyable. Many seniors tend to become frustrated quickly when they realize that they do not have all of the necessary equipment to hit the ball better. One way to help avoid this frustration is to check out the different clubs, which will be available for seniors that can use at most locations. Finding the right set can take some time, but knowing what to look for in the best golf club sets for seniors ensures that you can find a great set that will get you going in no time. Look for certain features in the best golf club sets for seniors that you are interested in buying.

The first thing to consider when looking for a set is how easy it is to use. Seniors need clubs sets that have a larger ball launch distance than those used by younger golfers because senior golfers often need more distance to get the ball off the ground. The large ball launch distance clubs sets are a little harder to swing, but they are also usually made from a higher quality material that will hold up over time and that will resist wear and tear easily.

Q: What Is The Difference Between An Iron And A Wedge

A:Irons and wedges are classified based on their lofts. Irons are marked with numbers and wedges will be illustrated with letters or their lofts directly. Wedges also have specialized soles that give them more playability around the greens and out of bunkers. Irons are typically hit with square faces and require less versatility.

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Best Budget Complete Golf Set For Seniors: Top Flite Senior 2020 Xl 13

  • Costs $249.99 – $299.99 on average
  • Shaft options: Graphite

If you’re a beginner looking for a complete set of irons, the Top Flite Senior 2020 XL comes with 13 different pieces that can get you started right away. It’s incredibly well-priced for a golf set, which should help you get started with learning to improve your game. The cart bag holds a 460cc Ti Composite Driver, 3 Wood, and various hybrids for your long game.

Size-wise, it is ideal for male golfers and has everything you need to start getting into the game. The stainless steel irons have incredible forgiveness for beginners, which can help build your confidence as you learn the ropes. In addition, the graphite shafts on the fairway woods, irons, drivers, hybrids, and wedges are built for speed and give you the accuracy you need.

Finally, the 3 wood has a low center of gravity that keeps your shots going straight and the launch angle high. Many reviewers claim that the set is great for its price point, especially for seniors looking for a lightweight but sturdy set.

Do Golf Clubs Make A Difference For Beginners

5 Best Golf Club Sets for Senior Men

After 17 years of coaching golf, I can confirm having the right golf clubs really does make learning the game of golf easier. Better quality drivers hit the ball higher, straighter and further. Better quality irons offer more forgiveness when miss-hit and a better quality putter makes pace control easier.

Great golf clubs wont guarantee perfect golf shots, but they give you the best possible chance every time you make contact with the golf ball.

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Who Are They For

The Callaway Strata are the undisputed #1 P4P beginners clubs on the market right now, as they have been for many years. The price tag on the clubs at under $300 also makes them the best value beginners clubs on the market for beginners and if you take the time to read the reviews, you will see that you cant go too far wrong with this set. The Strata is for anyone, including seniors who want a high performing set, straight out of the bag with guaranteed quality from a leading brand.

Best For Those With A Putter Already: Adams Golf Blue Complete Set

If you have a trusty putter already, and are just looking to get new irons, hybrids, and woods, then Adams Blue Complete Golf Set is what you are looking for. Adams Blue has created some solid golf clubs in their Blue product line, and many seniors jumped on the opportunity to buy everything in one purchase when this set first came out. These clubs, unlike the others listed, actually made it on the famous Golf Digest Hotlist, so be assured that they are quality clubs.

One huge benefit of this set is that they are draw biased, meaning that the set encourages the club face to close at impact. This decreases the probability of slicing or pushing the ball to the right, a common problem for seniors. Similar to the Adams Speedline set, this set offers multiple woods and hybrids, which tend to be used often in senior golfers.

The features of the set include the following:

  • Velocity Slot Technology
  • A driver with a Low center of gravity for higher, longer drives
  • 3 and 5 Woods that are easy to hit from the tee and off the deck
  • 3 and 4 Hybrids that launch the ball high and soft

To be completely honest, I would only recommend this set if you are extremely tight on a budget and simply can not afford one of the other sets. As the cheapest of the 5 sets, this set is great for seniors


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Wilson Profile Sgi Complete Golf Set

Another superb golf set for seniors is the Wilson Profiles SGI Set. This golf clubs most prominent feature is the Super Game Improvement Technology , which is designed to specifically aid seniors with their swings.

With the above, all clubs are super lightweight and have oversized all-weather grips to maximize comfort during the swing. This is great because the more comfortable a swing is, the longer you can physically play as a senior, which is excellent news.

Wilson golf clubs are well-known to be beginner, intermediate, and experience friendly, depending on the model of clubs you opt-in for. Within its club set selection, youre able to get an array of different colors and sizes to ensure all golfers are covered depending on their requirements.

This set includes the following:

  • #5 Fairway wood
  • #6, #7, #8, #9 Irons
  • Cart bag, and head covers

Considering the price, you get a nice amount of different clubs and golfing accessories, which is the main reason why we put this set on the list. To better understand the pros and cons of this set, see below:

Our Top 3 Winners For The Best Golf Club Sets

â Best Intermediate Golf Clubs Sets 2022 Reviewed

Golf is often associated with sophistication, luxury, grace, and fun. Youth and seniors are equally fond of golf. It is the perfect combination of easy-going and challenging. You do not need massive physical strength, perfect athletic physique, or repetitive rehearsal to play golf. Yet, it is still challenging as it requires flexibility, synchronized body movement, precision, and vigilance. Well, thats where this best golf clubs for seniors review comes into play.

Qualities, which unfortunately decrease with age, leave senior people who are passionate about golf or want to start playing frustrated, disappointed, and confused. Each time they are on the field trying to score, their inadequate physique fails them. Adding prejudice to unfitness, golf turns into a dreadful experience rather than a fun one.

However, senior golfers do not have to always feel frustrated on the field. Choosing the right golf club can optimize elderly players experience making up of any physical unfitness. With social awareness and innovation, many golf equipment companies are becoming more and more inclusive, adjusting their golf club to be more senior friendly.

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Best Golf Clubs For Lower Handicap Seniors: Cobra Golf 2019 Mens Xl Speed

Set Includes: Driver, 3 Wood, 5 Wood, 4 Hybrid, 5 Hybrid, 6-9 Irons, PW, SW, Putter, Cart Bag

  • Priced a little higher than other choices
  • The stand bag is not an option

Many of the full set choices on the market are for the senior that needs lots of help in their golf game. This can leave the mid to lower handicap players with very limited choices.

Luckily Cobra has this covered. The Cobra Mens XL Speed Complete Golf Set is a great choice for the player who wants feel and performance but needs a senior shaft.

The Cobra XL Speed is truly a full set. It comes with a Driver, 3 wood, 5 wood, 4 hybrid, 5 hybrid, 6-9 irons, PW, SW, Putter, and a premium cart bag. Of course, the pricing on this is going to be a bit higher than other choices, but you will see there is also quite a bit of value.

We love that the Cobra Speed set includes two fairway woods and two hybrids. Seniors are going to need help to get the distance they used to, and the long fairway shots are going to be very important. The long game clubs that come with this set offer very high levels of performance.

The irons are a traditional cavity back construction, but they have a ton of feel and stability as well.

Another great feature is the high-end cart bag. Many of these senior sets come with a lightweight cart bag that does not hold much or hold up well over time.

If you plan on spending a lot of time on the course, you will love this golf set.

  • Does not include driver
  • Does not include a golf bag


Cleveland Golf 2018 Launcher Cbx Iron

Another top pick forthe best golf clubs for seniors is the Cleveland Golf Launcher CBX Iron. Itsmade through double laser milling with tour zip grooves. Aside from that, ithas a progressive V sole and a Miyazaki C Kua graphite shaft.

Moreover, this iron isavailable in regular, senior, and stiff flexes as well as left and right-handorientation. This increases ball speed upon launch since its also paired witha perimeter weighting. Such a part offers more power even for off-center hits.

This iron has alow-profile look, but with thicker toplines and longer shafts. Also, this hasan excellent wedge technology that offers better control for all lie angles.

What we love the mostabout this Cleveland Golf Iron is its classic cavity back. In addition, thisiron bears the Feel Balancing Technology that puts the center of gravity at thecenter of the clubface. With this, you will enjoy better impact sound and tightshot dispersion.

Thanks to its V-sole,the Cleveland Launcher Iron has better forgiveness and turf interaction. Youcan hit excellent distances off the tee with this club, plus youll enjoy itsspin control features.

Currently, this iron is available in 4 to PW sizes so you can choose the right loft for your game.


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Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Hb Iron Set

  • Set doesn’t include bag, driver, woods, or putter
  • They are on the pricey side
  • These are an older model

Innovative technology and a sleek look highlight the Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo HB Irons, which provides launch, forgiveness, and distance in an easy-to-hit set.

Lets take a look at some of Clevelands technology in the Launcer HB Irons:

Hollow Construction: The fully hollow construction allows the weight to be distributed low and deep, as well as to the perimeter, of the club head. That, combined with the internal stabilizing ribs, provides maximum forgiveness on miss-hit shots as well as superior feel and sound on contact.

HiBore Crown: The HiBore Crown creates a low, deep center of gravity which helps get a higher launch, while the steel face insert provides more flex in the club face for faster speeds.

Progessive Shaping: The progressive shaping helps with control on the short irons, while providing needed launch and distance on the longer irons.

You can get the clubs in right- or left-handed models, including combinations of 4 iron through Pitching Wedge, 5 through PW, and 4 through PW with a Dual Wedge. These clubs are on the expensive side so you might want to protect your investment with golf iron headcovers.

These are irons only, if you need more clubs, check out our choices for the best drivers for distance and accuracy.

Best Irons For Seniors 2022

Best Golf Clubs For Seniors 2022

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or an older guy looking to get into the game of golf, you want to make sure that you’re using the best irons for seniors. Why? Because these golf clubs are going to let you enjoy the game more and play it for longer.

I play with few guys who would class themselves as senior golfers and it’s clear to me that what they need from their equipment is increased ball speed and a high ball flight. These are both things that modern golf irons for seniors can provide.

Luckily, all major golf manufacturers make irons aimed at golfers who have seen a drop in swing speed, so let’s look at the best golf irons for seniors and see if any will fit your game.

Tl dr – The best irons for seniors on the market today are the Cleveland golf Launcher XL Halo.

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Lowest Price And Still Great Quality: Adams Idea Tech V3

Adams Golf is going to be very common in my Best on a Budget series. They make very high quality clubs for ridiculously low prices. If it werent for the Callaway X Hot clubs blowing me away with height, length, and forgiveness, this would be #1 on the list. Putting this combo set apart from any other, they are progressively sized, meaning the club heads get slightly bigger from Wedges to 4 Hybrid. This is great for seniors, as the change from irons to hybrids can often be difficult. These small changes between clubs make the switch from irons to hybrids very small. Also, there are some variations in the set that you can look out for if you would like .

The only downside of these clubs could be that some golfers dislike or maybe are not used to the black finish on the irons. Other than that, you can now go wrong with these clubs at the prices that they sell at. Combo sets in good condition sell for $200 and under pretty often. However, at that price I would urge you to buy some in like new condition for a little over $200 and get the most use out of them that you can.

TL/DR: Adams Idea Tech V3 Combo Set is perfect for seniors not wanting to spend much money on clubs. They are the lowest price of the 5 by a decent margin. I love their progressive design, which makes changes between clubs much less dramatic.

Precise M5 Mens Complete Golf Clubs Package Set

Now, if youre a beginner or intermediate senior player looking for a great value of money, then the Precise M5 Golf Set may be your answer. This golf set is astonishing, considering the price. With this set, youll get titanium clubs that are somewhat lightweight, durable, and balanced.

This set is ideal for an intermediate upgrade or complete beginner usage. Something we like about this is the offset design on the clubs. Having features like this on your clubs is specially designed to meet golfers with this level of experience. The off-set allows you to hit higher, harder and steadier.

Affordable for any new golfer, and the price doesnt reflect on the build quality. The primary target audience for these clubs is beginners.
The clubs and bag come with a modern and elegant look. With the set, youll only get one hybrid club.
Comes with a stand, clubs, and headcovers They only offer a tall size for right-hand golfers, so tall left-hand hitters should probably give this set a miss.

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Cleveland Golf Launcher Xl Halo

Best overall irons for seniors

Cleveland golf are consistently producing irons with a high level of forgiveness aimed at players with a lower ball speed. The Launcher XL Halo set goes beyond what you would expect from game improvement irons, this is basically like putting a full range of hybrid golf clubs into your bag.

At address these clubs have a noticeably bigger head, but the sizes are progressive, meaning that as you get into the short irons, the profile of the club head decreases. Designed to provide maximum Moment of Inertia and a low Center of Gravity, these clubs are stupidly easy to hit. Even the most average strike sees the golf ball get up into the air, and well struck shots have a piercing ball flight. The short irons produce plenty of spin, and I was able to get the ball to stop on the green with a half shot.

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