Best Desktop Computer For Seniors 2021

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The Case For Chrome Os

Best Laptop For Seniors in 2021 [Top 5 Picks For Any Budget]

Chromebooks come with ChromeOS and can be a brilliant choice. To begin with, the interface is rathersimplistic and as I had hinted earlier, they dont load useless programs likeWindows.

Most importantly, your folkswont have to contend with cumbersome updates or virus/malware.Neither will he/she have to worry about fragmented hard drives.

And yes, the browser isawesome as is the video player.

Again, the 100GB of freeonline storage on Google Drive is quite massive for a modest user.

I can go on and on


Chrome OS can be an excellent laptop to keep your aged buddy connected.

That being said, some will,of course, shun it .

Choosing An Operating System

While searching for the best computer for seniors, you will see Mac and Windows machines. Of course, each of these OS has its advantages and disadvantages. Windows-based PCs are more frequent therefore they are probably more familiar to seniors. This option is probably better in terms of price. less However, Mac devices are user-friendly, have components of better quality, and a clearer display.

Install The Software They’ll Need

Most people dont need a great variety of programs for everyday life. Reading an electronic book or emails, surfing the net, sharing photos with friends are the most popular tasks performed on a PC on the daily basis. The most important thing is to make things for seniors as simple as they can be.

First of all, the best computer for seniors should feature a convenient browser and this is not always the browser that is set by default. If a senior has a smartphone, you should install the browser that is also available on his/her mobile phone. In such a way, you will make sure that the browser will be familiar to a user, so the process of adoption will be fast. By doing so you will also sync bookmarks and website passwords and logins.

The second most important software that is necessary for seniors is a program for photo viewing. Choose the software that is simple to use, free, and features intuitive editing tools. Besides, the functionality of the program should allow senior users to send images to friends or upload them to social media networks.

Another important software is for sending emails. It should be the same that is installed on a tablet or smartphone. Apple Mail, Gmail, and Outlook are the most common tools for emailing. Choose the one that is already familiar to an elderly person.

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Best Home Computers 202: Find All The Best Desktop Pcs And Macs

Our pick of the best home computers from PC to Mac, across all budgets.

While the best laptops offer plenty of power but with added flexibility, the best home computer will always come out on top in terms of pure graphical grunt. Pair it with a great monitor, too, and youâll be surprised how much you can get done at your desk.

Still, thereâs a lot to consider, making it tricky to pick one. Are you a gamer or video editor? Then youâll want to move towards something like an Alienware option with a powerful GPU. More focused on day-to-day tasks like email or word processing? Maybe a more budget-conscious option is ideal for you.

Then thereâs the eternal debate between macOS and Windows, with Appleâs operating system often seen as being better for creative work, while Windows dominates for gaming and customization. For more on this topic, be sure to check out our guide pitting the two against each other.

Depending on the home computer you choose, you may also need to buy a monitor and speakers. Some, like the iMac, offer everything you need out of the box, with the computer built right into the screen. On the other hand, something like the Mac Mini will need a display to be able to work.

Whatever your budget or preference, hereâs our list of the best home computers for 2022.

Apple Imac Best Mac Computer For Seniors 2021

Alienware Aurora R12 (2021)

This is a very powerful and durable desktop PC with price tag of under $2000. However, it is worth every penny due to its durability and excellent specs! We recommend this computer for seniors who are well aware of Mac line of computers and who use computers as professionals. If you are not familiar with MAC operating system stay away!

This MAC PC comes with Intel i5 processor, 8GB RAM and 256GB hard drive which make it very powerful. It has 23.8 inch screen with excellent clarity. This Mac computer comes with 5K resolution on the screen making it very good for elderlies with low vision. This is also an all in one desktop. Setting up this desktop is easy and quick.

The monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse are included in the package.

Professional seniors who spend a lot of time in front of the computers can really take advantage of this best desktop for seniors!

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Pc Tower For Light Gaming And Creative Duties

Want to do some PC gaming, or do you spend time editing photos or video? You’ll want to level up the preceding configuration with more RAM and better graphics options. Expect price points to be between $800 and $1,200 — and even higher if you go for a more bleeding-edge video card.

  • Nvidia GTX/RTX or AMD Radeon RX graphics card
  • 16GB of RAM or more
  • 350-watt power supply

Looking for a gaming computer with more muscle? Check out our list of best gaming PCs.

HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop This HP rig boasts an 11th-generation and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 GPU and 16GB of RAM.

Basic Windows Pc Tower

The specs we’d suggest for a basic Windows 10 or Windows 11 machine:

  • Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5
  • Default integrated graphics
  • 512GB or larger NVMe SSD drive
  • 12GB of RAM or more
  • Four or more USB 3.1 or 3.2 ports with USB-C and USB-A formats
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless
  • At least one PCI-E expansion slot
  • A DVD or Blu-ray optical drive

With those specs in mind, you should be able to find a good PC tower from brands like Dell, Acer, Asus or HP for between $500 and $600. Here are some that fit the bill, offering a great bang for the buck if you don’t need a laptop:

Acer Aspire TC-895-UA92 Aside from a slightly older 10th-gen Intel Core i5 CPU, this configuration otherwise includes everything listed above, along with Wi-Fi 6 compatibility and a keyboard and mouse, too.

HP Pavilion Desktop TP01-2040 This system offers a capable AMD Ryzen 5 CPU, and HP throws in a mouse and keyboard.

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Top 7 Best Computers For Seniors

  • Acer Aspire -Cheap
  • If one of your parents still uses an old PC that freezes for ten minutes at start up, has a virus, fails to be connected to a printer, it is high time to get the best computer for seniors. Probably older people dont pay attention to such inconveniences. But actually, seniors need computers for looking at grandkid photos, communicating with them via Skype or Zoom, etc.

    What About Intel Nucs

    Top 5 – Best Desktop Computers (2022)

    For as long as weve published this guide, weve recommended some iteration of Intels NUC mini PC . These systems, which come both as preconfigured PCs and as build-your-own bare-bones models, have louder-than-normal fans but offer good performance and all the ports and expandability that most people need.

    We expect to recommend NUCs in the future, but this is a bad time to buy one. Older NUCs with 10th-generation Intel processors are available, but newer, 11th-generation NUCs with much-improved integrated GPUs still arent available from most retailers. We think those newer models will be worth buying when you can get them, but one of our other picks will serve your needs better in the short term.

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    Newest Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop


    At the top of my list of the best laptops for seniors is the 2022 Newest Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop. It is a high-performing laptop with high processing speed for the best user experience for seniors. What I liked most about this 15.6-inch laptop was its ease of use. Integrating Amazon Alexa ensures seniors effortlessly navigate their laptops using voice commands. It has lots of other high-end specs, as I’ve shown below.

    Who This Is For

    Mini PCs cram the power of a Windows ultrabook into a computer the size of a paperback beach read, which means theyre more than powerful enough for browsing the web, handling basic photo and video editing, and working in documents or large spreadsheets. But unlike ultrabooks or most all-in-ones, mini PCs are easy to upgrade if you want to add more memory or storage, and they have all the ports you need to connect two or three monitors and your favorite keyboard, mouse, and webcam.

    Aside from the Mac mini, any of our picks allow you to upgrade the RAM if you decide you need more.

    The size of a mini PC prevents much expansion, but you can upgrade the storage and the memory on most models, and sometimes the CPU. Instead of a dedicated graphics card, youre usually stuck with integrated graphics, so dont expect a mini PC to have enough power to play many modern games. The mini PCs we recommend in this guide cant handle gaming beyond simple titles such as Minecraft or Hearthstone. You can add an external graphics dock if a mini PC supports Thunderbolt 3, but such docks tend to be large and expensive.

    The mini PCs we recommend in this guide cant handle gaming beyond simple titles such as Minecraft or Hearthstone.

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    Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For Computers For Seniors

    Computer use is growing among older adults, they should start slow, with a simple computer that’s easy to understand, easy to use and won’t confuse them. Browse the top-ranked list of computers for seniors below along with associated reviews and opinions.

  • See all customer reviews

    Product Description

    Great things do come in the smallest packages. Housed in a sleek and compact frame, Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 3i delivers peak performance with 11th generation Intel Core processing, while holding plenty of storage with a 256GB SSD. Three-sided narrow bezels on the FHD display and Harman-certified stereo speakers make this the consummate family PC.See all customer reviews

    Product Description

    Great things do come in the smallest packages. Housed in a sleek and compact frame, Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 3i delivers peak performance with 11th generation Intel Core processing, while holding plenty of storage with a 256GB SSD. Three-sided narrow bezels on the FHD display and Harman-certified stereo speakers make this the consummate family PC.$629.99Your price for this item is $629.99Save $70

  • The Best Computers In 2022

    The 10 Best Laptops for Architecture 2022 (Latest Models) + Ultimate ...

    The Apple iMac 2021 is a breath of fresh air for the aging iMac line, arriving with a beautiful display, an excellent webcam and an array of bright new color schemes. This is also the first iMac to incorporate Appleâs M1 chip, a custom bit of silicon thatâs already proven itself to be powerful and efficient in the M1 MacBook Air, the M1 MacBook Pro, and the Mac mini with M1.

    Here it gives this 24-inch all-in-one enough power to handily run all your favorite apps with power to spare, though if you want to play the latest games you’re probably better off with the 27-inch iMac and its discrete Radeon graphics card. But if you just want a powerful, beautiful machine for getting things done, this M1-powered iMac is more than capable of handling whatever tasks a family, student, or working stiff might throw at it.

    A judgment of the Aurora R13 is in large part a judgment of the new Legend 2.0 chassis, since so much of Alienware’s business is based on building you a PC with the specific components you want. And after spending a couple of weeks working, playing and mucking around with our review unit, we can tell you that the Aurora R13’s new look is a winner.

    Make sure you check our Dell coupons page to find the latest discounts.

    The Acer Predator Orion 3000 is a mid-sized gaming PC that’s attractive, affordable, and great for playing games at 1080p to 1440p.

    Read our full Azulle Access3 review.

    Read our full Raspberry Pi 4 Model B review.

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    What Extras Do You Need To Buy

    If you get an All-in-One computer, like an iMac, you don’t need any extras to get started. However, if you’re buying a desktop tower – like most of the PCs on our list – then you’ll need extra equipment.

    Monitor – Unless you plug your PC into the TV, which we don’t recommend as a full time solution for anything other than it being a media center, you’ll need a monitor. Most PC monitors start around 24-inches, and can go well past 32-inches. We think the sweet spot is a 27-inch monitor, for most home offices. Almost all monitors are Full HD ready now, so will display up to 1080p, which is fine for anything except higher demand tasks like video and photo editing, and high-end gaming. For these you may need either a higher-refresh monitor, or a 4K screen. Monitors start at just over $100 , and run to… well, over $2000 for the mega gaming screens.

    Keyboard – Yeah, you’ll need a keyboard for your desktop too. Happily, you can get a wired keyboard and mouse combo for around $25 , which is only a little extra on top of your PC purchase. Most manufacturers offer the chance to bundle a keyboard and mouse when you buy a desktop, so we suggest you just do that.

    Mouse – As mentioned above, you’ll also need a mouse, but they can be easily bundled with a keyboard at little extra expense when you buy. While you’ll probably be fine with a wired keyboard, we do think it’s worth paying a little extra for a wireless mouse, to eliminate the tangle of wires.

    Asus Zenbook Flip S 13 Ultra


    If you ever think of buying a premium laptop for a senior, consider no other than ASUS ZenBook Flip S 13 Ultra-Slim Laptop. I loved this laptop’s thin design, that looks both attractive and portable simultaneously. I was also impressed by its supportive number pad, ensuring a seamless and accurate typing experience on a backlit keyboard.

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    Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R10 Gaming Pc


    Whos It For: Hardcore gamers who need ultra-fast responses while in the middle of the action. Anyone tired of laggy gameplay.

    Why We Chose It: Designed with gamers in mind, this desktop computer is paired with an NDVIA graphics processing unit to ensure games run smoothly and without incident.

    Pre-built gaming PCs tend to get a bad rap, but theyre great for anyone who doesnt have the time to build their own rig or is just starting and is nervous about producing their own. And for gamers, Alienware makes the best desktop PCs for gaming, hands down.

    The Alienware Aurora R12 is a pretty pricey rig at just under $4,400, but youll get more than enough bang for your buck with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 GPU, 11th generation Intel i5 CPU, 2TB SSD, 2TB HDD, 128GB RAM, and Windows 11. If youve got cash to burn, you can upgrade to an i7 or i9 processor and even choose liquid cooling options to keep your fancy components running at optimal temperatures. The rounded chassis comes in either black or light grey with blue LED accents for a futuristic look.

    Simple Laptops For Seniors Citizens

    Watch this BEFORE You Buy a Laptop! (Late 2021)

    Perhaps the best time totravel and see the best that the World has to offer is after retiring.

    You want to spend time visitingthe remotest parts of Earth and far-flung beaches.

    While there, its naturalthat you take scenic photos as you bask with your partner. Of course, youcannot wait to upload these photos and tag your grandchildren on Facebook andInstagram.

    If thats you, then a laptopcustomized for seniors would be a godsend.

    Laptopsfor senior citizens have a phenomenalbattery life, are super lightweight, and come packed with software that makesusing it a breeze to use.

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    Desktop Computers Vs Laptops Vs Tablets

    Among seniors, traditional computers such as desktops and laptops are more widely used than tablets, but tablets have become increasingly popular in recent years. In the 2016 Pew Research Center survey, 32 percent of Americans over age 65 said they owned tablets, up from 18 percent in a 2013 survey. In order to select the most appropriate device, it’s important to understand how they compare. Here’s a breakdown of the differences:

    Power Through The Workday With These Picks

    We independently research, test, review, and recommend the bestproductslearn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

    The best desktop computers give you plenty of processing power and memory storage. Many models let you add more RAM for faster and reliable access to your files, while others have extra drive bays to add traditional hard disk drives or solid-state drives.

    There are also pre-built desktops retailing under $500 that still deliver great power and storage space, as well as high-end desktops that will future-proof your office from needing to swap out individual components. From options for creative professionals to compact models, here are the best desktop computers for every need.

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    Chromebox Mini Pcs And Other Niche Options

    When it comes to desktop PCs, towers and all-in-ones represent the vast majority of the market. There are alternatives, but in the 2020s, they generally represent increasingly narrow slices of that market.

    Left to right: The HP Mini, Acer Revo, Intel Compute Stick and Apple Mac Mini. The Mac is the only one that’s been recently updated.

    Mini PCs: Following the debut of the Mac Mini in 2005, Windows PC makers experimented with similarly tiny designs. In the wake of likable small models like the Acer Revo One and HP Pavilion Mini, we even saw “PC on a stick” offerings starting in 2015, but interest seems to have ebbed since then. Outside of specialty vendors like Beelink, the best choices in this mini PC size are probably the Intel NUC , most of which are sold as hobbyist options, requiring some BYO additions like user-supplied storage, RAM and other components — including the operating system. See more bare-bones Mini PCs at Newegg.

    Linux PCs: No, Windows, Mac and ChromeOS are not your only operating system options. There’s a wide world of Linux operating systems out there, many of which are effectively free. You can get PCs with Linux preinstalled, but the better, more affordable option is probably installing it on a used Windows PC. See Linux PC options at Newegg.

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