Best Dental And Vision Insurance For Seniors

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Carrington 500 + Aetna Dental Access Preferred Plan

Best Dental Vision Hearing Plan to use with Medicare

Carrington 500 + Aetna Dental Access combined dental plan is perfect for seniors who dont have dental insurance or dont like the coverage their dental insurance plan offers. 1Dental combined the two most popular dental discount plans to get maximum savings for both general and specialist dental services. You can get two dental plans for the price of one

Plan Highlights

  • Highest savings at general dentists
  • Highest savings at specialists
  • Anyone can join, no exclusions
  • No annual limits on use
  • No waiting periods
  • Vision included at no extra cost


  • Family plans cost more than individual dental plans


  • Individual Plan – $99/year
  • Family Plan – $179/year

We worked hard to get your preferred rates for the combined dental plans. 1Dental is offering the preferred plan for a cost of $99/year for 1 member! That’s 58% off! Get the preferred plan here and save today!


Using a combined dental plan can save you thousands on both basic services and major services. You also don’t have any waiting periods or coverage limits like typical dental insurance for seniors. Save big on dental procedures like root canals, crowns, or dentures.

The Best Dental Insurance For Seniors On Medicare In 2022

Humana boasts very low premiums. Most of its Medicare Advantage plans do cover dental insurance and give multiple benefits, which are broken down very clearly.

  • Easily understandable plan breakdown with plenty of information available

  • Different plans have different maximum benefit coverage amounts, which can be low

  • Some plans have limits on how many times a year you can receive certain care

  • Some plans have higher monthly premiums, which can add up

Humana has several options where premiums are $0one that includes dental. The Preventive Value PPO is a low cost dental plan and has no waiting period. It does fully cover cleanings and exams and offers a 50% discount on fillings and simple extractions . The Bright Plus PPO plan has a three-month waiting period. It fully covers exams and X-rays and offers a 40% discount on fillings and simple extractions. Procedures that are not covered by either plan include oral surgery, root canals, dentures, and orthodontics. Be sure to check the Plan Details closely, because even if dental coverage is listed on the comparison page, not all dental coverage is created equal.

Humana has more detailed coverage without being overpriced.

Do You Need Dental Insurance As A Senior

Dental disease doesnt only affect your teeth. Tooth loss and dentures can affect your nutrition intake, limiting the types of foods youre comfortable eating. Gum disease can also increase your risk of stroke, heart attack and diabetes, and it is also linked with dementia. Plus, dentists play an important role in the early detection of oral cancer. Proper dental care plays a huge role in your overall health, and your dental needs will only increase with age.

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How Could Medicare Dental Coverage Change In 2022

In 2021, a bill was introduced in the House to add dental coverage to Medicare Part B.

Known as the Medicare Dental, Vision, and Hearing Benefit Act, the idea has support from the White House as part of President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda. Specifically, the fiscal year 2022 budget proposal for the U.S. government indicates the intent for “improving access to dental, hearing, and vision coverage in Medicare.”

This is not the first time it has been proposed to offer dental coverage to Medicare beneficiaries, and it’s an important health care issue. About 47% of those on Medicare don’t have dental coverage.

The legislative process will determine if Medicare benefits are expanded in 2022 to include dental. However, there is political incentive because adding dental, vision and hearing is cheaper than other proposed Medicare extensions, such as adding nursing home coverage.

Additional Financial Assistance Resources For Dental Insurance

Best Dental And Vision Insurance For Seniors

In addition to the above resources for dental coverage and discounts, there are other paths to assistance for those who cant afford dental care.

As mentioned earlier in this article, most dental insurance companies offer a non-insurance discount plan. Typically priced at $70 $150 per year, these plans offer access to a network of dentists without dealing with waiting periods. Discounts tend to range from 5% 60% off the retail price of a dental procedure.

Another option for covering dental costs is to search for pro bono work. These are situations where a dentist may provide low-cost or free dental services, commonly as a way to give back to the community. Dental schools will occasionally offer this type of work as a way for a student dentist to learn alongside an experienced dentist.

Below are a few more resources that can assist low-income seniors with their dental needs:


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Dental Vision And Hearing Insurance For Seniors With Medicare

Home / FAQs / Medicare Coverage / Dental, Vision, and Hearing Insurance for Seniors with Medicare

Oral and optical health are of paramount importance for seniors on Medicare. Proper care is vital to see the world around us and to enjoy our favorite guilty pleasure snacks.

Find Medicare Plans in 3 Easy Steps

We can help find the right Medicare plans for you today

Dental and vision insurance for seniors on Medicare can help ensure you spend retirement doing the things you love most, rather than worrying about how to cover expensive dental and vision procedures.

Keeping your teeth and eyes healthy as you age can help prevent many serious health risks. Did you know that you can prevent over a dozen health risks by visiting the dentist just once a year?

Below, we help you understand dental and vision insurance for seniors, including enrollment and how coverage can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle through retirement.

What Is The Best Dental And Vision Insurance For Seniors

The best dental and vision plans for seniors vary per policyholder. Everyone has different health needs and budgets, so it is not uncommon to choose a different policy than your neighbor or even your spouse.

Many insurance companies offer dental and vision plans. However, some of the best include Cigna, Aetna, and National General.

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Vision Mission Core Values

Dearest Home Senior Cares Mission Statement:

We are the chosen provider of choice for quality home care services. Our primary mission is to deliver affordable, exceptional, non-medical care services to our seniors in the comfort of their dearest home for a longer period of time.

Dearest Home Senior Cares Vision Statement:

Our vision is to be the worlds leader in building the largest and most trusted home care company. We strive to provide affordable, quality care in an environment where all our seniors can live their life to the fullness. Our dedicated employees go above their regular duties to make personal connections with seniors that make a great deal of difference in their health, well-being, and quality of life.Errol Morgan

Dearest Home Senior Cares Core Values:

At Dearest Home, we are committed to these nine core values that does not only define who we are, but also serves as guideline to help us become the home company we would like to be. We seek to touch lives of others every day following these core values.

Additional Costs To Consider

Dental Plans For Seniors | Medicare Dental Plans

Policyholders pay monthly premiums for their coverage, but thats not the only expense to keep in mind. Deductibles, copayment, coinsurance and annual maximum limits also affect the total cost of dental care.


A deductible is the amount you pay before your insurance coverage kicks in. Most dental insurance companies set annual deductible rates at $50 per person and $150 per family. Other providers charge a one-time deductible, but plans with this type of deductible tend to have higher premium rates and a higher deductible


Coinsurance refers to the portion of dental care a policyholder must pay out-of-pocket after they meet the deductible and the insurance coverage kicks in.

Imagine you need a root canal that costs $300 and your dental insurance covers 80% of the procedure but charges a $50 annual deductible. If you already met this deductible on a previous visit, the coinsurance for the root canal would be $60 . However, if you havent yet met the $50 deductible, the procedure would set you back $100.


A copay is a fixed fee that policyholders pay each time they seek specific services or products like prescriptions and office visits . Copay rates should be listed on your insurance card or policy document.

Annual maximum limits

Once you exceed the benefit maximum, all other dental expenses payments come out of your pocket. For family plans, the annual maximum limit applies to each individual separately.

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Is Hmo Or Ppo Better For Dental Care

Whether a dental HMO or dental PPO is best depends on whether you want to get out-of-network care. A dental PPO might be better if you want the flexibility of getting care outside of the policys provider network. But a dental HMO would likely be a better option if you plan on staying within a plans network and want cheaper premiums.

Best Dental Insurance For Seniors

Theres nothing wrong with buying into senior dental insurance plans. Especially if you want to have the same benefits or plan youve always had and the monthly premiums arent a concern. But just remember that basic and major services arent covered at 100% and you’ll have to deal with waiting periods. After your waiting period to get the procedure is over, youll still have to pay deductibles, your portion of the procedure, and the total allowance will still run out at $1,000-$1,500, depending on your plan.

If you plan on getting a new pair of dentures every five years, or just checkups and cleanings, the better option might be to have a dental savings plan instead. Some dental insurance companies have waiting periods that can last upwards of 12 months for major services.

You also run the risk of your dentist not accepting your dental insurance plan or changing networks, which can leave you searching for a new provider. Since discount plans tend to be more attractive to patients and dentists alike, that typically isnt as big of a risk.

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Why Are Medicare And Medicaid Not Great For Dental Care

When you shift from traditional dental insurance to Medicare and Medicaid, the dental benefits youre used to drop off tremendously. Some elective add-on Medicare and Medicaid plans include limited dental coverage, but not usually as much as your previous insurance plan. If you were frustrated with your dental insurance plan before, youll be really perturbed at the limited dental coverage under Medicare and Medicaid. Plus, theres the fact that very few dentists accept Medicare Advantage Plans or Medicaid coverage, so it makes it that much harder to find a provider in your area.

As a retiree, its better to get dental discount plans for seniors because you have more provider options and the benefits apply to every dental service. Not just dentures.

The Right Dental Plan For Seniorsits Your Choice

Western Marketing

As weve discussed, youll want to take several factors into consideration as youre searching for the best dental plan to meet your needs. From choosing a dentist to considering waiting periods or specific plan benefits, youll want to be sure to compare several plan options to find the best fit.

At EasyDentalQuotes, we offer a variety of plans for seniors with top carriers such as Delta Dental, Renaissance Dental, Nationwide Insurance and others to help give you options to meet any members need.

So as you enjoy the golden season of life during retirement, having the best coverage for your health and dental care needs can be an important influence on your daily life. Hopefully with the right guidance and a little effort, youll find the best fit for you that will leave you smiling.

Find Senior dental plans in your area

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How Dental Insurance For Seniors Works

Dental and vision insurance for seniors are both important areas to focus on. They typically work a little differently than other insurance types. Regular eye and oral exams can detect early signs of more serious conditions.

Most seniors automatically qualify for a Medicare policy. However, not all Medigap and Medicare policies cover dental treatments and procedures. Having some type of supplemental dental insurance for seniors on Medicare could be a smart move.

There are many different dental insurance plans available for seniors, with covered procedures ranging from cleaning and x-rays to dentures and implants. Some procedures may have no waiting period, while others can have a short wait ranging from 3 to 12 months. The best dental insurance plan for seniors will depend on which specific procedures you need.

Other Dental Insurance Plans We Considered

The following companies didnt meet the requirements for any of our Best for categories, including providers with higher premium rates and dental insurance marketplaces. However, many offer comprehensive dental care and are still worthy of consideration.


MetLifes five dental insurance options include affordable HMO policies with fixed copayment fees and PPO policies for members who want in-network and out-of-network coverage.

The most comprehensive policy available is PPO High, which has a yearly payout limit of $2,000. The plan covers 100% of preventive care, 80% of basic procedures and 50% of major work. The premium plan starts at $44.90.

  • $20 enrollment fee

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Dental And Vision For Medicare Recipients

Original Medicare doesnt cover routine dental or eye care. This means that without additional coverage, youll be expected to pay full cost for most oral and visual needs, including prescription eyewear.

The good news is there are a few situations where Medicare A or B will help you out with dental or vision needs. Medicare usually covers emergency dental procedures that require a hospital stay or complex surgeries that require dental exams. Additionally, if youre eligible for both Medicaid and Medicare, some dental costs, including dentures, are also typically covered. Medicare Part B will also cover an annual exam for eye diseases, such as macular degeneration or glaucoma.

Does Medigap Or Medicare Advantage Cover Dental Vision And Hearing Benefits

Dental Plans for Seniors: Medicare Advantage & MORE!

Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans are available through private insurance companies. However, the capabilities of each type of plan are not the same.

Medicare Advantage plans can create their own benefits and set maximum out-of-pocket limits. Also known as Medicare Part C, Medicare Advantage plans often provide additional benefits, including dental, vision, and hearing coverage.

On the other hand, companies offering Medigap plans do not have the freedom to customize benefits. Because Medicare standardizes Medicare Supplement plans to provide the same benefits across all carriers, these plans allow for lower overall costs than Medicare Advantage plans.

If you enroll in a Medigap plan, you must sign up for a stand-alone dental and vision insurance plan to receive such coverage.

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Best Dental Insurance For Seniors On Medicare On The Marketplace

Having reliable dental insurance when youre a senior can help ensure youll be able to afford trips to the dentist for everything from cleanings and gum treatments to dentures and fillings. But if youre on Medicare, you might be left with a high bill.Medicare Part A and Part B might help cover the cost of certain types of dental care, such as a procedure associated with the treatment for a serious medical condition. When it comes to routine care to keep your teeth and gums strong, unless you have Medicare Part C that includes dental coverage, youll need to pay for everything out of pocket. And seniors on a fixed income will likely find that hard to do.Not satisfied with whats offered by Medicare Advantage? You have another option: go directly to an insurance provider to purchase a stand-alone plan. To help you get started, weve compiled some information on the best dental insurance for seniors on Medicare.OverviewThe best dental Insurance for seniors on Medicare: 6 carriers to consider Argus DentalDoes Medicare Have a Dental Plan for Seniors?Shop for Dental Insurance on the Direct Benefits Marketplace

Best For Annual Maximums: Renaissance Dental


With a high annual maximum of $3,000, Renaissance Dental is a good choice for seniors who have a major dental expense coming up.

  • Plans with no waiting period

  • Participating dentists submit the claim for you

  • Loyalty program with increasing annual maximums

  • Possibility to bundle dental with vision care

  • Cleanings covered up to twice a year on some plans

  • Annual maximum of $3,000 is only available in the Max Plus Plan

  • Can be expensive depending on the state

  • No orthodontics for seniors

Renaissance was founded in 1957 and covers over 13 million people for dental, vision, life, and disability insurance. They have an AM Best Financial Strength Rating of A+ .

Premiums for Renaissance plans can vary a lot. You can see your price on their website.

Renaissance has no waiting periods on cleanings on any plan. Nor is there a waiting period for fillings or crowns on the MAX Choice Plan and MAX Choice Plus.Annual maximums range from $1,000 on their very basic plans up to $3,000 on the top tier plan. There is a $50 deductible for individual plans and a $150 deductible for family plans.

Some of Renaissances basic plans exclude major work like root canals or crowns. However, if you remain insured with them, they reward loyalty with a coverage increase on major work each year, providing up to 50% coverage for major work starting at year two.

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