Best Cell Phone Plans For Senior

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At& t’s Alternative Unlimited Plan

Best Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

AT& T | Value Plus Plan | $50/month | Best AT& T plan for seniors outside of Florida If you live outside of Florida, you’ve still got options for a low-cost unlimited data plan from AT& T. The carrier’s Value Plus Plan costs just $50 a month, but offers unlimited data on top of unlimited talk and text. The catch is that AT& T only offers this option with one line of data couples are out of luck. There are some other restrictions as well namely no hotspot data but you do get 5G coverage with this plan.Pros: Unlimited data for just $50 No residency requirementCons: Limited to just one line Limited perks

Switch To A Cheap Senior Phone Plan

It’s never been easier to switch. Let’s break it down.

  • Customize your plan. Whether you’re looking for a truly unlimited plan, or in the market for something more basic, choose a plan to suit your cell phone needs.
  • Prepare to make the switch. Make sure your old bills are paid up and your phone is unlocked. If you’re getting a new device, transferring data from one to another is simple. Even if you’re going from an iPhone to Android, and vice versa.
  • Set up your new plan. Keep your current carrier account open until your number has ported over. Once you’re sure your new plan is up and running, cancel your old account. If you’ve got a new device with your Tello plan, it should be ready to use when it arrives. If you’re bringing your own phone then you’ll need to follow the instructions with the new SIM card kit that Tello will send to you in the post.
  • Bring your own phone

    You need simplicity in your life. The great thing about MVNOs is that switching carriers is easy.

    You need an unlocked phone . Once you’ve checked with your new provider about phone compatibility the rest is a breeze.

    Most low-cost carriers simply provide you with a prepaid SIM card. You pop it into your mobile phone and follow the provider’s instructions. Just make sure you don’t cancel your current phone plan until you’ve ported your phone number over to the new carrier.

    Best Senior Services: Livey

    If you arenât interested in all the frills of traditional cell phone plans but want a plan catered specifically to the needs of seniors, then Live!y may be the best option for you.

    Live!y offers a smartphone and flip phone option, with plans modified to the specific device. The Value Talk & Text plan starts at $14.99 per month and provides 300 minutes plus $.10 per text message. The Unlimited Talk & Text plan offers unlimited minutes and texts. Smartphone users may also choose an additional data plan, ranging from $2.49 to $30 per month.

    The Live!y Mobile Plus is a bonus device available for purchase that comes with safety services. These services include an Urgent Response button, connecting mobile users with an Urgent Response Agent to get them the 24/7 help they need in emergencies. The Urgent Care option on this device enables Live!y users to get urgent care assistance with medical questions and prescriptions anytime from board-certified doctors and nurses. Live!y Link is an app that updates friends and family on your location and safety, keeping you independent.

    The Live!y Mobile Plus has plans tailored to the services customers are looking for. The Basic Package includes just the Urgent Response option for $19.99 per month, the Preferred Package includes Urgent Response and Urgent Care for $24.99 per month, and the Ultimate Package contains Urgent Response, Urgent Care, Live!y Link, and Fall Detection for $34.99 per month.

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    Find The Best Plan For You

    In order to find the very best phone plan for you and your family pay attention to your usage patterns and make a list of the features that are important to you . Then sign up for a provider that best fits your needs. If youre really confident in your choice you can likely lock in discounts by signing up for long-term contracts.

    At& t Senior Cell Phone Plans

    Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors 2020

    AARP members who are AT& T Wireless customers can save up to 10% on their talk and data plan monthly charges, as well as save 15% on eligible phone accessories. AARP members get:

    • 10% off voice and data plan monthly charges.
    • Up to $45 waived for activation or upgrade fees.
    • Up to 15% off eligible phone accessories.

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    Availing Of Senior Phone Plan Discounts

    Cell phone plans for seniors are already discounted on their own. But did you know that you can get further discounts on availing of senior phone plans? You can further lower the price of your desired plans given certain conditions.

    Here are some of the conditions that can help you get discounts on your plan:

    Talk And Text Phone Plans For Seniors

    Talk and text phone plans are for people who use their phones only for talking and texting. Theyre good for seniors who dont have smartphones or dont use their phones to download apps, watch videos or browse the internet. Many cell phone service providers offer customizable or unlimited talk and text plans. They are often less expensive than those that include data

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    Phone Plans For Seniors

    Many phone service carriers market certain plans specifically toward seniors. Generally, these are cheap plans with limited data. Carriers such as Consumer Cellular also pride themselves on excellent customer service, especially for seniors. Other carriers, like Lively, focus on senior-specific services such as easy-to-use phones that can come with health and safety features. These two companies, in particular, stand out for their low prices, high reviews and senior services.

    Shop Now!

    Consumer Cellular provides a variety of customizable phone plans that range from phone calls only to unlimited data. The most affordable plan that includes unlimited talk, text and 1GB of data is available for $20 per month per line plus taxes and fees. However, you can now get 5GB of high-speed data per month for $25. Previously, this plan only offered 3GB of high-speed data, which makes this plan a great deal. Consumer Cellular also offers a 5% discount for AARP members.

    Consumer Cellular also runs on two reliable networks: AT& T and T-Mobile. If you do switch to Consumer Cellular, you may be able to bring your own phone, either an Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or any Android phone, to save even more. You can check your phones eligibility online. You can also check out additional plans and information on Consumer Cellulars website.

    How To Find The Best Senior Cell Phone Plan For You

    Affordable Phone Plans for Seniors | Tello Mobile

    As you consider the best plans, ask yourself:

    • Do you enjoy chatting on the phone for hours or prefer brief check-ins with your family and friends?
    • Do you like to travel or do you have family living abroad?
    • Do you have a smartphone and like to watch videos or play games?
    • Do you video chat frequently with your family?
    • How important is cost?

    Based on your answers, you can narrow down the type of cell phone plan that will best match whats important to you. For example, if you have a smartphone and you video chat often with your family and play games on your mobile device, an unlimited data plan would likely be a good match.

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    The Best Cell Phone Plans For Seniors Canada

    An ideal mobile plan is only part of the solution for Seniors and in many cases, it depends upon the other half the ideal phone for a Senior. As with plans, it helps to identify your particular needs before deciding on which device to buy whether you are a Senior or are shopping for a Senior. Here is a quick overview of the best cell phone plans for seniors Canada has to offer.

    Prepaid Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

    A prepaid cell phone plan allows you to pay upfront for what you need each month, usually at an affordable price. These plans are ideal if you want to cut down on cost without sacrificing quality and coverageas well as reduce the risk of having any surprises on a bill at the end of the month. The numerous prepaid plan options on the market range from basic talk and text options to unlimited prepaid data plans.

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    Our Top Picks: Cell Phones For Seniors Reviews

    According to a recent study, only 42% of consumers in the U.S. over 65 years of age own a smartphone. This number drops to 17% when only those over 80 years of age are considered. These numbers raise an interesting question: why are older consumers so reluctant to buy smartphones?

    To answer this question, we reached out to dozens of anonymous consumers, being either a senior citizen or someone who purchased a cell phone for an elderly relative, for their experience and input. When asked what their major concerns were when using a cell phone, 76% of our respondents stated: not understanding how to use it.

    Cell phones for seniors are available in different styles: flip phones, smartphones, bar phones, and tablet-phones. The selection for cell phones for seniors is just as varied as regular phones when it comes to features and styles and we looked at all of them for you to determine which are the best in the industry.

    Considerations For Cell Phone Plans


    First, figure out the priorities for your cell phone plan. Youll want to think ahead about whether you want:

    • Talk, text and/or mobile internet
    • Contract or pay-as-you-go
    • Flexibility in changing plans
    • Senior discounts

    Before you shop for cell phone plans, decide what is make-or-break for your communication needs. Seniors may have a specific idea of what they want for example unlimited talking minutes. Check in with your loved one to make sure you find the right plan.

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    Best Cell Phone Plan Options For Seniors

    As most cell usage is unlimited, seniors should focus on the data usage when comparing phone plans . Keep in mind that wearable devices, such as an Apple Watch, use data so that must be taken into account when thinking about where data usage fits into the plan you choose.

    Budget is also a key factor when seniors look at the amount of data their cell phone plan provides. As a rule of thumb, you shouldnt spend more than $25 a month per line if you’re a light user. Note that some senior phone plans will include 24/7 emergency response.

    How Do Cell Phone Plans Work

    A cell phone plan is a paid agreement with a cell phone carrier. It allows your cellphone to use the carriers network to make and receive calls, send text messages and use the internet through mobile data. Cell phone plans typically come in three different formats: pay-as-you-go plans, prepaid plans and a postpaid plan.

    • A pay-as-you-go plan allows you to purchase a bundle of minutes or unlimited phone usage for a given day. The bundle will be used up according to a predetermined rate by your carrier that charges you a fixed amount for calls, texts, and internet access or for the entire days usage. This rate is typically higher than prepaid and postpaid plans.
    • A prepaid plan sees customers pay for their plan upfront every month upfront at a fixed rate with the possibility of cancelling at any time. This rate typically encompasses phone calls, texts and internet data. Charges will be incurred when phone usage exceeds the amount paid for on the plan.
    • A month-to-month, or postpaid plan, sees customers enter into a contract typically over the course of 12-24 months where they pay each month for a set amount of minutes and/ or data. If this amount is exceeded, cell phone services will continue but customers are liable to be charged for their extra usage. Postpaid plans are the most common and often entitle customers to cellphone upgrades pending on their type of contract.

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    Who Has The Best Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

    The best cell phone plans for seniors are offered by Lively, the only cellular company in the United States that includes medical alert system capabilities with its cell phone service. Lively uses the Verizon network, providing some of the best cellular coverage in the country and offers seniors a Value Talk & Text plan for $14.99 a month. All Lively plans include options to add one of several Health & Safety Packages, including the Lively Link app. The app makes it easy for caregivers to check in with seniors and provides a way for them to contact doctors and nurses 24/7 in case of an emergency.

    Consumer Cellular, our second pick, may not offer medical alert services but provides senior-friendly phones and flexible cellular plans. Seniors take advantage of AT& Ts country-wide coverage and can switch their plan each month, depending on their usage, without costs or overage fees.

    Choosing The Best Cell Phone Plan For Seniors

    This is the best cell phone plan for senior citizens

    Because there are so many options, both features and pricing are important to consider when it comes to senior cell phone plans. While there are several plans marketed toward seniors, a senior plan or discount doesnt necessarily make it the best choice.

    A few of my top picks for senior phone plans do include senior plans and discounts, but these arent the only options available to seniors. Providers including Tello and Boost also offer great phone plans at some of the cheapest rates available without any discount. Youll see these below under Other Plans To Consider.

    For this reason, its important to shop not only for senior plans but also to consider the price, features, customer service, reviews and coverage of all available phone plans. Those are the main factors I compared when researching for this article. Here are my top picks:

  • Tello Economy: Cheapest Cell Phone Plan for Seniors
  • Mint Mobile: Cheapest Unlimited Phone Plan for Seniors
  • Visible: Cheapest Unlimited Hotspot Plan for Seniors
  • Boost Mobile: Best Annual Phone Plan for Seniors
  • Below, youll find more detailed information on each cell phone plan including how much it costs, what it includes and how it compares. For even more options, be sure to check out our guide to the best cell phone plans and deals.

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    Boost Mobile: Best Multi

    If youre a senior or have folks with a geeky heart, Boost Mobiles Internet plan hits the right buttons for you. For starters, their unlimited plans go for $50 per line. This includes unlimited text, call, and 4G LTE data. This is the sweet deal for those who love scrolling down on their news feed or streaming videos on their phones. Enrolling another line will cost you $30 per line with a maximum of five lines. This will cost you around $170 for five lines within their network. The benefits are all the same within the five lines, thus making it one of the best cell phone plans you can get not just for seniors but the whole family as well.

    Finding The Right Senior Cell Phone Plans

    Determine your budget

    The easiest and simplest criteria to consider when shopping around for the best cell phone plans for seniors is how much are you willing to spend? As with most things you get what you pay for with cell phone plans but being strict with your costing will be the best way to narrow down the field of choices. As a rule of thumb, we’d recommend spending no more than $25 a month per line if you’re a light user.

    Determine your usage

    Generally speaking, higher data allowances mean higher bills – even for phone plans for seniors. Subsequently, the easiest way to cut your costs is to cut out any of that unneeded data and instead use the local Wi-Fi connections where possible. Note, you can also cut out minutes and text allowances too, although the savings don’t tend to be as good there. If you need help working out how much data you’ll need, simply scroll down to the next section.

    Find which carrier has the best coverage in your area

    Nearly all carriers, including the ones featured on our best cell phone plans for seniors list above, use the three major nationwide networks for service – Verizon, AT& T, and T-Mobile to be specific. Before you commit to any one plan, you’ll definitely want to know whether you’re well covered in your area. It’s also worth asking around your friends and family to see who gets the best service and to find out what plans they’re on. You can check your local coverage just below.

    Compare the market

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    Helpful Information About Cell Phones For Seniors

    Cell phones, specifically smartphones, can be confusing, especially to someone who has never used a phone for anything other than making a call. A modern smartphone has the ability to predict the weather for the rest of the week. It can have a driver come and pick you up wherever you are without you even having to talk to anyone. It can even have groceries delivered to your home . Modern smartphones do so much more than what a regular phone or even a cell phone used to do, that they could easily be intimidating for senior citizens if they are not already tech-savvy. This is where cell phones for seniors come in.

    Cell phones for seniors are mobile phones that have been designed with older consumers in mind. Their displays, the keypad numbers, the on-screen text, and the icons are larger than usual, in order to make the phones easier to use for those who have conditions that affect their vision. Some phones also include GPS location services and medical monitoring features, as well as an emergency call button, 24/7 access to registered nurses and doctors, check-in calls, and wellness calls.

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