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Cell Phone Plans For Seniors: How Old Do You Have To Be

7 Best Smartphones for Seniors

Getting older can have its perkslike saving money on your cell phone plan. Recently, many of the larger service providers released plans specifically designed for seniors, aiming to keep things simple and affordable with discounts.

Sprint and T-Mobile offer discounts to anyone at least 55 years old. Both provide two phone lines with unlimited talk, text and data for around $80 a monthan average savings of $40 a month. Verizon also has a 55+ plan limited to seniors living in Florida, and AT& T has the Senior Nation Plan available for anyone over the age of 65.

If you expand your search beyond the big-name wireless carriers, you find additional providers and plans that are great choices for seniors.

Lively, for example, doesnt have a specific age requirement, but offers a number of services and features seniors may find helpful, such as access to virtual urgent care, fall detection technologies and operators who can help call ride services, make phone calls or look up phone numbers.

Meanwhile, AARPs membership benefits include discounts on cellular services. Anyone over age 50 can join AARP.

Tap Into Veteran Cell Phone Discounts

Veterans who dont qualify for federal phone programs such as Lifeline or Assurance Wireless have other cost-saving options to make the most of. Many cell phone providers, including Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT& T, offer special discounts to military and veteran families.

Did You Know: Monetary and medical benefits may be available to qualifying veterans, surviving spouses, and dependents.

At& t Senior Cell Phone Plans

AARP members who are AT& T Wireless customers can save up to 10% on their talk and data plan monthly charges, as well as save 15% on eligible phone accessories. AARP members get:

  • 10% off voice and data plan monthly charges.
  • Up to $45 waived for activation or upgrade fees.
  • Up to 15% off eligible phone accessories.

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Talk And Text Cell Phone Plans

These plans, offered by providers such as Lively, Consumer Cellular, and Snapfon, allow you to build your own plan with a monthly allowance of minutes, messages, andin some casesdata. These are a great option for people who already have an existing home phone, allowing you to opt for an affordable monthly plan to use when you need it. With these plans, some providers will offer periods where calls are free.

Verizon’s Senior Unlimited Promotion

The 7 Best Cell Phones for Seniors with Dementia

Verizon | 55 Plus Unlimited plan | $60/month or $80 for two lines – The best Verizon plan for seniors This Verizon promotion is exclusively available to those over 55, paying with auto payments, and living in Florida. Yes, that’s a niche group but if you fit into it, you can get a truly fantastic offer one unlimited line for $60 a month or $80 for two lines. This includes unlimited 4G data, calls and texts, unlimited mobile hot-spotting, use when traveling in Mexico and Canada, and more. If you don’t fit into this criteria, it isn’t a huge jump up in cost for Verizon’s unlimited plans , which also include 5G something missing from Verizon’s senior plan.Pros: Major discount Unlimited 4G data: Unlimited hotspotCons: Expensive Requires AutoPay for best price Residency requirement

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Smart Accessories For Home And On The Go

Other smart accessories for seniors include a variety of personal and home products designed for added security and peace of mind. The Universal Horizontal Pouch is a black leather holder that connects to your belt with a convenient swivel clip, to keep that cell phone handy at all times.

Coordinate all the smart accessories in your home with the . With a large, easy-to-read screen, you can make video calls, watch cooking videos, and browse photos at will. No need to squint at tiny buttons for your apps – issue commands with a simple Hey, Google to keep your day running smoothly. You can even add throughout your home so you can access your apps whenever, wherever.

The Nest Learning Thermostat or the Nest Thermostat E both include useful features such as automatically regulating the temperature and with most smartphones changing the temp while out and about.

Finally, Canary Home Security is a plug-in-ready system that monitors everything from break-ins to air quality. Keep an eye on your home no matter where you are, and get alerts and call for help when you need it, all conveniently from the app. It even coordinates with the Google Assistant to work with items like the Nest Hub Max.

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Traveler Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

Travel packages are most suitable for snowbirds and others who regularly leave Canada. Whether its to go to your secondary residence in the United States to escape the winter, or simply to discover new horizons this package will allow you to make real savings by helping you save on roaming charges.

As a reminder, roaming charges are the charges that operators can apply when you use your cell phone abroad. So, depending upon the duration of your travel or where youre going, you can either choose to put your line in suspension or choose to carry your phone and plan with you. If you do choose to take your phone with you and you travel regularly and for short durations, here are a few options that might serve you best:

Summary of the offers :

  • Fido : $10 per day or $14 per day , normal use of your plan
  • Rogers : $10 per day or $14 per day, normal use of your plan
  • Telus : $11 per day or $14 per day ,normal use of your plan
  • Koodo : $11 per day or $14 per day , normal use of your plan
  • Bell : $10 per day or $14 per day , normal use of your plan

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Find The Best Carrier And Cell Plan For Senior Citizens

  • University of Houston

We independently research, test, review, and recommend the bestproductslearn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

Best Overall:T-Mobile

“T-Mobile’s Magenta Unlimited 55+ line is a standout deal offering unlimited talk, text, and LTE data for $70 a month for two lines.”

Best Emergency Plan:Lively

“Lively offers rate plans starting at $14.99 for 300 minutes, and offers package add-ons that include emergency help.”

Best Basic:Consumer Cellular

“Consumer Cellular starts with rates as low as $20 per month for unlimited talk and text and 1 GB of data.”

Best Flexible:US Mobile

“Customers should look to US Mobile for a wireless carrier that provides a wide selection of buckets to help piece together the right plan.”

Best Data:Boost Mobile

“Boost Mobile offers an attractive solution that is no-frills and includes taxes and fees directly in the rate plan.”

The best cellphone plan for senior citizens is right at your fingertips. No matter your age or cellphone type, there is a plan that is perfect for you out there. The things you need to keep in mind while looking for your dream cellular service are the following: Will you be using a basic or smart device? Will you be traveling internationally? Would you prefer a contract, prepaid, or no-contract system? Lastly, what is a comfortable price range?

Here is our list of the best cellphone plans for seniors.

Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For Cell Phones For Seniors

Dialed In: The Best Senior Phones

If you’re a senior citizen, you may be feeling the need for a little help with your cell phone. Maybe you want to be able to take pictures, send texts, or use social media, but aren’t sure how to do all of that. Or maybe you just want something that’s easy to use and will make it easier for friends and family to reach you. Whatever your needs may be, here are some of the best cell phones for seniors.

  • Product Description

    Never settle for less with the Motorola moto g Play in Misty Blue from Tracfone. Watch games, movies and video chats come to life on the ultra-wide 6.5 Max Vision HD+ display. Keep the fun going for up to 3 days1 with the massive 5000mAh battery. Capture beautiful portraits and spanning landscapes with the 13MP dual camera system. Customize the fonts, colors and icon shapes to make your phone as unique as you are.See all All Prepaid Cell Phones

    Product Description

    Never settle for less with the Motorola moto g Play in Misty Blue from Tracfone. Watch games, movies and video chats come to life on the ultra-wide 6.5 Max Vision HD+ display. Keep the fun going for up to 3 days1 with the massive 5000mAh battery. Capture beautiful portraits and spanning landscapes with the 13MP dual camera system. Customize the fonts, colors and icon shapes to make your phone as unique as you are.

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    The Disadvantages Of A Cell Phone For Seniors

    There are several disadvantages of Verizon cell phones for seniors. One disadvantage is that the phone plans can be expensive. Another disadvantage is that the phone service can be spotty in areas with weak cell phone coverage. Additionally, seniors may find the phone interface difficult to use, and the phone may not have features that are important to them. Finally, seniors may not be able to get help from Verizon customer service if they have problems with their phone.

    The Importance Of A Cell Phone For Seniors

    There are a few reasons why a Verizon cell phone plan might be a good choice for seniors. First, Verizon has a reputation for excellent coverage, so seniors can feel confident that theyll be able to stay connected even in rural areas or when travelling. Additionally, Verizon offers a variety of plan options, so seniors can find a plan that fits their needs and budget. Finally, Verizon has great customer service, so seniors can always get help if they need it.

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    How We Chose The Best Cell Phones For Seniors

    Each phone on our list was ranked using over 30 metrics, including price, senior-friendly features, battery life, durability, sound quality, appearance, ease of use, and provider perks. The three most influential metrics in our evaluation were:

    • Senior-friendly features: All phones that made the cut have features that meet seniors specific needs and lifestyles. While these features vary by phone, they include things like big buttons or icons, bright screens, loud and adjustable speakers, hearing aid compatibility, and an easy-to-grip design
    • No long-term contracts: Cell phone plans that lock you in for years are a thing of the past. All of the cell phone models and carriers on our list offer month-to-month options, so you can cancel your service at any time without hassle.
    • Price vs. quality: We know that every budget is different. While some of the cell phones on our list are more expensive than others, weve only included phones where we believe the quality matches or exceeds the price. Weve made sure to include budget-friendly cell phones on our list, along with somewhat pricier high-tech devices, so you can find the phone thats right for both your wallet and your needs

    Using the above criteria, along with our research, testing, and rankings, we created this years best cell phone list to help you choose the best senior-friendly cell phone.

    Other Inexpensive Cell Phone Plans For Seniors To Consider

    Top 10 Best Cell Phones For Seniors Buyerâs Guide 2020

    Livelys Value Talk & Text plan, at $14.99 a month, is a good choice for seniors who dont use their cell phones often and rarely send text messages. However, seniors who spend more time talking to family and enjoy texting with their grandkids may want to consider Livelys Unlimited Talk & Text plan for $19.99 per month.

    Livelyoffers plans for seniors based on their budget and cell phone use

    Livelys Unlimited Talk & Text plan allows seniors to talk and text as much as theyd like without any overages or additional charges. This inexpensive plan makes it easy for older adults to stay in touch with family and friends. Its also beneficial for those who dont have a landline at home. Data plans can be added with prices starting at $2.49 per month for 100 MB and up to $30 per month for unlimited data.

    To learn more, please read our full product review of Lively

    Consumer Cellular offers an inexpensive talk plan and mix and match talk, text and data plans

    Seniors can customize their cell phone plans with Consumer Cellular, mixing talk, text and data based on their use. The least expensive plan at $15.00 per month includes unlimited talk only, without texting or data. Seniors who want the ability to text and surf the web can choose from varying amounts of minutes, texts and data to create a money-saving plan that includes only what they need.

    To learn more, please read our full product review of Consumer Cellular.

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    Choosing The Best Phone Carrier For Your Iphone

    Once you settle on an iPhone, you still need to pick the right cellular carrier. Yes, thats plenty more choices to make, but theyre important decisions, so its better to err on the side of too much research than going unprepared. So, whether this is your first smartphone or youre thinking about switching carriers, here are a few things youll want to consider.

    How We Chose The Best Free Phones For Seniors

    Not all carriers offer the same free phone. The variety of brands and models to choose from can make your head spin. After extensive research, our team zeroed in on the best free phones for seniors. The criteria used to evaluate which no-cost phones made it onto our list include the availability of senior-friendly features, customer perks, and carrier reputation and reliability.

    Pro Tip: Having a hard time deciding the type of phone that meets your needs? Head over to our best cell phones for seniors list for the lowdown on the pros and cons for various makes and models.

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    What Is An Mvno

    An MVNO is an acronym used to refer to a Mobile Virtual Network Operator. The term describes a mobile provider that does not own or operate its own mobile network. MVNOs are also often referred to as virtual networks.

    MVNOs typically purchase or lease the network services of a parent company so as not to have to deal with the expensive overheads of installation and maintenance. Savings are then often transferred to consumers, with MVNOs often undercutting their parent company competitors.

    For example, Koodo Mobile is an MVNO of Telus Mobility, while Fido Mobile is an MVNO of Rogers Wireless.

    Talk And Text Phone Plans For Seniors

    The Best Smartphone for Retirees or Seniors

    Talk and text phone plans are for people who use their phones only for talking and texting. Theyre good for seniors who dont have smartphones or dont use their phones to download apps, watch videos or browse the internet. Many cell phone service providers offer customizable or unlimited talk and text plans. They are often less expensive than those that include data

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    Prepaid Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

    A prepaid cell phone plan allows you to pay upfront for what you need each month, usually at an affordable price. These plans are ideal if you want to cut down on cost without sacrificing quality and coverageas well as reduce the risk of having any surprises on a bill at the end of the month. The numerous prepaid plan options on the market range from basic talk and text options to unlimited prepaid data plans.

    Choosing A Good Plan For Your Needs

    When youre picking a plan to go with your phone, theres a good chance the salesperson will try to convince you to take a package much larger than you need.

    Finding a good plan for your needs might seem tricky at first. However, mostpostpaid andprepaid plans today offer fairly generous allotments for voice calls and texting.

    Where the big price differences lie is data.

    Its important to have enough data because overage fees add up fast. However, if youre paying for data each month that you dont use, youre paying more than you should.

    Our guide on finding the amount of data you need will make this step simple.

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    Apple Iphone Se 128 Gb White Verizon

    • Portrait mode helps capture brilliant studio-like portraits
    • Built-in A13 Bionic chip renders lag-free multitasking and gaming
    • Smart HDR feature produces high definition colors and contrast

    Check Latest Price

    Lowest Price

    Product Details

    5.4 in

    Reviews From Real Customers

    Our Top Picks: Cell Phones For Seniors Reviews

    The 15 Best AT& T Cell Phones For Seniors in 2022

    According to a recent study, only 42% of consumers in the U.S. over 65 years of age own a smartphone. This number drops to 17% when only those over 80 years of age are considered. These numbers raise an interesting question: why are older consumers so reluctant to buy smartphones?

    To answer this question, we reached out to dozens of anonymous consumers, being either a senior citizen or someone who purchased a cell phone for an elderly relative, for their experience and input. When asked what their major concerns were when using a cell phone, 76% of our respondents stated: not understanding how to use it.

    Cell phones for seniors are available in different styles: flip phones, smartphones, bar phones, and tablet-phones. The selection for cell phones for seniors is just as varied as regular phones when it comes to features and styles and we looked at all of them for you to determine which are the best in the industry.

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