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How Do At& t Senior Deals Work

Consumer Cellular: More Data, Same Price (AT& T Smartphone Plans, Senior Discounts)

Once you reach the age of 55, AT& T recognizes you as a senior citizen. And at that point, you may be able to take up the AT& T Unlimited 55+ plan, part of its Wireless cell phone network.

However, thats only available to those in the state of Florida . Were not 100% sure why that is the case, but there is no way around it. Youll need to provide your state ID in order to take up the deal.

In terms of home broadband deals, theres nothing out there specifically for seniors. It is a bit of a shame, but its not the end of the world because AT& T has some great deals for everyone right now. And there are further deals for those on low incomes.

The best deals for the internet are for its Fiber plans. That means lightning fast internet, and it comes at a great price with some cool perks. Well go into more detail of that in the next section.

You can find all the latest internet deals from AT& T here.

At& t And Verizon Ban 92% Of Seniors From Wireless Discounts

T-Mobile steps in to help AT& T and Verizon customers learn how to qualify for senior-eligible wireless discounts only available in the Sunshine State

GLENDALE, Ariz., August 30, 2022—-Seniors live in places other than Florida shocking! but for some reason, AT& T and Verizon only offer discounts to seniors of the Sunshine State. This will not stand. Today, T-Mobile unleashes wireless discounts for ALL seniors as its next Carrier Callout.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

AT& T and Verizon Ban 92% of Seniors From Wireless Discounts

Seniors need a break now more than ever. According to a Washington Post article, inflation is putting an additional strain on the country’s 56 million residents over 65, with many relying on fixed incomes and limited savings to cover monthly costs. Seniors have worked long and hard enough and deserve a break when it comes to their wireless plan rate, especially when 75% of the 50 and over crowd say they rely on technology to stay connected. Enough is enough!

Where it stands today, there are two ways for age-eligible AT& T and Verizon customers to get a senior discount from one of the three nationwide wireless providers: have a Florida address or switch to a T-Mobile Unlimited 55+ plan. T-Mobile is going to help with both through an information onslaught. Because, as they say, information is power.

Pop-Up Shop for Arizona Seniors


Global Calling And Texting With At& t Prepaid

Whether you want a wireless plan while you are traveling or to stay in touch with loved ones who live abroad, there are plenty of great international service options with AT& T PREPAID.

1AT& T may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy.

2AT& T 5G reqs compatible plan & device. 5G not available everywhere. Go to for details.

  • What are the benefits of AT& T PREPAID?With AT& T PREPAID service for your phone, you get: no annual contract, no credit check, easy activation, and great plan and phone choices to fit your needsall on the nations most reliable network.
  • Can I bring my own phone to use with a prepaid plan?Yes. Bring your compatible unlocked device and save on the cost of a new one. Youll just need to purchase an AT& T PREPAID SIM card.
  • Who can enroll in AutoPay?All PREPAID customers can take advantage of the convenience of AutoPay. Plus, customers enrolled in a PREPAID Unlimited plan with AutoPay also receive a monthly discount.

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Lively: Best Emergency Cell Phone Plan For Seniors

Our dearest seniors want to get the most out of their life and it would be great if theres a cell phone plan that can help seniors achieve that. Luckily, Lively offers just that. This mobile network is probably unheard of, but they are the ones behind Jitterbug phones. Jitterbug phones are specially designed to have large buttons that are dedicated to emergency services. This feature is awesome because the users can closely monitor their health with their slew of phones.

Lively also offers the friendliest cell phone plans for seniors all over the US. Their Value Talk & Text plan is $14.99 per month. This includes 300 minutes of calls and prices each text message at 10 cents. The Unlimited Talk & Text plan, which does not have a call duration restriction, starts at $19.99 per month. The subscriber is required to add data of their chosen amount starting at $2.49 per month. This is if they choose the plan with the Jitterbug Smart3 phone. There are also health service plans that can be availed from the provider.

Is Unlimited Data Really Unlimited

AT& T Cell Phone Plans

It is, but the speeds you get may vary depending on your plan and how much data you use in a given month. Whereas in the past carriers would slow down or “throttle” your speeds if you pass a certain limit for the remainder of your billing cycle, today all three major providers say they’ll only do that in special cases.

To have your data slowed on most of the plans mentioned above, you will need to have:

1. Used over 50GB of data in a month.

2. Be in an area that is experiencing “congestion,” “heavy traffic” or if the network is “busy.” Examples of this could be at a sporting event or concert where there are tens of thousands of people in the same area uploading and sharing photos and videos.

All carriers say that in these cases your data should only be slowed “temporarily.” If you have an older unlimited plan, however, your threshold for when your data slows and how long it lasts may be different.

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What We Dont Like:

1. Senior Nation Plan only available for basic phones, not smartphones

As you have already seen, the Senior Nation plan only has minutes of calls in its helm. You wont need a sophisticated smartphone just to answer and receive calls. That is why AT& T does not offer its Senior Nation plan together with a smartphone. A basic flip phone can do that job. But if you want a phone that lets you watch videos or scroll on your news feed, better stay away from this plan.

2. AT& T Unlimited 55+ discounted only in the Sunshine State

As with other major networks, AT& T Unlimited 55+ is only available in Florida. You must have at least a billing address in Florida if you want to avail this plan from AT& T.

At& t Senior Plan Benefits

MVNOs are smaller carriers that buy space on the large networks and sell it to you at cheaper prices. Most of these mobile providers operate solely online, which means they don’t have the high costs of overhead and marketing that the big guys have.

There are a ton of advantages to switching to a cheap AT& T cell phone plan:

  • The same reliable service you know and love on the AT& T network.
  • Cheap rates – typically more than 50% off on your monthly plan.
  • No contracts or credit checks – switch whenever you want.
  • Custom plans – only pay for what you need.
  • Bring your phone and keep your number.
  • Highly rated customer service.
  • Easy online signup.

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At& t Prepaid Plans With Unlimited Data

AT& T PREPAIDSM Unlimited1 plan gives you unlimited data, talk, and text to more than 230 countries, plus 5G access2. You can also buy a $10/5GB mobile hotspot as an add-on.

If you are planning to travel abroad soon or stay in touch with loved ones who live abroad, there are plenty of greatinternational service options with AT& T PREPAID.

Why Should You Ask For At& t Senior Discount

Best Cheap AT& T Cell Phone Plans!

Seniors usually think twice before spending due to limited income. This is why many telecom companies offer senior discounts to help seniors stay connected with their loved ones.

AT& T happens to be a major US carrier that provides discounted plans in case the age of the subscriber is more than 65 years. Most of the network providers offer a discounted version of the standard unlimited plan of their company, and AT& T is no exception to that.

With senior discount plans, AT& T helps seniors to save some cash on their monthly phone bills. Senior citizens who have subscribed to this company will also be able to receive a lucrative discount of 10% on any of the plans of the carrier using their AARP membership.

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Employer & Organization Wireless Discounts

AT& T has partnered with particular companies in order to provide less expensive cell phone plans to employees of them. Theres currently a list of several companies who take part in the scheme, and you can check online to find out if your company is one of them.

Eligible employees can save $10 per month on their plan. However, this offer is unfortunately not extended to internet customers.

A similar deal is available to military personnel, first responders, healthcare professionals, and teachers.

Tracfone Wireless: Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plan For Seniors

Lastly, theres TracFone Wireless. It is a prepaid service that is just as flexible as the other cell phone plans for seniors already mentioned here. The only difference is it is prepaid, meaning you pay the services upfront, without any bills that will arrive on a given date. Once youve consumed all the credit, you will need to top-up again for your desired plan.

For $20, youll get unlimited texting, calling, and 1 GB of data. Just add $5 for an additional 1 GB of data. This plan is already desirable for those who only need the most essential phone services such as calling and texting.

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At& t Military And Veteran Discount

AT& T offers 25 percent wireless discounts to members of the military, veterans, and their families. To be eligible for this discount, youll have to enroll in AutoPay and paperless billing.

The discount is open to active military service personnel, qualified military/veterans, qualified spouses of either active duty members or deceased military service personnel with a valid Department of Defense sponsorship card. Additionally, there are no limits on the number of discounted lines on the military wireless account.

To qualify for the discount, you must present at least one of the following items:

  • Valid active military ID or retired military ID
  • Current pay stub
  • Department of Defense Form DD214
  • Current AMVETS membership card

Further, you must be the primary wireless account holder and have an eligible AT& T Unlimited plan.

At& t Directv Senior Deals

Top 10 Cheapest Unlimited Data Plans (Updated 2021)

If youre not familiar, DirecTV is AT& Ts television package that comes either over satellite or via streaming. There are four bundles: Entertainment, Choice, Ultimate and Premier .

There arent any deals specific to seniors for DirecTV right now but there are a few things you can do to save some money with it. Right off the bat, you can currently save $10 per month on your first 12 months when you sign up online. Plus, you can get a $100 reward card when you sign up.

You will need to commit to a 24 month term though, so be prepared for a price jump in your second year. Also, these are limited time offers that could be subject to change soon.

Bear in mind that there are a couple of extra fees that you might need to pay. If you choose to not sign up for Autopay and paperless bills, youll need to pay an extra $5 per month.

Furthermore, youll need to pay for a streaming device. AT& T sells their own branded one for $120 , but you can save some cash by getting a Chromecast or something similar for around $30.

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At& t $40 Gophone Plan

The AT& T GoPhone is an affordable no-contract plan ideal for the average data-hungry senior. While the GoPhone doesnt have a dedicated offer for the seniors, you can avail of a $5 monthly discount with AutoPay. There are some great perks to be had with this plan.


  • Unlimited everything in Canada and Mexico
  • Eligible for GoPhone multi-line discounts
  • Add or remove lines without paying

This plan is ideal for seniors who check their mail frequently. It is also perfect for those who keep up with their family and friends on social sites. The best part is that the AT& T GoPhone plan doesnt have any overages. Senior citizens who are AARP members can qualify for a discount of ten percent on their monthly service.


  • Join AT& T AutoPay to unlock a $20 monthly discount with paperless bills

Other Plans To Consider

While senior-specific phone plans and senior discounts are great, they arent your only options. If youre looking for the absolute cheapest mobile phone plan available, youll want to check out Tello Mobile. Mint Mobile also offers incredibly low prices, including the cheapest option for an unlimited phone plan. And Visible offers four lines for $100 per month.

In addition to senior phone plans and senior discounts, here are three other plans to consider:

Shop Now!

Tello Mobile offers the cheapest cell phone plans Ive found, and it runs on T-Mobiles reliable network. You can get unlimited talk, text and 1GB of high-speed data for $10 monthly. If you dont need the 1GB of data, you can get an even cheaper plan with unlimited talk and text for just $8 per month. You can also bring your own phone to Tello if its eligible.

To learn more about Tello, be sure to check out our review. You can also visit Tellos website to begin building your perfect cheap cell phone plan.

If youre looking for another cheap prepaid phone plan on T-Mobiles network, also be sure to check out the new T-Mobile Connect plans. They also begin at $10 per month for 1GB of data.

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At& t: Overall Best Cell Phone Plan For Seniors

AT& T has two major offerings for seniors: the AT& T Unlimited 55+ and AT& T Senior Nation plans. The Senior Nation plan is the most basic offering of AT& T. It has 200 minutes of any time calls, unlimited calls to AT& T Mobility subscribers, and 500 minutes of Night & Weekend calls. If your calls go over the allotted time, you will be charged $0.45 per minute. It has call forwarding, call waiting, nationwide long distance calls and roaming, caller ID, and conference calling. This plan is specially made by AT& T for seniors aged 65 and above.

But if you have tech-savvy folks, there is another plan available. The AT& T Unlimited 55+ offers 5G at no extra costs, unlimited texting, calling, and surfing within the US, Mexico, and Canada, free texts to more than 120 countries, and mobile security features such as blockage of spam and fraud calls. This will cost you around $60 for one line and $80 for two. Florida residents can avail of a $20 discount on its offers, making you pay just $40 for one line.

There is one more cell phone plan to consider, but it is better for American Association of Retired Persons members than regular seniors the AT& T Unlimited Elite Plan. AARP members get to enjoy a $10 additional discount on it. This plan comes with unlimited surfing, 30 GB of mobile hotspot, mobile security features, and a free HBO Max subscription.

At& t Unlimited Data Plan For Seniors

New Unlimited Plans at AT& T

If you are looking for data plans with voice and text, AT& T has a lot to offer. Are you an online user? Do you love checking the news online or your social account? Do you love watching movies online or shopping?

The unlimited data plan of AT& T is priced at $60 a month with an AutoPay discount. The location of usage includes the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Just remember that 50% of the user should be in the United States. After using 22GB of data, you may experience a reduction of data speeds, most especially during hours of network congestion.

The other data plans AT& T offers to include a 6GB Data Plan priced at $45 a month with an AutoPay discount. Also available is a 1GB Data Plan priced at $35 per month or $30 per month with the AutoPay discount.

On the 1GB and 6GB data plans, data speed may be reduced to 128 kbps after the high-speed allowance is used, and any high-speed data unused automatically rolls over to the next month.

All these data plans include unlimited text and calls in the United States. The 6GB data plan and unlimited data plan include unlimited minutes and text messaging to the US, Canada, and Mexico.

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Cell Phone Plans For Seniors: How Old Do You Have To Be

Getting older can have its perkslike saving money on your cell phone plan. Recently, many of the larger service providers released plans specifically designed for seniors, aiming to keep things simple and affordable with discounts.

Sprint and T-Mobile offer discounts to anyone at least 55 years old. Both provide two phone lines with unlimited talk, text and data for around $80 a monthan average savings of $40 a month. Verizon also has a 55+ plan limited to seniors living in Florida, and AT& T has the Senior Nation Plan available for anyone over the age of 65.

If you expand your search beyond the big-name wireless carriers, you find additional providers and plans that are great choices for seniors.

Lively, for example, doesnt have a specific age requirement, but offers a number of services and features seniors may find helpful, such as access to virtual urgent care, fall detection technologies and operators who can help call ride services, make phone calls or look up phone numbers.

Meanwhile, AARPs membership benefits include discounts on cellular services. Anyone over age 50 can join AARP.

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