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What Plans Are Offered By Todays Top Carriers

Consumer Cellular: More Data, Same Price (AT& T Smartphone Plans, Senior Discounts)

After youve perused the best standard cell phone plans on the market, here are a few great senior plans to consider next. Senior cell phone plans are offered by most major carriers, although the options listed below tend to be the most popular, offer the largest discounts, and run on networks that cover most of the nation.

Lively: Best Emergency Cell Phone Plan For Seniors

Our dearest seniors want to get the most out of their life and it would be great if theres a cell phone plan that can help seniors achieve that. Luckily, Lively offers just that. This mobile network is probably unheard of, but they are the ones behind Jitterbug phones. Jitterbug phones are specially designed to have large buttons that are dedicated to emergency services. This feature is awesome because the users can closely monitor their health with their slew of phones.

Lively also offers the friendliest cell phone plans for seniors all over the US. Their Value Talk & Text plan is $14.99 per month. This includes 300 minutes of calls and prices each text message at 10 cents. The Unlimited Talk & Text plan, which does not have a call duration restriction, starts at $19.99 per month. The subscriber is required to add data of their chosen amount starting at $2.49 per month. This is if they choose the plan with the Jitterbug Smart3 phone. There are also health service plans that can be availed from the provider.

At& t Flip Phones For Seniors 2021

AT& T Cingular Flip IVAT& T Cingular Flip IV Features

  • Quad-core processor.
  • An external display to show alerts.
  • 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth capable.
  • Integrated Google Assistant app.
  • 2 MP camera with video capturing capable.
  • 4 GB Internal memory storage.
  • Supports up to 32 GB external SD memory card.
  • Mobile hotspot capable.
  • Removable battery that stands for up to 5.5 hours of usage time.
  • Apps: Calendar, Music Player, and FM radio.

Alcatel SMARTFLIPAlcatel SMARTFLIP Features

  • Removable battery that stands for up to 6.8 hours of usage time.
  • Apps: YouTube, Google Apps, Browser, Calculator, Email, Music Player, and myAT& T app.

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Availing Of Senior Phone Plan Discounts

Cell phone plans for seniors are already discounted on their own. But did you know that you can get further discounts on availing senior phone plans? You can further lower the price of your desired plans given certain conditions.

Here are some of the conditions that can help you get discounts on your plan:

Best Basic: Consumer Cellular

AT& T Phones for Seniors

Geared toward the older crowd, Consumer Cellular is a simplified cellphone reseller that provides an easy-to-understand solution to selecting a cellular provider.

Individual users can start with rates as low as $20 per month for unlimited talk and text and 1 GB of data, while a two-line plan sharing the same data and minutes raises the cost to $40 per month.

As an added bonus, Consumer Cellular has an established relationship with AARP, so there’s a 5 percent discount on monthly service for any existing AARP member.

Another highlight of Consumer Cellular is the opportunity to select a new plan every month, so you can adjust your allotted monthly minutes and data in case you’re traveling, or you find that you’re spending too much or too little for your monthly needs.

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Verizon’s Senior Unlimited Promotion

Verizon | 55 Plus Unlimited plan | $60/month or $80 for two lines – The best Verizon plan for seniors This Verizon promotion is exclusively available to those over 55, paying with auto payments, and living in Florida. Yes, that’s a niche group but if you fit into it, you can get a truly fantastic offer one unlimited line for $60 a month or $80 for two lines. This includes unlimited 4G data, calls and texts, unlimited mobile hot-spotting, use when traveling in Mexico and Canada, and more. If you don’t fit into this criteria, it isn’t a huge jump up in cost for Verizon’s unlimited plans , which also include 5G something missing from Verizon’s senior plan.Pros: Major discount Unlimited 4G data: Unlimited hotspotCons: Expensive Requires AutoPay for best price Residency requirement

How To Find The Best Senior Cell Phone Plan For You

As you consider the best plans, ask yourself:

  • Do you enjoy chatting on the phone for hours or prefer brief check-ins with your family and friends?
  • Do you like to travel or do you have family living abroad?
  • Do you have a smartphone and like to watch videos or play games?
  • Do you video chat frequently with your family?
  • How important is cost?

Based on your answers, you can narrow down the type of cell phone plan that will best match whats important to you. For example, if you have a smartphone and you video chat often with your family and play games on your mobile device, an unlimited data plan would likely be a good match.

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More About Unlimited Data Plans And Perks

AT& T’s unlimited plans no longer have much in the way of perks. The carrier used to offer a free subscription to HBO Max with its top Unlimited Elite offering , but it got rid of the option in early June.

It is also worth reiterating that carrier perks — like Verizon and the Disney bundle or T-Mobile’s offering of Netflix, Paramount Plus, ViX Plus and Apple TV Plus — are often limited to one subscription per account, not one for each line you have.

Us Mobile: Best Flexible Mobile Plan For Seniors

Best Cheap AT& T Cell Phone Plans!

Lets face it sometimes, we only use one phone service in our plans. We only text, but not call, or the other way around. The great news is, US Mobile offers flexibility in its plan, thanks to its option for a flexible contract. Its base price starts at $4. From there, you can add your desired minutes of calls, the number of texts, and the amount of data allocation. This cell phone service plan is great for everyone, especially for seniors. We all know our seniors mostly use the text or call functions of their phones and not much of mobile data consumption. Now, you dont have to stress yourself on paying too much for using too little from their services.

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Is Installing The Sim Card Hard

SIM card in a phone


If you are not sure how to insert the SIM card, look up your phone manufacturers instructions online or watch a video on how to easily replace the card in the right slot.

Do I need to be contract free to use SpeedTalk?

Yes, SpeedTalk will never deny you of service but your carrier has to unlock your phone for you to be able to use any other wireless provider. Please check with your current carrier to make sure youre out of contract and the phone is in good standing.

Verizon Wireless: Best Family Plan

  • Only available to Florida residents

Verizon Wireless delivers the most reliable coverage across the country, and thats a big deal. The downside is, youll likely pay more for Verizon than you would with another provider. Thankfully, you get a pretty sweet discount for you and your partner if youre both over 55 and living in Florida.

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Considerations For Cell Phone Plans

First, figure out the priorities for your cell phone plan. Youll want to think ahead about whether you want:

  • Talk, text and/or mobile internet
  • Contract or pay-as-you-go
  • Flexibility in changing plans
  • Senior discounts

Before you shop for cell phone plans, decide what is make-or-break for your communication needs. Seniors may have a specific idea of what they want for example unlimited talking minutes. Check in with your loved one to make sure you find the right plan.

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AARP Cell Phones for Seniors

Unlimited Plans. AT& T offers three unlimited data plans: Unlimited Starter, Extra and Elite. Prices listed below are for one line, before taxes, fees and discounts. You can save $10 per month if. Preview the best cell phone plans for seniors, discuss the senior cell phones and deals from nationwide coverage cell phone service providers like Verizon seniorplan, AT& Tseniorplan, consumer cellular, guide the elderly to senior discounts like AARP cell phone plans beside cheap and free cell phone plans. Sam’s Club and AT& T 2022 offers. Get deals on AT& T Wireless Plans and phones at Sam’s Club. Pick the perfect plan for each family member. Call 855-513-4600.

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Other Ways You Can Save With At& t

  • AT& T discount Submit your school, work, or company email address for finding out whether you will be able to receive discounts and exclusive offers on AT& T wireless products. After the validation of your email address, an email will be sent to you regarding how to begin receiving the benefits.
  • AT& T Customer Satisfaction Survey Check out the companys official website to know whether they are conducting the survey now. Thats a perfect opportunity to share your honest feedback and benefit from their amazing deals instead.
  • AT& T Signature Program This will enable some customers to take advantage of special wireless discounts. The program will help the customers to save $10 every line, every month on AT& T Unlimited Elite.
  • AT& T Appreciation offers AT& T provides lucrative deals for doctors, teachers, nurses, veterans, and military service members on unlimited wireless plans. This will offer a discount of 25% on the latest unlimited plans.
  • AT& T student discount It will be possible for students to receive discounts on AT& T wireless services and phones by validating their email addresses on the official website of the company. In case one does not have a school or work email, they can take the student ID to an AT& T outlet for finding out whether he is entitled to the AT& T Signature Program.

At& t $40 Gophone Plan

The AT& T GoPhone is an affordable no-contract plan ideal for the average data-hungry senior. While the GoPhone doesnt have a dedicated offer for the seniors, you can avail of a $5 monthly discount with AutoPay. There are some great perks to be had with this plan.


  • Unlimited everything in Canada and Mexico
  • Eligible for GoPhone multi-line discounts
  • Add or remove lines without paying

This plan is ideal for seniors who check their mail frequently. It is also perfect for those who keep up with their family and friends on social sites. The best part is that the AT& T GoPhone plan doesnt have any overages. Senior citizens who are AARP members can qualify for a discount of ten percent on their monthly service.


  • Join AT& T AutoPay to unlock a $20 monthly discount with paperless bills

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Phone Plans For Senior Citizens

SpeedTalk Mobiles smarter than unlimited, Senior mobile phone plan Services, offer the lowest, most affordable, rate options on the market. How you use your phone determines what you pay. This means you can budget your usage accordingly depending on your needs each month instead of paying a recurring monthly suscription fee with a regular cell phone plan. Meet the smarter wireless plan and start saving today!


At& t Senior Plan Types

New Basic Phone Plans from AT& T & T-Mobile
  • Unlimited plans: Looking for unlimited talk text and data? Alternative carriers have got you covered. Data hungry users looking for unlimited plus plans can save serious money by switching to one of the cheapest AT& T unlimited data plans. Not sure how much data you need? Check out our data usage calculator.
  • Basic plans: If you only use a cell phone to make a few calls, send a couple of messages and rarely go online then you can opt for a simply prepaid plan. You get basic cell phone functions, an allowance for minutes of talk, and usually around 2GB of data at a great price. Once you run out of your data allotment, speeds slow, but it’s usually very easy to add on more.
  • Family plans: Need four lines or more? Many MVNOs offer group plans. Compare the cheapest AT& T family plans so you can pick and choose what each family member needs.
  • Prepaid plans:AT& T prepaid plans are the norm with smaller carriers. Compare cell phone prices and get a great deal to go with your cheap cell phone plan!
  • Single line plans: Stop paying a premium rate just because you only need one line. Find the best AT& T plans for individuals.
  • Talk and text only plans: Don’t need data? No problem – compare cheap AT& T basic plans. Bonus, you’ll save a ton of money if you’re not paying for data!
  • Tablet plans: Find the cheapest AT& T tablet data plan or iPad.

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Cheapest Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

Price: $3/month

Whats included: 100 minutes of talk, 100 texts and 100MB 4G LTE data.

Additional usage cost: Once you reach 100, additional minutes are just 3 cents each, texts are 1 cent each and data is 3 cents per MB.

Add-ons: 1-day or 7-day Data Pass or Voice Pass for extra mileage.

This cell phone plan is as cheap as it gets. For just $3/month, your senior can be covered for short check-ins or emergency calls. And with 100 minutes, 100 texts and 100MB of data, its not that basic either. A best choice for seniors who dont need the bells and whistles.

Whats included: Unlimited talk and text.

Additional usage cost: N/A

Add-ons: Data Add-On $5/GB.

Ting Flex is an amazing deal for your senior. Youll get unlimited talk and text for just $10/month. It doesnt get any cheaper for unlimited minutes. They also have a nice add-on for data, if you want to pay as you go for data.

Price: $12/month

Whats included: Unlimited talk and text, plus 1GB of data.

Add-ons: Build your own plan as needed. If you want 5GB of data instead of 1GB, the cost is $15/month.

US Mobiles Build-Your-Own-Plan is just awesome. The unlimited talk and text plan starts at $10/month, while the plan with 1G is only $12/month. If you want some data, but not a whole lot, this is an affordable choice. US Mobiles also known for high speeds and some perks for unlimited plans .

Whats included: Unlimited talk and text.

Additional usage cost: N/A

Add-ons: Data Add-On $5/GB.

Best Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

Our dear seniors need only the best when it comes to applying for a phone plan. You may choose to include them in a family plan like Walmart Family Mobile Plan. But there is a better way for them to connect with loved ones. Enrolling them in cell phone plans for seniors is the most ideal plan.

These types of plans are pretty straightforward and simplistic in themselves. It is because they mostly offer the basic telephony services texting and calling. Seniors oftentimes need these kinds of communication for they can instantly connect and communicate with their loved ones even without connecting to the Internet.

Today, we will reveal the best cell phone plans for seniors and discuss all the necessary stuff you need to know before availing of such plans.

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Verizon: Best Cell Phone Plan For Internet

Verizon currently offers only one type of cell phone plan for seniors, costing $60 for an individual line and $80 for two lines. This includes unlimited 4G LTE access, calls, and texts. There is also unlimited mobile hotspot hosting so every device in the household can have access to the Internet. You can also use the mentioned services in Mexico and Canada. Lastly, youll get DVD-quality streaming on your device. Say goodbye to pixelated cat and scenic videos!

Best Cell Phone Plans For Seniors: Top Tips

The Best AT& T Cell Phone Wireless Plans for Seniors

5G: the latest, fastest phone network connectionData allowance: how much internet you can usePrepaid: no-contract plan renewed each monthPostpaid: contracted plan paid for in installmentsPay as you go: only pay for what you useCoverage: how good cellular service is near you

1. Determine budgetSet an upper limit to how much you’re willing to spend

2. Determine data usageMore data equals higher bills, so cut out what you don’t need

3. Check if you’re coveredCheck to see if you’re best covered on AT& T, Verizon, or T-Mobile

4. Compare the marketSee who offers the cheapest rate possible for your requirements

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At& t Senior Plan Benefits

MVNOs are smaller carriers that buy space on the large networks and sell it to you at cheaper prices. Most of these mobile providers operate solely online, which means they don’t have the high costs of overhead and marketing that the big guys have.

There are a ton of advantages to switching to a cheap AT& T cell phone plan:

  • The same reliable service you know and love on the AT& T network.
  • Cheap rates – typically more than 50% off on your monthly plan.
  • No contracts or credit checks – switch whenever you want.
  • Custom plans – only pay for what you need.
  • Bring your phone and keep your number.
  • Highly rated customer service.
  • Easy online signup.

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Unlimited Phone Plans for Seniors. Sometimes, the smartest option is the one with the least amount of restrictions, i.e., unlimited data, talk, and text. This is certainly the case for seniors who engage in activities that use a lot of data, such as streaming videos and music, video chatting , and social media browsing. Aug 01, 2022 · The AT& T Unlimited 55+ is only available at AT& T stores in Florida to seniors 55 and over. The plan starts at $60/month for a single line and $80/month for two lines. The AT& T Senior Nation Plan is a basic phone plan for seniors 65 and over. This plan is available at AT& T stores, or you can contact AT& T at 800-331-0500..

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