10 Minute Chair Yoga For Seniors

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A Ten Minute Chair Yoga Sequence For Beginners

10-Minute Chair Yoga Morning Stretch for Seniors
  • A Ten Minute Chair Yoga Sequence for Beginners
  • Yoga is a practice available to anyone who wants to understand themselves better. If your mobility is restricted or you find it difficult to stand, it doesnt mean you cant be a yoga practitioner. Chair yoga consists of modified postures done seated on a chair or standing with the support of a chair. This chair yoga sequence helps bring the light of awareness to your mind and body if you cant or dont want to move too much. You can also use it when you need a break from work or are stuck in long hours of seated travel. If youre suffering from an injury, practicing yoga in a chair is a good way to nurse your joints and muscles back to health.

    Here is a non-exhaustive list of the benefits of chair yoga:

    Reduces anxiety and sadness

    At the core of all asana practices including chair yoga lies the synchronization of movement with breath. This awareness deepens the breath and can help you move past the default stress response in your nervous system to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, making you feel calm and alert. As you do this repeatedly, it can reprogram your nervous system to make you feel less anxious and sad even when youre not practicing yoga.¹

    Reduces pain and improves sleep

    Improves mental clarity and attention

    Increases strength and stability

    Minute Chair Yoga For The Office

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    Today, by request, I’m bringing you a chair yoga video. This is a sequence you can do if you work at a desk all day, or spend a lot of time seated. This is also a great option for the elderly, as it doesn’t require a ton of movement and you can do it right from your chair. The chair I’m using in the video is this one, and I’ve got a faux sheepskin fur on top for comfort.

    Hope you enjoy! Let me know how it goes for you down in the comments section below

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    and pin this image for easy reference to our Ten Min Chair Yoga Sequence

    A Closer Look At These Chair Yoga Exercises:

    Unless you have some experience with chair yoga, you probably need more than a graphic to perform the exercises above. Proper technique is important for your personal safety, and to make sure youre getting the most out of these exercises. Read more about the exercises below for a closer look at these essential chair yoga poses.

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    How Much Do Yoga Lessons Cost

    Jen K.

    Yoga is a combination of exercise, meditation, and spiritual connection, the spiritual side of it connecting to Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, or Tantradepending on the teacher.

    The goal of taking yoga classes is to experience physical well-being and an overall oneness of mind, body, and spirit. Given that many people get physical injuries doing yoga poses too advanced for them, it is important to pick a teacher who has the experience and wisdom on hand to pace the learner properly.

    Minute Chair Yoga For Lower Back Pain Overview

    Top Chair Yoga Poses for Seniors in 2020

    In our yoga class today we will enjoy the support of a chair. This class is excellent for seniors of people will enjoy it at any age.

    Before we begin I suggest you get a chair and set it on a yoga mat to check it for slipping. I want you to feel confident and safe on your chair. If the chair slips put the back of the chair against a wall.

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    What Happens When I Start Doing Yoga

    You may find it difficult to begin yoga. It will become easier to practice yoga after a few more weeks. Youll begin to notice improvements with your posture, breathing and flexibility.

    Your mind will calm and your muscles relax. You will feel calm and energized.

    Your heart rate will slow down. Your body will feel less stressed.

    Youll acquire new skills and abilities over time. Youll discover new strengths and weaknesses. Youll also notice changes in your life.

    Yoga Meditation Has 12 Health Benefits

    Yoga is one the oldest forms known of exercise. It is a combination of breathing exercises and physical postures , and was created thousands of years ago. Yoga is a term that refers to union or joining. This way, yoga helps unite the body, mind, and soul.

    The practice of yoga originated in India and was brought to Europe during the middle ages. There are many types today of yoga. Each type has its form of physical activity, breathing techniques, relaxation methods, and philosophy.

    Yoga is generally a holistic method of self-development that incorporates aspects like physical fitness and mental well-being. Regular yoga practice has many health benefits. These include better flexibility, strength, balance, coordination and endurance, as well stress reduction and overall wellness.

  • Stress reduction Stress has a negative impact on every aspect our lives. It can affect our ability to concentrate, emotional state, mood, sleep quality and energy levels as well as our immune function and appearance. Stress can be caused by external factors such as relationships, finances and family responsibilities. Research shows that people who practice yoga regularly have lower stress levels than those who dont.
  • Increased flexibility Regular yoga practice improves your flexibility. This is due to the increased blood flow that stretching muscles causes, which stimulates muscle cell growth. Stretching strengthens ligaments and muscles, which makes them less likely to be injured.
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    What Is Chair Yoga

    Chair yoga is an adapted yoga practice that allows you to stay seated while practicing yoga focused poses. It can be practiced by anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of yoga and may have mobility limitations. For example, chair yoga is great for anyone who needs more support, is managing an injury, or wants a more therapeutic approach to the practice.

    Chair Yoga For Seniors: A 30 Minute Routine

    10-Minute Morning Chair Yoga for Seniors

    You might want to do this 30 minute routine of gentle chair yoga along with your older adult so they can watch your movements.

    Its a fun activity to do together and youll get the health benefits too!

    The only equipment thats needed is a sturdy chair that allows your older adults feet to touch the floor.

    An optional accessory is a belt, strap, or long hand towel to aid in stretching.

    In case you want to skip around, weve noted the time markers for each section of the routine.

    Warm up poses for heat and circulation This is a great way to warm up the body, improve flexibility, and reduce pain.

    This section lasts 10 minutes and could be a nice short routine in itself.

    Standing poses for balance and strength These yoga poses are done while holding on to the back of the chair.

    If your older adult isnt strong or balanced enough to do this section safely, it might be safer to skip it.

    Lower body poses for flexibility In this section, a belt or strap helps with stretching any long belt, strap, small towel, or sturdy rope will do.

    Even if your older adult doesnt use a belt, they can still benefit from the movements.

    Shavasana Shavasana is a restful pose usually done at the end of a yoga class. Just relax and focus on breathing slowly and deeply.

    Closing Instructor Sherry wraps up the class.

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    Minute Chair Yoga For Beginners

    July 7, 2020// by Di Hickman//

    Since the pandemic, and lock-down, Ive done a lore more sitting. Sure I am walking my dog, and getting out in the garden. But, Ive been in front of a computer much more than normal. Whatever normal means anymore. I wanted to do more yoga. And, yoga can be done anywhere. Even in a chair! So, I created this 5 minute chair yoga for beginners.

    Chances are youre sitting in a chair right now. And, chances are youre also slouching. Or sitting in a weird, but comfortable, position. How long have you been there. So, press play below and just take 5 minutes to relax, de-stress and move. Without having to move away from where you are.

    If you want to add the video to a playlist you can find it on . Remember to get updates ! I upload new content every Tuesday and Friday.

    Other Short Home Workouts

    Looking for a quick yoga routine? Try our Morning yoga this relaxing video routine only takes 12 minutes to do, and will help get your day off to a flying start.

    Or if youre back and neck are feeling a bit stiff from sitting at your desk you might want to give these four easy back and neck stretches a go.

    Are you interested in learning more about your health? Discover more about our range of health assessments.

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    Raise Your Energy Levels Strengthen Your Core And Fix Your Back Issues All From The Comfort Of Your Favorite Chair

    Are everyday tasks becoming increasingly difficult to do? Is your balance and mobility not what it used to be? Is back pain coming on more frequently? If so, youâve come to the right place.

    What you need is a straightforward, effective, and practical workout routine that you can begin doing today! Without the complexities and information overload.

    The chair exercises contained in this book will help you:

    • Improve your posture and relieve back pain
    • Loosen your joints and radically improve your ease of mobility
    • Increase stamina, raise energy levels, and promote weight-loss
    • Improve your heart health â decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease
    • Regain a sense of autonomy over your body and reduce the fear of falling
    • Drastically improve your overall quality of life

    Finally, you no longer have to worry about what exercises to do to ensure you are staying healthy and strong. These 10-minute workout variations encompass ALL elements of health and fitness and are easy to follow.

    In this book, you will receive:

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    • Core strengthening exercises for core workouts
    • Cardio HIIT workouts to improve your stamina and energy levels
    • Back stretching and yoga routines to release any tension in the muscles
    • 70+ illustrations with simple instructions
    • Video demonstrations to ensure correct technique and form
    • Plus much more!

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  • 15.24 x 0.94 x 22.86 cm
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    How Can Yoga Help The Mind

    Yoga is one of many effective methods to reduce stress and anxiety. It gives you a sense peace and relaxation.

    Multiple studies have shown regular yoga has a positive effect on stress levels, and can improve your sleep quality.

    Moreover, yoga helps people develop more awareness and enhance their ability to concentrate. People who regularly practice yoga are more focused and less distracted than those who dont.

    Yoga can also be used to treat depression and other mental disorders.

    Chair Extended Side Angle

    Verywell / Ben Goldstein

    After your final forward bend, stay folded. Bring your left fingertips to the floor on the outside of your left foot. If your left hand doesn’t come easily to the floor, place a block under it or bring it to your left knee instead and twist from there.

    Open your chest as you twist to the right on an inhale, bringing your right arm and gaze up at the ceiling. This is your chair version of extended side angle pose. Hold here for several breaths. Bring the right arm down on an exhale.

    Do the same position with the right arm down and the left arm up.

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    Safety And Comfort Is The Top Priority

    The number one priority is to keep your older adult safe and comfortable.

    None of these movements should hurt.

    Make sure your older adult moves slowly and gently and pays attention to their body. Its better to do a little less rather than risk injury.

    Older adults should follow the instructors movements only as far as is comfortable.

    Even if they only do a fraction of the range of motion or have to skip some movements, theyll still benefit from the exercises.

    Over time, their flexibility and strength will improve and theyll be able to do more and more.

    Chair Yoga For Lower Back Pain

    Chair Yoga for Seniors: 10-Minute Tune-Up

    Chair yoga class is great for seniors with physical challenges. Before you begin be sure you have checked with your doctor to have permission to enjoy this yoga class.

    Beginners or experienced yoga students at any level need to be extra gentle. I will give clear guidance for you to follow.

    Have a seat on your chair and set an intention to practice gratitude for all that you can do.

    We will do several seated stretches and a flow routines to warm up.

    Slowing down to stretch for a few minutes daily is great for seniors and everyone of all ages.

    The next part of our practice is standing up. This easy moving routine is best for seniors who will appreciate a chair for balance.

    Actively keep your leg muscles engaged to protect injured parts and avoid pain.

    Hold firmly with your chair as we stretch in the standing yoga chair practice energizing, anti aging exercises for the elderly.

    Enjoy the yoga lunges and squats as we repeat them several times. Build up to doing them 11, 20, 25 or 30 funky dance reps throughout the day.

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    Chair Yoga For Beginners

    While chair yoga is great right now, it also works post pandemic. I dont think desk jobs are going away anytime soon. Honestly we all seem to be glued to screens more and more. So anything we can do to move our bodies, even 10 minutes at a time, is a good thing.

    Below I outline the movements including in the 5 minute chair yoga for beginners class. And, perhaps more importantly, why they are included.

    • Cat Cow For spinal flexion and extension. Often we have a tendency to slouch in chairs, this gets the spine moving again to find proper alignment.
    • Hip hike This movement is lateral. Think side bending. Plus it gives you a butt massage at the same time. Bonus!!!
    • Side bend The hip hike was the warm up. Lets lengthen and breathe into the side ribs.
    • Thumb it up Perhaps the biggest issue with todays technology is that 90% of our actions are in front. Eating, sitting, driving, working, and phones. Use thumbs to open the chest from all the scrunching.


    • Have you done chair yoga before?
    • Are you doing a lot more sitting during the pandemic?
    • How much time do you spend at a desk in a typical day?

    What Do I Need For Chair Yoga

    Though chair yoga is a low-risk and low-impact form of exercise, you should make sure you have the right equipment to prevent injuries and to get the most out of your workout. Some essential chair yoga equipment includes:

    • An armless, stable chair
    • A flat, level surface for your chair
    • Flexible, comfortable clothing that isnt too tight or baggy
    • Space to fully extend your limbs
    • An experienced instructor or friend for safety

    View our infographic below for some fun, easy, and healthy chair yoga positions. If you are new to chair yoga or concerned about your readiness for exercise, please consult with a physician or chair yoga expert before jumping right in. Try these positions with a friend or expert if youre new, or alone if youre confident in your abilities.

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    What Kind Is Yoga

    Yoga is a combination of stretching exercises and breathing techniques that can provide many health benefits. It can help you relax and lower stress levels.

    Yoga is an ancient Indian tradition that stems from Hinduism.

    The Sanskrit words asana and yuj give rise to the name yoga.

    Yoga was discovered by Patanjali 200 BC.

    In modern days, yoga has become very popular around the globe due to its numerous health benefits.

    Reduce Risk Of Developing Health Conditions

    10 Minute Chair Yoga for the Office

    Performing exercises in a chair may seem like an odd choice, but they can be a great way to exercise for seniors. In fact, they can improve your posture, lower your risk of injury, and enhance your mobility. Adding chair-based exercises to your regular routine can also make it easy to stay active from the comfort of your own home.

    A great chair exercise to try is a shoulder raise. Its an exercise that increases your shoulder strength and flexibility. Its also a good exercise for your back. Basically, youre going to lift one arm and keep it up. The exercise is good for your back because it helps strengthen the muscles in your upper back and hips.

    Another exercise to try is the dumbbell curl. This is a triceps lift that also strengthens the side torso. You can perform the exercise while sitting or standing, and youll have to bend to one side to do it. Youll need to be careful to do it properly.

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